Ch.57 The Rage of the Gold Dragon (Part I)

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Leveled up? She just leveled up like that?

Claire looked at her hand, baffled. She did feel a little bit different; some strength was pulsing through her body. But, leveling up so suddenly? Did it have anything to do with the Treasured Lotus Directory?

“Claire, what was that flower? Why would lightning strike down?” Dragon Ben continued to ask in confusion.

“That was…… ” Claire was thinking about how to reply.

“Claire!” An anxious voice sounded some distance away. It was Feng Yixuan.

Everyone turned their heads, and saw Feng Yixuan speeding over.

“Everything you just saw, I learned it from the book I got from Summer.” Claire answered shortly, deciding not to hide it anymore.

Learned from that book? They were even more puzzled: the language on that book didn’t seem to belong to this continent, so why would Claire understand it? Dragon Ben was still confused, but Cliff looked thoughtful.

“Claire, are you okay?” Feng Yixuan rushed over and grabbed Claire’s hand. He started examining Claire carefully, only relaxing when he was sure Claire wasn’t hurt at all.

“Where did that dragon go? Why would there be lightning?” Feng Yixuan frowned, looking around. Their surroundings were a mess; a huge hole in the ground, and numerous broken branches and rock pieces.

“He ran away.” Claire pulled back her hand and answered softly.

“Ran away?” Feng Yixuan dropped his jaw. Dragons were proud creatures. Why would he run away like that?

“He had something to deal with, so he suddenly ran away. As if someone was summoning him.” Claire said solemnly.

“Oh?” Feng Yixuan scratched his head. A sharp pain came from the back of his neck and he jumped up, “That bastard Shui Wenmo, daring to sneak attack me. If I don’t beat his face up this time, he would not know…… ”

“You, are not allowed to die here. It was my request for him to take you away.” Claire halted Feng Yixuan’s actions.

Feng Yixuan stopped, just standing there with his back to Claire, suddenly falling silent. No one could see his expression.

In the distance, Shui Wenmo and Summer also creeped over, running over only when they made sure there was no more danger.

Only when they got near did the people see that Shui Wenmo had a black eye, obviously punched by Feng Yixuan.

“Where’s that dragon?” Summer asked, puzzled.

“Something happened in Dragon Valley, so he was suddenly summoned back.” Learning from Claire, dragon Ben lied casually without blushing and without his heart beating faster.

“Wow! We’re so lucky.” Summer jumped up and down happily.

Since dragon Ben said so, naturally, it had much credibility.

But now that they made an enemy out of the Gold Dragon, sneaking through Dragon Valley peacefully would be very hard, almost impossible. Because offending the king of dragons is the same as offending all dragons. If they were found while passing through Dragon Valley, a puff from every dragon would blast them into bits.

Was this unlucky or lucky?

“Let’s leave this place first. With such loud noises, someone’s bound to come soon.” Cliff looked at the mess around them.

“Yes, let’s pack up and leave.” Claire turned around, as if looking for something.

“What are you looking for?” Jean asked.

“Ha. Here. Little Wind, come here.” Claire beckoned happily.

Feng Yixuan turned around, confused. Was Claire calling him? Impossible.

The wind leopard who had curled up in a corner stood up slowly and walked over, trembling. This fellow didn’t dare to run away. When he saw all that happened just now, he was even more afraid to run. In his heart, Claire was deeply branded as very dangerous.

“Little Wind?” Feng Yixuan twitched his lip, watching the wind leopard crawling slowly over, extremely conflicted, “He’s Little Wind?”

“You have a problem?” Feeling the soft fur of the wind leopard, Claire was very satisfied.

“You touching him, but calling my name, will make my imaginations fly.” Feng Yixuan smirked.

Claire’s face immediately darkened, and said to the wind leopard, “From now on, your name is Leo, understand?”

The poor wind leopard looked at Claire’s despotic expression, then nodded his head heavily.

Now things were easy for Claire. All their belongings were carried by Cliff in his storage ring, so they didn’t have much bags on them. But storage rings couldn’t carry people; and they had to walk themselves on roads where horses couldn’t travel. But now it was different.

The tall and sturdy built of the wind leopard, his soft fur, agile steps, heavily padded feet, made him altogether a great mount.

Right now, Claire was sitting on the wind leopard, an enjoying expression on her face. She even lied down on her stomach, most of her body resting on the back of the wind leopard. Summer seemed very afraid of furry animals, putting a big distance between them.

Getting far away from where they were, Claire yawned. The sky was dawning. They hadn’t slept for a whole night because of all the happenings.

“Let’s rest here. Go back to where you came from; you’ll never be able to pass through Dragon Valley anymore.” Dragon Ben sat on the side, his voice quiet, “Now that you offended that fellow; he’s narrow-minded, seeks revenge for the smallest grievances, and cruel and ruthless; now he also inherited the Gold Strength of kings, once his wound heals, he will come for revenge immediately. Let’s think about how to deal with him first.”

Cliff’s expression changed slightly. He knew that all dragon Ben said was the truth.

But, if they don’t go through Dragon Valley, they wouldn’t be able to reach Sprite Forest, and then they wouldn’t be able to meet the god of Sprites, and then they wouldn’t be able to undo the mark on the back of Claire’s hand.

“If we go now, passing through Dragon Valley is certain death. If we don’t go, there is still a chance.” Claire spoke softly to Cliff.

Of course Cliff knew what Claire meant. Become powerful before the god of Darkness comes again, and undo the mark by their own strength, then contend with the god of Darkness. But will they be able to? Will they have enough time?

“Okay, Master, don’t think about it anymore. Daybreak is coming, let’s rest first.” Claire yawned, “Start setting up the tents.”

Cliff’s expression was serious as he took out the stuff quietly. His heart was heavy.

Continue forward? Or turn back?

Their surroundings quieted, and everyone went into their tents to sleep. But how many people actually fell asleep was unknown.

This night made everyone very tired, so they only woke up on the afternoon of the next day.

When Claire woke up and walked out of her tent, she saw Jean sitting by the campfire, roasting some meat.

“Miss, you’re awake?” Jean stood up, a faint smile on his face.

“Mm. How are you feeling right now?” Claire sat down, and mentioned for Jean to sit down also. Although the Gold Dragon was only playing with Jean, not dealing fatal blows, Jean was still injured.

“Much better. Medicines refined by master Cliff are truly outstanding,” Jean answered.

“Oh, Claire, good morning.” At this time, Feng Yixuan also crawled out of his tent. Without any extra words, he plopped down in between the two.

“Morning.” Claire nodded.

“We should return to the capital as soon as possible,” Jean suddenly said in a deep voice, “Dragon Ben already said yesterday, that that Gold Dragon will not stop so easily. We don’t have to go to Sprite Forest to gain experience; we can take another path.”

Feng Yixuan frowned, about to say something, then remembered that only he and Cliff knew about the mark on the back of Claire’s hand, so he swallowed back his words.

“Yes, let’s go back. After all, the headquarters of the Temple of Light are located in the capital. If dragon Ben was correct, there is a pact between the goddess of Light and the god of Dragons, that dragons are not allowed to rashly attack human cities.” Claire nodded. If the Gold Dragon wasn’t scared by her words, he wouldn’t have ran away. Such a dragon actually became king; what a shame on the dragons. It seems like dragon Ben and that dragon have a long history together, Claire speculated. Maybe if dragon Ben wasn’t wronged, he would have became the next king of the dragons.

“Miss, are you hungry?” Jean turned the meat roasting in his hand, asking softly.

Before Claire could answer, dragon Ben suddenly rushed out from his tent like a tornado. His face was panicked as he shouted hastily, “Quick, leave this place. That jerk is back again!”


Everyone’s expression changed greatly.

Able to make dragon Ben so nervous and panicked, except for that savage Gold Dragon, who else could it be?

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