Ch.46 Necromancer

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The infected people were settled in this huge, open room, all lying on the ground moaning. A rotten smell filled the room. Although the windows were already open, it was still very unpleasant.

“Are you sure?” Claire watched the patients on the ground and frowned, asking Walter. Although it was a questioning tone, Claire knew clearly that about dark magic, Walter had the most right to speak. After all, he is a genius of dark magic.

“I’m sure.” Walter’s tone was serious, “But such evil magic hasn’t been used for a long time. This person is not only a dark magician, but a necromancer.”

“What?” Claire was a little surprised now. Necromancers were evil. Even though dark magicians were hated by most people and excluded by the Magicians’ Council, necromancers were targets that every magician had the right and responsibility to hunt down and kill. Because necromancers were way too evil: using people’s lives to increase their power.

“This is not a plague.” At this time, Leng Lingyun’s cool and clear voice sounded by Claire’s ear.

“Haha, little chap, not bad, you can actually tell this isn’t a plague.” Cliff raised his brows and laughed.

“Humph! What’s he boasting about! Then ask him if this isn’t a plague, what is it?” Walter scorned in Claire’s mind.

“Master, this is caused by dark magic, but specifically by what I cannot know.” Leng Lingyun answered humbly yet honestly.

“Not bad, you’re good enough to tell this is not a plague. Not a single magician in Niya City discovered it.” Cliff praised Leng Lingyun, but the second part of his sentence criticized the magicians in Niya City. The Magicians’ Council also had a division in Niya City.

“This spell has disappeared for a long time,” Walter continued in Claire’s head, “Letting people be contract the death essence, then it will spread to their whole body, and they die as their bodies slowly rot away. The people will be in terrible pain. The necromancer will absorb these painful ghosts to empower himself. But, this really is a big investment, using a whole city.” After saying all these, Walter started exclaiming to himself.

While Claire was shocked, Cliff also began talking, “This is necromancer magic. I’ve seen it a hundred years ago.”

A hundred years? Claire was stunned. Just how old is Master this year??

“I didn’t expect to see it again today, and a whole city.” Cliff sighed, “In order to get rid of this so-called plague, the only way is to find this necromancer and destroy him completely.”

“This old man does have some books in his stomach.” Walter muttered. Although sulky, Walter had to admit, as a wizard sage, Cliff did have the capital to be arrogant and obstinate.

“Necromancer!” The expression on Leng Lingyun’s face changed slightly. He knew better than anyone else what a necromancer meant. It meant death, the most painful death possible.

They found the cause, but the whereabouts of a necromancer wasn’t that easy to find. They always hide in the most dark and obscure corners, then spy on this world.

“Ah–!!” Suddenly, a shrilling cry sounded, and then unrest broke the silence.

“What’s the matter?” Cliff lifted his head towards the sound.

Claire quieted, her gaze falling on the closest patient. His exposed skin was black, slowly decaying. They were under unbearable pain. That shrilling cry was probably from someone who couldn’t withstand such pain anymore and committed suicide.

Leng Lingyun slowly closed his eyes, already chanting. Brilliant white light came off of Leng Lingyun, forming a huge light hood, covering all the plagued people in the room. The soft white light fell on the infected people’s’ bodies, and slowly, their moans quieted down. But the black skin and rotting bodies didn’t go away. This could only let people be immune to the pain, but unable to heal them.

“It’s no use, chap, it can only lessen their pain. To cure it from the root, we must find the originator.” Cliff said, his voice heavy.

“I know.” Leng Lingyun answered quietly, but didn’t stop what he was doing.

Claire turned her head, and saw that on Leng Lingyun’s indifferent, handsome face, in the depths of his violet irises, there was some strange emotion.

Funny…… Claire was a little puzzled. Because the feeling Leng Lingyun gave her was that they were on two totally different paths; even his bones were cold and indifferent. And he was definitely not one of those who bemoans the state of the universe and pities the fate of humankind. But Leng Lingyun’s behavior right now was completely different from Claire’s knowledge.

“Pah, thinking himself really to be the Divine Prince. Didn’t he have personal reasons to go into the Temple of Light and study light magic to become a healer.” Still despising Leng Lingyun, Walter continued to throw cold water over him.

“What reason?” Claire asked, puzzled.

“He has a sickly younger sister, so that’s why he would go into the Temple of Light and study to be a healer. Later he became the Divine Prince. The Temple of Light provides the medicine his sister needs to live right now, therefore he’s so loyal to the Temple.” Walter said disdainfully, “You really think he’s generous to the whole world and cares for every single plant and animal?”

Claire was brought to realization, finally understanding why Leng Lingyun, with such a cold and indifferent personality, would become a healer. So everything was for his sister.

“Master, now we have to bother you.” Looking at the whole room full of infected patients, Claire said softly to Cliff.

Cliff naturally understood what Claire meant, and he slapped his chest, “Relax, I’ll immediately mobilize the magicians in the Magicians’ Council to help investigate, and search for traces of that necromancer.”

“Our opponent is not an ordinary person, so tell them not to make any move when they find him.” Claire warned.

“Yeah. I’m going to the Magicians’ Council now.” Cliff bustled out.

“Jean, come on, let’s also go look around.” Claire glanced at the whole room of patients and sighed gently.

“Yes.” Jean followed behind Claire with his head lowered.

“Divine Prince, sorry to bother you with this.” Claire said politely.

“It’s my duty.” Leng Lingyun smiled faintly.

Claire and Jean walked out the door, and Claire heaved out a small breath. Being with Leng Lingyun was always so depressing.

Niya City was empty. Everyone shut their doors tightly and wouldn’t walk out a step.

“Walter, is there any way to stop the spreading of this death essence?” Walking on the streets, Claire and Jean felt many unfriendly gazes watching them from cracks in the doors or the windows.

“There is one, but very hassle. The death essence isn’t able to invade light essence. But how could these ordinary citizens have light nature in them? The sick, the old, the pregnant, and the young are the first to be infected.” Walter’s answer was straight to the point.

Those who have light nature are few among few, and the people not yet plagued were those who were strong. If it went on like this, the whole city would be infected not before long. The most important matter right now was to find that necromancer.

“But, there is a way to temporarily curb it.” Walter started laughing vulgarly, “Who has the strongest light essence right now?”

The answer was, of course, the Divine Prince Leng Lingyun.

“Tell that fellow to baptise every person who hasn’t been infected yet, to come get his light essence one by one. Hehe, that will prevent if for some time.” Walter said with evil intentions. There were still so many people left in Niya City, haha, tire that silver-haired violet-eyed toyboy to death. Ahaha. The more Walter thought about it, the more gleeful he was.

“That would depend on himself. If he’s willing to baptise them, then good. If he’s unwilling, we can’t force him.” Claire replied calmly.

Claire and Jean patrolled the city, but didn’t find anything unusual.

“Can you sense where the death essence is the most dense?” Claire lifted her head to look at the grey sky and asked.

“Right now, no.” Walter answered honestly.

Niya City was extremely quiet, the streets empty and lonely.

When they got back to the castellan’s castle, Leng Lingyun was already back, resting in the main hall.

“Miss Claire, you’re back.” Leng Lingyun stood up immediately when he saw Claire return, “I was waiting for you. I have a favor to ask.”

“Oh?” Claire was a bit surprised. Leng Lingyun actually had a favor to ask?

“Miss Claire, please use your castellan identity to mobilize everyone in the city to gather in the square. I found that the death essence seems to hate light essence, so I want to baptise all of them, so they can be immune to the spreading of the death essence.” Claire was stunned after Leng Lingyun said such a request. She hadn’t asked, but Leng Lingyun already brought out the request himself.

“But, there’s so many people in the city…… ” Claire hesitated. There were too many people. If it were as Walter said, Leng Lingyun probably wouldn’t be able to sleep for many days and nights.

“The pope sent me to assist you. You don’t need to worry about anything; I have the quickest the way to curb the death essence.” Leng Lingyun’s attitude was firm.

“Okay, then I’ll tell someone to do it now.” Claire didn’t decline anymore. Before finding that necromancer, they couldn’t let that death essence take away any more lives.

“Wahaha, tire this toyboy to death. Oh yay, oh yay, oh yay yay~~” Walter’s gloating voice sounded in Claire’s head.

Claire put her hand into her purse expressionlessly, grabbed the Spiritual Stone, and gave it a hard pinch.

“Yay~~~~~Ahh~~~——–” Walter was like a machine out of energy, pulling out his “yay” for very long as his voice decreased in volume and slowly silenced.

*Little Feng will be coming back in glory very soon. These two chapters are paving the way, so they’re a little boring. The best part is coming later*  → This was in original raws

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