Ch.47 An Ominous Feeling

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The castellan agent assembled all the people of the city into Niya City’s square very quickly, creating a huge and dense crowd. Heath was very smart. He told the truth to the citizens detailedly, then told them that the greatest enemy of dark magic, a light magician, was invited by the castellan, Claire, and arrived. The Divine Prince from the Temple of Light had came himself. If the people received a baptism of light, they will not be affected by the death essence anymore.

Sure enough, the call of the Temple of Light was more than effective. People rapidly gathered on the square, all looking hopefully at the silver-haired Divine Prince standing on the raised platform. Silver hair and violet irises had already became a symbol, a symbol of light and harmony.

The people under talked between themselves. There were lots of commotion.

Just then, a voice sounded suddenly from the raised platform.

“My fellow citizens, please don’t panic. I believe we all understand now, that this so-called plague is simply the result of a dark magician making trouble. We will find the fiend very quickly, and return a clean sky to you. The Divine Prince will now baptise everyone, and we will get over every difficulty. Very soon, you will be able to reunite with your family outside the city. But before that, I hope everyone would follow the soldiers’ arrangements. I swear by the name of the Hill clan, I will settle this problem. Also, my master, Cliff, and the Magicians’ Council will help and assist from the sidelines. Please don’t worry; we will persevere through all difficulties!” Claire announced solemnly from the raised platform. Cliff had cast a little spell to make Claire’s voice heard from every corner of the square, reaching everyone’s ears.

The crowd slowly quieted down, their faces slowly becoming calm.

True, with the Divine Prince from the Temple of Light and the wizard sage, master Cliff, here, what more could they be afraid of?

Like how their castellan said, they will definitely persevere through this difficulty.

Watching the slowly quieting crowd, Claire let out her breath softly and turned towards Leng Lingyun, “Divine Prince, what do we do next?”

“Give it to me from now on.” Leng Lingyun said faintly and walked up two steps, closing his eyes and lifting his head, and raised his hands slowly. He started chanting a lengthy incantation. A ball of white light slowly grew out from between Leng Lingyun’s hands, becoming bigger and bigger, then slowly floated into the air.

The white light was gradually growing. Leng Lingyun’s chanting didn’t stop.

The white light slanted down from the sky, forming a huge light hood, covering the whole square.

“What the heck! This beefcake! Wanting to baptise them all at once! Even though his magic is very strong, but this is self-abuse! Self-abuse!” Walter shouted in shock in Claire’s mind.

Claire didn’t say anything, only frowning slightly, thinking.

The white light shone on every single person. Everyone felt warm all over, not just their bodies, but also their insides. Very comfortable.

The white light continued to pour down, Leng Lingyun still chanting. But his complexion started getting pale.

Walter was so happy he nearly jumped up and down with glee. Toyboy, continue continue, die early and get reborn early, ahaha, don’t stop, continue. But these words Walter only dare utter in his heart; he didn’t dare to let Claire hear them. Up till now, he still felt sore all over. Claire’s lethal pinch was so deadly!

Cliff raised his brows slightly and pouted. So that’s why that old thing kept boasting in front of him. His disciple really wasn’t simple. There were at least a tens of thousands people in this square, and he baptised them all like this. Humph, it doesn’t matter, one day his precious disciple would also be able to do this. No! His precious disciple will be better than him.

Claire watched Leng Lingyun’s face getting paler and paler, and knitted her brows.

He, wasn’t he a little too desperate?

But after some thought, she became at ease once more. This indifferent man, doing this for the only soft spot in his heart, was understandable. Everyone had their gentle place in their hearts, someone or something they cared about the most.

After a long time, Leng Lingyun finally stopped chanting. The white light slowly dissipated. Cold sweat had already beaded on his forehead, and as soon he stopped chanting, Leng Lingyun stumbled. Claire, who was standing besides him, hurriedly reached out to support him.

“I’m fine.” Leng Lingyun turned and looked at Claire, giving her a gentle smile and emotionlessly moving his arm away. Claire clearly felt that when she touched Leng Lingyun, his body went stiff. It was very obvious that he wasn’t used to others touching him.

Claire turned to Jean: “Jean, from now on, you will protect the Divine Prince, not leaving him for even one second, until the Divine Prince’s magical power recovers.” Then she said coldly to Leng Lingyun, “Do not refuse. I don’t want anything to happen to the Divine Prince from the Temple of Light in my fief. That is too big a responsibility for me.”

The refusal at the tip Leng Lingyun lips was stuffed back by Claire’s words.

“Fellow citizens, no worries anymore. You can resume your normal daily activities now. The castellan and master Cliff will find that necromancer very quickly and return everyone the peace you deserve.” Heath hurriedly announced to the people on the square.

Civilian spirits lifted, their daily activities also resumed.

What they needed to do now was to catch that necromancer.

“Claire, you must remember, that this necromancer is nothing simple. If you discover his tracks, do not be careless, and definitely do not act alone. You must notify me immediately, understand?” Cliff instructed exceptionally seriously.

“Okay, Master. I understand. I have measures.” Claire promised.

Cliff’s worry wasn’t without reason. Now that the knight supposed to protect Claire went to protect the Divine Prince, if Claire met any danger, she wouldn’t have a shield anymore.

“Master, don’t worry. I still have the treasures you gave me.” Claire smiled and waved the bracelet on her wrist.

“Okay, but anyways, do not act alone. Now let’s all go back to eat and rest. After so much busying, we’re all tired.” Cliff yawned.

Niya City finally returned to its usual peace, but the city gates were still blockaded. Before the necromancer was found and killed, the ban could not be removed.

In the night, Niya City was silent.

Claire lay on her bed with her clothes on, looking at the bed mantle and thinking. White Emperor lay on Claire’s chest, sleeping soundly.

“Claire!” Suddenly, Walter shouted in a low voice, “Dark essence! Very dense! I sensed it!”

“Where?” Claire frowned and asked instantly.

“Under your bed!” Walter was unusually sure, “I’m positive!”

“Under my bed?” Claire paused.

“Not that, but deep under your bed! There’s a secret room under here!” Walter’s tone started getting worried, “He’s moving quickly! Hurry, he’s moving towards the west. Outside your window! Look, look, that black smoke!”

Claire immediately flipped off her bed and rushed to the window. In the night, ordinary people wouldn’t be able to see anything. But Claire had trained herself to see clearly even in the dark. Sure enough, a faint puff of black smoke was moving speedily. White Emperor climbed onto Claire’s head quickly, tightly grasping Claire’s hair.

To an assassin, night was their heaven, the best protection. Claire squinted a little, watching the moving black smoke, a cold light glinting in the depths of her eyes.

Claire took out the bird puppet and threw it into the air, letting it go find Cliff. Claire jumped out the window, following that black smoke, and disappeared in the night.

Walter was a little puzzled. Even though this dark essence was very dense, but he didn’t seem to be the person who spread the death essence throughout the whole city. Because he wasn’t strong enough!

Was there more than one necromancer?!

Walter frowned, an ominous feeling appearing in his heart.

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