Ch.43 Second Master Wants to Kill First Master!

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It was a young noble blocking Claire and Lashia. If it weren’t for his abnormally pale face and floating gaze, he could be counted as a pretty boy. Right now he was recklessly looking at Claire.

“What do you want?” Lashia frowned at this youth before them and questioned bluntly.

“Two beautiful misses, good morning.” The pale youth saluted politely then let out a smile he thought was charming.

Lashia twitched her lips, looking at the movements of this youth, struggling to suppress her urge to throw up.

Claire frowned. This person…… She seemed to have some impression, probably one of the people Claire had pestered before, and pestered hard. Called something something -is something -der, she couldn’t remember his name. But this face as pale as a pig’s butt was in Claire’s memory.

“Miss Claire, I would like to invite you to lunch with me. Would you do me the honor?” Pig-face smiled confidently. To know, Claire had always pestered him before. His eyes recklessly floated around Claire’s body. So unexpected, the originally annoying handsome-male-chaser Claire was so radiant. Her famous battle last time and the duel in front of the library that other day both left deep imprints in his mind. He would’ve never thought, that a handsome-male-chasing idiot will also have a day when she attracts so much attention. Her brilliance really made people unable to take their eyes off her. Actually, examining carefully, she was very beautiful, it was just that her idiotic manner before made people uncomfortable. But now, of course she was totally different.

“No time.” Claire looked at the reckless gaze and refused coldly.

“What?” Pig-face was seriously shocked. He absolutely didn’t think his confident invitation would receive these two words as a reply. He had predicted, that even if Claire was different now and wouldn’t delightedly hop around in excitement, she would still smile brightly and agree. But now, so directly refusing?! Was she trying to hook his attention up by refusing first? It must be like this!

Lashia frowned and said impatiently: “Do you not understand human language? My sister said no time.”

Yet pig-face completely ignored Lashia’s attitude. The proud Lashia was always like this. But Claire, her sister had already said this, how come she didn’t agree now? Was she going to keep acting?

“I believe miss Claire is just embarrassed to accept my proposal immediately. Miss Lashia, would you do me a favor and give us some private space?” Pig-face’s pale face was again covered by a smile he himself thought charming.

“No time.” Claire said faintly then proceeded to leave.

Lashia snorted, shot pig-face a disdainful glance, then followed Claire to leave together.

Pig-face was dumbfounded, then a little angry. This handsome-male-chaser, so rude! How long was she going to keep acting?

“Wait.” Pig-face raised his voice and shouted.

Claire ignored him, and continued to walk away.

Pig-face became a little anxious. He hurriedly caught up with Claire and stopped her, then sneered, “Stop pretending. Didn’t you always yearn to be with me?” With that, pig-face extended his hand to grab Claire’s hand. In pig-face’s eyes was the cold-faced Claire; Claire like this was so moving. Men were animals like this: they never appreciate things reachable at their fingertips, but the other way around.

Claire looked at the groping hand and frowned.

The next moment, a tragic shriek rang throughout the woods and shot up into the clouds, startling all the birds in the woods.

Claire’s expression was icy. Pig-face clutched his right wrist, howling. The crisp sound was so clear! It broke, it broke, the bones in his wrist broke! Tears flooded from pig-face’s eyes, almost accompanied by snot. He looked fearfully at the cold-faced Claire; from the time she broke his wrist to now, her expression didn’t change the slightest bit!

“Idiot! My sister already said no time! If you come again, I’ll break your other hand!” Lashia had fully prepared herself to launch an attack with magic, but it seemed like that wasn’t needed anymore.

“You…… You…… Ah! Ah! My hand!” Tears continued pouring from pig-face’s eyes.

“If you still don’t go find a healer your hand would be maimed.” Claire’s soft voice was distant like death.

Pig-face finally came back to his senses and ran out of the woods in a panic, hating his parents for only giving him two legs.

Pig-face became an example……

From then on, Claire went undisturbed between classes in school. Never again did opinionated so-called pretty men came to molest her.

But just when Claire thought her life would be peaceful for some time, something big happened.

There was a plague outbreak in Claire’s fief, Niya City!

In the study of the Hill castle.

Duke Gordon gazed solemnly at the documents on his desk, his brows tightly knit.

Claire stood beneath him, waiting silently.

“Claire, this time things are very serious. The plague in Niya City is still expanding, and this plague’s coming is very strange. There’s some unrest in the city too. Although I don’t want you in danger, you as the castellan of Niya City, must go. Do you understand?” Duke Gordon’s face was solemn and worried. If he were to decide, of course he wouldn’t want Claire to go to such a dangerous place. Once infected by the plague, everyone knew what the results would be. But, Claire is the castellan, is a member of the Hill clan.

“I understand, Grandfather. When do I leave?” Claire asked in a deep voice.

“Go back to your room and read these information. You will leave tonight, and the Temple of Light will also send people to assist you. I hope the plague could be controlled. Disaster relief will be delivered tomorrow from the capital, but you leave tonight before it.” Duke Gordon lifted the information in his hand, his face still dark.

“I understand, Grandfather. Don’t worry, nothing will happen to me.” Claire went up and accepted the documents, comforting Duke Gordon.

“Do be careful yourself. Be careful, you must return safely, understand?” Worried, Duke Gordon instructed again.

“Okay. Don’t worry, Grandfather.” Claire let out a smile.

Just then, a huge bang exploded, reaching the two’s ears.

Duke Gordon abruptly stood up, his face filled with surprisement. Because this sound came from within the castle. It seemed to come from Emery’s room!

Claire looked out the window, confused. She saw the rolling black smoke outside, as if something exploded. But, Claire detected the strong magic ripple in the air. This was caused by exploding magic!

“Your Grace, come quick, come quick! master Cliff and master Emery are fighting. Master Cliff wants to kill master Emery!” A servant didn’t even care to knock, pushing the door open and reported. Everyone knew that Emery was the right-hand man of the Duke, while master Cliff was a legendary character. These two, no matter who got hurt, none of them lowly people could imagine or be held responsible of the results.

What? Second Master wants kill first Master?

Claire’s expression changed, then immediately rushed out of the study, hurrying towards Emery’s room. Duke Gordon followed closely.

Emery definitely wasn’t the wizard sage Cliff’s opponent!

What was going on?

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