Ch.56 Claire’s Outburst (Part II)

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Strength, unlimited strength.

It was a burning strength, making people feel exceptionally depressed, almost forgetting to think.

Claire’s gaze became misty. Slowly, slowly, she floated up.

“Four-legged crawler, go back to where you were before.” A ruthless smile creeped onto Claire’s lips as she raised her hand. In that instant, a huge, golden flame shot out speedily; the beautiful and stunning golden flame sliced through the night sky, aiming right at the enormous body of the Gold Dragon.

Only now did the Gold Dragon recover. He snorted, then casually stretched out his front paw with contempt to block Claire’s fire. Only a flame by a lowly human, quenchable with a fist. Didn’t know what came over him just now; actually blanking out by the strange power this little human emitted.

Yet a painful howl made its way out of the mouth of the Gold Dragon. The golden flames passed through the paw of the huge Gold Dragon, burning a hole through it.

“Lowly human, what did you do?” The Gold Dragon started roaring painfully and furiously. The wound on his paw actually seemed to be growing, and the burning pain became stronger and stronger.

“Are you very noble? Just a four-legged crawler.” Claire slowly floated up to the Gold Dragon, meeting his gaze, a cold smile appearing on her lips, “If you don’t treat the wound now, you’ll become a three-legged crawler~” The icy voice sounded like it came from a devil in hell, dark and frightening, as if it could corrode your spirit.

The Gold Dragon’s expression finally changed, for he felt the pain on his paw increasingly burning, and the wound was slowly enlarging. Even though he couldn’t believe a lowly human could hurt him, his wound was getting worse.

“Lowly human, I’ve remembered this. Wait for my cruelest revenge.” The Gold Dragon believed Claire’s threat at last and left down this sentence hatefully. He then flapped his wings, and disappeared quickly into the night sky.

Claire watched the Gold Dragon leave, letting out a long breath. If the Gold Dragon really wanted to fight life-to-death, the losing side would definitely be Claire. But a dragon so afraid of death was actually the king of dragons was a little shocking.

“Claire…… ” Cliff called out to Claire softly, who was still floating in mid-air.

Claire came back to her senses, then fell straight down from the sky.

The next moment, she fell into warm arms. Jean had caught Claire in time.

“Claire, how are you?” Cliff rushed up instantly to ask.

“Miss, are you okay?” Jean’s expression was full of worry.

“What happened? Why was your flame golden? Why could it burn his body? The bodies of dragons are the strongest. Why would he be burned?” Dragon Ben changed back into human form and rushed up also, asking in confusion. The frightening aspects of dragons were not only because they knew high level magic, but also their unusually strong bodies. Regular swords couldn’t do any damage to their body, not to mention the body of a Gold Dragon. But now the Gold Dragon was burned by Claire; how could they not be shocked.

But Claire couldn’t speak right now. A burning sensation came from her back again. This time, the second lotus petal unfurled!

She actually comprehended the second volume of the Treasured Lotus Directory at this crucial time! So that she was able to use the golden flame to beat back the Gold Dragon!

But, who could explain to her, why was there an even more frightening sense of danger coming.

And this time, the sense of danger was very clear, meant only for her.

Lightning calamity!

Damn it! Why did she have to endure the lightning punishment only at the second volume of the Treasured Lotus Directory?

Didn’t you have to cultivate to very high levels of those bullsh*t  godly practices before facing the lightning? People successfully cultivating a godly practice was against nature, so naturally, they must accept the punishment from above. Pass the disaster, bear the lightning. Successful, fly up into heaven and became an immortal; fail, die.

But, that was in the Oriental argh argh argh argh! What did it have to do with this different world?!

Claire was on the edge of of a breakdown. The things happening now were too far off from normal!

Just the second volume, and she must endure the lightning calamity, and in this world.

“Master, set up the strongest barriers around me, the more the better. Then get away from me, quick!” Claire struggled out of Jean’s arms and shouted hurriedly.

“What?” Although Cliff was very confused, he still listened to Claire and set up the strongest magic barriers around Claire.

“Go! Go away farther! Quick!” Claire looked up at the sky anxiously. It’s close, it’s close, that damn lightning is coming.

Cliff, Jean, and dragon Ben all looked up towards the sky, but found to their surprise that the hazy night was turning dark. Huge storm clouds were gathering over. Very quickly, the clouds clumped together. Thunder rumbled and lightning flashed.

A thunderstorm was coming?

But, why was it only like this above their heads?

Stars still shone brightly in all the other areas.

Selective raining? Such a stretchy thing could happen?

“Go further away! Lightning will strike down soon. This lightning is no trivial matter, not something human body could block.” Claire said seriously, “This lightning, is meant for me only. If you go away it won’t affect you.”

“What?!” Hearing this, everyone’s expressions changed greatly.

There were such things?

“Miss! You already said that it can’t be blocked by the human body, then how will you, you alone block it?” Jean yelled worriedly, wanting to rush to Claire’s side. But Cliff already put down the strongest barriers, and multiple ones. So naturally, people outside couldn’t reach Claire.

“I, I’ll open the barrier right now.” Cliff also panicked.

“There’s no time, Master. If you take down the barriers now I will definitely die. If you leave them I’ll still have a chance to live. Go away now!” Claire immediately shouted at Cliff to stop his actions.

“What’s happening? Claire, what on earth is going on?” Cliff was so worried his forehead was covered in sweat, but he had no clue what was happening.

“I’ll tell you afterwards; don’t bother me right now.” Claire immediately sat down crossed-legged, putting her palms in front of her chest, starting the second volume of the Treasured Lotus Directory.

“Let’s back up for now.” Looking at the rolling storm clouds and cracking lightning above Claire’s head, dragon Ben tried to persuade Cliff and Jean.

The two refused to move.

Dragon Ben returned to his true form instantly, grabbing one person in each claw, and backed up hurriedly.

The rumbling thunder reached the heavens, and the lightning flashing between the black clouds was even more frightening. They were filled with violent, savage strength.

One streak, just one streak of lightning!

Claire grinded her teeth. She should be able to survive it.

A nerve-racking, snowy white lightning slit open the night sky, chopping down right at Claire.



Cliff and Jean shouted out loud in panic.

That wasn’t some small lightning released by a magician; that was mother nature’s lightning!

Filled with savage and unstable strength!

The streak of lightning lit up their surroundings brightly.

Dragon Ben looked at the scene before him, going completely dumb. He opened his claws, and Jean and Cliff fell to the ground.

They saw clearly that the barriers Cliff set up were broken by the lightning, but it didn’t hurt Claire.

Because they couldn’t see Claire!

Claire was tightly enveloped in a huge, golden lotus. The huge golden lotus emitted a brilliant, golden light, extremely eye-catching in the night. This beautiful scene stunned their souls, making them unable to move their gazes.

The lightning shattered the barriers Cliff put down and struck on the golden petals. But it was like a stone sinking into the sea; there was not a single reaction after that.

The next moment, the dark clouds in the sky scattered. The night sky was filled with stars again, as if the storm clouds and lightning before were only their imaginations.

The two people and one dragon just stared at Claire. Claire, encased in a golden lotus, deeply attracted their gazes. Slowly, the golden lotus unfurled, revealing Claire sitting inside. For a long time after, the people still remembered that Claire: so stunning, so peaceful, so beautiful.

Claire opened her eyes and stood up slowly. She looked down at the huge golden lotus at her feet, silently cursing the creator of the Treasured Lotus Directory, so sneaky, actually doing this. This golden lotus seemed to be made just for the lightning. If so, every time she comprehended and she must endure the lightning, the golden lotus would protect her every time.

“Claire!” Extremely worried, Cliff and Jean started to rush over.

Just then, the golden lotus suddenly shone brightly, the light pouring over Claire. Slowly, the light faded.

Shocked, the people saw Claire with her eyes closed, her hair flying in the wind, her clothes also flapping; her transcendent look stunning. An indescribable comfortable feeling spread throughout Claire’s body. Something seemed to grow in the depths of her being, then blooming.

The brilliant, golden lotus faded away slowly. Their surroundings darkened again.

“Claire!” Everyone rushed up.

Claire sighed. How was she going to explain to them now?

“Claire, you, you leveled up?” Suddenly, Cliff looked at Claire and exclaimed in pleasant surprise, “You actually at the level of wizard now! You were only an advanced magician last time!”

What? Wizard?!


The Temple of Light in the capital.

Inside the main temple, a woman with green hair, the highest level clairvoyant in the Temple of Light, was kneeling with her eyes closed before the statue of the goddess of Light.

After some time, she stood up slowly, opening her creepy eyes.

The goddess had just gave a guidance!

The person the goddess was looking for, was in Usari!

They must send people to go find that person immediately!

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