Ch.59 Pouncing onto the Second Prince (Part II)

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Missing his target with his first strike, of course the assassin would immediately leave, for once he became exposed, he would face life-threatening danger.

The ghost-like figure hesitated slightly. Naturally he didn’t expect that without the Tempest Warrior Regiment captain being present, he still didn’t succeed. After the slight hesitation, he tried to leave swiftly.

Looking at the person clothed entirely in black and his face also covered, Claire humphed coldly: “Want to leave?!” The next moment, numerous golden little fire balls soared over. But then, the man clad in black had already disappeared. The hallway was instantly full of pits and holes struck by the fire balls; a scorched smell filled the air. Such big commotion naturally attracted guards. Princess Maurice and Katherine also hurried over.

“No need to keep pursuing, he already escaped. It’s the assassin from last time.” The second prince already stood up and was looking at the Claire in front of him, “Claire, you saved my life, thank you.”

Claire turned around, and asked Nancy: “It’s the assassin from last time?”

“Yes. This assassin is very skilled.” Nancy frowned, “All thanks to the captain of the Tempest Warrior Regiment being by my side last time, or else I won’t be standing here talking to you now. The captain injured this assassin severely, and was also wounded severely himself. He is still recovering now, but this assassin is actually already back to normal. If not for you being here today, he would have probably succeeded.”

Claire fell silent. For, that assassin’s figure, she was very familiar with! There was no way she had seen wrong! It was him, it must be him.

“Claire, how did you notice the assassin?” Nancy walked up, looking at Claire, his eyes filled with inexplicable emotions.

Claire turned and looked towards the approaching Katherine, whose face was full of worry, and princess Maurice. She ignored Nancy, walking up and holding Katherine’s hand, “Mother, it’s all over now, don’t worry.”

“Why would there be an assassin here?” Katherine’s face was a little pale, also holding Claire’s hand tightly, “Are you okay? Claire, you aren’t hurt, right?”

“No, don’t worry. The assassin’s target is the second prince his royal highness, not me.” Claire comforted Katherine. These words, were actually very disrespectful, but no one at this time dared rebuke Claire’s impolite words.

After that was a bunch of useless ceremonious procedures. At last, Nancy went to see Claire off.

Standing at the royal palace’s gates, Nancy looked at Claire deeply, about to say something. But Claire turned to Nancy and said coldly: “Second prince your royal highness, I don’t care what infighting goes on between the royal family, I only wish that my mother won’t be involved in any of it. If my mother falls into a dangerous situation, I will not let it off easily. Please remember this.”

Nancy was surprised, his expression changing slightly, but couldn’t speak.

Jean stood aside, his head lowered, also silent.

Just when Claire was going to get onto her carriage, Nancy called out to her softly, “Claire~~~”

Claire looked back at Nancy coldly, no extra emotions on her face.

“Thank you for saving me today. Also, I promise you, that even if I myself is in danger, I won’t let you mother be in danger.” Nancy said unusually solemnly.

Hearing this, Claire was stunned for a second, then her expression softened. She replied quietly, “I hope the second prince your royal highness will remember what you said today.”

“I will remember it forever.” Nancy gazed intently at Claire and said seriously.

“Okay.” Claire nodded gently, and turned in get into her carriage.

Jean followed behind. The moment before he got into the carriage, he looked back at Nancy. Nancy’s gaze was still on Claire.

The carriage started slowly. Claire leaned on the walls, silent.

“Miss~~~” Jean opened his mouth softly, wanting to say something.

“Go to my tutor Camille’s house.” Claire closed her eyes and said indifferently.

“Go to find your tutor at such a late time?” Jean asked in confusion.

“Yes, I need to talk to him about something.” Claire didn’t say anything more, shutting her eyes and becoming silent.

Puzzlement flashed across Jean’s eyes, but he didn’t ask anything else. He ordered the coachman to drive towards Camille’s house.

Camille’s house was at the end of a quiet street. It was a white mansion, surrounded by white fences, which were covered in ivy. Under the hazy street lights, his house seemed very cozy.

The carriage came to a stop. Claire jumped off the carriage, entered the front yard, and pulled on the doorbell string by the doors.

Very soon, Camille appeared before Claire in casual clothes. He still looked so gentle and refined. Such a gentlemanly and caring handsome man; no wonder so many noble ladies and young girls fell for him.

“Claire?” Camille seemed very surprised to see Claire, “Do you need anything at such a late time?”

“Nothing, just that I’ve missed you, tutor, so I’m here to visit you.” Claire let out an innocent smile.

Walter reflexively shuddered. He knew something bad was going to happen to someone again.

“Really? Then come in, quick.” Camille turned sideways to let Claire enter, smiling.

“Jean, wait for me in the carriage. I have something I need to talk to my tutor about.” Claire turned to instruct Jean.

“Yes, Miss.” Jean turned and headed towards the carriage.

An undetectable profoundness flashed across Camille’s eyes, vanishing instantly.

Claire and Camille came into the house. Claire looked around Camille’s house; it was simple but in very good taste. It was cozy and peaceful; soft-colored furniture and a creamy-colored crystal chandelier. Everything showed that Camille was absolutely a home-staying man with a gentle personality.

“Claire, it really is incredible that you settled the plague in Niya City so quickly. Come sit, I’ll pour tea for you.” Camille walked up to the side table and started pouring tea for Claire.

Claire retracted her gaze and sat down on the sofa. Looking at Camille’s figure, she smiled sweetly, and said in a gentle and soft tone: “It is also very incredible, that a gentle and refined scholar is actually such a skilled assassin. Actually able to conceal his essence completely.”

Camille’s expression didn’t change at all, instead turning around and smiled, still pouring tea for Claire, “Claire, what are you talking about? I don’t understand. You should like this tea, it’s flower tea.”

“Teacher, do you know how I discovered you? Your essence was already completely concealed. But you were still noticed by a magician like me.” Claire accepted the tea and sipped on it gracefully, smiling.

Camille didn’t reply, instead sitting down smiling, and looked at Claire kindly, “How does this tea taste?”

“It’s very sweet, and I can taste out that teacher is really a person that loves life.” Claire placed down the delicate teacup and leaned back on the sofa, smiling at Camille, “I can also tell, that the person teacher loves the most is himself.”

“What do you mean by that?” Camille raised his brows slightly; his interest seemed to be hooked up.

“In teacher’s eyes, there is nothing.” Claire tilted her head at Camille, and also raised her eyebrows, “Teacher, do you really not want to know how I discovered you?”

Camille looked down, and let out a chuckle. He then lifted his head again; but now, his face was completely icy, “Tell me, what do you want?”

“I didn’t expect that teacher is actually on the side that supports the first prince. I don’t want anything, just that your little tail is in my hands now. When I need it I might tug on your little tail a bit.” Claire was unmoved, instead smiling even more warmly.

“Tail your head!” Out of Claire’s expectation, the always very graceful, gentle, and kind Camille suddenly turned hostile and spat out nastily, glaring at Claire, “I don’t f*cking support him! It’s been so long since I accepted this business. The failure last time already made me very depressed, and this time it was actually ruined by you damn little girl! My reputation is ruined! My illustrious fame!”

Claire felt awkward. So this Camille was the real wolf in sheep’s clothing, the real shady guy.

“Teacher, you, you cursed.” Claire was a little stunned. She simply could not believe that this gentle, graceful, kind, caring person that always had a warm smile on his face just cursed.

“So what if daddy me cursed? Daddy me even wants to throttle you now! Why the hell did you go to the royal palace today? Why the hell did you save the second prince? Daddy me doesn’t understand, how you noticed daddy me’s presence.” The rage at the bottom of Camille’s eyes seemed to want to burn Claire to ashes.

Claire twitched her lip, looking at this person in front of her. She was completely dumbfounded. Camille gracefully took up his teacup and sipped some tea, sitting gracefully on the sofa; his elegance made people admire him. But this person, his actions were so elegant, but the words that came out of his mouth were so rude and uncivilized. And yet he was still gracefully sipping tea, setting the teacup down.

“Tell me, you annoying damn little girl, how did you notice daddy me being present? You already said yourself that daddy me’s essence was hid completely. Last time, it was because that Tempest Warrior Regiment’s captain stepped on dog sh*t, and just happened to have a whatever magical device, that he was able discovering daddy me. You callow and immature baby, how did you discover daddy me?” Saying all this, Camille once again gracefully got up to pick up the teapot, and filled Claire’s cup with tea. Then placed the teapot down and elegantly sat back again.

Walter shuddered, suspecting if this guy before them had a split personality? Able to act one way and speak a completely different way. Don’t know that if the noble ladies and young girls in capital that fell for Camille saw that this gentle, graceful, kind and caring scholar’s true self was like this, would they want to go die.

“Before I answer your question, can you answer a question of mine first?” Although Claire suspected in her heart, she still wanted to make sure for herself.

“Then f*cking ask!” When Camille’s gentle voice spoke these words, Claire felt chilly. This feeling was too creepy.

“Who is your employer?” Claire frowned and asked, “Is it the first prince?”

Camille squinted slightly, but uttered out an answer that totally stunned Claire.

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