Ch.57 The Rage of the Gold Dragon (Part II)

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Claire stood up immediately, and turned to look ahead of them.

In just a second, a savage tornado rushed towards them. Wherever it passed, sand flew and rocks were swept up from the ground. Immediately, the area in front of them became a piece of barren land. The violent wind, full of devastation, sped towards the people without warning.

The tornado swept past dragon Ben. Not a single tree or stone beside was spared, all blown up instantly. Shocking trails were left on the ground.

With a plop, something hit the tent behind the people, then the tent slowly became red. Claire lifted her head, stunned, and more red filled her vision: dragon Ben was bleeding. That savage tornado had cut dragon Ben’s strong body! It was his blood that was splattered on the tent. This tornado could actually damage dragon Ben’s body!

Cliff and the others also ran out of their tents. When they saw the scene in front of them, all their faces turned pale.

“Lowly human, I’ve said before, I will make you pay the price. I will chop you into a thousand pieces, and put your spirit in torment forever.” The roar of the Gold Dragon came from far away, filled with hate and rage.

Claire’s expression also changed. The Gold Dragon came back so quickly? Contained the injury on his claw so quickly?

This time, they wouldn’t be able to bear the wrath of the Gold Dragon anymore.

What should they do?

The figure of the Gold Dragon appeared in their views. His gaze was ferocious, puffing air out of his nostrils, the bottom of his eyes full of rage and humiliation. He was actually frightened by what a lowly human said! Why did he believe that his claw might be maimed?

“Lowly human, you dare to trick me, I will make you pay the price.” The Gold Dragon roared furiously.

This shameless dragon, Claire humphed coldly. If not for you being afraid of death, how would I be able to trick you.

“Claire what do we do now? What do we do now? Now this dragon is even more angry, he will definitely not be tricked a second time. Unleashing such power so early; does this mean we’ll really die this time?” Walter asked, trembling.

“I don’t know.” Claire humphed. If the Gold Dragon used his whole strength, true, no one here would be able to block him.

“Then we’ll die we’ll die…… ” Walter rambled on fearfully, then suddenly remembered something, and shouted hurriedly, “Claire, where’s White Emperor, is White Emperor awake? Didn’t he transform into a human and killed that grand wizard instantly? Wake him up now and let him face this dragon.”

Claire kept silent, not answering, because White Emperor was still sleeping. The connection through their contract told Claire that White Emperor would not wake up any time soon. He was still recovering.

“Noooo, I knew that being with Claire, nothing good will happen. Now we’re really done for.” Summer’s expression was miserable as she said abjectly.

“Don’t give up until the last minute,” Shui Wenmo replied in a deep voice.

The figure of the Gold Dragon got nearer and nearer. When he saw dragon Ben standing in front of the people, his expression became even more savage as he gritted his teeth, “You are really degraded so much, no one can save you! Actually being with these lowly humans. You have lost all the dignity of dragons!”

“Better than assholes like you who use those disgusting methods to become king.” Dragon Ben retorted through his teeth.

“Haha—-” The Gold Dragon started laughing disdainfully, “If you want to blame, you can only blame yourself for being stupid! Now you can go to hell.” The gold Dragon backed up a few steps, chanting quickly.

A glaring beam of light shot out suddenly. Dragon Ben’s expression changed as he darted away, but the beam of light was as if alive, turning around and chasing dragon Ben.

With a whoosh, the beam of light shot through dragon Ben’s body, then became longer and longer, looping around dragon Ben, then tightened, bounding dragon Ben securely.

Everyone recognized that that beam of light was the light bounding dragon Ben when they first met him.

“You bastard, stay over there obediently. I’ll deal with you later. I want you to see with your own eyes the fates of these humans you wanted to protect.” The Gold Dragon sneered ruthlessly, looking down at the humans at his feet.

Claire clenched her fists. Telling this savage dragon things like the person you’re looking for is me let them go would only amuse him and make him even more proud. Based on his personality, all the humans here must die.

He would not let anyone go!

Claire didn’t hesitate, starting the Treasured Lotus Directory immediately. A faint golden light enveloped her.

But when he saw this, the Gold Dragon went crazy.

It was a flame of this color that burned him, that messed him up, that made him think that it would really cause him great harm, so he turned and ran away in disgrace.

This huge humiliation must be wiped clean!

“Go die!” The Gold Dragon laughed savagely, flapped his wings and flew into the air, blowing a strong dragon’s breath at them.

Cliff immediately set up barriers, Feng Yixuan helping.

Dust flew everywhere, making the people unable to see clearly.

“Careful!” Dragon Ben’s weak voice sounded, startling the people.

When the dust settled, everyone’s expression changed. A glaring light beam had already made its way to before Claire’s face. The Gold Dragon really was a lot more cunning, releasing a dragon breath to confuse the people, then sending out a light beam.

The next second, the light beam would impale Claire’s body. And as a human, Claire couldn’t survive an attack like this like dragon Ben.

An evil smile appeared on the Gold Dragon’s face. That light beam would impale that lowly human; even her spirit would melt, and she would die in endless pain, then dissipate.

No one could stop it, no one could save her!

Haha, ignorant, lowly human, this is the price for damaging my body! The Gold Dragon laughed to the skies, waiting for the next moment, for Claire to die in torture, for those lowly humans’ despair.

Feng Yixuan’s face instantly turned white, and without any hesitation, rushed over to block in front of Claire. Jean also moved. Their intents were the same, to block in front of Claire. Cliff released numerous magic shields in one breath, but the light beam shot through the shields easily, and the shields all broke instantly.

Claire closed her eyes, the Lotus Power coursing through her body fiercely.

Golden lotus, at this time, she must call out the golden lotus that could block the lightning, and let the golden lotus block this light beam.

Come out, golden lotus, you f*cking fellow, actually hiding at times of importance. Claire cursed in her heart.

“Sh*t, why the hell would I come out when someone’s here to save you? Wasting my time.” An abrupt, rude voice suddenly sounded in Claire’s mind, then vanished immediately.

Before Claire could realize who was speaking, and what he meant.

A familiar, frightening pressure appeared.

The insolent smile on the Gold Dragon’s face froze abruptly. A pressure even he couldn’t bear suddenly appeared, making him flustered and alarmed. An ominous feeling grew in his heart, and the light beam that was going to impale Claire’s body and melt her spirit the next second, stopped right in front of Claire’s chest, not moving forward an inch.

Everyone was shocked. Only Cliff and Feng Yixuan knew what this familiar pressure was.

The frightening pressure spread, and their surroundings were slowly swallowed by darkness. Although it was in the middle of the day, it was dark all around them; they were even unable to see their own fingers.

In the darkness, a vortex slowly appeared, then the blood-red light glowed from it.

A mocking smile appeared on Claire’s lips.

She didn’t expect, that it was him who would come rescue her!

The god of Darkness!

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