Ch.61 Impaling Claire’s Throat (Part I)

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Claire led the three through the streets, finally stopping before a big white house.

“Whoa, it’s so pretty here.” Summer looked at the white gate covered in ivy and opened her eyes wide. She already forgot about the unhappiness earlier.

“As long as you like it.” Claire raised her brows, her smile sly.

Claire walked up and pulled on the doorbell. Footsteps sounded inside.

The next moment, Camille’s smiling face appeared before everyone.

“Greetings, teacher. I’m visiting with my friends.” Without waiting for Camille to say anything, Claire squeezed in with Summer.

Camille followed behind with his gentle smile and asked softly, “Claire, how come you have time to visit me today? And brought so many friends with you. Won’t you introduce them?”

“This is Summer, this is Ben, and this is my knight, Jean, who you already know.” Claire pulled Summer down onto the sofa with her, then smiled at Camille while saying to the others, “Sit, no need to be so formal. This is my graceful, kind, wise, and famous teacher, the scholar Camille.”

Camille was very comfortable inside, and smiled like the spring wind, “Don’t bother, please sit. I’ll go make some tea.”

Claire also stood up and followed behind Camille, “Teacher, I’ll help you.”

The two went to make tea. Summer looked at all the decorations in the room, her eyes full of hearts. It was so comfortable here.

“Teacher, my popular, pretty, kind teacher.” Claire stood besides Camille and said in a low voice.

“What?” Camille was pouring tea gracefully.

“We will live here for some time. Is that okay?” Claire’s smile was very innocent.

Camille almost dropped the teapot in his hand. Now he knew why Claire was praising him.

“You little brat, what do you want?” On the surface, Camille was still smiling, but inside he gritted his teeth and squeezed out the sentence.

Claire also smiled, speaking through her teeth, “I just quarreled with my scoundrel father, so now I no place to live. I don’t have any money, but you do, so here I am.”

“Earn money yourself. The doors of the Mercenary Guild are wide open.” Camille still spoke through his teeth.

“Well, before I make any money, I’ll stay here.” Claire’s smile was brilliant, “I think my teacher would want to keep his fame, right, king of assassins?”

“I will get my revenge sooner or later, you little brat.” Camille smiled warmly, taking the tea to the living room, “Here, Summer, Ben, Jean, tea. I’m happy that you’ll be living here.”

“Really? We can live here? Wouldn’t that bother you?” Summer exclaimed happily.

“Of course not.” Camille said solemnly.

“That’s great then! You are such a nice person, teacher.” Summer said gratefully.

Camille turned to Claire and gave her a gentle smile.

Hiding a dagger behind a smile.That’s what Claire thought!

Back in the Hill castle, Duke Gordon was sitting in front of his desk in the study, his face black. Leger was standing was his head lowered.

“Leger, what do you want me to say? When can you change your impulsive ways?” Gordon sighed and said bitterly, “How can you take over the Hill clan like this?”

“Father, I…… ” Leger started a sentence but didn’t finish.

“Forget it, I understand your attitude. The worst child in the past became the best and brightest star. No one can accept that quickly.” Duke Gordon sighed.

“So it’s true?” Marquess Leger asked, stunned, “Defeating the student of Lagark, becoming the disciple of master Cliff, solving the problem of Niya City’s flu. I thought…… ”

“You thought I was behind all those?” Duke Gordon sighed slightly, then stood up, “Based on my personality, if I was to help someone, who it be?”

“Lashia.” Leger answered without thinking.

“Right. A halo has always been around Lashia since she was young. If I was to help anyone secretly, I would push Lashia to the highest spot, not Claire, who always had a bad reputation.” Duke Gordon said seriously, “But I want to tell you, I haven’t helped Claire a single bit. Claire did it all by herself.”

“What?!” Leger was extremely shocked, his face full of disbelief.

“And the two people she brought back? I don’t know what’s special about the girl, but that man is unordinary. I want to guide him into helping the Hill clan. Your behavior today has disappointed me greatly.” Duke Gordon’s tone was heavy.

“Sorry, Father, I didn’t realize it was like this.” Leger apologized fearfully.

“It’s not completely your fault. It’s hard for you to accept so many impossible things at one time. Now Claire seemed to have taken her friends to her teacher’s house, the scholar Camille’s house. Let them stay there for a while.” Duke Gordon said meaningfully.

“But Father, didn’t you say you wanted to guide that man in black clothes to serve the Hill clan? I’ll make up with him and tell them to come back.” Leger asked worriedly.

“No. The quarrel between you and Claire was too intense and can’t be resolved so quickly. That black-clothed man and that young girl both view Claire as their leader. If you go to apologize now, it will only be counterproductive. The key is to slowly make up with Claire.” Duke Gordon said sternly yet fatherly, then sighed, “Leger, you must learn to look through things and understand people. You must be steady and not hasty or impulsive.”

“Yes, I will remember Father’s teaching.” Leger lowered his head and said shamefully.

“Okay, go now. You have just arrived today and need some rest.” Duke Gordon waved his hand, signaling Leger to leave.

“Father, I want to visit Katherine in the palace first.” When Leger brought this matter up, softness filled his eyes.

“Go.” Duke Gordon smiled. Although Leger was not that bright and was a little impulsive, but he really loved Katherine, and was always kind and considerate to her. That was why Katherine was willing to break with her clan and come back with Leger. So Katherine gave up her original last name and changed it to Hill.

“Yes, Father. I’ll be leaving.” Leger exited.

Duke Gordon let out a long breath, then called out, “Emery.”

“Your grace, did you call for me?” Emery pushed open the door softly.

“Go to Camille’s house and tell Claire, to come home when she’s not angry anymore. If she needs anything just say it, and I’ll send it over.” Duke Gordon said quietly.

“Yes, your grace, I’ll go this minute.” Emery was relieved. So his grace pampered Claire more than he thought.

Night came. Claire leaned against a pillar in the hall, feeling the cool breeze in her face. Summer came over and stood besides her.

“Claire, what are you thinking about?” Summer tilted her head.

“Nothing.” Claire replied randomly, her thoughts elsewhere.

“Nonsense. You’re thinking about your hateful father, right?” Summer pursed her lips and pouted.

Claire was silent.

“By not saying anything, that means you’ve agreed.” Summer stated surely, then lifted her head to look at the starry sky, “With a father like yours, it’s better not to have one. My father died when saving me when I was young. I will remember what my father said my whole life, that you must keep on living, that there will only be hope if you’re alive. That was the last time I felt my father’s love.” Summer let out her breath softly.

“So that’s why…… ” Claire answered in a low voice. That’s why Summer fought so violently with Claire’s father this morning.

“Yeah, so when I saw how big a scoundrel your father was, I got angry, and couldn’t control myself.” Summer stuck out her tongue.

“But I need to thank you for defending me.” Claire’s smiled, her smile full of sincerity.

“How are you going to thank me? I want the most precious treasure in the world, can you get that?” Summer put her hands on her hips and asked mischievously.

“There will be a day, when I will get the most precious treasure and give it to you.” Claire promised with a smile.

“Okay, that’s what you said, no going back on your word.” Summer reached out her hand to Claire happily.

Claire gave an understanding smile and reached out her hand also. Two pairs of small hands clung onto each other tightly.

What Summer never even thought of dreaming was that her joke today was really fulfilled by Claire later on. She really did give Summer the most precious treasure on the world. Of course, this was an afterthought.

“You are my first friend.” Summer held on to Claire’s hands tightly and said solemnly.

“You are my first friend, too.” Claire held Summer’s hands tightly also.

The two girls looked at each other and smiled, understanding everything.。

Suddenly, a slight disturbance in the air alerted Claire. Claire pulled Summer behind her swiftly.

The next instant, an agile figure appeared on the stone railing in front of them. A glaring dagger was silently touching Claire’s neck. Only a little more pressure, and the dagger could impale Claire’s throat.

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2 thoughts on “Ch.61 Impaling Claire’s Throat (Part I)

  1. I am a fan of Stunning Edge, translators, and translations. I have witnessed a few disagreements between translators. I really hope they end up with a conclusion which benefits the readers and translations. The original translator of Stunning Edge has done an outstanding job; his translations are seemless and very rarely have any errors at all. I’m sure fans would rather see cooperation than a battle which leaves us with one less translator.

    I may just be speaking out of turn and not know what I’m talking about. I just wish to see more Stunning Edge in the future with if not 1 but 2 translators working to produce more chapters.

    Thank you for the chapter.

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    1. Thanks. We were also the original translators and I always double check every single chapter before we left. I’m glad to know that double checking has paid off back then and that jml has continued improving her translations.

      I’m also glad that not all people start ranting without knowing the whole story. Thank you.

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