Ch.58 The god of Darkness That Appeared In Time (Part II)

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Little Feng Leaves

When they came to the city gates of the border city and their passing permits were being verified, Leng Lingyun was also there.

“Miss Claire, so you really are here.” Leng Lingyun smiled and greeted them. When the guards saw the Divine Prince greeting Claire, they finally realized that someone who rode a seventh grade magic beast as her mount definitely shouldn’t be simple. When Claire appeared with Leo, she did attract many people’s gazes.

“Seriously? Is this toyboy here to kill you?” Walter yelled in surprise, “That’s impossible, he shouldn’t be so fast.”

Claire looked at Leng Lingyun’s smile. She didn’t know if it was her illusion or not, but she thought this cold guy’s smile was much more true than before.

“How did the Divine Prince know that I’m here?” Claire also smiled and asked, “Does the Divine Prince have some business to deal with here?”

“Because Xuanxuan wanted to see you, so I took her to visit the Hill castle, but you weren’t there. Duke Gordon said you were practicing and gaining experience over here. But, are you going back now?” Leng Lingyun was still smiling gently, “I’m here because the Temple of Light needs to deal with some matters.

“Oh. Yes, we’re going back. How’s Xuanxuan?” Claire remembered the cute but mysterious little girl.

“She’s fine, she just really wants to see you.” Leng Lingyun suddenly switched to a very genuine and sincere tone, “Miss Claire, I have a presumptuous request that I hope you will agree.”

“Is it that you wish I can go see Xuanxuan?” Smiling, Claire of course understood what Leng Lingyun wanted to say.

“Yes, I hope Miss Claire can agree to it.” Leng Lingyun said, slightly embarrassed, “I have never seen Xuanxuan miss someone so badly.”

“Okay, no problem. But, Xuanxuan is at the Temple of Light; isn’t it inconvenient for me to go there?” Claire inquired.

“After Miss Claire returns home, the Divine Princess has promised me that she will bring Xuanxuan over to visit you. At that time, I just hope Miss Claire won’t refuse to see her.” Leng Lingyun actually started joking. Although this joke wasn’t funny at all.

“Haha, okay. Then let’s not hinder the Divine Prince from dealing with his business anymore, we’ll leave now.” Even though the joke wasn’t funny, Claire still laughed fakely and answered like this.

Walter pretended to throw up, admiring that these two were each more skillful than the other at acting, both able people.

“Then Miss Claire, I wish you the best of luck on your way.” Leng Lingyun bid farewell, then looked at the group waiting for her not far away and said in a low voice, “Miss Claire has a some pretty good friends.”

“Haha, thank you.” Claire politely thanked him, and parted with Leng Lingyun.

After Leng Lingyun’s figure disappeared from everyone’s sight, Walter started chatting again: “This toyboy isn’t here for you? I thought he came especially to find you.”

Claire fell silent for a moment, then slowly told Walter: “He should be here for me. Such strong dark power and such thick dark essence, the Temple of Light must have detected it already. So they sent the Divine Prince to investigate, or to investigate clearly then get rid of.”

“Then?” Walter frowned.

“He doesn’t know that it has something to do with me.” Claire let out her breath softly, “Although I don’t know why her sister likes me so much, it’s not a bad thing anyway. Now I have chances to know the Temple of Light’s next plans, and prepare as early as possible. But the Temple of Light is also very strong. It just happened these two days, and they have immediately sent people here.”

“The Temple of Light has temples in every country, and they have teleportation matrixes set up.” Walter snorted disdainfully, “All built on top of the blood and sweat money of the commoners. How many people would willingly and voluntarily donate money, humph.”

Teleportation matrix? No wonder Leng Lingyun could reach here so quickly. No wonder he was going out of the city to investigate instead of just arriving and entering the city.

“Replenish our supplies, and buy a bigger carriage so we can return by the large roads.” Cliff was a little sickly and in a very bad mood. Now that this attempt to remove the mark was hopeless, how could he be in a good mood?

“Claire.” Just when Claire was going to respond to Cliff’s words, Feng Yixuan’s low and heavy voice sounded behind her, as if containing many suppressed emotions.

“Feng Yixuan?” Claire turned her head, but saw Feng Yixuan with a solemn expression on his face. Very rarely did she see Feng Yixuan so serious. Determination was at the bottom of his eyes, as if he was trying to make a hard decision.

“Claire, wait for me. I will become strong and then return to your side.” Feng Yixuan looked intently at Claire, speaking every word and sentence solemnly.

Claire was shocked, unable to speak for a long time.

“Chap, you’re leaving?” Cliff blinked his eyes and asked in puzzlement. This chap was true to Claire, yet now he’s actually leaving?

“Because he blames himself for being too weak, and unable to protect you properly, so now he’s going back to become strong then come back.” Shui Wenmo twitched his lips and spat, “Go back and become strong yourself, why pull me into that suffering?”

Claire suddenly remembered, that when they were in the battle, Shui Wenmo had stopped Feng Yixuan from opening the seal, saying that he couldn’t bear the strength of the opening of the seal. What was that?

“I will come back.” Feng Yixuan’s gaze didn’t leave Claire for a single second, “I will certainly come back. I have said before that I will marry you and make you my wife.”

Claire was wordless. Really, by their external age, Feng Yixuan was only fifteen years old, and Claire was only fourteen. Should she say that the people of this world mature very early, or that the kid Feng Yixuan has unique thinking?

“You guys are leaving now?” Summer looked at Shui Wenmo in confusion and asked.

“Yup, we’re leaving now.” Shui Wenmo twitched his lip, looking at Summer. He then suddenly put on a serious expression, “I will also come back.”

“Pft, if you want to come back then come back.” Summer didn’t seem to mind his words a bit.

“Okay, chap, I’ll wait for you to come back stronger.” A smile slid onto Cliff’s face. This red-haired youth had very strong potential and a pretty good personality too. If he left, Cliff, would really miss him a bit.

“Be careful for yourself.” Claire said with a smile.

Feng Yixuan’s eyes brightened up, immediately grasping Claire’s hand in his hands, and said excitedly: “Darling, I will take care of myself; you also take care of yourself and wait for me to come back.”

The next moment, somebody crouched on the ground with his hand covering one eye, gritting his teeth in pain. This time, Claire kept her promise: she struck Feng Yixuan’s other eye.

People passing by all looked at the group with curious and surprised gazes, but no one dared to come strike up a conversation with them. Of course, able to have a seventh grade magic beast as a mount, they couldn’t be easy to mess with.

Just like that, after exiting the city, Feng Yixuan and Shui Wenmo reluctantly bid farewell to Claire. To be exact, it was Feng Yixuan who was reluctant.

So a group of people plus a wind leopard returned to the capital.

The Hill castle.

In the study, Duke Gordon sat in his chair and gazed at the rose coat of arms, silent.

After a long time, Duke Gordon finally opened his mouth: “Emery, what do you think about the people Claire brought back?”

“Sir, the man in black is very powerful, very dangerous. He emits an oppressiveness that doesn’t seem to be human.” Thinking a bit, Emery replied carefully.

“True. That man in black is very powerful. So unexpected.” Duke Gordon stood up with a joyous expression on his face. Duke Gordon wasn’t a decorative vase; not many in the capital have ever witnessed his power. As the center of a clan, of course he wouldn’t be so simple.

Emery was quiet. It was good that the man was strong; but, profit and risk always coexist. Naturally, he understood what Duke Gordon meant. If properly guided, this man in black would be a great help to the Hill clan. But…… if such a powerful person became a resistance to the Hill clan, that would be a very big headache to them.

“Claire’s gains this time don’t seem small, haha.” Duke Gordon laughed heartily, obviously in a very good mood. Claire had advanced to becoming a wizard, and she also brought back such a powerful person.

But Emery was a little worried. A strong power would probably be hard to control; countless examples had proved this.

“Wow, Claire, do I live here from now on?” Summer threw herself onto a luxurious bed and asked, content.

“Yes. Remember, don’t make trouble for me. Do not take things without looking to see who their owner is.” Claire instructed seriously.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry. With all these good food and good living conditions, I won’t make trouble for you. But really, I didn’t expect for your family to be so wealthy.” Rolling around on the bed, Summer said happily. This was the first time she resided at such a luxurious place. At home, her training was bitter and hard, not to mention where she slept.

“Then good.” Claire nodded.

“You look really ugly when you roll.” Suddenly, Dragon Ben’s gloomy voice sounded from the door.

“You actually came in without knocking on the door, you rude and uncivilized fellow!” Summer said angrily.

Dragon Ben didn’t mind Summer’s words at all, shrugging, “Your door wasn’t closed, why do I need to knock on it?”

“You!” Summer was so angry she stomped her foot, but she didn’t dare do anything to dragon Ben. She could only curse this uncivilized black dragon to have bad luck as soon as possible.

“Miss, the Divine Princess from the Temple of Light wants to see you.” A servant girl stood by the door and reported carefully. For some reason, this man in black beside her gave people an indiscernible pressure, making people want to escape this place immediately.

So quickly?! Claire was surprised. She had just reached home a moment ago, and now the people at the Temple of Light had already knew.

“I know, I’ll go in a second.” Claire waved her hand and said lightly, motioning for the servant girl to leave first.

“That’s so fast. They probably received news when you entered the city. Why is the Temple of Light paying so much attention to you? In any case this isn’t a good sign.” Summer frowned and mumbled.

“You two, don’t run around, and don’t make trouble for me. Especially you, Ben, remember what you promised me. Don’t do anything reckless, understand?” Claire reminded them again and again. “I understand, I understand, don’t worry.” Dragon Ben waved his hand impatiently, “You should hurry and go see that whatever Divine Princess.”

“Mm.” Claire nodded, and turned to head away.

This Divine Princess, wasn’t that simple. She actually found out once she entered the city and immediately came to visit.

“This Divine Princess likes that toyboy, toyboy is only good to his younger sister, his younger sister only likes you. So transforming the relations, the Divine Princess will dislike you. Claire, you future days are shady.” Walter said, gloating slightly.

Claire didn’t speak. She could be fake and pretend to be friendly, but if this Divine Princess thought she was some fruit easy to squish, then she was very, very wrong.

Claire walked towards the Grand Hall. When she just entered, a small figure speedily rushed up and pounced on her.

“Big sister, I missed you so badly.” The clear and crisp voice was of course the cute little girl, Leng Xuanxuan.

Nobody saw, the profoundness that flashed across the Divine Princess’ eyes when she saw this scene.

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