Ch.6 Doubting, Probing

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At nightfall, the Duke’s castle was still bright, and it wasn’t just the Duke’s. All the houses of wealthy families of the capital had their homes brightly lit. At night, only the commoners who couldn’t afford candles lived in darkness.

In her bedroom, Claire lay on the bed. She played around with a fireball on her fingertips. Claire thought back to when Gordan warned her in the study. You must conceal this outrageous talent and not display your power in front of others unless it’s truly an emergency. Especially the Temple of Light, you must definitely not let them know. When you test for the Institute, bear in mind you need to hold back. When Claire suggested couldn’t she not go to the Institute and just learn from Emery, Gordan forcefully refused. It was very obvious he didn’t believe Emery was good enough to be Claire’s teacher.

“The only person who can be your teacher is that person. But in order to find him, you must go to the Institute. Once you become his disciple then you don’t need to worry about the Temple of Light any more.” After saying these mysterious words, Gordan stopped talking.  He didn’t even mention who that person was. But, it was evident that once Claire became that person’s disciple, then the Temple of Light would have no chance at taking her away.

Sure enough, there was always conflict between the Royal and Divine powers. Claire distinguished the small fireball in her hand. She remembered the spell that Emery taught her the night before – fire shield. Obviously, this spell wasn’t widely known. It must be Emery’s own magic, his cherished asset, but he selflessly taught it to Claire. By making the fire elements cluster around the body, one would form a shield to protect from attacks. The only problem is that Claire can’t seem to form a shield yet. Claire remembered very clearly that Emery said you could not be too impatient. After trying a few more times, Claire gave up temporarily. The difference between magicians and regular people were that regular people were unable to stay awake for too long without feeling fatigued, while magicians could recover both their magic power and body strength through Meditating. Claire crossed her legs and sat up and started to Meditate. She began to Capture and store the element into her body unceasingly. Three hours later, Claire opened her eyes feeling very refreshed. It was much better than sleeping for three hours.

Three days later, Claire passed the Institute’s test while holding back some of her power. She could now study at the Sunrise Institute. And Jean being her guardian knight, had to be beside her at all times in order to protect her. But Jean was already a Grand Warrior and couldn’t enter the Institute as a student, so he could only follow secretly.

The letters Sunrise Institute stood out on the grand door. These arrogant letters lighted up whenever it got dark or at night. Obviously, there was some kind of spell.

“Miss, I will protect you in secret.” Jean spoke quietly when Claire entered the gate. Then he disappeared.

Once Claire picked up her student card, she followed a teacher to the Fire classroom. As soon as she walked in, she felt odd gazes from everyone, and at the very back she saw a curious and puzzled stare. It was the second prince Nancy. He was also part of the Fire class?

“Today we have a new classmate, Claire Hill. So today let’s review the basics again.” Standing at the podium1 was the teacher, Emily, a gentle middle aged woman who was the Fire class instructor. In order to help Claire catch up, the instructor reviewed the basics.

“Claire, you can sit wherever you want.” Emily of course knew the girl’s identity and was very polite.

“Thank you teacher.” Claire lightly nodded and after expressing her thanks, walked to the empty seats in the back.

Although Claire felt their strange gazes, she ignored them and walked straight to the back and listened to Emily’s teachings. It was pretty close to what the book wrote. Nancy, sitting nearby, occasionally sent probing looks.

In only the time span of one class, the whole Institute knew about Claire’s coming here. The Hill family’s idiotic girl who chased after men actually passed the Sunrise Institute’s examination and was accepted into the Institute!  And she was in the same class with the second prince who she had been chasing to death a few days ago!!

Many people assumed that Claire had used her family’s influence to enter the school and was doing this only  to chase after Nancy. Claire became even more infamous.

Meanwhile, in the Lightning class.

“What? She entered the school?” Lashia immediately became furious. The person who brought this news cowered a little. Lashia’s beautiful, innocent face had totally distorted. Her hate had reached the skies. That moron! To go as far as to shame the family in school! Why did Grandfather let this idiot come to school to lose face? Did he think that the Hill family’s name had not been shamed enough? Hmph! Claire, you man-crazy nitwit, I’ll make you get the hell out of school by yourself! Lashia finalized this decision in her heart, a fist in her sleeve.

“What are you going to do, Lashia?” a girl nearby uneasily asked. “No matter what, she’s your older sister, you shouldn’t be too…”

“Shut up!” Lashia thundered, her face full of anger. “I don’t have this kind of older sister!” Shameful! That this kind of person was her, genius Lashia, older sister! How extremely shameful!

People around Lashia shut up as they saw her furious look and dared not to say anything. Everyone knew that Lashia was not only the granddaughter of the powerful Duke Hill, but also the prized disciple of the principle. Who would dare to offend her?

The Sunrise Institute was a full time school. It had teaching buildings, social quarters, and dorms. As the only institute for Dou Qi and magic in Amparkland, it was huge. Nobles and commoners alike could join so long as they had the talent. You could live there or just stay during the day.

After class, Claire walked out of the classroom and felt how unwelcomed the previous owner of the body was. Girls would glare disgustedly and avoid her as if she was a snake or scorpion. And the boys who thought they possessed any attractive features would stay far away. Claire didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. She had nothing to say.

At noon, Claire sat in a corner of the cafeteria and ate her lunch in peace. At the same time she recalled Gordan’s words. She could only meet the person in the Institute? Is it a school teacher? It couldn’t be the principal, or Gordan would have just said so. This meant this person was more powerful and important than the principal. So who could it be?

The cafeteria was lively everywhere except for the area around Claire. The quiet and emptiness around her was very eye catching.

The entrance suddenly became noisy. Claire raised her head and saw Lashia strutting in like an arrogant peacock, surrounded by a horde of young nobles. Wherever the brilliant Lashia went, she was the center of attention.

Lashia suddenly looked towards Claire, but Claire  continued to eat indifferently. A fierce look flashed in the depths of Lashia’s eyes and she abruptly turned away, not glancing at Claire again.

A spoiled brat who got anything she wanted, Claire sighed to herself. But right now she herself was no match for her. The baleful look in her eyes shouldn’t belong to a twelve-year-old. Living in an environment where she was used to being pampered and praised by everyone had let her forget about proper behavior. If Lashia really attacked her, she wouldn’t be able to defend.

If she really faced this spoiled Lashia’s attack, what would she do? Claire became a little worried.


In a remote area.

“Jean, you received such a nice assignment.” A person with chestnut-colored hair teased Jean, who was leaning against a tree.

“Please, Your Highness, stop enjoying my misfortune.” Jean sighed quietly.

“Haha~~ I can’t help it.” The person who spoke was the second prince, Nancy. “But really, who would have thought the Duke would actually send her to school. Can she become a magician?” In his words there was a hidden scorn.

“That’s hard to say.” Jean slightly frowned and suddenly said seriously, “Did you know? She entered the institute by truly passing the exam, not by the Duke’s ‘care’”.

“What?” This time it was Nancy’s turn to be shocked. That moronic girl actually passed the examination herself?!”

“Don’t doubt me, it’s true.” Jean’s face was completely serious. “I suddenly found myself unable to see through her.”

“That is a little strange. The Claire right now compared to the Claire before seem like two different people.” Nancy frowned while thinking.

“At first, I thought she was letting you go on purpose to catch you unaware later2 , but now it seems that’s not the case.” Jean said in a thoughtful manner.

“Then what do you think?” Nancy asked.

“For now let’s just observe.” Jean’s handsome face exposed a knowing smile. “There’s someone who can’t wait but take action.”

Nancy, confused for a only a moment, suddenly understood. “Are you talking about Lashia?”

“That’s right.” Jean nodded, revealing a cold smile. “Whatever my idiotic master who chases after men plans to do, I think someone will quickly help us to probe it out.”

“Isn’t your job to protect her?” Nancy coldly curled up his lip.

“Letting her suffer a bit is fine, I’ll just be a bit late. As for protecting her, of course I won’t let her die. It’s only two sisters playing around, right?” Jean shrugged as he said jokingly, A glint of jest appeared in his eyes as he prepared to watch a good show.

Nancy nodded laughing but somehow had a strange feeling in his heart. A faint uneasiness.

Is it really possible to probe out what’s going on?

1. Podium: in China they have a raised platform for teachers in classes but there is no English equivalent so we put podium.
2. Letting you go on purpose to catch you unaware later: literal means to loosen the reins only to grasp them better.

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