Ch.49 White Emperor’s True Form, The Mark of Darkness (Part I)

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Under the moonlight, Feng Yixuan’s bright red hair was particularly dazzling; and his brilliant, enchanting smile between his lips.

“Ah ah ah ah! My god! Is this hentai chap wanting to loot a burning house1 ? He wants to revenge with his own hand? So not allowing you to die in someone else’s hand! This stupid hentai! Having such hentai thoughts at such a young age! We’re done, heroes always have short lives! We’re really done today.” Walter started howling. His heart was sad enough to make him collapse. One problem hadn’t ended and now another arrived.

Claire looked at the Feng Yixuan who appeared so suddenly before her silently. She wasn’t worried. Because, there was no killing intent in Feng Yixuan’s irises.

Claire was instead exclaiming to herself that Feng Yixuan’s assassin skills were really good. He appeared so silently and undetectably, and finished off that necromancer. She was trying hard to break through the imprisonment, so she didn’t pay attention to the slight noises around her, therefore she didn’t notice Feng Yixuan’s coming either.

Walter detected Claire’s calmness, and became even more panicked: “I say, Claire, are you regretting now? I told you you shouldn’t have stepped on his back that day! Now great! He probably vowed to track you down and murder you to the corners of the earth. Retribution’s here, see? It’s here, I told you it’d come, see?” Walter wailed bitterly.

Claire watched as the handsome youth’s face slowly magnified in her vision. Feng Yixuan was approaching Claire. Suddenly, Claire felt nervous: why did this guy’s expression seem weird? It seemed fiery and warm? Was it her misconception?

Walter was still wailing like the end of the world had come.

White Emperor climbed up from Claire’s back. Ever since Claire entered the dry well, this little fellow had slid to Claire’s back and stayed there. Now it climbed onto Claire’s head, and gripping her hair, he stared his big eyes at Feng Yixuan.

“I’m back, my woman.” Feng Yixuan came up to Claire and lifted up her long hair, taking it to his lips and kissing it gently.

Claire turned stone. Walter turned into the stoniest stone.

I’m back, my woman.

I’m back, my woman. I’m back, my woman……

Endless echoing, endless echoing……

Endless echoing rang in Claire and Walter’s minds.

Walter suddenly felt his brain was dead.

He suddenly felt that everything in this world was false, that nothing was true.

Everything was fake!

Yes, everything was fake.

Feng Yixuan looked at Claire intently, then frowned and said unhappily, “Damn it, I can’t release you from this imprisonment! Which son of a b*tch did this to you?”

Since Claire was neither able to speak nor able to move, she just stared at Feng Yixuan. She was confused. Why would Feng Yixuan appear here, and save her? Hadn’t he returned to Lagark? Why would he appear in such a timely manner? And saying those weird words.

“Never mind, let’s go back to the city first.” Feng Yixuan extended his hand to pick Claire up.

But Claire’s pupils dilated suddenly.

Because in the air behind Feng Yixuan, a person appeared without a sound. That person was wearing with a loose cape, but Claire could clearly see that his uncovered hand had no muscle or flesh! Just skin wrapped around bones, joints sticking out, fingernails sharp and long. His deep eyes were filled with anger. For his gaze landed on the corpse behind Feng Yixuan: that corpse had already began to lose temperature, and the blood spilled on the ground was starting to solidify.

Feng Yixuan detected Claire’s unusualness and turned around immediately. His gaze met that of the person floating in mid-air.

“You god damned asshole!” The Benimo floating in mid-air was furious. He had finally found a person he was pleased enough with to accept as his disciple and run errands for him, but he was killed just like that today! And by such a weak youth! He had carelessly went farther away for a second, and didn’t notice someone approaching. His one and only disciple was murdered by an assassin just like that!

Feng Yixuan raised his brows and looked at the figure floating in mid-air. His expression turned solemn. Because he could estimate this person’s level; he definitely wasn’t this person’s opponent! Was this person the one who imprisoned Claire? No wonder he couldn’t release her.

“I will cut your flesh off piece by piece, and soak your bones in concentrated acid! I will not let you die, I will make you watch your body being slowly destroyed with your own eyes! At lastly, I will imprison your spirit forever, so you will forever suffer!” Benimo said slowly but ferociously. He lifted his hand, and immediately Feng Yixuan couldn’t move anymore.

The feeling as same as Claire’s, Feng Yixuan only felt the air around him becoming abnormally heavy; his throat couldn’t make a single sound, as if being strangled.

“Let me get rid of you first. Then enjoy him slowly.” Benimo suddenly turned towards Claire, releasing a clump of black death essence with his hands.

Feng Yixuan’s pupils dilated. That clump of death essence could corrode a human into a pile of white bones instantly.

Feng Yixuan wanted to speak, wanted to curse this god damned hentai old man, but besides shooting out resenting and worried glances, there was nothing he could do. At this time, Feng Yixuan suddenly hated himself for being so weak! No only could he not protect himself, he couldn’t even save Claire.

“Aaaaaah–! F*ck his whole family. I haven’t yet been reborn yet! And now I’m going to say goodbye to this world forever! If only he used some other magic, but why corroding death essence! This son of a b*tch! We’re really done now, we won’t even have ashes left.” Walter cursed with grief and indignation. His tone then made an abrupt change, “Claire, actually…… Actually……”

Feng Yixuan crazily used magic to attempt breaking through the imprisonment on him, but to absolutely no effect. He could only watch as that clump of death essence slowly approached Claire.

Claire frowned and didn’t speak. She was detecting the position of her magical bird puppet. Almost here, Master was almost here.

If it were Master, he would certainly be able to get rid of this frightful and dangerous person easily.

But looking at the black death essence that was already in front of her face, Claire’s heart sunk.

Was it too late?

Seems like, it was too late……

Claire slowly closed her eyes, sighing softly in her heart.

Everything was finished……

“Chirp chirp!” Just then, White Emperor, who had been sitting on Claire’s head, stood up. He chirped at the Benimo floating in mid-air.

The next moment, a completely unexpected thing happened.

“Whoosh–” An invisible but terrifying power struck violently towards Benimo. Directly piercing through Benimo’s entire body.

The black death essence gathered by Claire’s face was instantly scattered, then disappearing totally.

Benimo’s body slammed on the tree behind him, and clear-cut cracking noises sounded one after another. Nobody knew, that with this one strike, all the bones in Benimo’s body were completely crushed, and all his innards and guts were shook into meat sauce. Benimo spat out blood; his blood sprayed out continuously like a waterfall……

As if he wanted to spit out every single drop of blood in his body.

Continuously spraying……

Still spraying……

Endless spraying……

And then, he died.

He really died.

White Emperor killed Benimo in a second.

Yes, sec-killing him just like that. The person second on the Magicians’ Council’s killing list was killed so quickly. Didn’t even struggle, didn’t even shout. Didn’t even have time to say goodbye to this world. Died in splendor just like that.

Claire opened her eyes slowly, and stared at the scene before her, stunned.

A person floated in front of her.

Hair like snow, irises like the moon.

Snowy white garments, with no other colors or patterns. Hair like snow, lifted up by a small wind; delicate and handsome features with a  tint of authority. He turned to look intently at Claire.

Those beautiful irises were like vortexes that could suck one deep into it.

Claire also looked intently at the wickedly beautiful man that took the breath out of people. This was White Emperor’s true form?

“My contracter, grow up quickly.” The dignified and solemn voice sounded in Claire’s head again.

A white light flashed, and the stunningly beautiful man in snowy white clothes disappeared. A furry ball floated in mid-air, “Chirp chirp–” White Emperor chirped weakly, then closed his eyes eyes and dropped to the ground.

Claire hurriedly extended her hand to catch him, then found out to her astonishment that she could move now. The choking oppressiveness had vanished.

“Zzz–” White Emperor started snoring softly, falling asleep in Claire’s hand.

“What is this?” Feng Yixuan could also move now. He scooted forward, and looked at the fur ball in Claire’s hand, frowning. He was amazed. That coquettish toyboy was this fur ball? He stole all the glory! But what was this? A magic beast? A daemon beast? Or a morph beast? And it can turn into human form?! And can kill the person he was no match for in one second?! So humiliating!

Claire stroked White Emperor’s furry body softly, then carefully placed him into her bag. Only after that did she turn and say to Feng Yixuan, “Thank you for saving me. Why are you here though?”

“Protecting my own woman is part of my duty. Ahaha–” Feng Yixuan grinned and started laughing insolently, but was a little choked with resentment. Damn it! In the end it was that fur ball that saved the day! Crap! That stupid fur ball stole all his glory!

Claire frowned slightly. What show was Feng Yixuan putting on? What did he mean?

“It can’t be, this kid is a masochism?” Walter’s unbelieving voice rang in Claire’s head. He was still patting his chest in relief, “After getting beat up by you, he fell in love with you?! Although I’ve heard about weird people like this, I didn’t think I’d ever meet one! By the way, Claire, what’s this fur ball? Why, it can turn into human form and was so strong! And now sleeping like it’s dead. Is it because he used up all his energy?” Walter unleashed his talented characteristic of having lots of saliva and began chatting endlessly.

“Didn’t you, go back to Lagark?” Claire ignored Walter, instead frowning at Feng Yixuan and asked, puzzled.

“Haha, can’t you see I came back.” Feng Yixuan then immediately switched topics, “Oh right, Claire, what magic beast is this? Like it can turn into human form and kill that powerful guy instantly. And now sleeping in the form of a fur ball. Can’t it stay in human form?” Feng Yixuan rolled his eyes in his heart. Of course he couldn’t tell Claire what hardships he endured to get here: climbing over a wall, then meeting Shui Wenmo that son of a b*tch waiting to stop him by his mother’s orders; and then, of course, take his revenge and sneak out of Lagark’s borders. The moment he thought about how Shui Wenmo was froze into a huge lump of ice, Feng Yixuan couldn’t help smirking. And the best part was, he conveniently created a sharp icicle to prop Shui Wenmo’s lump of ice in the air, with its tip pointed at Shui Wenmo’s chrysanthemum2 . When the ice freezing Shui Wenmo melted, humph humph! Then there will be flowers here flowers there flowers everywhere. The two had always been similar in strength and skill; so every time they fought, whoever was in a better condition that day would win. They just fought for the seven hundred and first time, and Feng Yixuan had just won his three hundred and fifty first time.

Claire paused for a second, then began: “I don’t know what type of magic beast he is. This is the first time he turned into his human form, so I just knew too. But, can you help me keep this secret?”

“Of course. Hehe!” Feng Yixuan promised cheerfully. He then turned to the dead Benimo under the tree and said gloomily, “Who’s this? He better be dead thoroughly now.”

“A necromancer, the grand wizard Benimo. He’s a very dangerous figure.” Claire said in a deep voice, frowning at the already cold body.

Fudge his uncle! No wonder I can’t undo his imprisonment. He’s actually a grand wizard necromancer! Feng Yixuan cursed in his heart. But how did Claire offend such a powerful person?

Just at this time, a stir came from somewhere near them. Claire’s magic bird puppet flew out with a whoosh, followed by Cliff pushing branches away from his face and hopping out in front of Claire, his face full of worry.

“Claire!” Cliff rushed frantically to Claire, then examined her from head to toe. No wounds or injuries; good, good. Cliff let out his breath. Only then did he notice Feng Yixuan standing besides them.

“Hey, red-haired kid.” Cliff remembered Feng Yixuan and said blatantly, “Aren’t you that red-haired kid who was stepped on by my disciple? What are you doing here? Revenge? I’ll finish you off first!” Cliff said and was about to attack.

1. Loot a burning house: 趁火打劫, Chinese idiom meaning robbing/doing bad to someone in their time of danger/weakness.
2. Chrysanthemum: anus.

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