Ch.59 Pouncing onto the Second Prince (Part I)

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    “Xuanxuan.” Claire bent down and picked up Xuanxuan, smiling at the cute little girl in her arms.

“Miss Claire, greetings. I hope my abrupt visit hasn’t made things complicated for you.” The Divine Princess Liu Xueqing stood up and smiled gently at Claire.

“No. Divine Princess, please sit.” Claire nodded and returned the smile.

“Xuanxuan kept wanting to see you, so we came for a visit as soon as we knew you were back.” Liu Xueqing looked at the Xuanxuan in Claire’s arms, her tone spoiling.

“The Divine Princess is so nice to Xuanxuan.” Claire praised.

Liu Xueqing smiled, but didn’t speak.

“Big sister, can I go see your study and bedroom?” Xuanxuan tugged lightly on Claire’s hair, successfully getting her attention.

“Xuanxuan, be good, don’t make trouble for miss Claire.” Liu Xueqing was still smiling gently.

“I know, don’t worry big sister Qing, I will be good.” Xuanxuan hugged Claire tightly, tilting her head at Liu Xueqing, “Big sister Qing, don’t forget to come pick me up at night.”

“Sure, I’ll pick you up at night.” Liu Xueqing walked forward and patted Leng Xuanxuan’s head with pamper.

“Big sister Qing is the best.” Xuanxuan gave her a sweet smile.

“Miss Claire, sorry to bother you to take care of Xuanxuan today, is it okay?” The gentle, elegant smile was always on Liu Xueqing’s face.

Claire convulsed in her heart. You two talked everything over, settled everything, and now just ask me if it’s okay?

“Of course, Xuanxuan is so cute and obedient.” Claire nodded and smiled.

Claire saw the divine princess off, then carried Leng Xuanxuan to her own study.

Claire sat in front of the desk, watching Leng Xuanxuan touching this and looking at that curiously. Claire was very puzzled. This child was so strange. Why was she so friendly towards her, even at their first meeting. Now she even settled here and didn’t want to leave.

“Xuanxuan.” Claire called softly, looking at Xuanxuan, who was standing on a chair, looking through the books on the table.

“Big sister.” Leng Xuanxuan lifted her head, looked at Claire, and gave her a brilliant smile, “Before Big Sister came back, you met my brother?”

Claire frowned slightly. Leng Lingyun had contacted Leng Xuanxuan already?

“Your brother told you?” Claire asked in confusion.

“No, I saw it.” Leng Xuanxuan pointed at her own eyes, saying solemnly.

Claire paused. Saw? What did she mean?

“Why does this little girl give me a creepy feeling?” Walter suddenly felt cold in his heart, and said to Claire in a low voice.

“You saw it?” Claire looked at Leng Xuanxuan’s serious face and asked, “What do you mean?”

“Just like how I can see, the dignified Divine Princess is not good to me because she truly likes me, but because she likes my brother.” Leng Xuanxuan put down the book in her hand and looked at Claire, a strange smile on her face.

Walter started shivering. This little girl’s gaze seemed to penetrate people.

Claire was shocked, staring fixedly at the child in front of her, who was only five years old. She couldn’t speak. Was this child really only five years old?

Why was such wisdom showing through her irises?!

“Big sister, have you heard of the saying that the Divine Prince has a pair of violet irises that can see into the future?” Leng Xuanxuan stopped smiling, sat on the desk, gazing at Claire.

Claire nodded slightly, “Yes.” Inside, Claire was stunned. Could it be, could it be that this girl in front of her could see into the future? Really?

“Big sister, what does this mean?” The next moment, the innocent smile five-year-olds should have reappeared on Leng Xuanxuan’s face. She changed the topic naturally, pointing at the book in her hand and asking Claire.

Claire looked over, and explained to Leng Xuanxuan with a smile on her face.

“Claire, this little girl isn’t simple, definitely not simple.” Walter stuttered.

Of course, Claire humphed coldly, she knew that without Walter saying it. This child, was definitely not as simple as she looked.

After a whole day, at evening, Liu Xueqing finally came to pick Xuanxuan up. Leng Xuanxuan said her goodbyes reluctantly before leaving on the carriage with Liu Xueqing.

And not long after Leng Xuanxuan left, Lashia returned.

“Sister, you’re finally back. Going out to practice yet not taking me. As soon as I heard you were back today, I wanted to come home immediately, but Master wouldn’t let me, saying I have to finish my work before coming back.” Lashia said indignantly.

“I’ll take you next time. Right, where’s Mother? Why do I not see Mother?” Claire asked, frowing. She reported to Duke Gordon when she first got back, then went to search for Mother but didn’t find her. She wanted to go ask Grandfather, but that child Leng Xuanxuan busied her.

“Mother’s in the palace, she’s now the lady-in-waiting for the princess. Don’t know why, but the princess requested the emperor for Mother to keep her company in the palace. She doesn’t have to do anything, just to talk and order the servant girls around. Don’t know what the princess was thinking.” Lashia knitted her brows, seemingly unhappy with Mother going into the palace to work.

Hearing this, Claire fell silent. The palace was always an unfathomable place, the whirlpool of fights for power. But Mother actually went there and became the lady-in-waiting for the princess. Why?

“Sister, this time, everyone’s praising you for the happenings at Niya City, and when the emperor heard he said he was going to reward you. Also, did you have any interesting encounters during your practice, and will you go to school with me tomorrow?” Lashia asked a bunch of questions at once.

“I got a wind leopard as a mount. Tomorrow, I will go to the palace to visit Mother, then return to school the day after tomorrow. After all, I need to graduate. Pass the examination and earn the badge. I can’t shame the Hill clan.” Claire explained with a smile. During the graduation examination, the emperor will be there personally, and hand out badges to the students who passed. It was an honor badge that represented the ability to serve the empire.

“Wind leopard?! Seventh grade magic beast?” Lashia got excited, “Where is it, where is it? I want to see.”

“In the fences in the backyard.” Claire replied, “Be careful.”

“I know.” Lashia rushed toward the yard happily.

Claire looked at the dark sky and sighed gently. Katherine, that gentle woman; hope she wouldn’t be caught in the murky waters of palace infighting.

During dinner, Duke Gordon was especially hearty towards dragon Ben, but dragon Ben was standoffish. Still, Duke Gordon didn’t mind the least, asking after dragon Ben constantly.

Just after dinner, a servant came to report that the carriage from the princess was already waiting outside the Hill castle. It was sent from princess Maurice, to take Claire to the palace.

“That good. Claire, go visit your mother now, and return to class tomorrow.” Duke Gordon instructed.

“Yes, Grandfather.” Claire nodded and took Jean with her.

The place was brightly lit, gorgeous and magnificent.

The servant led Claire all the way to the harem. Jean could only wait at the door.

The servant girl led Claire through the long hallways and into the personal quarters of the princess.

It was bright inside. Claire saw at once the gentle woman on her mind, Katherine. Katherine was sitting on the sofa, beside her the smiling princess Maurice. The two seemed to be talking about something happy. Unexpected by Claire was that the second prince, Nancy, was also there.

“The second prince his royal highness, the princess her royal highness.” Claire bowed slightly and curtsied.

“Claire, you’re here. I was just talking about you with the lady.” Princess Maurice seemed even happier than Katherine when she saw Claire, standing up hastily to welcome her.

“Claire.” Katherine also stood up, a smile appearing on her face as she looked warmly at Claire.

“Mother, I’m back.” Claire nodded at Katherine, smiling. She knew this gentle woman was always worrying about her.

“Claire, I never thought that the plague in Niya City was like that, and I didn’t expect for you to get rid of it so fast.” The second prince, Nancy, praised.

“It’s all because of my master, Cliff, and the divine prince of the Temple of Light that I was able to settle the matter so quickly.” Claire smiled.

“Since when did you also learn to talk like that? No need to in front of us.” Princess Maurice pouted.

“You don’t need to be so rigid in front of the princess. The princess is a very gentle person.” Katherine smiled, walking up and holding Claire’s hand.

“Yes, Mother.” Seeing Katherine happy, Claire relaxed. So it seems her mother was well-treated in the palace. As long as she was happy, everything was good.

“Claire, come sit, and tell us about what happened in Niya city, and about that grand wizard.” Maurice tugged on Claire’s hand, pulling her down sit with them on the sofa, very interested in Claire’s story.

Claire watched her mother smiling and also smiled, then began to tell her tale. Naturally she hid some things. After some small talk, time was getting late, but princess Maurice still didn’t want to let Claire go. Only when Nancy reminded her did Maurice released Claire’s hand reluctantly.

“You should rest early; wouldn’t you see her tomorrow in class anyway?” Nancy comforted princess Maurice, who was still reluctant.

“That’s true.” Hearing this, princess Maurice became happy again, “See you tomorrow at school, Claire.”

“Sure, your royal highness, rest early.” Claire said, then turned to look at Katherine, who was smiling. She nodded gently and left with Nancy.

In the long hallway, candle light stretched out the shadows of the two people.

The two walked in silence. Nancy trod along slowly, then said quietly after some time, “Claire, you, are different from before.”

“Oh, really?” Claire replied indifferently, apparently not wanting to speak more on this matter.

“Yes, really. The you right now, draws everyone’s attention.” Nancy simply stopped, looking at Claire and saying softly, “Very brilliant, making people unable to move their gazes away.”

Claire also stopped walking but didn’t turn around, her voice cold: “Your royal highness, it’s late in the night, I need to return…… ”

Before Claire finished her sentence, her pupils suddenly dilated, and she turned around and pounced onto Nancy quickly, pushing him away. The two fell into a heap and rolled on the ground.

Killing intent! A killing intent concealed so well it was almost undetectable.

Where Nancy had just been standing, a figure appeared like a ghost. Without a sound, extremely dangerous.

An assassin!

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