Ch.55 Claire’s Shameless Acts (Part II)

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Dragon Ben howled weirdly and spit out a fierce fire ball, and the water and blood flowing in the hallway were instantly evaporated. The magician on the other side leisurely set up a water shield; although he was still struck back a few steps by dragon Ben’s monstrous power, the water shield didn’t break.

“F*ck his uncle!” Dragon Ben cursed with no consideration of his image. He only used thirty percent of his strength because he thought that would be enough. But unexpectedly, their opponent blocked his attack.

The magician floated up again, but was welcomed by even fiercer and more shameless attacks. Jean and Shui Wenmo had already rushed up to chase after and beat him up. Feng Yixuan, even more shameless, followed and continuously released gorgeous spells. Claire yawned and leaned on a wall to watch them. Dragon Ben looked up and down, as if trying to see if there was enough space.

“No need to look anymore, you’re not allowed to transform!” Claire knew clearly what dragon Ben was up to. This god-damned and uncivilized black dragon wanted to turn into his true form to destroy this place.

Dragon Ben scratched his head, very depressed.

“Hurry and finish him off, then run.” Claire instructed dragon Ben.

“Run what?” Dragon Ben frowned and asked, confused.

“You’re profiting so much tonight. I’ll teach you your third piece of knowledge: after doing a bad thing, get far away from where it took place, and the sooner the better.” Claire taught in an unusually serious voice.

“Meaning that after we kill that guy we get far away from here?” Dragon Ben digested the information quickly.

“Correct, now go.” Claire waved her hand to signal for dragon Ben to join the group attack.

Very soon, the powerful magician had no strength to fight back anymore.

He started howling, “I don’t want my money anymore, go chat with yourselves. Goodbye and never see you again.” After shamelessly yelling this out, the powerful magician pulled out a scroll, tore it open, and vanished.

Spacial teleportation scroll?!

Everyone was surprised. Didn’t expect for a magician hired by others to have such a valuable magical device.

Since the target for the group attack was gone, everyone stopped their actions.

“Now we leave. The faster the better, the farther the better.” Dragon Ben implemented the precious knowledge Claire taught him, telling the others seriously.

“Let’s go.” At this time, Cliff opened his door and said lazily.

“Let’s go, let’s go. We should escape through the window.” Feng Yixuan pointed at a door, motioning for them to leave from the window in that room.

Everyone climbed out from the window. Feng Yixuan raised his brows slightly, then slid down the stairs like a ghost; finding the pig-skin young lord huddled in a corner, his dagger wiped across gently. After silencing this young lord he hurriedly caught up with Claire and the rest.

“I didn’t get to take a hot bath today, cri, I didn’t get my hot bath.” The little thief whined as the crowd bolted through the night, heading towards the city gates.

“I can very generously return to my true form and spit some saliva for you to take a bath.” Dragon Ben said seriously.

“And it’s hot.” Feng Yixuan added with a wretched smile.

“Pah! You disgusting, civilized, and rude black dragon, how are you a prince!” The little thief Summer finally couldn’t take it anymore and scolded angrily.

Surprisingly, dragon Ben didn’t retaliate, instead shutting up and continued racing through the city with the others. Walter sighed bitterly. Being with Claire for so long, everyone had learned her evil ways.

So the group sneaked out the city by climbing over its walls, then disappeared in the night. If people found out who they were, the two countries would definitely get into a dispute.

In the end they camped in the open country.

After all the running, everyone was tired. But a fierce wind blew across, rattling their tents. And then roars sounded from a distance.

“So noisy! How are we supposed to sleep like this? I’ll go butcher them.” Dragon Ben got up and cursed as he walked deep into the woods.

“Magic beasts?” Naturally, everyone was woken up but the distant howling.

“It’s a wind-natured leopard and an earth-natured snake.” Digging his ear, dragon Ben said impatiently, hurrying towards the origin of the sounds.

Claire didn’t speak, just quietly followed dragon Ben.

Cliff climbed out of his tent and set up a magical barrier; then yawned and climbed back into his tent and went to sleep.

The little thief Summer also crawled back into her tent to sleep.

“I’m so sleepy. Claire, Ben went to butcher the magic beasts, why are you following?” Feng Yixuan yawned as he looked from his tent to Claire’s figure, debating whether to follow her or go back to sleep. Was Claire going to dig out their beast cores? Based on her personality, that was very probable.

“Dude, just go. I’ll sleep first.” Shui Wenmo gave Feng Yixuan a kick on his butt, sending him out of their tent.

Feng Yixuan rubbed his drowsy eyes, and together with Jean, followed behind Claire.

When they reached the place the magic beasts were howling, they finally understood what was going on. A wind-natured black leopard was fighting a huge earth-natured snake. The leopard seemed to be struggling, while the snake became more and more aggressive; it continuously swiped its tail across the ground to create ground spikes to stab at the wind leopard.

“They’re actually both seventh grade magic beasts, and all grown up.” Feng Yixuan exclaimed at the wind leopard and large snake. Unbelievable that this place had such high level magic beasts.

“So annoying. How am I supposed to sleep with them being so noisy?” Listening to the two magic beasts making low roars, dragon Ben complained, about to send out a dragon pressure to deter the two and butcher them. But Claire interrupted him, “Wait.”

“What?” Dragon Ben was puzzled.

“Just shield me. I’ll go finish off that snake. The wind leopard is mine.” The corner of Claire’s lips curved up.

“What do you want with that little cat?” Dragon Ben asked confusedly.

“You’ll know tomorrow.” Claire didn’t explain, but rushed up, and started attacking the large snake from a safe distance.

What followed, was inhumane crimes of cruelty of animals.

The huge snake was cut into several pieces and its beast core was dug out. It died without a complete body.

The wind leopard was stunned. Its first move after coming back to realization was to run, to get far away from these dangerous people.

“Catch him.” Claire instructed dragon Ben.

Dragon Ben squinted, then casually sent out a small dragon pressure. Instantly their surroundings quieted down; all the hooting and chirping of bugs were silenced. The wind leopard crouched on the ground, its two front paws holding its head, its body trembling slightly.

“From now on you are my magic beast. If you don’t obey me, I’ll let them cut you to pieces and make stew soup out of you. Understand?” Claire walked up and squatted before the wind leopard, speaking slowly. Seventh grade beasts already had a very high IQ, and could perfectly comprehend what Claire meant.

The wind leopard poked its head out from its two paws, looked at the large snake in pieces, then looked at the menacing dragon Ben, then nodded very carefully. He knew clearly in his heart that this black-haired person in black clothes, was not human. He was a creature that was far far above him. And the huge snake that made him suffer losses was now lying quietly in pieces over there.

“Claire, what do you want this magic beast for? Not to sign a contract with it and make it your magic beast?” Feng Yixuan was very puzzled. Even though it was full-grown, it’s still only a wind leopard.

“To be my mount.” Claire squinted and stroked the soft fur of the wind leopard. Sitting on this, would be, heh, so comfortable. Horses couldn’t travel on many roads, so of course a wind leopard was most suitable.

“Oh.” Feng Yixuan finally understood.

But just when they were going to return to their tents, a powerful and strange hurricane suddenly blew across the sky. Making them almost unable to open their eyes, while the trees around them swayed this way and that.

Next, a formidable pressure spread out over them. This wind leopard started shaking fearfully, crouching on the ground, its front paws hugging its head as it wailed in a low voice. It was even more scared than from the pressure dragon Ben just gave it.

Some terrifying creature was approaching!

Although this pressure was very terrifying, and made them tremble, it was nothing compared to the pressure from the god of Darkness Claire and Feng Yixuan had experienced.

Dragon Ben looked up into the night sky with resentment on his face. He was also abnormally serious.

“Ben, who is it? You know him, right?” Claire also lifted her head to the night sky. But when she saw the creature approaching them, her expression changed.

Gigantic gold dragon!

Symbol of the king of dragons. The Gold Dragon!

“The imprisonment was broken; I thought you escaped yourself. I did not expect for you to use the help of lowly humans! You ugly and disdainful creature, the dignity of the dragons has been totally trampled by you! Father has passed away, so today, you will never be as lucky as you were before. Today, go die peacefully.” The voice of the gigantic Gold Dragon rumbled as he laughed insolently.

Dragon Ben’s expression became especially ugly.

Claire’s expression also changed. This Gold Dragon, was the king of dragons! Not to say that none of them here was a match for him, even Cliff and dragon Ben were no match for him!

“Ah, the funerary of these lowly ants could count as worthy for your lowly identity. Hahahaha~~~~” The Gold Dragon continued to laugh insolently.

Feng Yixuan slowly clenched his fist tightly.

All the people here combined couldn’t match this gigantic Gold Dragon. Should he open the seal?

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