Ch.45 This Is Not as Simple as a Plague

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Once learning that Claire will be going to Niya City, Lashia also wanted to skip school and go with her, but was rejected by both Claire and Duke Gordon. Because the plague was too dangerous, and they didn’t want Lashia to take the risk. Cliff and Jean were obviously going to go.

In the evening, the person sent from the Temple of Light arrived timely at the Hill castle, leaving together with Claire for Niya City. Duke Gordon specially prepared a big and comfortable carriage that could hold six people. It was equipped with soft cushions, thick carpet, and everything else needed, including food, for those accompanying Claire this time were all famous figures. They were the Divine Prince from the Temple of Light and the wizard sage, master Cliff.

Once the four got into the carriage, Cliff rested in the back and started dozing. Jean also sat in the back, silent.

“Thank you very much, Divine Prince, for your help this time.” Claire thanked politely. She had witnessed Leng Lingyun’s healing magic before. But, wasn’t the plague incurable by magic? This time, things seemed troublesome.

“It is the duty of our Temple.” Leng Lingyun replied faintly, smiling.

After that, was silence.

The atmosphere in the carriage very depressing.

“Tweet tweet~~” White Emperor hopped out from Claire’s bosom, then wobbled onto Claire’s shoulder, then climbed onto Claire’s head. Then started pulling on her hair with perseverance.

Claire continued to sit in silence, making no move. Leng Lingyun look at the fur ball on Claire’s head, a little amazed. What was this? Claire’s pet? But no matter how you look at Claire, she didn’t seem like a person that would keep such a cute pet.

“Tweet tweet!” White Emperor seemed a little mad that Claire was ignoring him, and he tugged on Claire hair with his two little claws viciously.

“Okay, okay. I’ll give you something to eat.” Helpless, Claire reached for a basket from the back seat, then took out a silver plate and a piece of roasted meat from it. She put the cold roasted meat onto the plate then chanted, releasing a little fire ball to warm it up. White Emperor chirped happily, flipping in the air and landing on the plate. He held up the roasted meat with two claws and started nipping at it.

“What magic beast is this?” Leng Lingyun asked curiously.

“I don’t know.” Claire shrugged, looking at the White Emperor squatting on the plate, eating enjoyably, and answered truthfully. White Emperor was neither a carnivore nor a herbivore, but instead a omnivore. He ate whatever was tasty, whether it was meat or vegetable or fruit. But among different types of meat, he loved roasted meat the most.

Silence followed again.

They all kept silent for the whole trip. Claire didn’t want to have anything to do with the Temple of Light. Not for any other reason, but simply because in Claire’s heart, the Temple of Light was the gathering place for hypocritic religious figures.

“Claire, this guy is posturing. He’s so annoying! Making people want to tear down his face and see what’s really under his mask.” Walter chattered in Claire’s mind.

“Be quiet. I want to rest. We still have to travel. We can reach Niya City on the morning of the day after tomorrow. There will probably be many things that need to be dealt with.” Claire closed her eyes and leaned on the carriage wall.

“Humph.” Walter snorted with resentment. Diving Prince, humph, basically a lackey of the goddess of Light that b*tch. Wait and see, there will be the day when he takes his revenge!

Niya City was already completely blockaded. When Claire arrived before Niya City, she saw the city gates tightly closed, while many simple tents were set up outside the gates. These were all people that wanted to enter the city but were barred. They all had friends or family in the city and want to go in to visit them. But the city was plagued, so to prevent spreading, naturally entering and exiting were prohibited.

When they learned that the person sitting in the carriage was the castellan of Niya City, there was great unrest.

“Sir castellan, please let us go in. My wife and children are still in there, I want to know how they are.”

“Sir castellan, my father is still inside. Please, let us go in.”

“Sir castellan……”

Begging sounded one after another. People also crowded up, making the carriage unable to proceed.

Just at this time, the city gates were opened. A line of soldiers jogged over orderly and started expulsing the common people, making a way for the carriage to pass through and enter the city. They then continued to expulse the commoners that tried to slip into the city with this chance. Although they were a little rough, they were very careful and didn’t hurt anybody. Able to adopt all these measures before things got serious, looks like the person Duke Gordon picked out to manage Niya City was a good leader.

Next, a voice sounded from above the city gates: “Everyone, please don’t worry. The castellan has come herself, and things will be settled very quickly. Please wait for the good news. Prohibiting you to enter or exit is for your safety. Also, the Divine Prince from the Temple of Light has also come, so please be assured. The will be good news very soon.”

The city gates closed again. Although people were nervous, they weren’t panicked.

Inside Niya City, a weird smell filled the air. A rotting smell was mixed with the smell of incense. Claire lifted up the curtain to assess the situation outside; there was not a single person on the streets, and all doors were shut tightly. The weird smell was probably the burning of incense to cover up the smell of rotting bodies.

Which means, the bodies of those who died in the plague weren’t cremated?

This will only further amplify the plague!

The carriage entered the castellan’s castle. When Claire and her group stepped out the carriage, there were already people waiting to welcome them.

“Miss Claire, I have been waiting for you for a long time.” A young gentleman came up and saluted, “Your servant Heath, sent by the Duke his Grace to help you manage the daily affairs of Niya City.”

“You’ve worked hard.” Claire was solemn and didn’t go indoors, but immediately ordered a series of commands, “Cremate all those who died in the plague immediately. All households should ventilate and disinfect. The soldiers who carry out these orders must wear masks. Bring me to the people who have caught the plague, I need to see their symptoms.” Claire had seen clearly that the soldiers who welcomed her at the city gates didn’t have any safety precautions on. This was very dangerous.

“Sir castellan?” This time Heath changed his address, and asked with slight surprisement, “Do you want to see them right now?”

“Carry out my orders immediately. Cremate the bodies now. Incense will only cover up the smell, but have no function at all besides that. And take me to see the people plagued right now.” Claire commanded with an abnormally serious tone, “Now! Do you understand what now means?”

Heath blanked for a second, then quickly came back to realization, and turned to order his subordinates immediately.

Very soon, several teams of soldiers jogged into the city with masks on and spread out towards all directions.

Leng Lingyun looked at Claire’s abnormally serious face and listened as Claire gave orders. A light flashed across his eyes, vanishing quickly.

When Claire saw the people who caught the plague, she was puzzled. This plague was neither smallpox nor the Black Death, plagues that ravaged the world in ancient times. Those who were plagued, their skin turned slightly black, then blacker and blacker, until decomposition! The plague was spread by human saliva and blood.

Coldness flashed across Leng Lingyun’s eyes. He already had a guess in his heart.

This was not a plague!

“Claire, this is not a plague. This is poison from dark magic. Even though it is very very light, it’s definitely sending off a dark aura. There’s a dark magician making trouble in this city! And his level isn’t low. Or else there must have been some magician in this whole Niya City that would have noticed.” Walter’s sure voice rang in Claire’s mind.

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