Ch.52 Attacked by a Dragon (Part II)

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Why were they attacked by a dragon as soon as they walked into this fog-filled canyon?

It was a huge dragon with three black heads. One head spat fire balls, one spat water arrows, and the last one could spit out wind blades.

What the hell!

What king of dragon was this?

“Daddy me is very upset right now! I’ll kill you all!” And this dragon could actually speak human language! Claire released a fire shield to block the water arrows the huge dragon spat. Summer hid behind Claire, watching the mad dragon and said shakily, “Claire, I do want to steal teeth, but isn’t there a little too many mouths on this one?”

Of course, a regular dragon only had one head and one mouth, but this dragon actually had three heads and three mouths. Of course a little too many!

Cliff stood far away, watching the situation.

Feng Yixuan and Claire released magic shields to block the waves of crazed attacks from the huge dragon. All of them were very gloomy: what was going on? They had never heard of dragons being here, only a few low grade magic beasts. Before they entered the canyon and were preparing in the outside village, the villagers had warned them again and again that this canyon was filled with heavy fog these weeks, and furious roaring would come from inside. Many low grade beasts had escaped out from this canyon. All the villagers said a high grade beast had come here, so no one would go deep into the canyon to hunt or pick herbs anymore, but stay close to the entrance, never entering the heavy fog rashly. When they heard these outsiders wanted to enter the canyon, of course they kindly tried to persuade them not to.

Claire and the others thanked them for their concern, but they must enter the canyon, because it was the shortest way. If they turned around and took another path, they would probably waste ten days or more. Naturally they didn’t want to waste that time. It was only a high grade beast; they could fight it pretty easily.

But, who could tell them what was going on?

Why was there a huge, three-headed black dragon in this heavy fog?!

The huge dragon seemed very angry, roaring furiously, and attacking them fiercely. Claire and Feng Yixuan felt that it was getting harder even to just defend.

But very soon, they noticed the unusual. That black dragon stood in the same spot to attack them, never stepping forward one step. And dragons were supposed to be very powerful, able to exert pressure on humans. But this huge dragon gave off little pressure, and his early attacks were easily blocked by Claire and Feng Yixuan’s magic shields. Inconceivable.

“Retreat!” Claire and Feng Yixuan shouted at the same time, and everyone moved backwards quickly until they reached Cliff. Cliff was sitting under a tree leisurely. When he saw the messy people, he drawled, “Just found out that the dragon was imprisoned there?”

Everyone was wordless, looking straight at Cliff and couldn’t speak.

This old fox had noticed it way before, but didn’t tell them! Instead, he sat here to watch the show.

The group turned to look at the black dragon in the heavy fog. Sure enough, the black dragon stayed there and didn’t chase over, and his fire balls, water arrows, and wind blades could only reach the ground some distance in front of them.

Cliff stood up lazily, took out his magic staff, then chanted a spell. Instantly, a gale appeared, blowing towards the huge dragon. The next moment, the heavy fog was scattered, and the body of the huge dragon was revealed.

On the ground around the huge black dragon were four pillars half a man tall, facing four different directions. On all four pillars were a glowing light ball, a light chain shooting out from the center of it. The four light chains bound the huge dragon tightly.

Everyone stared at the huge body of the dragon and were shocked. The dragon was completely black, his ebony scales glittering in the sun. As warriors, the first thing Jean and Shui Wenmo thought of was that if these scales were used to make armors, they would be the best among the best. Two pairs of enormous wings grew from the dragon’s back, and all of his three heads had on a fierce expression.

“You lowly humans, come over and welcome your death.” The huge black dragon roared furiously, the leaves on the trees trembling from the force of his voice.

“Are you stupid? If we come over when you tell us to, how undignified we would be.” Summer humphed coldly and made a face at the huge dragon.

“You damn lowly human, I will chop you into a thousand pieces!” The huge dragon roared, desperately wriggling his body, but still couldn’t move one step from where he was.

But Cliff’s expression changed when he saw the huge dragon.

“The royalty of dragons. Why is he here? Why is he imprisoned here?” Cliff muttered to himself.

“What? This fellow’s a prince?” Summer humphed, looking at the pitiful dragon who was imprisoned there.

Claire frowned, watching the furious black dragon, but thinking about something else.

“What the heck, a prince is like this?” Shui Wenmo exclaimed out loud directly. Violent, coarse, ugly — this huge dragon was a prince of dragons? Someone come and knock him unconscious. He couldn’t believe a guy like this was the prince of the dragons. The thing he most wanted to do now was to kill this huge dragon and peel off his scales for armor. Helmets, gloves, knee guards, ahhhhh, he started drooling when he thought about it. If they were soaked in dragon blood, then this set of armor would be even more strong.

Why would the prince of dragons be imprisoned here?

The pride of dragons were extremely strong. They hated ground dragons and nether dragons the most, who have reduced themselves to mounts for humans and lost the dignity of dragons. And as the prince of dragons, his pride must be unimaginable strong.

But he was now imprisoned in this tiny canyon.

The prince of dragons!

The prince of dragons!!

It’s the prince of dragons!!!

This sentence echoed continuously in Claire’s mind.

This fellow would be very useful.

Just think about it, if a human could get the help of a dragon……

This fellow seemed to have more pride and dignity than the others. If he was in debt to them, he would try his best to repay them.

Of course, there were some prerequisites

Based on this guy’s desperate attitude, if they rescued him, he would definitely eat up every single person here, not leaving a crumb.

“A very powerful ban was set on him, decreasing his strength to less than one-tenth what it was before. That’s why the force emitted by the light balls can imprison him.” Cliff shook his head while looking at the light chains bounding the black dragon, “The power of those light balls can last at least two hundred years.”

“So you mean he will be stuck here for two hundred years?” Claire looked at the roaring black dragon in the distance, her voice floating over, neither too loud or too quiet, controlling it just so the black dragon could hear it.

“Most likely he made a mistake so he was imprisoned here as punishment.” Feng Yixuan stroked his chin and said thoughtfully.

“Hell! Daddy me was wronged! Shut your bird mouth, what nonsense!” Hearing the people’s conversation, the black dragon started roaring even more furiously.

“Then you’re an idiot. Actually set up by someone.” Claire snorted disdainfully.

“That’s right, idiot! Idiot!” Summer made a face at the black dragon.

The black dragon was even more angrier, roaring and struggling desperately, “I will chop you all into pieces!”

“That’s the second time you’ve said that! And I’m still standing here, perfectly fine.” Summer stirred her hips, laughing smugly.

The black dragon felt he was going crazy; his eyes were almost shooting fire. These damnable, lowly humans! Daring to be so rampant in front of him. Lowly ants! The black dragon wanted to get rid of the imprisonment, but couldn’t move an inch.

“The wronged prince his highness, must spend two hundred sorrowful years in this dark canyon. And when his term of imprisonment is up, upon returning to the Dragon Valley, he would discover that the dragon who set him up had ascended to the throne, and then legally order him to be killed.” Claire shrugged her shoulders, her face indifferent as she said this.

“Such a beautiful yet tragic story.” Feng Yixuan exclaimed .

Everyone else also had on a painful and mourning expression.

Walter laughed until his mouth might rip.

This evil Claire, basing her happiness off of others’ pain! These evil people, all putting on such sorrowful expressions, but couldn’t hide the laughter at the bottom of their eyes.

“You damn humans, I will butcher you.” His soft spot poked, the black dragon went even crazier. He roared furiously, his three heads spitting three different natured magic, attacking the ground in front of them. He could only reach that far.

“The dignified prince your royal highness of the dragons should not be stuck in this dark and wet place for two hundred years. No, you shouldn’t even be stuck here for two days.” Claire’s tone suddenly changed, as she turned to look seriously at the black dragon.

The black dragon fell silent.

“It’s really frustrating to be stuck in a place like this, and you definitely can’t be happy. Even low grade beasts can sit in the distance and watch your royal highness, not to mention humans.” Feng Yixuan sighed. Being with Claire these days, Feng Yixuan immediately understood what Claire wanted to do. Every time she used such a tone, she was preparing for something. And all he needed to do was to push the boat along and fan the flame.

“Yep, that’s right. Think about it, two hundred years, not two days, two months, or two years.” The little girl Summer also added helpfully.

Silence, the black dragon was silent.

After a long time, the gaze of the black dragon was no longer angry, and he asked in a deep voice, “What do you want?”

A faint smile appeared on Claire’s lips.

“One of your teeth and three wishes. Within your power, fulfill three of my wishes.” Claire said solemnly.

“Human, you’re too greedy. One wish.” The black dragon humphed coldly.

“Two.” Claire frowned and pretended to be troubled, “No less. Two hundred years of imprisonment in exchange for only two wishes and a tooth.” From the beginning, Claire didn’t expect for the black dragon to be generous, so of course she must bring up the price, then let him take it down. Getting one more wish than the single wish she expected was already favorable.

“Okay. Human, do you have a way to break this imprisonment?” The black dragon asked in a low voice.

“No.” Claire shrugged her shoulders and answered directly.

Her sentence ending, the black dragon started roaring furiously once more, “Lowly human, you dare trick me. I will make you pay the price!”

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