Ch.44 Two Loving Brothers

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When Claire rushed to Emery’s house, she was stunned by the scene in front of her. Where was the house? Emery’s laboratory and house were now both flat ground, down in ruins. White Emperor was crouching on Claire’s head, clutching Claire’s hair, also staring wide-eyed at the scene in front of them, tweeting. (Usually White Emperor stayed on Claire’s head or shoulder silently, creating almost no sense of presence at all.)

In the ruins, Emery stood raggedly. There were quite many wounds on him, blood already soaking Emery’s right sleeve red, and still dripping to the ground. Cliff was floating in mid-air, a murderous aura about him as he stared at Emery beneath him.

“Master, are you okay?” Claire ran over to Emery quickly, supporting his weak body and asked worriedly, “What’s going on?”

“Cough, cough…… ” Emery coughed, a streak blood flowing down the corner of his mouth. He answered softly, “I’m fine, I’m okay right now. Master Cliff rushed over today and his first words were that I’m your first master, so I must die.”

Claire immediately understood what happened.

Cliff, this stingy old man, wasn’t satisfied with being second master, so he wanted to kill Emery, and then he would be Claire’s only master.

“What qualifications do you have to be Claire’s master? I thought, what powerful person could be Claire’s first master? But lowly people like you are also fit?” Cliff shouted at Emery, floating in mid-air, glaring at Emery murderously.

Emery suppressed the blood surging in his chest and coughed quietly, “Yes, I have also always thought that I wasn’t qualified…… ”

“Then die.” A cold light glinted in Cliff’s eyes as he prepared to attack.

“Stop!” Claire stood in front of Emery and shouted angrily at Cliff, “Master Emery is my enlightening teacher, and no one can replace his help and care towards me.”

“I can teach you everything he teaches you, and I can also teach you those he can’t teach you! What qualifications does he have to be your master? He must die today!” Cliff roared, his face red from the agitation.

“Cliff!” Claire glared at Cliff furiously, shouting out his name in anger, “I tell you, no one can replace the care and help Master Emery gave me! If you dare hurt him anymore today, I will spend the rest of my life hunting you down to kill you. I won’t let you go!”

The wind roared in the sky, dust filled the air.

An air of sternness and awkwardness appeared.

Duke Gordon was dumbfounded. He never thought Claire would say such rude words. Now what should he do? The other person was an important figure the Hill clan couldn’t afford to offend.

Right now, Emery was already so moved he wasn’t able to talk. He just stared at the young girl standing in front of him, his throat beginning to get choked, the corner of eyes warm, as if some liquid was trying to flow out.

Cliff’s face got even redder. His body was shaking slightly, his lips slightly apart, wanting to say something, but unable to utter a word.

Claire was willing to say such harsh words for such a weak magician!

Spend my whole life hunting you down and killing you! Never letting you go!

The air was tense to the point of breaking. Duke Gordon exclaimed in his heart that everything was over. Everything really was over. Since when was master Cliff threatened like this before?

Walter’s teeth were clattering, the misery in his heart undescribable with words. Claire didn’t want to live anymore, but he did, he still wanted to acquire a body and feel the sunlight! Saying such things to that old monster floating in the air —  did she not value her life anymore?

Claire just looked straight at Cliff, and Cliff, still floating in the air, stared back at Claire intently.

It felt as if the air itself would burst.

Duke Gordon sweated profusely.

A faint smile appeared on Emery’s face. It was a smile that was understanding and at ease. He already made a decision in his heart. This life, with a disciple like Claire, what more could he ask for?

Emery was just about to say something, when Claire, looking at Cliff intently, said something softly.

“Similarly, Master, you are also irreplaceable in my heart. If someone wanted to hurt you, I would also protect you with my life, and never let that person who hurt you go. I swear, I would never let them go.” Claire’s soft yet determined voice sounded in the air, sounded in Cliff’s heart.

There was silence. It was silent enough to hear everyone’s breathing.

Suddenly, Cliff started crying like a child, landing down and sitting on the ground, kicking his legs in the air, “Why am I second master? Why must I be the second master? I want to be first master, I want to be first master…… ”

Stunned, everyone was completely and totally stunned.

Duke Gordon was the most shocked and flustered. This was the legendary wizard sage. Why was he behaving like a child?

An understanding smile appeared on Claire’s lips. As the saying goes the old are young, the old are still young; it couldn’t be more correct. Many times, Cliff behaved just like a young child. But whatever, this conflict had finally ended.

“You!” Cliff lifted his head angrily and roared at the ragged Emery, “I’ll be first master, and you’ll be second master. If you agree, I’ll pay for your laboratory, and give you many magical devices, and teach you some spells! Agree now! You must agree! There!”

“No, first Master is always first Master.” Claire refused.

“Claire, it’s okay. What does it matter if I’m first or second master? I already understand your kind intentions. Let master Cliff be your first master. I can’t always stay by your side to teach you; I also need to help his grace the Duke. Master Cliff is free and unconstrained, and he can be with you and give you the best instruction. You have me in your heart, and that makes me happier than anything else.” Emery’s voice sounded from behind Claire.

Claire turned her head back, surprised, but saw Emery with a satisfied and content smile.

“With a disciple like you, I’d die without regret.” Emery’s vision was a little blurred. He had never thought he’d be able to become Claire’s master, but Claire always put him first. Because of him, she was willing to offend the wizard sage Cliff. With a disciple like Claire, what else would he ask for?

“Master?” Claire was a bit shocked.

“Okay, then that’s that. Master Cliff will be Claire’s first master from now on.” Duke Gordon hurriedly ended the argument. Don’t know how many cells in his body have just died. Now that the situation was finally under control, he must jump out to ease the tension.

“Good, haha, then it’s settled, I’m first master from now on!” Cliff said shamelessly. He jumped up at once and hopped over to Emery, smiling through his tears as he patted Emery’s shoulder, “From now on, you’re my little brother. Whoever dares bully you, just come find me.”

Emery’s wound was patted, and he frowned in pain. Seeing this, Cliff immediately took out some medicine from his storage ring, and pushed Emery down without asking as he applied the ointment. The wound healed at a rate visible to the naked eye.

Claire and Duke Gordon stared tongue-tied at this ironic scene, unable to speak.

The scene of the two loving brothers had absolutely no connection to the life-or-death battle situation a few minutes ago.

“Does it still hurt? Ahaha, my Claire was in your care before, I will teach her from now on. Ahaha, from now on we’ll be family. Right?” Cliff laughed. Duke Gordon was still present, but Claire already became his Claire.

Emery nodded, agreeing.

The two looked loving and harmonious……

Claire sighed gently. No matter what, as long as things were resolved, good.

She still had to leave for Niya City tonight.

And the person the Temple of Light sent to assist Claire was the Divine Prince with silver hair and violet irises — Leng Lingyun.

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