Ch.54 Feng Yixuan Took Advantage of Claire? (Part I)

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Feng Yixuan held onto Claire’s hand tightly, staring intently at her.

The next moment, Feng Yixuan howled on the ground, holding his eye.

“If you dare do this again, I’ll punch your other eye in.” Claire pulled back her fist and said darkly.

“That hurts! I was just telling the truth.” Feng Yixuan whimpered, standing up and putting down his hand, revealing a black eye. This was Claire’s masterpiece. Before anyone could come back to their senses, Claire’s hand moved even faster than her own thoughts. Pulled it out from Feng Yixuan’s tight grip and punched Feng Yixuan right in the eye.

Feng Yixuan kept grimacing from the pain, while Shui Wenmo watched gloatingly at Feng Yixuan’s pitiful appeareance.

“What the hell are you laughing at!” Feng Yixuan vented all his anger on Shui Wenmo, serving him an icicle immediately.

But Shui Wenmo was prepared. He pulled out his sword to block the icicle, then darted to the side agilely. The two started horsing around.

Claire sat back down. She looked at the girl covered in blood, thought for a while, then turned and dug out a set of her own clean clothes and a set of Jean’s from their bags, throwing it to the two.

“What do you plan to do?” Claire asked indifferently.

“Change our names and settle down in Usari. Find a remote little village and spend the rest of our lives there.” The fallen knight answered.

Usari was the least developed country on the continent, a place where the power of the Temple of Light was the smallest.

“The Temple of Light will not let you go.” Claire replied coldly.

“Yes, I understand. Now that I’ve seen the dark side of the Temple of Light, naturally, they won’t let me go. But even so, I won’t be caught without a fight. I will try my best to protect her.” The fallen knight looked affectionately at the girl besides him, and the girl also looked affectionately at him. There was no need to say out loud their feelings.

“They really are a pair of bitter lovers.” Walter shrugged and said to Claire.

“Thank you, benefactors, for saving us today. Thank you.” The fallen knight struggled to get up and bow, “If not for you, we would have probably died meaninglessly today.”

Claire halted him: “No need to be so courteous, first rest and take care of your injuries.”

“I can’t bother our benefactors anymore. We will cross the borders and go to Usari as soon as possible,” the fallen knight said seriously. He knew clearly that if the divine knights chasing him didn’t go back to report, the Temple of Light would soon make a new move.

“This little girl, come.” Cliff signaled at the girl, “Come, I’ll dye your hair and irises. They should last about ten years, and you can avoid many troubles. Take care of yourselves.”

“Really?” The girl was joyous, because her hair color had already harmed the people around her again and again, and made her be betrayed again and again. Now that she heard she could change the color of her hair and irises for so long, of course she was extremely happy.

“Yes. My potions, of course can last eight to ten years.” Cliff replied carelessly.

“Thank you, thank you master.” The girl thanked him profusely and joyfully.

The fallen knight watched Cliff. He believed what the leading divine knight of the knights who chased him said. This elder must be the wizard sage Cliff; that’s why he defeated those five divine knights so easily. But, these were all unimportant now.

Jean silently roasted hares, not even glancing this way. Feng Yixuan and Shui Wenmo were still fighting fiercely some distance away. Cliff was dying the girl’s hair with a vulgar expression on his face, while the fallen knight watched them gratefully.

Claire sat beneath a tree. She leaned against the tree trunk, looking at the darkening sky. Softly touching the glove on her right hand, Claire frowned slightly. There was still so much troubling stuff. White Emperor, who was still sleeping, and this Darkness mark on the back of her hand.

Feng Yixuan and Shui Wenmo got further away as they fought, going into the forest. They both stopped when they came to a spot where Claire couldn’t see them. They squatted down at the same time, and Shui Wenmo asked, “That wasn’t my imagination?”

“At first, I also thought it was my imagination, but it’s definitely not.” Feng Yixuan said surely.

“Yes, Claire’s flame actually turned golden! What happened?” Shui Wenmo stroked his chin in puzzlement, “I’ve never seen a flame colored like that. Although it was only for an instant, it did change color.”

“How would I know. Look carefully next time.” After saying this, Feng Yixuan quickly hit Shui Wenmo on the head and ran off.

“Crap, you actually took this chance to hit me.” Shui Wenmo jumped up and attacked fiercely.

Feng Yixuan retaliated, and the two started play-fighting back to the camp.

At night, after everyone ate, Feng Yixuan moved out of his tent to squeeze with Shui Wenmo so the fallen knight and young girl could sleep there. Claire lay quietly in her tent, watching the magic light hung on the top of the tent, thinking about the mental cultivation method of the Treasured Lotus Directory.

Replaying it again and again in her mind, Claire got more and more excited and couldn’t sleep. So she sat up, crossed her legs, and started the mental cultivation of the Treasured Lotus Directory.

An indescribable comfortableness flowed throughout Claire’s whole body; a warm flow moving through all her limbs and bones. At first it was slow; then the warm feeling started moving faster and faster. Suddenly, all of it flowed towards the region at her diaphragm. In that instant, Claire seemed to comprehend something in her mind.

Abruptly, Claire opened her eyes. She had cultivated the first volume of the Treasured Lotus Directory! A faint smile appeared on Claire’s lips. Even if someone from this world could understand the language of this mental cultivation method, they still couldn’t practice it. Because probably no one from this world knew the acupuncture points described in the book.

Claire flicked her finger, and a small, golden flame appeared there. Instantly and without chanting any spell.

“Claire, you, you didn’t seem to chant a spell. Can you already instantly cast low level spells? It can’t be?” Walter’s stunned voice sounded. Claire’s age and level, how could she cast spells instantly? “Oh and, why is your flame golden? Today, when burning the bodies, your flame also seemed to turn golden. At first I thought it was my imagination.” Walter’s tone was genuinely confused.

“You will know later.” Claire answered perfunctorily. This wasn’t easy to explain. How could she tell Walter that her spirit was from another world, and the language and writings of that world was different. And the strange book she got from the little thief was actually a very powerful mental cultivation method.

Walter whined, “Can’t you explain now. What’s going on? Why do your flames turn golden? It seems a little stronger than other flames, actually melting those armors quickly today.”

“Quiet!” Suddenly, Claire’s expression changed abruptly, because her back suddenly felt as if being burned.

“What?” Walter got a start. Looking at Claire’s expression change, he thought he offended Claire and hurriedly shut up. But soon, he noticed something was wrong. Cold sweat slowly beaded on Claire’s forehead, as if she was bearing pain of some kind.

“Claire, what’s going on? Are you okay? Is it because you ate the not-cooked enough hare that pig-head Jean roasted so you got a stomachache?” Walter asked nervously.

“On my back, there’s something growing!” Claire hissed through her teeth.

“What?!” Walter was extremely shocked. Something growing on her back? What the heck, what was happening. Was it that Claire didn’t study her language well enough and was describing it wrong?

“Check and see what’s happening!” Claire turned around and pulled up her clothes quickly, revealing her back. The burning sensation on her back got stronger and stronger. Something was continuously spreading, spreading……

On reflex, Walter immediately closed his eyes. He now had a subconscious good habit, and that was to shut his eyes obediently or disappear every time Claire was changing clothes.

“What is it?” Claire shouted.

“I, I don’t know. I didn’t look,” Walter answered stammering, “I don’t dare to look, you said if I dared to look at your body you’d kill me.”

“I’m telling you to look right now!” Claire rebuked angrily, “Only my back! If you don’t look now I’ll kill you right this moment.” There were no large mirrors right now; if there were, there was no way she would let Walter check what’s going on.

Walter slowly opened his eyes, and looked towards Claire’s smooth back. When he saw clearly, he was like being struck by lightning, unable to think anymore.

On Claire’s back, a budding, golden lotus was growing, all the way from Claire’s waist up to her shoulders. The golden petals were indescribably beautiful, stunning right to the soul. The huge, golden lotus just grew in Claire’s pale skin, completely natural. There were twelve petals in total, but only one was unfurled, the other eleven petals closed tightly. The golden petals made a strong contrast to Claire’s pale skin, breathtakingly fascinating.

Walter was struck dumb, completely stunned by that enchantingly beautiful scene. He forgot to think, forgot to talk; there were such beautiful things in the world?!

“Walter!” Claire shouted angrily, pulling Walter’s thoughts back to reality.

“What, what? Claire, what?” Walter made a motion of wiping his saliva. If he did have saliva, it would be dripping to the floor by now.

At this time, Claire didn’t feel any pain anymore. She pulled her clothes back down and demanded, “What did you see? What’s on my back?”

“A, a golden lotus. Twelve petals, one unfurled, but the other eleven aren’t. It, it’s so beautiful. I’ve never seen something as pretty as this.” Walter was still lost in that stunning scene, “But, Claire, why would a lotus grow on your back?”

Claire fell silent, but her mind operated quickly. A golden lotus? Right after she comprehended the first volume of the Treasured Lotus Directory, it appeared on her back.

Treasured Lotus Directory!

It must be caused by this magical mental cultivation method.

One petal unfurled, meaning that she finished the first volume. Based on that, every time she comprehended a volume, a petal would unfurl. But, on the book, it wrote that the Treasured Lotus Directory only had ten volumes. If each petal represents one volume, why were there twelve petals on her back? What did it mean?

“Walter, are you’re sure, it’s twelve petals?” Claire frowned and asked.

“Hehe, then let me look at it again, so I can make sure.” Walter grinned vulgarly. He was still thinking about that enchanting, beautiful scene.

“Go rest in peace.” Claire dug out the Spiritual Stone and gave Walter an extremely hard pinch. Walter fainted before he could even yell.

Claire pulled up her clothes, wanting to turn around and look at her back. But how could people see their backs? So Claire sat there struggling, wanting to see, but unable to. A golden lotus, what did it look like?

Just at this time, the flap to the tent was suddenly pushed away, and Feng Yixuan’s face appeared at the entrance. He held a roasted hare in one hand.

Their gazes met, and both of them froze to stone.

Her clothes pulled up, all that was left under was Claire’s undergarment……

And Feng Yixuan was facing straight at Claire, whose clothes were pulled up……

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