Ch.62 Helping Walter Regrow His Body (Part I)

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Claire and Summer discussed for a long time, and at the end Claire warned Summer, “Remember, you can’t let others see this.”

“Of course, haha. I will take good care it.” Summer put the pearl away, then added excitedly, “Can we go see the auction? I’m sure you have a way. Claire, I wanna go.”

Claire looked at Summer’s hopeful expression and smiled gently, “Okay. I’ll go ask Grandfather for some tickets so we can go.”

“Yep, if it’s your grandfather then it’s fine. If you said you were going to ask your scoundrel father, I would rather not go.” Summer pouted.

“I know.” Claire stuffed the cup she was holding into Summer’s hands, “Master Emery already said, if I need anything just go find him, and Grandfather will grant my wishes. A few tickets shouldn’t be hard for Grandfather to obtain.”

“Haha, yayyyyy!” Summer laughed happily.

“As for this pearl, we need to disguise to, or if someone else recognizes it we’re screwed.” Claire stroked her chin thoughtfully.

“First ask master Cliff for some dye since he’s good at making it, and dye the pearl. That way others can’t tell. Then cover it with a cheap gloss.” Summer laughed cunningly, “That’s what I do all the time. People will think it’s just a cheap pearl.”

“Okay, I’ll let Jean go find my grandfather for the tickets and then my master.” Claire said, her heart growing heavy. Because Cliff had locked himself in the Magician’s Council ever since he came back. Cliff wanted to make his breakthrough to a sorcerer as quickly as possible. And that was all for her……

“Ask Jean for the stuff you need, and tell him and Ben to help you. I’m going to return to my room, don’t disturb me. I need to meditate. I’ve been lagging recently.” Claire thought about how hard Cliff was trying, and she can’t just go on like this. She already made a breakthrough on the second volume of the Treasured Lotus Directory, so she should start on the third volume now.

“Oh, of course. Don’t worry, meditate all you need. Haha, make your breakthrough to a grand wizard quickly, then wizard sage, then sorcerer, then I can do whatever I want and break all the rules without worrying!” Summer squinted and laughed slyly.

Claire smiled a little helplessly, this girl’s dream……

Claire returned to her room and set up a magic hood. Then she took out the Treasured Lotus Directory. Walter piped up at this time, “Claire, why can you understand the language on the book?”

“Walter, do I look like a dumb male-chaser?” Instead of answering, Claire asked Walter a question.

“It’s not a matter of looking like one or not, but that you’re not one at all.” Walter replied surely.

“That’s enough then, go play by yourself quietly and don’t disturb me.” Claire waved her hand impatiently, signaling for Walter to get out of the way.

Walter floated away, his brows knitted together, thinking about Claire’s words. After he started following Claire, he kept hearing people around her calling her handsome-male-chaser, stupid, useless. But this little devil was evil, tricky, fake-kindness, dangerous, despicable, and shameless. She was also a warrior-magician, a wizard, and her flames turned into a strange golden color. How could such a person be similar to a dumb male chaser? Was it because Claire was purposefully hiding her strength before?

Walter thought about it until his head exploded, but he still couldn’t think of a reason.

On the other side of the room, Claire started operating the Lotus Power and infused it into the book. The words on the pages started swimming slowly like tadpoles, mixing around, changing letters. Slowly, the information in the book changed completely into information from the third volume.

Claire started reading carefully, frowning as she read. The lightning came at the second volume of the Treasure Lotus Directory because Claire successfully gave birth to the Heart of the Lotus, the big golden lotus that had appeared suddenly. If she hadn’t given birth to it in time, the lightning wouldn’t appear. The book also mentioned that there were only very few people who could successfully make the Heart of the Lotus appear. Most importantly, the personality of the Heart of the Lotus is directly affected by the person practicing. Basically, a chicken would give birth to a chick and a duck would give birth to a duckling, so whatever personality the master has, the Heart of the Lotus will have the same personality.

When Claire read this part, she was a little wordless. She didn’t have such a violent personality, right? That time, right before when the god of Darkness descended, Golden Lotus seemed to have shouted profanity, something about sh*t, why the hell would I come out when someone’s here to rescue you, wasting my time. Was it like this? In other words, she gave birth to that Heart of the Lotus thing? Pah! Claire immediately spat. What was she thinking?

“Ma, what are you pah-ing about? Of course I’m hatched by you.” Suddenly, an abrupt voice rang in Claire’s mind. Caught by surprise, Claire dropped the book in her hand. Last time the situation was too chaotic, so she didn’t hear the voice clearly. Now she did. It was an immature but arrogant voice.

Ma??? Claire gaped, then stretched her hand out to point at her nose. Addressing her?

“I am addressing you.” The immature voice snorted, “That wretched chap named Walter is always babbling nonsense with you, so of course I don’t want to come out.”

“Uh, can you explain to me what is going on?” Claire asked awkwardly, “Also, can you call me something else. Although your birth might have had something to do with me, but, you must agree that this form of address is weird.”

“Okay, Ma. Listen to me. The second volume of the Treasured Lotus Directory is the most critical part. If you didn’t give birth to me then, even if you finish the entire directory and reached the tenth volume, you are still less powerful than a sorcerer. And you won’t be able to continue onto the even higher levels of the mental cultivation method.” Golden Lotus’s immature voice was unusually serious, “Do you remember the twelve petals on your back?”

Claire nodded, then said helplessly, “Can we not emphasize the part of giving birth?”

Golden Lotus turned a deaf ear on Claire’s protest, and continued, “That time you comprehended the second volume in a time of danger, successfully giving birth to me. That’s why the lightning came. But that small thunder is nothing to me. Only by giving birth to me can you continue on to the eleventh and twelfth volume after reaching the tenth. Then, all the petals on your back will bloom.”

“You, what type of existence are you exactly?” Claire asked, frowning slightly.

“Ma, your question is so stupid. You gave birth to me, so what do you think?” Golden Lotus said disdainfully.

“Do you look like a newborn child?” Claire replied crossly. If this fellow was a child, he was definitely in his rebellion stage! Not cute at all.

“That whatever pick-his-ear1 , I don’t like him. Ma, find him a body quickly. With him here all the time, I’ll only come out when you’re in danger.” Golden Lotus humphed coldly, then became silent.

“Golden Lotus? Golden Lotus?” No matter how many times Claire called out, Golden Lotus never answered again.

“Claire, what’s wrong?” Walter floated over and asked, confused, “You don’t look so good.”

Claire lifted her head and glanced at Walter, making Walter uncomfortable. Of course he didn’t know how conflicted Claire was right now. A strange creature suddenly appearing out of nowhere and calling her Ma! How could Claire not be conflicted?

“Oh, Claire, White Emperor is awake.” Walter exclaimed suddenly, watching White Emperor move his paws slightly besides Claire’s pillow.

Claire turned her head, and saw White Emperor opening his eyes slowly.

“Chirp, chirp.” White Emperor opened his mouth, stood up, shook his body, then climbed over to Claire intimately.

Claire picked up the furry White Emperor, feeling even more conflicted. Why did she feel like she was the gathering spot for strange creatures? The spirit Walter, the arrogant Golden Lotus that calls her Ma, and this furry White Emperor. And such a cute little thing was actually her master!

Claire glared at the furry White Emperor, humphing coldy in heart: just you wait, I will turn the contract around! One day I will become White Emperor’s master!

“Walter.” Claire called out suddenly.

“What?” Walter answered hurriedly due to his classically conditioned reflex.

“If you want a new body, is there any way else besides finding a suitable one and possessing  it?” Claire asked, frowning.

“Yes equaling no.” Walter said helplessly.

“What do you mean?”

“There’s this thing that can help one regrow a body, but that thing is the treasure of the Temple of Light. It is said that the goddess of Light bestowed it to one of the popes. It has then been enshrined in the main hall of the Temple of Light. Who could get it? So basically yes equals no.” Walter rambled on, “Of course I don’t like other people’s bodies, and of course I would be the most comfortable with my own. But, that thing, the most one can do is think about it. It’s impossible to really get it.”

But Claire was frowning and thinking about something else.

“If you regrow your body, will you be recognized? For example, by that Divine Prince who killed you?” Claire asked uncertainly.

“No, I was wrapped tightly that day when I fought with that toy boy. I didn’t speak either.” Walter answered truthfully.

Claire crossed her legs and sat there without speaking, deep in thought.

“Claire! You, you’re not thinking of stealing from the Temple of Light? Don’t you know how dangerous that is? You might not be able to get in safely, and even if you do, that doesn’t mean you can come out with that thing!” Walter exclaimed, then added worriedly, “Although I really want my body back, I don’t want you to take the risk.”

“Oh.” Claire said perfunctorily, still thinking.

“Don’t, don’t misunderstand. I’m afraid something might happen to you not because I have feelings for you, but because if something happens to you, what about me? I’m only a stone.” Walter defended hurriedly, but his voice was get smaller. He was upset. Why did it feel like he was only making things worse? Did he start to like this little devil? Pah! Impossible! This little girl wasn’t even finished developing, and she had such a bad personality, often being violent with him. How could he like such an evil person?

“Oh.” Claire continued her perfunctoriness.

Walter let out a breath. So the little devil didn’t take notice of what he said. Good, good.

“Walter.” Claire suddenly said, surprising Walter so much he almost jumped.

“Wha, what?” Walter asked carefully.

“What does that treasure look like? The one that can help you grow a new body?” Claire’s face was serious.

“What, what do you want to do?” Walter asked, a little shocked.

“Of course to get it for you, so you can grow a new body.” With a physical body, you’ll be of much more use to me. Naturally, Claire didn’t say this last sentence out loud. But still, Walter without a body forever wasn’t a solution.

“What!?” Walter started howling, “Do you know how dangerous that is?! You still have the mark from the god of Darkness on your hand! Do you know the consequences if someone from the Temple of Light discovered that?” Walter tried to stop Claire immediately, very anxious.

“Then I’ll just have to not let them discover me.” Claire shrugged her shoulders, not worrying at all.

“It’s easy for you to say. You think the Temple of Light is that easy to get in? You think the items inside are that easy to steal? There are many powerful people in the Temple of Light, and that thing is bound to be enshrined in the main temple.” Walter was panicked, hurriedly describing all the dangers there, hoping to discourage Claire’s going.

“I never said I was going to storm in.” Claire raised her brows slightly, “And also, I’m very confused. Isn’t such a thing very precious? Wouldn’t it be hidden somewhere really private?” Claire couldn’t understand.

“That’s because those people at the Temple of Light are pretentious and haughty, so a gift from the goddess must be put out to show all the people, look, the Temple of Light is cared for by the goddess. Another reason is that the Temple of Light is very confident about their strength. Think about it, who would dare do steal from the main temple?” Walter answered, frowning.

“I dare.” A strange smile appeared on Claire’s face.

“You! Do you want to die?!” Walter was so anxious he started shouting, “Don’t you know how dangerous that is!?”

“What does it look like? There must be a magical barrier on it?” Claire storked her chin thoughtfully.

“Rubbish! Of course there’s a magical barrier. But it shouldn’t be too strong, since the Temple of Light is more than a little arrogant.” Walter spat out coldly, but suddenly paused, his gaze becoming vulgar, “Claire, you’re trying so hard to help me grow a new body. Are you finding me attractive? Since when did you secretly fall in love with me?”

Claire didn’t bother to reply. Instead, she took out the Spiritual Stone, and casually pinched it, hard. Walter convulsed and fell quiet.

Claire didn’t want to waste anymore time. She crossed her legs, sat down, closed her eyes, and recalled the mental cultivation method in the third volume of the Treasured Lotus Directory. She started practicing.

1. Pick-his-ear: homophonic to “Walter” in Chinese.

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5 thoughts on “Ch.62 Helping Walter Regrow His Body (Part I)

  1. Hi. Can someone please tell me just the basic -what happens from here to the start of chapter 67? Really wanna start on Chapter 67 but I can’t since there’s a 5 -chapter gap 😛
    Just can’t wait!
    I’ll just come back to read chap 62-66 later.


    1. Okayyy but this might be a spoiler so if you don’t want to know what happens please skip this part:
      Long story short, Walter gets his body, Claire goes outside the city because of lightning when when she comprehends the Treasured Lotus Directory, Alice and her cousin sees Claire and decides to kill her, Leng Linyun happened to come by and saves Claire, they go find the emperor to settle this, and when Claire is returning to Camille’s house she saves a girl from to men who wants to rob her money.


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