Ch.53 Killing Divine Knights (Part I)

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The black dragon roared furiously, his two enormous pairs of wings flapping, creating a strong wind. Even though he really wanted to tear this detestable human in front of him apart, he couldn’t move forward a step.

“Look at you, so rash and impulsive. No wonder you were set up by others.” Claire answered lazily, “I said I was unable to break the imprisonment, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t others among our group who can.”

The black dragon stopped what he was doing and stared at Claire.

The atmosphere was very creepy.

Walter convulsed a little. This little devil, could she be even more evil?

But Summer didn’t think about it like that. She was slowly getting used to Claire’s evil ways, and now she didn’t think Claire was that detestable anymore. Being like this instead seemed fun.

“Human, you are very cunning. What’s your name?” Surprisingly, the black dragon wasn’t angry, but asked in a deep voice.

“Claire Hill.” Claire answered, but feeling strange. This fiery tempered guy didn’t get mad over her tricking him? Very strange, very abnormal.

“Claire, I’ll agree to your request, but I will add a condition.” The black dragon’s voice was very deep, like a booming thunder.

Bringing the price up even though he was the passive one? This black dragon was so shameless?

“If you agree to my condition, the deal is set.” The black dragon continued in his rumbling voice.

“Tell me and I’ll think about it.” Naturally Claire wouldn’t agree to anything rashly.

“Let me stay beside you. I want to learn the meanness, shamelessness, and cunningness of humans. You are a person worth learning from.” The black dragon said, unusually solemn, “I will take back what was mine. Maybe you’re right, I’m too impulsive, so that’s why I was set up. I will learn from you, and then go back to face the person who wronged me.”

After hearing the black dragon’s words, Claire didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Was he praising her or degrading her?

The people behind Claire couldn’t resist anymore, each one laughing this way or that. Cliff was laughing so hard his eyebrows were shaking, while Summer held her stomach laughing. Shui Wenmo was the most exaggerated, squatting down and slapping the ground, laughing till he almost convulsed. Only Jean and Feng Yixuan checked themselves a bit, not laughing so dramatically.

“Sure, but we need to set some protocols. First, you can’t reveal your true form randomly; without my permission, you can never reveal your true form. Second, you must control your impulsive and fier temper, and you cannot attack humans, unless I agree. Third, I haven’t thought of it yet, but I’ll tell you when I come up with it.” After some thinking, Claire told the black dragon.

“Okay, no problem. Now can you open my imprisonment?” The black dragon asked.

“Master.” Claire turned to look at Cliff, who was still laughing hysterically. She frowned.

“Oh, okay okay.” Cliff stopped laughing with some effort, then took out a crystal, smacked his lips and said to the black dragon, “Your royal highness, I, still do not really believe what you say, so this memory crystal will record the process of me saving you. If you decide to go back on your promise after we’ve saved you and kill us, then this memory crystal will immediately send the recording back to my old friend, and then the story of the dignified dragons repaying kindness with evil will spread throughout the whole continent.” Needless to say, dragons were the proudest creatures in the world. If the story of them repaying kindness with evil was circulated by humans, and they were looked down upon by the lowly humans, it would become their greatest shame.

This old fox! The black dragon cursed silently in his heart. True, at first, he did have that plan. As soon as they released him, he would immediately chop these lowly humans to pieces. But he had changed his mind already. Humans were always mean, shameless, and cunning creatures. Learning from her then going back to face that brother of his wasn’t a bad idea.

Claire squinted. Cliff’s thoughts were the same as hers. But now, it seems like this black dragon definitely won’t kill them.

Cliff set up a magical matrix on the crystal and handed it to Claire. He then took out his magic staff and stretched it up into the air, chanting a complicated spell. The magic staff shot out a ray of light to above the black dragon’s head, then split into four light rays and slanted down, hitting the four light balls imprisoning the black dragon.

Slowly, the four light balls started trembling, then shook harder and harder. Sweat beaded on Cliff’s forehead, but he didn’t stop the spell, instead chanting faster.

The black dragon let out a long dragon cry, then pulled suddenly on the light chains with his two forelegs.

Cracking and breaking noises sounded continuously, and a glaring white light enveloped the black dragon. The black dragon flapped his wings, sending up huge winds, making it almost impossible for the people to open their eyes.

The next moment, the four pillars were destroyed by the black dragon. The white light dissipated, and the black dragon flexed his body. He was free again!

“Roar—-!” The black dragon roared to the skies, venting the resentment in his heart, shouting out the exuberance after being freed.

Cliff opened his eyes and mopped the sweat on his brows. Claire hurriedly helped Cliff sit down.

The black dragon looked darkly over to this side. With a poof and a flash of light, the black dragon became a human. Black hair, black irises, black clothes. A hint of recklessness in his handsome features, and violence in the depths of his eyes.

“Claire, the tooth, the tooth.” Summer reminded Claire quietly.

“You get the tooth now, and go back to finish your assessment? Then I would lose so much, you vanishing like that.” Claire turned around to face Summer. This sly little thing, Claire knew her disposition very well.

“Hey, don’t make me seem so heartless. After I go back, turn in the tooth, and finish the assessment, I’ll return immediately. I’ll accompany you all the way to Sprite Forest. After all, I haven’t repaid you yet.” Summer promised quickly.

“Hey, your royal highness, I’ve come up with my third condition.” Not paying attention to Summer, Claire turned to look at the black dragon.

“My name is Ben Buerna Alex Batibrah Altfredo…… ” The black dragon with black hair and black irises started saying his name like reciting a scripture. He didn’t look like he was going to stop until after a long time. Were all names of dragons this long?

“I’ll just call you Ben.” Claire cut off the rest of dragon Ben’s sentence,  “Give this little girl the tooth your promised me, then take her to the Aerou Clan. After she finishes her assessment, bring her back to meet up with us. We will camp and wait for you here. One day and one night should be enough. If this little girl refuses to come back, trample their clan until nothing is left.”

After hearing Claire’s words, Summer’s expression changed greatly. She did have this thought, to never return after she went home. This person Claire was way too dangerous. The sixth sense of women told Summer that as long as she stayed with Claire, danger would come knocking on their door. In the future, Summer proved more than once that this sixth sense of women was exceptionally accurate!

“I refuse.” Contempt appeared on dragon Ben’s face, “I will never let lowly humans ride on my back.”

Summer was only happy for a second. Her smile froze on her face after she heard Claire’s reply.

“I didn’t say she had to ride you. You can hang her on your tail or grab her with your claws.” Claire cut off dragon Ben’s words impatiently.

“Oh, that’s fine then.” This time, dragon Ben nodded his head in cooperation.

“Cl…… Claire…… You’re not serious—-” Summer watched dragon Ben fearfully, who had returned to his true form. Her voice was shaking. Those creepy claws, grabbing onto her, then flying through the sky? No!

“Let’s go.” Dragon Ben cared nothing about those stuff, reaching out a claw and grabbing Summer’s small body, then flapped his wings and took off. In Summer’s screams, dragon Ben slowly disappeared into the sky.

Everyone lifted their eyes to look at them, only retracting their gazes until their figures disappeared.

“Claire, do you think they’ll come back? I keep feeling this black dragon is not that dependable.” Feng Yixuan asked, a little worried.

“Will he do harm to that little thief? Will he fly over some lake or valley then throw the little thief down to her death?” Shui Wenmo asked frowning.

“No.” Claire’s answer was quiet yet sure. Dragon Ben himself seemed to know his personality, too impulsive and too tempered. Not calculated, so he was set up. Now that he regained freedom and became a little smarter, of course he wouldn’t let go of this opportunity.

Mm, actually wanting to learn meanness, shamelessness, and cunningness from her. Claire stroked her chin. This really made her wordless.

“Then let’s camp right here today. You, go get some wood. You with the sword, go find some game. You with the poker face, yes you, stop looking, set up the tent.” Cliff sat leisurely, ordering the people around, then patted the spot next to him, “Come, precious disciple, let’s sit and rest.”

Feng Yixuan went to gather sticks, Shui Wenmo carried his sword with him to hunt, and Jean started building the tent willingly.

“Master, have you been to Sprite Forest before?” Claire asked.

“Yes, to take that sprite home. That sprite was curious about the human world and humans.” Cliff lifted his head to look into the distance. His gaze suddenly became a bit listless, as if he saw his long ago past in the distance.

Claire fell silent, waiting for Cliff’s next sentence. Because she saw a faint sadness in Cliff’s eyes. The sprite that Cliff rescued, must be a female! Definitely.

“That sprite, was very beautiful and very gentle. Pure as a sheet of white paper. She was curious about the outside world, so she sneaked out of Sprite Forest, passed through Dragon Valley, and came to the busy world of humans.” Cliff said softly, as if afraid to startle the pretty person in his memory.

“Your master and that sprite definitely had an affair.” Walter’s vulgar voice sounded in Claire’s mind.

To Walter’s surprise, Claire actually nodded to his opinion.

“But the greediness and ugly lust of humans were way out of her expectations. So, she was caught by humans and locked up, about to offer her to a fatuous, lustful emperor…… ” Cliff’s expression got a little angry.

But when he got here, Cliff stopped talking. A faint nostalgia appeared on his face.

“There’s no need to say anything else. Your master must have been the hero to the rescue, and then it was love at first sight. But humans and sprites could not get married. Sprites live much longer than humans, and the sprite race definitely would not allow humans to taint their pure and noble blood, so this was a tragic story…… ” Walter picked the story up, his spit flying everywhere.

That was also Claire’s guess.

At this time, a piercing scream sounded from the depths of the forests, followed by Shui Wenmo’s angry grunt.

Something’s happened!

Claire stood up abruptly, rushing towards the origin of the sound.

“What the heck, who’s scream was so piercing? Or did Shui Wenmo meet a beautiful girl and want to rape her, the girl didn’t agree, so she committed suicide, and then…… ” Walter unleashed his imagination and chattered on and on.

“Shut up.” Claire snapped, hurrying towards the place where the scream sounded.

“Sh*t! Sh*t!! Sh*t!” Walter suddenly shouted in agitation, “Claire, it’s light essence. His mother, it’s the lackies of the Temple of Light. So many, at least five! No, there’s one more.”

What? People from the Temple of Light? Why would they be here?

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