Ch.60 Father’s Dishonoring of Claire (Part I)

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“Well, originally, our kind has its rules, and we can’t reveal who the employer is.” Camille returned to his warm and graceful style, took a sip of flower tea and continued, “To tell the truth, he didn’t want me to know who he is. I only investigated out of curiosity.”

Claire looked at the chameleon in front of her, and suddenly understood: this person must have a really evil personality. Being an assassin, yet he went to investigate his employer! Usually, assassins just take the money and kill the person indicated, and were not allowed to ask other stuff. But this person decided to investigate who his employer was!

“It’s not the crown prince?” Claire probed.

“That’s what normal people would think. Two princes, one assassinated, then it must be the other one.” Camille smiled warmly, looking so polite, so charming.

But Claire didn’t agree. He was a wolf in a sheep’s skin!

“Then it’s not the crown prince.” Claire stated surely.

“Right. It’s not the crown prince.” Camille squinted at Claire, then added gently, “You little damn girl, first tell me how you detected me, and then will I tell you who my employer is. This is an information you would want to know.”

“Could you not smile so warmly and politely, yet speak such venomous words?” Claire protests, her lip twitching. This fellow gave others such an eerie feeling she couldn’t bear it.

“No, damn little girl. If not for you getting so bored as to going to the palace and meddling in my business, my illustrious fame would not be destroyed. You damn little girl.” Camille still had on his charming, beautiful smile, but his words didn’t match his expression at all.

Walter almost broke down. This person was one of a kind, very one of a kind. He admitted defeat wholeheartedly! Able to say the most vicious words in the most gentle tone. Wasn’t such a person one of a kind? Who could compete? Who could defend against?

Claire looked at the smiling Camille and twitched her lip: “Okay, I’ll tell you. You are very good among assassins; maybe the king. You are able to conceal your aura totally because you understand how the air flows, and are able to control your body to move with the air flow. This is the basic of concealing an aura, but you are the first person I’ve seen to do it perfectly.”

“Ah, thanks for the praise. Please continue praising me, I like hearing it.” Camille replied leisurely, resting his chin on his hand and leaning against the armrest of the sofa.

“Indeed, a narcissist! Claire, how did you know earlier that he only loved himself?” Walter pretended to vomit while asking with admiration.

Claire: “……”

“Right, damn little girl, who are you?” Camille asked frowning, as if he suddenly remembered something.

“What?” It was Claire’s turn to play dumb.

“Don’t pretend to not understand…… Remember that time, before I walked into the study gracefully to teach you, I was fully prepared for you to assault me, but you didn’t even take a second glance at me. You think I would believe you were still the male-chaser?” Camille laughed mockingly.

“Let’s leave that question for now.” Claire switched topics, “Your beauty is unmatched in this world. Now let’s talk about why you were discovered by me.”

“Yes, this sounds better.” Camille again became the fragile and gentle scholar.

“I did not discover you because of the air flow. I was sensing all the objects around me. Another object suddenly appeared, and it was moving slowly. And you think I couldn’t find you?”

“So magical? Why can you sense all the objects around you? Don’t try to say it’s magic. Magicians are the dumbest of all. They die without chanting a spell when you sneak up quietly. Warriors might touch their weapons in the last minute.” Camille said disdainfully.

“Well, I don’t know how to explain. I also know a little bit about the art of assassination, and then I combined it with magic and DouQi to sense the objects.” Claire’s answer was half truth half lie.

“Really?” Camille wasn’t sure.

“Okay, I’ve already told you, so who’s your employer?” Claire urged.

“My employer is the emperor.” Camille answered breezily.

“What?” Claire and Walter exclaimed at the same time. The emperor his majesty? Why would the emperor hire an assassin to assassinate the second prince?

“Why would the emperor hire an you to assassinate the second prince?” Claire frowned and guessed, “Is it because there can only be one heir, so he wants to get rid the one he doesn’t like, and leave the one he’s satisfied with?” The royal palace was ruthless.

“That’s what normal people would think.” But Camille said this again.

What if?! Claire’s expression changed slightly. If it was like what she thought it was, then this emperor was too dangerous, too cold-hearted.

“Our emperor is not as innocent and simple as he looks.” Camille stood up, “The water is cold, I’ll bring some hot water over.”

“The emperor is waiting for the two princes to start fighting, and choose the stronger on to become his heir.” Claire suddenly felt cold. Such measures! Was this a king’s method?

“So you’re not stupid. The emperor only wants the two princes to start competing as soon as possible. He wants to pick an heir.” Camille smiled, the pouted, “My employer and I have a deal, that if I fail twice I won’t need to try again, but he will still pay me the money. But my whole fame was ruined by you.”

Claire’s expression was dark.

If it was really like this, what about Mother? Would she be caught into the whole thing?

Princess Maurice and the second prince Nancy are both children of the present queen, so their relationship was good. And now Mother is the lady’s maid of Princess Maurice, so will she be involved?

Or! Claire stood up suddenly, her face pale. Or is the second prince and Princess Maurice already prepared to open fighting with the crown prince, and took Mother so the Hill Clan would support them?!

Will it be like this? Will it be like this?

Claire became worried. That gentle and kind woman was the first person in this world to give her warmth, and Claire was not going to let any harm come to her.

“Teacher, I need to go. I have other matters.” Whenever Claire thought about it she was unable to sit or stand, only wanting to leave.

“Oh, you’re going? Won’t you stay a little longer?” Camille set down the teapot and asked politely.

“No thank you. I will come to you when I have a job for you, and I’ll also refer people to you.” Claire was in hurry.

“You must pay me double the price, you damn little girl, ruining my famous name.” Camille’s extremely gentle voice floated out.

“If you don’t tell others, how will they know you were the assassin? And who will know you failed twice? If you won’t tell, I won’t tell, the emperor won’t tell either. So who would know? I’ll keep the secret and you give me twenty percent off.” Claire replied when she got to the door, then let without waiting for Camille’s answer.

“That’s right. If I won’t tell, that damn little girl won’t tell, the emperor won’t tell either. So who will know? Hehe, good, good. So this damn little girl is cute sometimes.” Camille smiled his famous gentle smile, satisfied. He was going to wash and go to bed.

Claire got on the carriage with worry, closed her eyes and leaned against the seat, ordering Jean to tell the driver to return to the castle.

“Miss, something’s bothering you?” Jean asked quietly.

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