Ch.55 Claire’s Shameless Acts (Part I)

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Hearing the sound of the door being kicked, Claire’s expression changed. For it came from the direction, of dragon Ben’s room!

Based on dragon Ben’s fiery temper and impulsive nature, he would probably destroy the whole motel!

Claire immediately stood up, pushed the door open and hurried out.

Walter floated back, gleeful at the trouble, “Oh yeah, Claire, there’s a good show to watch.”

Claire hurried towards dragon Ben’s room. A servant dressed person was yelling impatiently, “Get the hell out, yes you, bastard in black clothes, get your butt outta here. Take your money and go, don’t delay my young lord’s rest.”

There was a servant every few doors, kicking the doors and yelling for the people inside to come out.

Claire and Walter both mentally prepared themselves for dragon Ben’s rage. But the next moment was still calm, dragon Ben’s room still and quiet.

Claire paused, then rushed over. Looking in the door, she saw dragon Ben sitting quietly on the bed, but his flushed face showed how hard he was trying to control his anger.

“Get the hell out, take your money at the door and leave.” The servant cursed, moving on to kick the next door.

Seeing Claire, dragon Ben squeezed out a few words darkly, “Claire, I behaved pretty well huh? I really f*cking admire myself, actually putting up with this.”

Claire was wordless. This unruly, rude fellow was actually the prince of dragons…… That’s right, the prince, the prince……

“Yes, you’re behaving very well. You are making good progress on your path of revenge,” Claire nodded her head in approvement, “Toleration makes brighter skies.”

“I’ll continue bearing with it.” Dragon Ben took a deep breath, then closed his eyes. Crack. Claire twitched her lips, for the four legs of the bed dragon Ben was sitting on had sunk deep into the floor. It was obvious how suffocating dragon Ben was right now. A lowly human dared to tell him to get his butt out of here. If not for the pact with Claire previously, he would have eaten these people long ago and destroyed the motel.

“Very good, continue, continue.” Claire nodded and turned away.

At this time, Feng Yixuan, Jean, and the others also opened their doors, wanting to see who was being so noisy. Only Cliff didn’t come out; he knew Claire and the rest would settle these stuff.

A series of footsteps sounded on the stairs, then a delicate voice complained, “Such a disgusting place, must I live here? Isn’t there a better place?”

“M’lord, this is already the best motel in the city. Please wait for a while, the servants are already chasing away the lowly commoners,” another voice comforted.

A lavishly dressed young man appeared in the people’s view. His face was covered in freckles, but he still applied the powder aristocratic men used, so his face was white as a shaved pig skin. A large bunch of servants followed behind him.

“So noisy.” Shui Wenmo rubbed his eyes and looked over impatiently.

Feng Yixuan hopped to Claire’s side and grinned, “Claire, are you hungry? Let’s go on a date, oh, no, let’s go get some midnight snacks.” Seeing Claire’s icy gaze, Feng Yixuan immediately changed his words.

“Hey, there is such a pleasing commoner here?” When the pig-skin young lord saw Claire, his eyes lit up. This really was a little beauty, not old either. Bodies like this had the most feeling on the bed.

“Go ask, who brought her, and buy her for me your lord. Perfect for tonight to enjoy.” The pig-skin young lord looked at Claire lustfully, saying to the servant besides him, “Didn’t expect such a run-down place to have such a quality good.”

“Yes, m’lord.” The servant immediately ran towards Claire. He stopped before her, looked at Claire, then at the Feng Yixuan besides her.

“You, ignorant, lowly commoner, how much is this young girl? Give a price, my young lord has chosen her. This is her luck; if she makes my young lord happy, maybe my young lord will favor her for some more days.” Holding his head high, the servant talked to Feng Yixuan rudely, not knowing that the death was coming.

Before Claire could say anything, Feng Yixuan exploded.

“Go die!” Feng Yixuan’s irises were suddenly filled with ruthlessness, without any warmth. He roared furiously, and before the servant could realize, attacked fiercely with an icicle. The sharp icicle shot through the body of the servant.

The servant fell to the ground. Blood, blood was everywhere. The blood sprouted from his body continuously.

On the floor behind the servant, was a long, frightening trail of blood sprayed from the servant’s body.

Feng Yixuan was like a demon from hell right now, giving off a terrifying aura. In that instant, everyone in the hallway felt as if they had an illusion, and this youth with the frightening aura was the legendary, savage, terrifying Devil King!

There was dead silence in the hall.

Feng Yixuan took the life of the servant without any warning; the cold light shooting out from his eyes froze everyone.

“What the heck, attacking whenever you want, not even giving a warning.” Shui Wenmo curled his lips.

But Jean’s expression changed slightly.

That youth, turning so frightening in a second, so violent, only because that servant said those words! His feelings for Claire……

Jean gripped his sword tightly. The people only noticed that the servant was killed by the magnificent magic; no one noticed that the heart of the body on the ground, was already shattered by a streak of DouQi.

Jean and Feng Yixuan had attacked at the same time!


“It’s a magician!”


“Help, murder…… ”

All at once, the hallway exploded. Screams rang throughout the whole motel.

The pig-skin young lord’s legs were shaking. Although he had ordered his servants to kill people before, this was the first time he saw such violent killing, such a terrifying person, attacking without any warning. The blood on the hallway floor was still flowing, slowly inching towards the stairs, which were lower ground.

“What are you all yelling about, don’t we also have magicians? Go, kill him!” After all, the pig-skin young lord had done bad things before, and met people who opposed him. He recovered the quickest and shouted angrily at the people behind him, “Go, kill him. Don’t hurt that girl; tonight I’ll use her as compensation.”

Not knowing death was near. Walter rolled his eyes helplessly.

But Feng Yixuan didn’t make a sound. He took out a dagger from his boots. Not using magic anymore, he darted agilely between the people rushing up, moving his dagger gracefully. Cold light flashed. Every time his dagger danced, a person’s throat was slit. Then blood flooded out like a fountain, one after another, decorating the hallway.

This was the dance of Death; gorgeous yet with a heavy, frightening death aura.

Feng Yixuan’s irises glinted red light, terrifying and creepy.

“Stop him, stop him.” The pig-skin young lord finally got frightened, finally realized that he offended someone he shouldn’t.

The two magicians behind the pig-skin young lord released magnificent magic hastily. Feng Yixuan waved his hand slightly, blocking the opponents’ attacks with a magic shield easily.

Shui Wenmo leaned against the wall in the hallway, yawning while watching Feng Yixuan’s one-man performance, but silently mumbling in his heart. Before, even if someone insulted Feng Yixuan’s clan, he was never this freaking angry. But today, he was overexcited like he had eaten an expired aphrodisiac. Did someone insulting Claire make him this furious?

“Claire, why is he so angry?” At this time, dragon Ben, standing besides Claire, asked in confusion.

Claire was silent.

Jean’s expression changed, and his gaze became profound.

Why was he so angry…… Getting so furious over Claire, was clearly because he liked Claire. This wasn’t strange.

But, why? Jean slowly moved his hand to his chest. Why was it that when he heard the servant’s words, an indescribable anger shot straight out from here, and getting larger and larger.

Why? Why, that when he heard those words, a killing intent suddenly surfaced in his heart? Jean’s hand gripped his sword even tighter.

Claire, watching Feng Yixuan easily collecting their opponents’ lives like Death, suddenly felt blank. What was this feeling?

“Randy! Come up here at once, if your young lord me dies, you won’t get a single penny, and my grandfather will also blame you.” The pig-skin young lord backed up desperately, shouting towards downstairs.

The next moment, a fierce spray of water moved around the pig-skin young lord and shot up from the stairway. Rounding the pig-skin young lord, the water immediately changed into dense water arrows, shooting towards the people in the hallway.

Claire frowned, then used all her strength to release a magic shield, because the magic ripple of the opponent was very strong! He must be very powerful.

Screams and shouts sounded in the hallway. The water arrows actually attacked everyone. Except for moving around the pig-skin young lord, all people in the hallway became targets.

Instantly, painful yells filled the hallway, then blood. The entire floor of the hallway was dyed red. All the servants of the pig-skin young lord lost their lives, including other guests who came out of their rooms: all were impaled by the water arrows and died instantly. There wasn’t one body not full of holes!

So ruthless! Not even letting go their own people!

Feng Yixuan retreated back to Claire’s side, watching the stairway at the end of the hall coldly.

“Oh yay, so many people died.” Dragon Ben walked lazily to Claire’s side, looking at the bodies on the floor and saying indifferently.

Then he looked hopefully at Claire: “Can I attack? Can I eat that magician?”

Dragon Ben meant the magician who slowly floated up the stairway.

“He’s mine.” Feng Yixuan tone was dark.

“I’m very poor, I don’t have any money. So I will kill you, and then I will have money.” The magician who floated up said woodenly, without any emotion, without any warmth, “So, all of you will die today. For my money.”

“Be careful.” Claire said quietly, frowning.

This magician, definitely wasn’t an ordinary person. Claire began to worry. Because just now, not only did Claire use her whole strength to create the magic shield, she also secretly used the Lotus Power to block the water arrows of this magician.

Dragon Ben twitched his lip, bored and impatient. Without Claire’s permission, he couldn’t attack. Toleration toleration toleration…… Well, it seems like there wouldn’t be anything else for him tonight. He should probably just go back to his room and sleep.

Just as dragon Ben was turning around to leave. “Ben,” Claire suddenly called out in a low voice.

“What?” Dragon Ben yawned, and asked uninterestedly.

“Let me teach you your first piece of knowledge: fighting does not have to be fair. Many people attacking one person at the same time, the legendary group attack. As long as you win, it’s fine,” Claire taught darkly, “Also, I told you to tolerate back then, but you don’t have to now. In times of need, go back on your word. That’s the second piece of knowledge I’ve told you. Look how much you profited tonight.”

Jean’s face was stiff, the little thief twitched her lip, Shui Wenmo dropped his jaw, Feng Yixuan looked raptured, and Walter pretended to faint.

Next, the group attack began……

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