Ch.62 Helping Walter Regrow His Body (Part II)

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Silent and invisible, without self and without heart.

Claire felt she had entered a mystical realm. Everything around her disappeared. Warmth, there was only a strange warmth about her.

Walter, who had fainted, couldn’t see that Claire was now totally enveloped by a faint golden light, looking so pure, so beautiful.

White Emperor, lying besides Claire, lifted his head slightly, and fixed his eyes on Claire without moving.

Don’t know how much time had passed before Claire finally opened her eyes. The golden light dissipated in the instant, and a satisfied smile played upon Claire’s lips. By fusing DouQi and magic into the Lotus Power, she was able to yield twice the result with only half the effort. There was only a little left before Claire could fully comprehend the third volume. It’s not that she was unable to make a breakthrough, but that Claire didn’t want the lightning to appear here and destroy Camille’s house.

“Ma, as you continue, it will be harder to make a breakthrough. The level of your magic and DouQi right now can only help you to reach the seventh volume quickly. From then on, it’ll be a lot harder.” Golden Lotus’ voice suddenly appeared in Claire’s head, “But don’t fret, I’ll block all the lightning.”

“Can you stop calling me that?” Claire asked weakly.

“Ma, goodnight.” But Golden Lotus continued to pay no heed to Claire’s protest, and quieted after saying goodnight.

Claire was speechless; there was nothing she could do about this Golden Lotus. Claire closed her eyes slowly, a smile appearing on her face. Now, with her eyes closed, she could sense even farther. It was already night outside. She slowly expanded her consciousness through the hall and into the dining room. She could actually sense the happenings in there! Everyone was preparing to eat, and Summer was mumbling about why Claire hadn’t finished meditating yet, should she go call her. Camille held her back, saying that it’s best not to bother a magician when he’s meditating.

Claire marveled in her heart. Only the third volume of the Treasured Lotus Directory, and it had such miraculous powers! What about further on? So this is god-consciousness? This word appeared suddenly in Claire’s mind, but disappeared as fast, too.

The next moment, Camille, Jean, and dragon Ben all had a strange feeling.

“Why do I feel someone is watching us?” Camille looked around wondering, but couldn’t find anything unusual.

“I also have this feeling, as if someone is peeping at us.” Dragon Ben huffed coldly and said crossly.

Jean observed their surroundings cautiously but didn’t find any clues either.

Satisfied, Claire withdrew her consciousness. Thinking about it, the two words “god consciousness” had suddenly appeared in her mind. The words felt very familiar, and she had a weird feeling. But she couldn’t tell what it was. Why?

Claire got up. White Emperor chirped and hopped onto Claire’s back, then climbed onto her shoulder and then her head, occupying his throne.

Claire headed towards the hall. Camille and the others were just about to eat. Seeing Claire coming, Summer happily jumped over, fishing out several tickets from her bosom and waving them around in the air, “Claire, your grandfather is so resourceful! So efficient, getting us these tickets in such a short time! That thing is also brought here.”

Naturally, Claire knew what “that thing” was. The coloring solution used to change the pearl’s appearance.

“Claire, come eat.” Camille’s smile was warm and considerate, “You’ve been meditating in your room for so long, you must be hungry. Eat all you want.”

Claire nodded and walked over. When she passed by Camille, Camille lowered his voice so only the two of them could hear and squeezed out a sentence between his teeth, “I wouldn’t be happier if you starved to death inside.”

“Your wish would never be fulfilled.” Claire was also smiling prettily while speaking through her teeth.

This meal was eaten in harmony. At least on the surface.

After dinner, Claire returned to her room and took out the Spiritual Stone, rubbing it continuously in her hands. Walter awoke abruptly, and stared wide-eyed at Claire’s movements. The Spiritual Stone was like Walter’s body, enabling him to feel all sensations. Now that Claire was rubbing it, it was as if Claire was rubbing his whole body.

“Claire, stop, what are you doing?” Walter exclaimed and tried to stop her, “I’m already awake.”

“Oh.” Claire stopped rubbing and looked at Walter, “So, what does that treasure that can let you regrow a body look like? Hey, why is your face so red?”

“You!” Walter swallowed back the sentence he was about to say. How can my face not be red with you rubbing like that? At least I’m still a normal man!

“Tell me!” Claire poked the Spiritual Stone with her hand and said impatiently.

“Ah! It looks similar to a shell.” Walter answered hurriedly, fearing that Claire might starting rubbing again. But then he added quickly, “Even though I told you, don’t go, it’s way too dangerous. You can’t go with your strength right now, and even if you became a wizard, you still wouldn’t be able to make it out safely.”

But Claire didn’t pay any more notice to Walter. Instead, she pinched hard, making Walter faint again. Then she took some belongings and walked out, straight to dragon Ben’s room.

She knocked on dragon Ben’s door and opened it. Dragon Ben was sleepy. Of course he would sleep when there’s nothing else to do.

“Claire, what is it?” Dragon Ben was puzzled.

“Come, I’ll teach you a lesson tonight. A very important lesson.” A cunning smile sneaked onto the corner of Claire’s lips.

Dragon Ben blinked, still puzzled.

“Just follow me.” Claire smiled slyly, “You will learn what you wanted to learn.”

“Okay.” Dragon agreed instantly and followed Claire out quietly.

The night was cold.

Claire and dragon Ben were crouched down in a lonely alley. Claire was whispering into dragon Ben’s ear. Dragon Ben listened closely, blinking and noting every word.

“Do this?” Dragon Ben blinked his eyes and asked cutely, like an elementary kid waiting for a teacher’s response.

“Yup, then you only need to do this…… and then this……” Claire instructed detailedly to the sweet little baby dragon Ben.

“Got it, got it.” Dragon Ben nodded, then blinked confusedly, and asked intently, “But, what am I doing this for?”

“To divert their attention.” Claire explained patiently, “Which means you are on over there to attract their attention, while I go in from another side. Then they won’t notice me.”

“This is fun, haha.” Dragon Ben shook with laughter, “But how long do I need to hold them off?”

“Hold them off for as long as you can. If you can’t think of anything to say anymore, tell them stories. Tell them the expectations the goddess of Light has for the god of Dragons, her expectation for humans and dragons to live together in peace. And say that you are here to visit them.” Claire taught dragon Ben shamelessly.

Dragon Ben listened carefully, remembering everything in heart.

“I got everything. Do I go over now?” Excitement flickered in dragon Ben’s eyes. He was way too eager to get started.

“No, no hurry right now. Later.” Claire calculated the time. Three o’clock in the morning was when people are the most sleepy and least alert. Making a fuss then would be the best.

“Okay.” Dragon Ben squatted down, waiting patiently for the time to come.

The night became darker and darker. Claire looked at the sky, thinking it was about time. She gave dragon Ben a push, who had almost fallen asleep, “Ben, let’s go. It’s time for your performance.”

“Okay.” Dragon Ben leaped up excitedly.

One person and one dragon sneaked towards the main gate of the Temple of Light under the cover of darkness.

“Roar…… ” Dragon Ben’s roar split the night sky as he returned to his original form. He squatted in front of the Temple of Light’s doors.

A frightening dragon pressure spread outward.

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6 thoughts on “Ch.62 Helping Walter Regrow His Body (Part II)

  1. Sighhh teaching a dragon how to deceive lol
    I hope Clair steals what she wants

    Thank you for your hard work! 🙂


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