Ch.58 The god of Darkness That Appeared In Time (Part I)

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A mocking smile appeared on Claire’s lips. Didn’t expect that at the last moment, it was the god of Darkness who came to rescue her!

The body of the Gold Dragon started trembling, the fear in his heart growing, growing……

This pressure, was god.

Why would a god descend here?

And the most evil, most violent god — the god of Darkness!

Of course, he wouldn’t think that the god of Darkness descended just to have some small talk with him, a petty king of dragons.

The Gold Dragon’s legs felt like jelly. He wanted to run, but his feet seemed rooted, and unable to move a single step.

The strong pressure made everyone extremely uncomfortable.

The weakest person, Summer, had already fainted, her face white.

“Take back your pressure, I’m uncomfortable!” Claire used all of her strength to squeeze out a sentence.

The heart of the Gold Dragon gave a jolt. What was this lowly human doing? Being so impolite to the god of Darkness! Did she want to fall into endless darkness and be in torment forever? Who didn’t know the methods of the god of Darkness? Anger him, and he will make you regret coming into this world. Among all the gods, the most frightening was the god of Darkness.

But the next moment, the brain of the Gold Dragon almost broke. The pressure disappeared immediately, not from him, but withdrawing the pressure on those lowly humans! The darkness lightened up a bit, but the Gold Dragon was still bearing the shocking pressure.

Why? What was going on?

Why would the god of Darkness listen to a lowly human?

How was it possible?!

“You four-legged crawler, actually attempting to destroy my offering.” The deep, evil voice Claire was used to to sounded slowly, his tone frighteningly angry.

Offering? The Gold Dragon looked at Claire in fear. This human was the god of Darkness’ offering?

How could this be?

Except for Feng Yixuan and Cliff, everyone’s expression changed greatly. Offering? What did he mean? What offering? The Gold Dragon wanted to kill Claire; did that mean that Claire was the offering of the god of Darkness?! There was such a thing?

After the god of Darkness withdrew the pressure from Claire and the others, Shui Wenmo hurried to Summer’s side, who had already fainted and was foaming at the mouth. He knelt down and picked Summer up anxiously, leaning Summer against him.

“It’s nothing serious, she’ll wake up soon.” Cliff walked over and examined Summer.

Claire let out a breath, then simply sat down, tilting her head at the good show about to start. Anyways, there was one thing she was sure of, and that was that she was safe, very safe.

“Honorable god of Darkness, I , I didn’t know she was your offering. I had no, no intention of destroying your offering. I swear.” The Gold Dragon stammered under the pressure. He looked at Claire’s relaxed and lazy movements with unbelief; she actually sat there like that.

“Stupid four-legged crawler, didn’t the god of Dragons teach you basic manners?” The evil voice was icy, making the Gold Dragon shiver internally.

“Honorable god of Darkness, I , I really didn’t know she was your offering. If I did, I would never have done this. Please believe me, please forgive my dumb mistake.” The Gold Dragon answered carefully, trembling. He knew clearly the temper of the god of Darkness. Maybe he would let him live for the god of Dragon’s sake, but if he really got mad, he would not care about those things. The god of Darkness would really kill him, and the god of Dragons would not fight to death with the god of Darkness over a dragon king who offended the god of Darkness. The most he might do would be to gain the most benefits, then find another dragon to become dragon king.

“Get the hell out. If I ever find you attacking my offering again, I will make you wish you were dead.” the god of Darkness spat out icily.

Hearing the words of the god of Darkness, the Gold Dragon was elated. The god of Darkness let him off the hook like that! Yes! The Gold Dragon immediately struggled to fly away.

But just as the Gold Dragon struggled into the air, the evil voice humphed coldly. Then the Gold Dragon felt an excruciating pain from the bottom of his tail, so painful that he nearly lost conscious. His body tilted. When the Gold Dragon looked back, he was scared out of his wits. His large tail had been chopped off at the roots, blood spewing out of the wound.

“You can go now, this is your punishment. Next time, it won’t be as simple as this.” The god of Darkness humphed coldly with contempt, his voice bloodthirsty.

The Gold Dragon was extremely frightened, desperately flapping his wings and flying into the air without even daring to let out a fart. He didn’t even bother to stop the blood flowing out of his wound.

The Gold Dragon ran away in this sorry state, not even daring to look back. The glaring red blood spilled all over the ground, a ghastly sight. He became the first king of dragons that was without a tail.

But the god of Darkness didn’t leave immediately, instead laughing creepily, then mocked, “You want to go find the god of Sprites and undo my mark, right?”

“Right. Who would want to wait for death just like this?” Claire stated definitely, not covering up at all.

Everyone became worried; Claire was actually so blunt towards the god of Darkness! Although Claire was his offering and he wouldn’t kill Claire right now, that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t let Claire suffer. The Gold Dragon was a fresh example.

Unexpectedly, the god of Darkness didn’t attack Claire, but instead roared with laughter, sounding very pleased, “Little thing, you don’t need to go anymore. Yesterday, the god of Sprites gambled with me and lost, and agreed to my condition, that no matter what happens, he will not undo my mark. Hahaha~~~” the evil voice was full of pride. Apparently, the god of Darkness was in a good mood today.

Hah? The god of Darkness and the god of Sprites gambled???

Did they hear wrong?

Gods would gamble? And between the god of Darkness, who represents evil, and the god of Sprites, who represents purity and peace?

In that instant, everyone thought they heard wrong. But a voice at the bottom of their hearts told them, this is real, stop struggling, this is real, this is real, this is real.

“Grow up quickly, my beautiful offering.” the god of Darkness laughed evilly, then disappeared slowly.

The darkness around them slowly dissipated.

Claire’s face was dark. She kept silent.

“Miss…… What was he talking about?” Jean walked over, asking hesitantly. All the other people were also confused. Only Feng Yixuan was silent, his expression abnormally ugly.

Claire let out a long breath, then stood up, stretched, and looked towards Shui Wenmo and Jean, “I’ll tell you later. What you need to do right now is to soak your weapons in that dragon blood. Don’t waste it; collect as much as possible in bottles. In the future, after making a set a good armor, we can soak it too.”

The people were magnificently blown away. At such a time, Claire actually thought of this first!

But Shui Wenmo and Jean went to soak their weapons in dragon blood obediently. All the others helped collect dragon blood. Dragon Ben stood to the side, his lip twitching, wordless. He kept glancing at the little thief Summer, who was unconscious on the ground, out of the corner of his eye.

After some time, everyone finished busying and sat down. Jean and Shui Wenmo looked at the weapons in their hands, excitement in their eyes. Their weapons were glowing a strange light. Weapons that were soaked in dragon’s blood will be a few times stronger than before. But things like dragon blood were very precious. Of course, how many people had the strength to kill dragons and get dragon blood? Summer also slowly woke up at this time.

Claire looked at everyone’s gazes and sighed softly. She knew what they wanted to ask.

Claire took off the glove on her right hand, then raised her hand, revealing the creepy, black, six-pointed star mark.

Everyone’s expression changed. All the people here were not ordinary people, so they have all heard what this black, six-pointed star meant. But in their knowledge, it was only a bizarre legend.

But, now they saw it with their own eyes on Claire’s hand. And the descending of the god of Darkness also proved that it was not a legend, but the truth.

“Miss!” Jean looked at Claire with a complex expression, but he was unable to say anything else.

Cliff and Feng Yixuan were silent, their faces dark.

“No wonder the god of Darkness would come and save you,” dragon Ben realized.

“Does that mean every time you’re in danger, the god of Darkness will come rescue you?” Summer asked, a little shocked. If so, then wouldn’t Claire be able to do whatever she want?

“Maybe.” Claire replied without emotion.

“Then you’re invincible?” Summer got a little excited.

“No.” A strange smile appeared on Claire’s face.

“Why?” Summer frowned.

“Because the god of Darkness will take away Claire’s life sooner or later.” Shui Wenmo lowered his voice and said to Summer quietly, a hint of rebuke in his tone.

Summer’s expression changed, just realizing how rash she was. She shouldn’t have asked this at such a time, but instead be worried for Claire.

“Not because of that.” Claire looked toward the skies, her gaze becoming profound.

“Then what?” Summer asked instantly.

Claire didn’t answer immediately, but looked at the sky and said softly, “The god of Darkness has descended twice already. Although his true form didn’t appear, do you think the Temple of Light will be unable to detect such a strong dark force?”

Right, the Temple of Light!

Since Claire was the offering of the god of Darkness, then she must be of help towards the god of Darkness. Will the Temple of Light leave her be?

Obviously not!

Everyone quieted down. All the things that happened today had exceeded their knowledge.

“Let’s go. Now that we know it’ll be useless even if we find the god of Sprites, let’s return to the capital.” Claire stood up, saw the trembling leopard behind the tent, and waved her hand at Leo.

No one spoke, all following behind quietly.

Just when Claire and her group got to the border city, they met a person Claire was familiar with.

The Divine Prince of the Temple of Light, Leng Lingyun.

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