Ch.61 Impaling Claire’s Throat (Part II)

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It was now that Walter started exclaiming, “Who’s this? He has a dark aura on him! Really! Also, didn’t you notice his approaching? Seriously? Claire, aren’t you good at everything? Aren’t you most good at this? What’s wrong with you today? You didn’t even sense a man approaching?”

Claire glanced at the the person in black cautiously. The slight figure indicated that this frightening ghost-like person was a woman. It wasn’t that she didn’t notice, it was that she noticed a little too late. When Claire detected her, this person was already beside her.

Summer’s palms were sweating. Claire just stared at this woman in black without moving.

If she wanted, this woman could take Claire’s life with one small poke of her dagger.

Who was this woman with frightening abilities?

“This woman is so frightening! Even I didn’t notice her! Now what? Claire, beat her up with your magic!” Worried, Walter shouted continuously.

If she could, Claire really wanted to choke Walter till he faints. If she could beat that woman up, why would she be standing here?

Even though Claire didn’t dare to fight back now, she knew her life wasn’t in danger. Because if she was in danger, that wicked god of Darkness would make his timely appearance.

Unexpectedly, this woman made no other move.

“Humph.” The slight figure humphed disdainfully, then disappeared.

A cold wind blew across, helping Claire and Summer regain their senses.

“Claire, what’s going on? Who is that woman? So mysterious.” Still tightly gripping Claire’s clothes, Summer asked fearfully.

“I don’t know. This woman is very strong. I did realize that she was approaching, but even if I did, I still wasn’t able to avoid her.” Claire replied, deep in thought, “But, what did she want? She didn’t want to kill me. In fact, it looked like if she were showing off.”

“Showing off?” Summer was even more confused. What did this mean?

“Showing off that she had the skill to kill me but chose not to.” Claire spoke heavily.

“Why would anyone do that?” Summer gaped, not believing.

“Well, the world is big and there are all kinds of people.” Claire looked up at the vast night sky. In her heart she was guessing who that skilled person could be. But after much thought, she still couldn’t think of anyone she offended that would do such a boring thing.

“Claire, I knew it! Being with you, danger always comes knocking on our door.” Summer wailed, recalling the scene that just happened, her heart still thumping.

Claire: “……”

“But, due to the fact that you pulled me behind you immediately to protect me, I will continue to be your friend.” Hands on hips and shaking her butt, Summer stated righteously.

“Go wash up and go to bed.” Sort of speechless, Claire said woodenly.

“Okay, goodnight. I’m going to bed.” Summer said goodnight and left.

Claire sat down on the stone railing, leaning against the pillar. Suddenly she remembered something, and called Walter: “Walter, Walter!”

“What?” Walter answered impatiently, “Isn’t it time for bed now?”

“You said you detected a dark aura on that assassin?” Frowning, Claire asked.

“Yup. It’s the type of dark aura that’s hidden and very hard to detect. Even people from the Temple of Light couldn’t detect it, but hey, smirk smirk, I, Walter, absolutely can.” Walter boasted.

But Claire started musing. A dark aura, who could that be? Plus, she could conceal it so well. Surely I haven’t offended anyone one like that before?

At this time, the slight figure had already exited Camille’s house and disappeared into an alley. In a neat and tidy inn, a blonde young man was leaning on a window and staring at the night sky. The next moment, a figure materialized behind him without a sound. A shining dagger was placed on his throat.

But the blonde and beautiful man was very calm, and asked softly, “Did you see her?”

“Hmph!” Annoyed, the person behind him humphed, frustrated. She withdrew the dagger, tore off the black cloth covering her face, and sat down beside the table. She poured a cup of water and gulped it down. “How did you know I went to find her?”

“Do I not know you?” The beautiful blonde man walked over smiling, then sat down too, looking at this woman that had an appearance similar to him. The woman was about twenty years old, and she also had blonde hair and blue eyes, an ideal beauty.

“Yes, you know me. You are my older brother and we’ve lived together for so many years. How could you not know me?” Sullen at the man guessing correctly, the woman slammed the cup on the table.

“But I don’t know her. Why would she abandon us for such a bastard man? Abandon our clan.” The blonde man squeezed these words out of his teeth, his expression turning cold.

“Brother, why are you still kinking on this? So many years have passed, and it has long become unchangeable reality.” The blonde woman sighed. Of course she knew that that person will forever be a pain in her older brother’s heart. It was the same to her. That was why she went to see that person’s child tonight.

“That child, how is she?” The beautiful blonde man suddenly opened his mouth to ask, “Is she as the rumor says?”

“Not bad. She actually detected me, although she wasn’t able to avoid me. But she kept calm in a dangerous situation, and pulled her friend behind her at the first second.” The blonde woman poured another cup of water and said seriously.

The blonde man frowned slightly. He knew his younger sister: proud and haughty. If anyone could receive such a review from her, that anyone probably was better than good.

“Which means she’s different from the rumors?” The blonde man asked.

“I don’t know about that. Rumors say she is a handsome-male chasing idiot. The part about the idiot is obviously untrue, and as for the handsome-male chasing part, I have no way to find out~” The blonde woman yawned and stood up, “But brother, don’t forget what we came here for.”

“I know. You can go rest.” The blonde man replied lightly.

“Also, brother, that person is in the royal palace, so you better not think about going to visit, it’s too risky. If we didn’t accomplish our task and you also got into trouble, you know what that old man would do.” Before leaving the room, the blonde woman turned around and warned.

The blonde man kept silent and didn’t speak.

“Brother, did you hear what I said? I have already lost a loved one, I don’t want anything to happen to you!” The blonde woman became a little angry, raising her voice to shout.

“I know. Go get some rest.” After a long pause, the blonde man choked out these words.

The blonde woman humphed, turned around, opened the door and left.

The blonde man got up slowly and went to the window, staring into the vast night sky again. He was conflicted. So close to that person, but he couldn’t even go see her?

The blonde man lifted his hand up slowly. There was a plain ring on his finger. But as he flipped his wrist, a round bronzeware about the size of a fist appeared on his hand out of nowhere. That ring was a rare and valuable storage ring! The bronzeware in the man’s hand had ancient patterns, and it emitted an indescribably mysterious aura. The middle of the bronzeware was hollow, as if missing something. The blonde man touched the hollow part softly. A precious pearl was missing here. When they find that precious pearl and embed it inside, this bronzeware would be able to guide them through a glorious path and find the treasure.

At that time, will they be able to find everything they’ve lost? Will they be able to fulfill their wishes?

The next day, Claire didn’t go to class, because she knew once she stepped into school, Lashia will come up and grab hold of her and talk all good things about their father then beg her to go home. She didn’t want to return to a home without Katherine. At least she didn’t want to now.

Claire sat down in Camille’s backyard, swaying in a rocking chair. The cool breeze on her face felt good. When she took a sip of Camille’s treasured flower tea, she felt even better.

“Claire, Claire, come look! This is good stuff, very good stuff.” Summer’s voice sounded from far away. “Oh? What is it?” Still rocking, Claire asked insouciantly, not even lifting her head. Summer had went out with dragon Ben early in the morning. They said they were going to stroll around and buy some delicious food. Listening to her excited tone, did they bring back something tasty?

“Look at this. Hehe.” Summer rushed to Claire and fished out a pearl the size of an egg, shaking it before Claire.

Claire squinted and said indifferently, “Isn’t it just a pearl? Only a little bigger than other pearls.”

“That’s not it!” As a thief, Summer had seen many treasures, but now she dragged Claire excitedly into her room, leaving dragon Ben and Jean behind.

“Then what is it?” Claire asked impatiently, the teacup still in her hand.

“Come, come and you’ll know.” Summer eagerly pulled Claire into her room, then closed the curtains and shut the door tightly. Only then did she take that pearl out again.

Absent-minded, Claire took another sip of tea, looking at the pearl. In the dark room, the pearl slowly began shining.

A Luminous Pearl? Claire started to become astonished.

“See? The darker its surroundings, the brighter it becomes. You can even use it as a light in the night.” Summer looked at the pearl in her hand and exclaimed excitedly.

“Where did you get it?” Of course, Claire wasn’t dumb enough to believe that Summer would buy such an expensive item.

“Just happened to take it.” Summer put the pearl safely away and twirled around in the room, boasting ostentatiously.

“Who’s the unlucky one?” Claire asked randomly.

“The boss of the Red Light Auction Company.” Summer announced proudly.

“Poof…… ” Claire grandly spat out the tea in her mouth.

“That fat guy actually carries such valuable stuff on him.” Summer boasted, then noticed Claire’s expression and asked, a little confused, “What? Is there something strange about this pearl? Well it is a little strange, since this is the first time I saw a pearl that could glow in the dark. I thought it was just a regular pearl at first.” Summer spoke to herself.

Claire sweated: “Summer, how come you’re so good at stealing? Do you know, after two days Red Light Auction Company will be auctioning three extremely precious treasures. And one of them is a pearl that could shine in the dark. This auction is anticipated by tens of thousands, and the entering ticket is very hard to get.”

“Haha, then what are the other two?” Her interest hooked up, Summer inquired.

“The other two……” Claire tried to recall.

What Claire and Summer didn’t know now, was that this pearl will bring them all kinds of dangers and adventures.

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