Ch.49 White Emperor’s True Form, The Mark of Darkness (Part II)

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“Master!” Claire stopped him, “No, Master. Feng Yixuan just saved me.”

“What?” Cliff stared wide-eyed at Feng Yixuan, totally confused. His eyes were filled with disbelief.

“Master, it’s true. This person is Benimo’s disciple, and when he wanted to hurt me Feng Yixuan killed him. The body over there is Benimo.” Claire pointed at the corpse on the ground and told Cliff.

“What? Benimo?” Cliff frowned, his expression changing. Of course he knew who Benimo was. That sly and sinister Benimo, whom he’ve never met. His nose was sharper than that of a dog, so he hid far away from Cliff every time. And now he’s dead? Who killed him? With Claire’s current strength there was no way she could have done that.

“Who killed him? You?” Cliff turned to Feng Yixuan, then immediately negated himself, “That’s impossible. Claire, who killed Benimo?” Cliff questioned Claire.

Claire hesitated for a second, deciding whether or not to tell him everything that occurred.

However, at this time, in just a moment, an unexpected thing happened.

“An existence darker than the darkest, murkier than murkiest, my god, I would like to……” An evil and familiar voice suddenly rang in the night sky. It was the voice of the dead Benimo! And this voice was rapidly chanting!

“Quick! Stop this voice, quick!” Walter suddenly started shouting fearfully. As a dark magician, he knew better than anyone else what this spell meant.

Claire looked up at the sky, but there wasn’t anything. The space before them was empty and still.

Cliff’s expression also changed. He understood, that this was a ritual. And this was the summon of the ritual! Although Benimo was dead, he used some method to make his spirit not disappear immediately, and was summoning something to avenge the ones who just killed him.

Feng Yixuan looked around alertly, ready for battle. A strong ominous feeling swept through him. This was the born-with instinct of an assassin, a frighteningly accurate instinct. Feng Yixuan felt chilly in his heart, for he has never felt such a feeling before. A creepy feeling that could make the hairs on his body stand on their ends.

Cliff took out his magical staff and lifted it up, chanting towards some place in the sky. A beam of light headed directly towards the air.

A painful scream sounded mournfully.

But then it was followed by lunatic laughing: “It’s too late, haha, you feeble ants. I will make you pay! Even if I completely cease to exist, I will make you pay! Hahahaha……” The uncontrolled laughter died down and vanished. Obviously, Benimo’s spirit was destroyed by Cliff. But these lunatic last words of Benimo reached their ears clearly.

Benimo’s spirit was destroyed by Cliff, but Cliff’s expression was unusually solemn. There was even worry and dread in the bottom of his eyes.

“Claire, quick. Leave this place immediately, hurry……” Cliff immediately made the wisest decision.

But, everything was too late.

Everything around them darkened. The moon in the night sky disappeared. Darkness invaded; everything of everything was swallowed by darkness. One couldn’t even see one’s fingers.

Even though Claire and Feng Yixuan were skilled assassins, and both trained their eyes to see in the dark, right now, they couldn’t see anything.

They couldn’t move either. This time, the feeling was even more terrifying than the imprisonment Benimo casted on them, even more depressing.

Cold sweat dripped down Cliff’s forehead. His heart slowly sank, sinking lower and lower.

Walter was, at this time, abnormally quiet. He didn’t say a single word.

But Claire could clearly feel Walter’s violent mental ripple, stronger than any time.

Their surroundings were completely swallowed by darkness. In front of the three, a vortex appeared. It seemed to tear apart the night sky, getting larger and larger.

A faint, blood-red light slowly glowed from the vortex.

A pressure that none of them had ever experienced suddenly engulfed them, making them almost unable to breathe, making their legs feel like jelly.

The cold sweat on Cliff’s forehead had beaded and flowed down in a thin line, his back also drenched in cold sweat. On this continent, there weren’t many that could rival him. As long as those powerful people didn’t form an alliance against him, he would still be able to contend against them.


There was no way a person could contend against a god!

“Who? Who disturbed my sleep? Where is the offering?” A deep, evil voice slowly sounded from the blood-red vortex. Then a frightening, indescribable pressure appeared again. The voice was evil enough to make people tremble, to make their spirits shudder. It revealed a huge strength that was extremely powerful and unable to oppose.

“Poof—-” At the same time, Claire and Feng Yixuan both felt unable to breathe, and spat out blood, because they couldn’t bear this frightening and overbearing pressure anymore.

Cliff’s face became pale.

Benimo actually summoned the god of Darkness!

But, he didn’t prepare any offering!

The sinister and cunning Benimo wanted to set them up by summoning the god of Darkness, but with no offering. Then the god of Darkness would be furious, and destroy them until there wasn’t a single ash of them left. Not only them, maybe the whole Niya City behind them would be sacrificed!

The pressure of god, this was the pressure of a god!

Feng Yixuan and Claire couldn’t stand upright any longer, falling to the ground with a plop. Cliff, also unable to withstand such frightening pressure, dropped to his knees shakily.

What was this? Feng Yixuan, sprawled on the ground, stared hatefully at the thing inside the blood-red light. So strong, it wasn’t human at all!

Claire frowned, but her body was unable to move.

“Claire, goodbye forever. This is the god of Darkness, the god we serve. Benimo actually summoned him, but didn’t prepare an offering. His rage will be brought upon us, and we will be destroyed completely.” Walter’s voice right now was very calm. The god of Darkness was violent, temperamental, and very greedy. Before every summon, the summoner must spend lots of time and energy preparing huge amounts of offerings. If the offering didn’t satisfy the god of Darkness, the summoner would be struck down mercilessly. So the number of times the god of Darkness was summoned could be counted with one hand. Walter knew, that over the course of thousands of years, there were only those few times. Once the summoner was a king, and his offering were the spirits of three thousand virgin girls.

God?! A god from this world?

Claire looked in shock at the pair of willowy black eyes in the blood-red light. That was the god of Darkness?

Cliff struggled to get up, at least he had to help Claire escape safely. But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get rid of this frightening pressure.

“Who summoned me? Where’s my offering?” The evil voice sounded deeply again.

“Is there no way to escape?” Claire asked Walter in her mind.

“Humans are unable to contend against gods.” Walter’s voice was unusually calm. Dying in the hands of a god was honorable.

Then Walter didn’t talk any more and became silent, waiting peacefully for his coming death.

“Oh, is the offering here?” But the deep and evil voice said such a sentence.

Cliff was stunned, because he saw a cloud of red-black smoke surrounding Claire, moving up and down, as if examining Claire.

“Very good.” The deep and evil voice was very satisfied, “I accept this offering. But who summoned me? Is it you?”

The next moment, Cliff could move and speak. The god of Darkness had removed the pressure on them. Feng Yixuan flexed his hands and feet, watching the black-red smoke surrounding Claire cautiously.

“Don’t act rashly. This is the god of Darkness.” Cliff’s warning voice sounded in Feng Yixuan’s mind. Feng Yixuan was totally shocked, looking at that puff of smoke and unable to speak. It was actually the god of Darkness! He wasn’t human; no wonder he was so outrageously powerful.

“Honorable god, we did not summon you, the person who summoned you has passed away. And she is the not the offering.” Cliff answered carefully.

“Oh, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that I’m very happy with this offering. When the time comes, I will come take her away.” But this was what the deep and evil voice said, completely ignoring Cliff’s last sentence.

Cliff was surprised. Before he could figure out what those words meant, that puff of black-red smoke flew into Claire’s hand and vanished. The next moment, the black, murky vortex also disappeared slowly, and the darkness around them retreated, revealing the forest before. The moon in the sky also showed its face again.

The god of Darkness had left.

He left like that?!

Walter had already forgotten how to think. The series of happenings today had almost made him completely dumb. Being so close to death so many times, but bypassing it safely every time.

“Are you okay?” Without asking, Feng Yixuan grabbed Claire’s hand and started examining it. The creepy black-red smoke had vanished into Claire’s hand.

Claire looked at the back of her hand, but didn’t say anything.

Cliff hurriedly rushed over, but also paused when he saw the back of Claire’s hand.

“What the heck is this?” Feng Yixuan stared at the back of Claire’s hand and yelled angrily.

On the back of Claire’s hand was the pattern of a black, six-pointed star! It was as if it grew on Claire’s skin, perfectly natural.

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One thought on “Ch.49 White Emperor’s True Form, The Mark of Darkness (Part II)

  1. Good, good; a contract with the god of darkness. I am quite happy this story is more of a dark theme and not a righteous hypocritical justice bullshit with that goddess of light bitch. Is it a contract anyway like i will take ur soul when ur 16 bla bla?


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