Ch.53 Killing Divine Knights (Part II)

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“Claire.” At this time, Feng Yixuan’s voice sounded from behind her. He had also rushed over. Very soon, Jean also joined them from another direction.

“It’s people from the Temple of Light.” Claire said in a heavy tone.

“How did you know?” Feng Yixuan asked in surprise.

“Because their armors are white, and have the symbol of the Temple of Light.” Claire snapped.

“Oh?” Feng Yixuan looked up. Sure enough, he saw five divine knights in white armor waving their swords and jointly attacking Shui Wenmo, who was confronting them with some difficulty, not letting them come close to behind him. Claire looked to behind Shui Wenmo’s back; there was another divine knight. But the white armor on him was filthy sordid, covered with dirt and blood. And in his arms, was a pale young girl with blood all over her body! The young girl was snuggled in the knight’s arms, her face full of worry; for the knight was already on the verge of fainting. Obviously, they had just been through a tough battle.

What was going on?

How did Shui Wenmo get into a fight with people from the Temple of Light?

“What the heck! Five on one! Son of a b*tch!” Feng Yixuan thundered. He couldn’t care less about that Temple of Light or Temple of Glory; all he could see was five sons of b*tches joint attacking his bro, bullying him with their number. Feng Yixuan’s move was agile and sinister: instantly several terrifying icicles shot over. Before the divine knights could come to realization, a mass of icicles headed their way again.

“Jean. Does your loyalty to me exceed your faith in the Temple of Light?” Claire suddenly asked Jean.

“Miss, you are my faith.” Claire smiled faintly, answering in a quiet voice.

“Then good.” Claire laughed coldly, “Listen, do not leave a single one.” Now that they had already attacked, according to the style of the Temple of Light, there was no way they would let anyone challenge their authority. Since they already offended them, they needed to finish it. Extermination; they couldn’t give the opponent any chance to stand up. Even if just a tiny bit.

“Yes.” Coldness surged at the bottom of Jean’s eyes as he answered softly. Pulling out his sword, he joined the battle.

“Who are you? Do you know how great a sin it is to impede in the Temple of Light arresting traitors?” Seeing two more strong people joining the fight, one of the divine knights hurriedly yelled out.

“If we kill you and burn your bodies till not even ashes are left, and melt all your armors, then who would know that you were people from the Temple of Light?” Claire’s cold voice made the divine knights feel chills going down their spines. What this young girl said was true. And she definitely was really planning to do so. So young, and she had such a sinister heart?!

“Do not let them escape.” Claire instructed.

“Never.” Feng Yixuan snorted. The attacks he sent out became even more vicious.

Claire walked to the divine knight Shui Wenmo was protecting and squatted down. She astonishingly saw that the young girl in his arms had black hair and black irises! Was this girl the person that could overturn the goddess of Light? The person in the thousand-year-old prophecy? Therefore she was hunted down to kill?

But Walter’s voice sounded at this time: “Claire, don’t think too much of it. This girl is not the person in the prophecy. Look carefully at her irises, there’s a hint of blue in the depths. Even though it’s just a slim trace, it really is there. The Temple of Light is probably doing their thing where they’d rather kill one thousand innocents than letting one guilty go. That’s the Temple of Light’s usual style. They’re lucky today, to be found by us.”

Claire looked carefully. Sure enough, there was a trace of blue deep in the young girl’s irises.

“Plus, this girl’s fate is very ordinary.” Walter said surely. He did know a little about astrology and clairvoyants.

Claire picked up the sword of the divine knight that was on the verge of fainting, and turned to also join the battle.

The fight became four on five.

When Cliff walked over insouciantly, he saw a scene that almost made his heart jump out of his throat.

Claire and the guys were in hot pursuit of several knights from the Temple of Light; each attack of theirs was vicious, all aimed towards their crucial spots. They had a great intention of not giving up unless killing the enemy.

But the opponents deserved to be called the Temple of Light’s divine knights. They resolved every single one of Feng Yixuan and his fellows’ vicious attacks; but still, Feng Yixuan and Shui Wenmo’s perfect coordination gave them a big headache.

With all their previous duel practices, Claire and Jean also cooperated very well, giving the opponents a hard time.

Cliff stared blankly at the scene before his eyes, not coming to realization.

“What, are you guys doing?” Cliff frowned and asked loudly.

“Master Cliff?!” The leading divine warrior recognized Cliff at once. As if seeing their savior, he hurriedly yelled out.

“He’s not Cliff.” Claire thundered, sending out a burst of DouQi, followed by a fire ball.

Cliff frowned, confused.

“Master, these beasts wanted to rape that girl, but we stopped them. They also shamelessly wanted to encroach upon me, saying they loved girls my age the best, and said that crushing such petite bodies under them had the most feeling.” Without blushing and without her heart beating faster, Claire fabricated lies on the spot. These shameless naked dirty sentences made the divine knights in front of them turn beet red while they stared dumbly.

“What?!!” Cliff instantly raged, taking out his magic staff and prepared to battle.

“No, master Cliff, please listen to us explain! We are the most loyal knights of the Temple of Light, how could we do such things! We…… Aaaah!” There was no more “we”s after that, only painful yells.

Claire stuck her tongue out expressionlessly. Actually, she knew very clearly that such a botched lie wouldn’t be able to trick Cliff. But, now that the situation was already like this, there was no way for Cliff to not hop on their pirate ship. For he knew better than anyone else the way the Temple of Light does things. Claire’s words were just an excuse for him to begin killing.

Once Cliff attacked, who could block?

Very soon, the divine knights were all down on the ground.

“Master, uh, you should go rest first. We’ll come in just a moment.” Claire smiled gently. The upcoming bloody scene was not suited for the elderly to witness.

Cliff looked up at the sky, “Mm, the weather today is really good. I’ll go roast some meat and wait for you guys.” After saying so, Cliff picked up the wild hares Shui Wenmo had dropped on the ground and walked away gracefully. It was best for him not to be present at the executions of people from the Temple of Light, pretending he didn’t see. After all, these fellows were from Lawrence’s side.

“Jean, help them over. And try to treat them a bit.” Claire looked the injured divine knight and the young girl covered in blood, instructing Jean.

“Thank you, thank you.” The young girl covered in blood looked at them in gratitude, thanking them. She was not injured; all the blood on her were the knight’s.

“Yes, Miss.” Jean bent down and supported the severely injured knight, leaving after Cliff.

The divine knights, beaten up, watched Cliff’s figure disappear with incredible and angry gazes. That was the master Cliff, no doubt in that. Then this blonde girl must be his disciple, Claire Hill! The legendary male-chaser that suddenly resuscitated. How dare they so flagrantly attack people from the Temple of Light?!

“Pile them up together. I’ll burn them.” Coldness flooded through Claire’s irises as she spoke to Shui Wenmo and Feng Yixuan.

“What do you want to do? The goddess of Light’s iris of wisdom will take in all your evil deeds! You will receive your punishment……” The leading divine knight scolded in rage.

Feng Yixuan and Shui Wenmo ignored him, speedily taking action. Shui Wenmo went up first and finished one with each slash of his sword, all slitting throats. Every one of the divine knights died with their eyes wide open.

“Pah! The goddess of Light’s ‘iris of wisdom’. More like dog eye.” Walter spat.

Very soon, Shui Wenmo piled all the bodies together.

Claire started chanting and released flames to incinerate the bodies. Gradually, the bodies turned into ashes, but the armors were melting really slowly; the magicians from the Temple of Light had added some magic to them. Claire frowned. But as she was thinking about how to melt the armors a quicker way, a strange essence started flowing through her. Under Feng Yixuan and Shui Wenmo’s surprised gazes, the fire Claire released slowly turned into a golden color. The armors were instantly melted into a pool of molten iron and slowly flowed towards the distance.

“Check if there’s anything else that might reveal their identity.” Claire quenched her flames and walked up to examine the ground for anything left.

“Just bury it.” Shui Wenmo drew out his sword and slashed it towards the ground, creating a huge pit. Without another word, Shui Wenmo emitted DouQi to lift the burning site straight up, and flipped it upside down into the huge pit. Burying all traces.

The three checked thoroughly around and made sure everything was settled. Only after that did they prepare to return.

“Claire……” Suddenly, Shui Wenmo stopped his footsteps and called out Claire’s name softly.

“Yes?” Claire turned to looked at Shui Wenmo, puzzled.

“Thank you.” Shui Wenmo’s thanking voice was very low, but it was clear.

Claire immediately understood what Shui Wenmo meant. True, if it weren’t for him, they wouldn’t be dragged into this fight. Nor would they intervene with the business of the Temple of Light, and consequently making an enemy out of the powerful Temple of Light.

“Thank what? Don’t know what you’re talking about. Nothing happened here.” Claire laughed softly, and turned to leave.

A faint smile appeared at the corner of Shui Wenmo’s lips.

But Feng Yixuan wrapped his arm around Shui Wenmo’s neck menacingly and spoke in a voice that only the two could hear, “I warn you, Claire is mine. If you dare fight with me……”

“Dude! Even if this whole world was destroyed, I still won’t have any thoughts on your wife.” Shui Wenmo snorted.

“Good.” Feng Yixuan let go of Shui Wenmo’s neck.

The two went towards their camp with their arms draped around the other’s shoulders.

The divine knight and the girl covered in blood were still a mystery. They will probably tell them what happened though.

Whey they returned to their camping spot, the divine knight had already been treated with Cliff’s medicine, and seemed a lot better.

Seeing Claire and the other two return, the girl covered in blood hurriedly stood up to welcome them.

“Please sit down. How is he now? And what happened to you two?” Claire waved for the young girl to sit down.

“Because of that stupid prophecy, the Temple of Light sent me to kill her. An innocent young girl, a weak young girl that has no power at all.” The still weak divine knight besides them opened his mouth resentfully, “How could her, a girl like this, overturn Light? Her irises are purer than water!” Saying so, the divine knight turned to the young girl, whose face was full of worry. The girl shook her head, “I, I’m not worthy for sir to do such things.”

“Still sir? Now I’m also the killing target of the Temple of Light, I’m already a fallen knight.” The knight smiled calmly, and extended his hand to tightly hold the girl’s hand, “Didn’t I say long ago, we will live and die together.”

“Ew, so nauseating–” Walter shuddered.

“Claire, I will also live and die with you.” The next moment, Feng Yixuan suddenly grabbed Claire’s hand, and looked at Claire, saying extremely seriously.

Everyone turned to stone.

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