Ch.56 Claire’s Outburst (Part I)

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The gigantic Gold Dragon flapped his gigantic golden wings, floating in mid-air. He looked disdainfully at dragon Ben, “You bastard! When Father was still alive he always shielded you. Let’s see who can shield you now!”

Claire looked solemnly at the insolent Gold Dragon in the air, her heart sinking. Dragons were legendary creatures on this continent. Even an ordinary dragon could easily destroy a city. But this dragon before them wasn’t any ordinary dragon, but the king of dragons, the Gold Dragon! There was no need to guess his strength. It was all written clearly on dragon Ben’s face.

“I’m the one and only successor to the throne. What qualification do you, bastard, have to fight with me? Today, let me blow you to ashes.” The Gold Dragon roared, puffing out a dragon breath. The puff was filled with destroying power; wherever it passed, sand and stones flew, and trees were pulled out from their roots.

Dragon Ben shouted angrily, instantly returning to his true form. He blocked this dragon breath by force.

The two huge dragons started wrestling in mid-air. It was unknown what kind of deep hatred was between the two, that they didn’t even use magic, but directly fighting with their bodies. The huge dragons’ roars rang throughout the sky. But very quickly, dragon Ben was at a disadvantage.

“Claire~~ Should we take this chance and hurry to escape?” Walter asked in a trembling voice. This fellow was always so afraid to die.

Claire didn’t speak.

There was no way they could escape. Dragon Ben was no match for the dragon that received the Golden Strength. Where could they escape to? Even though she had the spatial teleportation scroll Emery gave her, that could only enable herself to escape. And there was no way she could leave the others here.

At this time, Cliff had also detected the abnormality here and hurried over with the little thief Summer and Shui Wenmo.

“Idiots, why did you all come over? Get your butts away.” Seeing the several who just arrived, dragon Ben thundered.

“Haha, bastard. You’re actually trying to protect these lowly ants? Is it because you’re all so lowly, that you are going to do such a stupid thing?” The Gold Dragon mocked loudly, spitting out a clump of flames towards dragon Ben with a rumble. Dragon Ben immediately spit out a water ball to match it. But the water ball instantly evaporated into steam when it met the Gold Dragon’s flames; then the flames struck dragon Ben’s body hardly, making a fizzing noise.

“Bastard!” The Gold Dragon seemed to have an extreme hatred towards dragon Ben. He didn’t deal killing blows anymore, but instead struck him with his claws, hitting him to the ground, then swooped down and stepped on dragon Ben’s body with much force.

“Bastard, you actually care about these lowly ants?” The Gold Dragon stared his huge eyes at Claire and the others, then laughed hysterically, “Then let me kill them one by one, just for you to experience this feeling.”

“Stop! This is a matter between us, don’t drag in people who have nothing to do with it.” Dragon Ben struggled to get up under the Gold Dragon’s feet.

“Nonsense!” The Gold Dragon stomped fiercely on dragon Ben, his eyes wide with anger. A hideous smile creeped onto his lips, “Let me first crush these lowly ants. Then I’ll send you to hell.”

“Claire, you guys leave, hurry! I’ll block him.” Cliff took out his magic staff solemnly. A calmness of one unafraid of death surged at the bottom of his eyes.

“Master, either we leave together or die together. No need to say more.” Claire said in a determined voice. To leave Master here and run herself? Impossible! This cute old man had already given her too much. She could not let him give his life for her.

“You’re still young. Master is old.” Cliff scolded in a worried tone, “Hurry and leave! Master can still block him for a while.”

“Haha, idiot. You want to block me with rubbish like you?” The Gold Dragon laughed savagely, flinging his tail before him and swiping it towards the crowd.

Cliff’s expression changed; he instantly cast out a magic shield and blocked the Gold Dragon’s attack. Seeing his tail stopping abruptly there, the Gold Dragon’s face turned heavy, as if his attack being blocked by Cliff was very humiliating. With a furious roar, a huge fire ball headed towards them.

Claire had already witnessed the power of the Gold Dragon’s flames. Even dragon Ben, whom they couldn’t defeat, was burned by it. Feng Yixuan immediately knelt down on one knee and placed his hands on the ground. As he concentrated, a thick and heavy ice wall erupted and grew up from the ground.

Surprisement showed in Cliff’s eyes. This youth actually had such high attainments and such quick reactions. And cast the spell instantly, without any chanting! Was this his real strength?

A scornful expression showed on the Gold Dragon’s face. They wanted to block his flames with just an ice wall like this? He laughed. Ridiculous!

But the next moment, the Gold Dragon couldn’t laugh anymore. His flames were blocked by the ice wall, and the ice wall was slowly melted by his flames. But although the ice wall melted, a big portion of his flames also disappeared; and the rest were easily blocked down by Cliff.

“God-damned ants! All go die.” It seemed like the Gold Dragon felt very humiliated that his flames were being blocked and his attacks were resolved two times in a row. His dignity was not allowed to be trampled by these lowly ants in his eyes.

The huge dragon roared crazily. Dragon pressure continuously spread out, expanding……

Feeling the unstopping skyrocketing pressure, everyone’s expressions became heavy.

Feng Yixuan bit his teeth. He clapped his two hands together and brought them before his chest.

“Are you crazy?!” The Shui Wenmo beside him immediately grabbed Feng Yixuan’s hand, stopping his motion as he scolded angrily, “You actually want to do that! Do you not value your life anymore? With you current body there’s no way you can bear such power!”

“If I don’t do so, we all have to die!” Feng Yixuan wanted to draw back his hand, but Shui Wenmo held onto it tightly, not letting go.

“You’re not allowed to use it until the last minute. Cross my dead body before you do!” Shui Wenmo let go of Feng Yixuan’s hand and pulled out his sword. He shouted angrily, bursting out bright purple DouQi from his whole body.

With a concentrated expression on his face, Jean slowly drew out his sword. He looked at Claire and said softly, “Miss, you go first. It is my responsibility to protect your safety. Take them and leave.”

“You’re unable to block him.” Cliff said hurriedly, frowning.

Jean didn’t reply, but looked deeply at Claire, then turned and looked coldly at the Gold Dragon. He said coldly, “Feng Yixuan, please take Miss away safely.”

Under the shocked gazes of everyone, Jean shouted in a low voice, and bursted out silver DouQi from his whole body!

Yes, they didn’t see wrong. It was silver DouQi!

The silver that only swordsman sages had!

Jean actually already reached the swordsman sage level!

He had been hiding his strength in secret, making people think he was only a grand warrior. But he was really only one step away from the summit, swordmaster!

And now, he wanted to sacrifice himself to buy time for the others.

To be exact, to buy time for Claire.

“Go!” Jean yelled angrily at Feng Yixuan, then pushed off the ground with the tip of his foot, bolting towards the Gold Dragon like an arrow released from the bowstring.

“Claire, hurry and leave! If we don’t go now, everyone is going to die here!” Walter hurriedly urged.

“Go! If we don’t go now it will be too late.” Shui Wenmo shouted furiously at the others.

Feng Yixuan frowned, looking straight at Jean, who was fighting the Gold Dragon. His eyes were filled with unresignment and humiliation. This man, rushing up just like that, to buy time for Claire to escape! Swordsman sage! Such high level at such a young age, and now he was going fall here. Just for Claire, just for the master-servant affection between them? At such a time Jean stood forward for Claire, Jean had the strength to block the Gold Dragon for a while. Why couldn’t he, Feng Yixuan?! Hate! Why was he so weak, he couldn’t even bear the power of the opening of the seal!

“Shui Wenmo, take Feng Yixuan away.” Looking at Jean fighting the Gold Dragon, Claire suddenly said coldly to Shui Wenmo.

Before Feng Yixuan could realize, a piercing pain came from the back of his neck. Then he blacked out and dropped down feebly. Without a word, Shui Wenmo picked him up, then grabbed the still stunned Summer with his other hand, and raced away without looking back.

“Claire, we also need to leave, hurry.” Cliff urged Claire. Now was not the time to hesitate. Even if Jean was a swordsman sage, there was no way he could defeat the Gold Dragon. All he could do was try his best to buy time.

Claire looked at the insolent Gold Dragon. Even though he was was fighting with Jean, he never once moved an inch; he was still stepping on dragon Ben.

“Master, do you know? At first, I was distant to Jean, unable to accept him due to his unloyalty. But, now……” Claire smiled gently, indifference in her eyes, “Master, forgive me. You should leave; but I simply can not abandon Jean here.”

Cliff’s expression changed. But he didn’t speak; instead, he chanted a short spell. Immediately, Claire felt her body go stiff, unable to move. Cliff lifted the frozen Claire up and used magic to float himself into the air, then backed away swiftly.

“Master!” Claire shouted in shock. Cliff was actually going to take her away by force, and abandon Jean like this?!

“Claire, you cannot die here. You should not die here either.” At this time, Cliff’s voice was icy, filled with indescribable grimness.

Claire stared at the Jean fighting against the Gold Dragon, slowly getting farther and farther away.

“Roar~~” Suddenly, hurt, the Gold Dragon roared painfully. Jean had injured his tail; now, a glaring wound was pouring out blood.

“You god-damned ant, be destroyed along with this piece of land!” The Gold Dragon roared furiously. Next, he only fought Jean with his claws; for he started chanting a lengthy spell.

No! Cliff’s expression changed greatly. The crazy and destroying aura and extremely powerful magic ripple seeping out the chant showed that this crazy Gold Dragon wanted to destroy this land! Not only that border city, but it will also bring disaster to farther places.

“Stop! What are you doing? Don’t forget the agreement between the god of Dragons and the goddess of Light! Dragons are not allowed to destroy humans’ territories rashly!” Dragon Ben also detected the strong rage, and understood what the Gold Dragon was about to do, so he tried to stop his crazy actions by yelling out loud. If this continued, he would bring extreme trouble to the dragon race.

“Claire, where’s your spatial teleportation scroll? Quick, leave!” Cliff put Claire down and hurriedly released her from the imprisonment, urging.

Naturally, Claire also felt the waves of magic ripples that grew stronger and stronger; it had a destroying aura in it.

The moment the Gold Dragon finished his chanting, the moment this whole area of land will become scorched earth. There will be no life whatsoever; all living beings will be destroyed in the split of a second.

Jean also detected the danger. His sharp sword along with DouQi slashed right at the mouth of the Gold Dragon, which was chanting.

The Gold Dragon laughed disdainfully. Waving his claw suddenly, he struck Jean to the ground, then his sharp talon pierced straight down. He was going to pierce right through Jean’s heart.



Claire’s pupils dilated instantly.

An indescribable power suddenly surged out from her body violently.

Right now, there was only one thought in Claire’s mind.

Jean could not die!

It was as if time had stopped. Everything of everything went still.

All was silent; everything went still.

The Gold Dragon’s chanting, which was about to finish, stopped. With the pause, the enormous power was not released. The Gold Dragon stared his eyes wide open, looking straight at his claw. His claw had stopped right before Jean’s chest, unable to proceed at all! A tremendous power was suppressing him, making his body unable to move.

In truth, time had not stopped, but a formidable power had forced all creatures around them to halt their movements.

Cliff was stunned. For he detected an indescribably powerful strength coming out from Claire’s body, continuously pouring out……

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