Ch.49 White Emperor’s True Form, The Mark of Darkness (Part III)

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“The mark, mark of the god of Darkness…… ” After seeing the pattern, Walter said stuttering, “I, I’ve only heard of it, but never seen it! Because it was only an old legend!”

“What do you mean?” Claire frowned at the pattern on the back of her hand and asked.

“The god of Darkness, will, will mark the precious treasures belonging to him. With, with a pattern of a black, six-pointed star.” Walter was still tongue-tied. Regular magical matrixes were five-pointed stars, either golden or silver. For dark magicians, the matrixes were black, five-pointed stars. Never a six-pointed star. But today the legendary mark was seen on Claire’s hand.

Walter couldn’t understand, why was the god of Darkness so satisfied with Claire? Claire was just a little devil; there were thousands of people more evil than her. Why would the god of Darkness choose her? Can’t imagine why.

Only after a long time did Walter understand, and realize.

A possession mark? Claire felt her mind getting muddled. What did the god of Darkness mean by his last sentence? That the time hasn’t come, but when it does, he will come to take away the offering? Take away her life?

“What is this freaking thing!” Feng Yixuan was furious. Even without thinking, he knew this thing couldn’t be something good. Feng Yixuan rubbed the black mark on the back of Claire’s hand with his finger, but of course it couldn’t be erased.

Cliff’s face was deathly pale.

He also knew what this was. Claire was actually chosen by the god of Darkness as an offering! Although it wouldn’t threaten Claire’s life right now, but…… but what about in the future?!

One day, the god of Darkness will come and take away Claire’s life. He wouldn’t be able to protect Claire, wouldn’t be able to protect his precious disciple.

Hate! Cliff hated himself for the first time for not being powerful enough. Wizard sage, he had become a wizard sage for many years, but was stuck at the bottleneck, unable to make the breakthrough to sorcerer. Maybe, if he became a sorcerer, he could fight with the god of Darkness. But that was only maybe!

“Master, don’t worry. Things might not be as worse as they seem.” Claire said softly, pulling back her hand from Feng Yixuan’s pig grope. When she saw Cliff’s expression, Claire understood that her master also knew about the comings of this mark.

“Claire…… ” Cliff’s gaze was conflicted.

“Master, my fate is in my own hands.” A brilliant, confident smile suddenly appeared on Claire’s face.

Cliff looked blankly at Claire’s smile, then a determined strength flowed up from the bottom of his heart. Right, the situation was not to that point yet, so why was he being sorrowful? He must try hard and make the breakthrough to sorcerer; he must protect Claire.

Feng Yixuan watched with confusion at the old man’s expression, which was changing magically like a drawing board. He looked so desolate a minute ago, but bright and energetic now.

“Master, Benimo’s bone pagoda is still over there.” Claire pointed at the white pyramid some way down in the forest.

“Right, who killed Benimo?” Cliff suddenly remembered this question

Claire didn’t hide anything anymore, telling Cliff everything.

“What? It’s that little fur ball?” Cliff exclaimed, “Let me see, let me see.”

Claire took out White Emperor from her bag, who was still sleeping, and held him carefully in her hands for Cliff to inspect.

Cliff stroked his chin while he scrutinized. Under the moonlight, White Emperor looked very cute, his furry paws over his head as he slept.

Cliff shook his head softly. He still couldn’t know what creature this little fella really was, but what was sure was that this little thing wasn’t simple! Able to transform into a human, he couldn’t be a magic beast, but either a high grade daemon beast or a morph beast! But they couldn’t know what type of daemon beast or morph beast he was.

“This little fellow doesn’t have any magical ripples right now, so most likely his power can only burst out once in awhile, and then he must rest. And he can’t stay in human form for long.” Cliff analyzed, looking at White Emperor in Claire’s hands.

“Probably.” Claire nodded.

“Red-haired kid, why are you here?” Cliff’s thoughts jumped really fast as he turned around to ask Feng Yixuan.

“To come back for my woman. Am I not allowed to?!” Feng Yixuan stuck out his chest, replying as if this was the most normal thing ever.

“Oh? Chasing girls?” When Cliff heard this, his gaze became vulgar, and he draped his arm around Feng Yixuan’s shoulders, “Come, come, little brother, let’s talk over here.”

Claire twitched her lip, watching Cliff vulgarly hanging on Feng Yixuan’s shoulders as they talked and walked towards the bone pagoda, completely wordless.

“Gee, it seems like this little hentai suits the old pervert very well,” Walter said disdainfully. Then his tone changed to one of worry, “Claire, what should we do in the future?”

Claire smiled faintly. Walter’s “we” made Claire feel a little warmth in her heart, and she said softly, “There will be a path when the car reaches the mountain. Don’t worry, things will be resolved. Before the god of Darkness comes looking for me, I will become strong. Do I look like a person waiting to be killed?”

“That’s right, you definitely don’t.” Walter nodded immediately, but was still very worried internally. Their opponent was a god, not a human, and not an ordinary figure either.

Claire stroked the White Emperor in her hands, then put him carefully back into her bag.

After Cliff and Feng Yixuan took away everything valuable in the bone pagoda, they destroyed it. When they reappeared in front of Claire, their relationship was much better, making Walter spit disdainfully.

And so the matter was settled like that.

The plague in Niya City was caused by the necromancer Benimo, but he was nothing in front of the handsome, wise, strong, and powerful master Cliff, and so Benimo was killed by master Cliff. Master Cliff’s disciple, miss Claire Hill, also the castellan of Niya City, had resourcefully found the whereabouts of the evil person Benimo, and assisted master Cliff in vanquishing him. And the plague was ended.

This version spread throughout the streets and alleys of Niya City, and everyone praised the castellan and master Cliff, and of course the Divine Prince who depleted his magic to baptise them.

In the back garden, Claire sat in a chair leisurely sipping tea. She looked at Feng Yixuan, who was laughing and conversing with Cliff, twitched her lip slightly and asked directly, “What are you planning to do?”

“Follow besides you, protect you, improve relationship, then marry you and bring you home.” Feng Yixuan’s answer was extremely forthright. Cliff grinned from ear to ear when he heard this, and slapped Feng Yixuan’s back while praising him continuously.

Claire watched the righteous Feng Yixuan and the vulgarly laughing Cliff, suddenly feeling speechless.

These two were both people who didn’t play according to the rules; and now they were together, they got even more nonsensical. Amparkland had a very subtle relationship with Feng Yixuan’s country, but now Feng Yixuan wanted to stay here — it was unsuitable from every angle. Feng Yixuan’s clan would let him risk staying here?

“Feng Yixuan, I’m very grateful you saved my life. When you need help, I will do my best. But it doesn’t seem right for you to stay here.” Claire said seriously.

“You’re gonna repay me?” Feng Yixuan raised his brows.

“Except for promising to marry you.” Claire naturally knew what this fellow was going to say and immediately stuffed it back.

“Then forget it. Owe it to me for now.” Feng Yixuan scratched his red hair and thought about it, “Right, a dashing, unconventional, elegant, handsome guy like me is a little flaunting.”

“That’s easy. Come come, chap, Ill help you, I can dye your hair and change the color of your irises, so no one will be able to recognize you. Pick any color you wish.” Cliff grinned widely.

The two left shamelessly with their hands draped over each other’s back.

Claire was wordless. Whose master was he? Was he helping her or helping Feng Yixuan?

Feng Yixuan’s originally red hair was dyed black, and his originally black irises were changed into a light red color. This way, he didn’t stand out that much anymore. But what happened next made Claire helpless. Feng Yixuan started following her every single step, supposedly protecting her personally, protecting his future wife.

This day, all the servants in the hall were very busy.

Claire sat on a chair, feeling a headache as she looked at the pile of thank-you gifts in the hall. What should she do with all of it?

And, what about this black-haired beautiful youth sitting besides her? This fellow followed her constantly, and kept staring fixedly at her.

At this time, the Divine Prince Leng Lingyun walked in, Jean following expressionlessly behind. Jean did follow Leng Lingyun’s every step to protect him.

“Divine Prince, how are you feeling right now?” Seeing Leng Lingyun come in, Claire stood up and greeted.

“Much better. Miss Claire, congratulations, the plague is over.” Leng Lingyun smiled faintly and replied.

“It’s all because of the Divine Prince and my Master. If not for you two, how could the plague be controlled so quickly and then ended?” Claire thanked humbly.

“No, this is all the effort of Miss Claire.” Leng Lingyun answered politely.

Isn’t it tiring? Pah! This damn toyboy. Walter pahed impatiently. His smile was so fake, so fake. The little devil was also an amazing person, able to return a fake smile to someone like this.

Feng Yixuan still sat there casually, watching this Divine Prince person with a cold gaze.

Leng Lingyun’s gaze fell on Feng Yixuan. A sliver of astonishment flashed through the bottom of his eyes, but then returned to normal.

The gazes of the two moved past each other, the air between them suddenly complicated. But then it disappeared, and became peaceful once more.

Next, they must revive the economy of Niya City. Claire fell silent in thought, thinking about the many things still needed to be done.

Just then, the castellan agent Heath walked in quickly and bowed slightly to Claire, “Report to the castellan, her holiness the Divine Princess is here…… ”

The Divine Princess of the Temple of Light? That woman who was said to be as beautiful and kind as an angel? She had much influence among the people; not only was she worshipped by most citizens, but was also the dream lover of many aristocratic young men. But these could only be thought about in secret, for the Divine Princess was a pure and noble beauty that was unattainable.

What did such a dignified person come to the small Niya City for?

Didn’t the pope only send the Divine Prince to help assist and control the plague?

Before Heath could finish his sentence, footsteps already sounded at the door.

A slender figure appeared in the doorway……

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