Ch.54 Feng Yixuan Took Advantage of Claire? (Part II)

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The next moment.

The extremely tragic happened.

“Aaaaah–!” Feng Yixuan’s prolonged painful shriek rang throughout the night sky.

When everyone rushed to Claire’s tent, they saw Feng Yixuan, head covered in bumps, stepped under Claire’s foot. The roasted hare was still raised in his hand, not touched by a single speck of dirt.

“Nothing. Just that Feng Yixuan and I have some private matters. Sorry to bother all of you.” Claire smiled at the crowd standing in front of her tent and said casually.

Private matters? Did you need to beat someone up over private matters, and talk with them under your foot?

Vulgarness shone from Shui Wenmo’s eyes as he stretched out his hands to block the others and smirked, “Let’s go, let’s go. Since it’s their ‘private matters’, let’s not disturb them.” His ambiguous tone made people’s imaginations fly.

The crowd let out expressions of realization and all returned to their own tents.

Jean looked at Claire thoughtfully, then also turned to leave. He saw the suppressed anger in the bottom of Claire’s eyes.

When their surroundings quieted down, the foot on Feng Yixuan grinded his back again as Claire’s voice said menacingly, “Tell me, what did you just see?”

“Your undergarment is so sexy, it’s purple.” Feng Yixuan answered honestly yet stupidly.

What welcomed him was another fierce stomp on his spine. Claire thundered: “Let me ask you again, what did you just see?”

“I, I didn’t see anything.” This time Feng Yixuan learned and changed his answer. But the vulgar smile on his face betrayed his true thoughts.

When Claire lifted her clothes up just a while ago, she was facing the entrance to the tent, so Feng Yixuan didn’t see her back. But he did see Claire’s purple lace undergarment.

“Do you not knock before entering a door? You dare lift up the flap without my permission?” Claire thundered, still mad.

“I’m sorry, I’ll never do it again.” Feng Yixuan said in an almost crying tone, “It’s just that the roasted hares your pig-head knight made tastes so bad. So I roasted one myself and wanted to bring it to you secretly.”

Only then did Claire notice that although Feng Yixuan was being stepped under her foot, a golden-brown roasted hare was held high up in his hand, not touching any dirt on the ground.

Claire withdrew her foot: “Get up.”

Feng Yixuan stood up.

“From now on, you must get my permission before entering.” Claire’s expression was more relaxed, but her tone was still mad.

“Yep, yes. Of course I will in the future.” Feng Yixuan handed the hare to Claire and promised solemnly.

“Okay, you can go back now.” Claire accepted the hare. As Feng Yixuan turned to leave, Claire watched his figure and said softly, “Thank you.”

“Hehehe, it’s what I should do.” Hearing this, Feng Yixuan was elated, rubbing his bump-filled head and left, thinking that this beating was worth it. Not only did he see good scenery, Claire was also moved and thanked him.

Claire looked at the golden-brown hare in her hand; it was heated just right. She really couldn’t tell that Feng Yixuan, coming from a wealthy family, had such a good skill.

Looking back, she just had a narrow escape. Good thing she didn’t turn her back towards the tent’s entrance; or else, just imagine what would happen if Feng Yixuan saw the golden lotus.

Claire looked at the glove on her right hand and sighed. Look at her now: marked by that perverted god of Darkness on her hand, and a golden lotus growing on her back. When all twelve petals bloom, will the golden lotus disappear? Hope so. Claire bit into the roasted hare, depressed.

The next morning, the fallen knight and the young girl were about to bid farewell and leave. With treatment from Cliff’s medicines, the fallen knight’s wounds were already much better. The girl’s hair was dyed into a common brown, and her irises were colored gray. She was now the most ordinary among the ordinary.

“I can not burden you, my benefactors. Just us two also makes a smaller target, so we won’t attract much attention. Goodbye now.” The fallen knight saluted solemnly, and the girl beside him also curtsied. They had both put on the clothes Claire gave them; the identity-revealing armor and sword had already been thrown away, so now they were just the most common travelers.

“Be careful on your way.” Claire took out her money bag and fished out several paper golds from it, then poured out some gold coins and handed it to the fallen knight, “Take this. Go buy some land in a remote village and settle down. Don’t decline, I’m sure you don’t have any money left on you now.”

“This……” The fallen knight hesitated.

“Thank you, benefactor. We will forever remember your kindness. If there ever comes a time when we have a chance to return the favor, we will absolutely do all we can.” The young girl didn’t hesitate anymore, but accepted the money and thanked Claire.

Sending the fallen knight and young girl off, the group started boringly waiting for dragon Ben and the little thief Summer to return.

Walter was thinking about what Claire’s personality really was. He suddenly realized that he couldn’t understand her anymore. Her viciousness when killing the divine knights and her caring for the fallen knight and the girl were such stark contrasts. So was Claire’s heart good or bad? Why did he feel like Claire was a contradicting body? Evil and kind at the same time? Pah! What kind of description was this. Walter overturned his own words.

Suddenly, Walter shuddered. Something flashed across his mind.

Contradicting body? Evil and kind at the same time. Spirits like this were the most beautiful things in the eyes of the god of Darkness. What if, Claire was chosen by the god of Darkness as offering because of this? And saying that the time has not yet come, meant that he wanted Claire’s spirit to continue growing?

The perfect combination of evil and kindness! Such beautiful spirits were so rare they appear only once in a couple thousand years.

Walter was scared by his own guess. Was it really like this? He could only look and see. There will be a day when he would understand how it really was.

Under Cliff’s guarding, Claire began meditating on the spot.

Before noon, fierce winds started blowing across the air, waking the people up. Dragon Ben had flew back with the little thief Summer in his claw. With a poof, dragon Ben landed and turned into human form, one hand supporting Summer, who had already fainted. She was foaming at the mouth and her face was pale.

“Did everything go well? What happened to her?” Claire asked dragon Ben, who had a heavy face on.

“So dirty. This lowly human is actually afraid of heights. Throwing up everywhere.” Although dragon Ben was disgusted, he didn’t drop the Summer supported in his arms. When Summer vomited in the sky, the unluckiest had to be the people on the ground. Thinking this, everyone felt chills running down their spines. A little bit too disgusting……

“Is everything done?” Claire asked.

“Yes, everything’s settled. At first those old things were reluctant, saying things like it’s impossible for her to steal a tooth from the prince of dragons. So I sent out a dragon pressure and they all stopped. I said, ‘How dare you steal my tooth, prepare to die,’” dragon Ben spat, “And then those lowly old things let her pass the assessment.”

Seriously? Dragon Ben learned to be smart so quickly?

“And that’s it? No epilogue for your revenge? Ended without ending?” Claire kept feeling something was off.

“Haha, of course not. I told them I would let them go if they gave me this little thief. So now I brought this lowly little thief back.” Dragon Ben started laughing loudly, then looked at the Summer in his hands. He lifted her up and shook her violently, “Wake up.”

Summer retched a few times and slowly opened her eyes. When she saw Claire, an abnormally intimate gaze bloomed in her eyes and she said in a crying tone: “Claire, let him put me down. This bad-hearted creature, when he found out I was scared of heights, he went out of our way to fly a couple more rounds, or else we’d been back so much sooner. I threw up everything I ate yesterday, ugh~~~” At this time, Summer suddenly thought the evil Claire was so pleasing to the eyes, so warm and welcoming.

Claire looked to dragon Ben. Dragon Ben looked up at the sky with a guilty conscience, pretending he didn’t see Claire’s gaze.

Well, she didn’t expect for this fellow to have such a bad personality. Looking at the still shaking Summer in dragon Ben’s hands, Claire ordered, “Okay, let go of Summer.”

Dragon Ben let go, and Summer dropped to the ground with a plop. Not even taking the time to rub her sore bottom, she climbed up and rushed to Claire’s side, hugging her tightly and not letting go.

“Go change your clothes first.” Claire pinched her nose, resisting the peculiar smell coming from Summer.

“What?” Summer sniffed around, then stuck out her tongue and made the motion of vomiting.

“That’s my tent, there are clothes inside.” Claire pointed at her tent and told Summer.

“Mm, okay.” Summer ran into the tent to change.

Now that everyone was here, they could set off.

“Ben, you must remember what you promised me. You can not show your true form or attack humans without my permission.” Claire reminded him again.

“I remember, I remember, don’t worry.” Dragon Ben nodded carelessly, his gaze floating towards Claire’s tent. What’s taking the little thief so long?

The group headed out again, towards the country borders.

Usari, the weakest country on the continent of Ceylon. Due to its special terrain, most of it’s territory were swamps or mountains. And half of its few amounts of land was barren land, so no other country bothered to invade Usari with too much troops and energy.

Guards on the border city lazily examined Claire and her group’s passing permits and let them cross. They then continued to catnap.

“I’m so tired, Claire. Can we take a hot bath today?” Summer stretched as she looked hopefully at Claire.

“Okay, let’s find a comfortable motel for us to rest in and continue our way tomorrow.” Claire was also tired. Plus she wanted to find a quiet place to study the second volume of the Treasured Lotus Directory.

“Wow, Claire, you’re so nice.” Summer jumped up in glee, satisfied. Even in the height of summer, cold baths didn’t feel good.

Finding the best motel in the border city, Claire payed the earnest money for each person to have their own room, then told the motel keeper to send food and hot water to every room.

She could finally have some quiet time. Claire entered her room, locked the door, then lay down on the bed with her clothes on.

“Walter, go check if that dragon Ben is staying in his room and not doing anything he’s not supposed to.” After sending Walter away, Claire took out the Treasured Lotus Directory. She opened the book and concentrated to infuse Lotus Power into the pages according to the instructions on the last page of the book.

To her amazement, Claire saw the words start twisting, as if they had come to life, and turned into other words. Not long after, the information had changed! Content of the first volume had disappeared; the whole book showed the second volume.

Claire started reading it intently.

Just at this time, the hallway outside got noisy.

“Get your butts outta here, all of you, pack up and leave! Take this money, three times your payment, and get your butts out of here! Our young lord has rented this whole place.” A gruff voice sounded in the hallway, followed by sounds of kicking on a door.

Hearing the sound of the door being kicked, Claire’s expression changed. For it came from the direction, of dragon Ben’s room!

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