Ch.48 Feng Yixuan Appears

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Claire proceeded nimbly in the darkness, chasing after the black smoke towards the city gates. The black smoke flew all the way to the foot of the city gates, then hopped into a well at the corner. Claire held her breath and followed quietly, entering the dark. This was a dry well; a wooden ladder led down from the wellhead. Claire paused and looked up at the night sky. The bird puppet should be coming this way with Master now. Thinking this, Claire hid her aura and slowly climbed down the dry well.

“Hey, hey, Claire, we should wait a while. Let’s wait for your master and go down together. I keep feeling chilly winds.” Walter was trembling slightly.

“Not that you feel, but there really is a wind!” Claire frowned and looked at the bottom of the dry well. Breezes blew past underneath her; where did this lead to?

Claire climbed down slowly, all the way to the bottom of the well.

The black smoke had already disappeared.

The walls around the well were intact and undamaged.

Where did the black smoke disappear to?

Claire glanced around her, then closed her eyes and lightly placed her hand on the wall. Walter astonishingly felt Claire passing through it just like that.

When Claire opened her eyes again, there was a long and deep runnel before her.

“Illusion magic?” Walter said with a surprised voice. The well walls looked normal as anything, but it was really an illusion. The walls were really empty space, with a secret tunnel behind them.

Claire didn’t speak, but moved along the tunnel. White Emperor clenched Claire’s hair tightly, also staring ahead.

The further they went, the chillier the winds.

“What’s before us?” Claire asked Walter.

“The dark aura is right ahead, but a lot weaker than before. Probably a little far from us.” Walter answered Claire as he detected.

When Claire emerged from the tunnel, she was surprised. She was now outside the city! They were in a small patch of woods outside the city.

“Bone pagoda!” Walter suddenly exclaimed in a low voice, his voice full of surprisement. Bone pagodas were very evil buildings, made entirely out of skeletons. The grievance and deadness of it were very helpful to the cultivating of necromancers.

Claire looked up. Sure enough, she could vaguely see a white, pointy tower in the woods. About five or six meters tall, built out of creepy white bones.

“It’s made completely out of skeletons. Strange, how come we didn’t see it when we came into the city? And even if we didn’t, the magicians inside the city should have noticed. Such a conspicuous structure.” Walter was very puzzled.

“Because it can move!” Claire snorted.

“What?!” This time, Walter’s voice was engulfed in fear and horror. Who had a moving bone pagoda, was a dark magician, and a necromancer at the same time? Only that person! That terrifying and absolutely inhumane monster!

“Claire, are you sure that bone pagoda can move?!” Walter’s voice started shaking.

“Yes. I just saw it, that bone pagoda moved a little. That explains why no one noticed it here.” Claire answered surely with a low voice.

“Claire, hurry, leave! Hurry!” Walter’s voice was drenched with urgency and fear.

Claire understood that Walter must have his reason for behaving abnormally, so without another word, she immediately took out and put on the invisibility cape Cliff gave her. Becoming invisible, she was about to return along the way she came from.

“That is the dark magician, grand wizard Benimo’s bone pagoda! Only he has a moving bone pagoda! No wonder! No wonder the population of an entire city could be infected with death essence!” Walter’s voice was quivering. Grand wizard, for goodness sake! Right under wizard sage! And if a dark magician grand wizard faced off with a normal grand wizard, the lost side would definitely be the normal grand wizard. For this Benimo was ruthless and used malicious and evil spells. His death spells can turn a commoner into a pile of white bones instantly.

Claire shuddered in her heart. She had heard of Benimo before. He was second on the wanted list of the Magicians’ Council, but he always escaped safely, and heavily injured the people from the Magicians’ Council. He was an extremely dangerous and savage figure. Didn’t expect for him to appear here!

“Yo, look at this cute little bunny here.” Just when Claire was going to back away silently, an icy voice with a hint jokingness sounded in mid-air. There was nothing around her, but that voice rang beside Claire’s ears clearly.

She was discovered even when she was invisible? Claire was shocked, just how powerful was this opponent?!

Claire sensed the flow of air around her alertly.

“You idiot, what the heck are you doing! You didn’t even realize you were being followed!” The icy voice now contained some tyranny.

“Master, I’m sorry. I didn’t pay enough attention.” A voice sounded from the distant bone pagoda, then the black smoke floated over quickly. After a puff, the cloud of black smoke materialized into a scarily skinny young man. The eyes of the man were deeply sunk in, staring blankly forward. The skin on his neck was so wrinkled it looked like it would fall off any time. Under his high nose was his pale lips.

“So troublesome. Not only did people come from the Temple of Light, you were also followed. Hurry and get rid of her, and then we’ll move to another place.” The icy voice urged.

“Yes, master. But……” The frighteningly skinny man looked at the empty ground in front of him awkwardly and said in a small voice. With his strength level, of course he couldn’t see the invisible Claire.

“You garbage, never becoming better.” The ice voice humphed. The next moment, a choking aura enveloped Claire. Claire suddenly felt her throat being grabbed by someone, unable to breathe. Her body felt abnormally heavy and she couldn’t move at all.

“Claire, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, Claire, hold on! Your master should be here any second!” Walter’s fearful and worried voice sounded in Claire’s head, almost crying.

Claire was unable to make any sound; her throat was very tightly  clutched. Gradually, Claire’s figure was exposed in front of the young necromancer.

“Finish her quickly and let’s go.” The icy voice floated over from a distance. The white bone pagoda also started moving slowly.

“Yes, master. I’ll come in just a second.” The young necromancer replied, then turned to look at the revealed Claire. His face started twitching and he began laughing in a terrifying sound. The sunken blank eyeballs spun and examined Claire. He came up to Claire slowly, and bent over to look closely at Claire’s face.

“Not bad looks. Ahhh, skin so smooth, I should peel it off and make a pillow for myself. That’d feel good. And your golden hair,” the young necromancer clicked his tongue, “I should cut it off and make a brush……” He laughed eerily, talking to himself.

Claire looked coldly at this hentai man before her, continuously trying to break through the imprisonment cast by the necromancer. But, no matter how hard Claire tried, there was no sign of loosening at all. That guy deserved the title of grand wizard.

“Claire, aaaaaaaah, what do we do now! Why is that old man Cliff still not here?” Walter howled, anxious like ants on a hot wok.

Claire was both unable to make a sound and unable to move.

The young necromancer laughed strangely, then stretched out his skinny hand, extending it towards Claire’s face.

At this time, half of the moon showed from between clouds.

Claire looked at the young necromancer before her. The next moment, she was stunned.

The necromancer’s hand stopped mid-air, two centimeters from Claire’s face. The terrifying and creepy smile was still hanging on his face, but froze there.

Then, a streak of blood spouted out from the necromancer’s neck, drawing out a magnificent arc in the air.

The necromancer held his motion: hand stretched forward, disgusting smile hanging on his face. He slowly dropped to the ground like that.

Under the moonlight, a stunningly beautiful youth with bright red hair was smiling enchantingly at Claire.

Feng Yixuan?

Why was he here?

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