Ch.63 You Want to Dog-Eat-Dog? (Part I)

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Dragon Ben’s huge body almost filled up the the main doors of the Temple of Light. A indescribable dragon’s presence spread outward, immediately alerting everyone inside.

The pope opened his eyes abruptly, pulled on some clothes and rushed outside. He knew this form of presence very clearly. It was a dragon’s presence. But why would a dragon appear here? Why would such a haughty and powerful creature appear in front of the temple at midnight? An ominous feeling arose from the bottom of the pope’s heart.

The Temple of Light was immediately in chaos. A huge, black dragon just sat blatantly in front of the temple. Everyone dressed hurriedly and ran to the doors, watching the huge dragon nervously and cautiously. Each person guessed silently, what did this dragon want? Will it attack the Temple?

They all knew clearly that one puff from the enormous dragon and the main gate of the Temple of Light would be utterly destroyed. If it started to use magic, then without a strong person to stop it, the results would be disastrous. Even the strongest knew that fighting a dragon was never a good idea. The so-called dragon-slayers were only fairy tales for children. But dragons weren’t supposed to attack human cities, so why would this dragon appear here all of a sudden?

When the pope arrived at the door, there was already a gathering. Seeing the pope coming, people made way for him. No one dared to act rashly.

The pope frowned and looked at the huge dragon crouching before the gates, a little nervous and unsure what to do. It had three heads! A dragon that could use three types of magic! If they fought with this dragon, they wouldn’t benefit even if they won. Because this was the capital! The was the gates of the Temple of Light! Once they start fighting, who knows if everything here might be destroyed? No one could claim such a responsibility. Not even him, the pope!

What really made the pope at a loss was that this dragon just sat there, with no intention of fighting. He just looked down at the people from his high vantage point, staring, but not saying a word. Nobody noticed that there was a small, furry creature sitting on the black dragon’s back, a presence that could be overlooked. It was White Emperor. Claire was afraid that if White Emperor stayed with her, someone might detect his essence, so she left White Emperor under Ben’s care.

So a dragon just stared back at all the people, a pair of big eyes to a bunch of small eyes.

There was an eerie feeling. A cool wind blew by, making the air colder.

There was dead silence.

“Uh, the exalted dragon visitor, may I ask what brought you here so late in the night?” At last, the pope opened his mouth, trying to stay calm.

More and more people gathered behind the pope. They all came because they felt that frightening presence of a dragon. Most people were in their pajamas, with only a jacket hastily thrown over. They were all nervous and uncertain. A huge dragon actually appeared here in the middle of the night. What for?

“Humph.” Dragon Ben humphed coldly through all six nostrils, and lowered his head slowly to look at the pope.

Everyone held their breath and prepared themselves. Was the battle starting?

“I was just passing by, and decided to take a rest here.” But dragon Ben started talking with a straight face, “It’s spacious here.”

Everyone stared speechless at each other, each seeing disbelief in the other’s eyes. They suspected if they were group sleepwalking? The pope’s face was also convulsing.

Passing by? Staying here to rest?

Such a thing can happen?

“The exalted dragon visitor, so you do not have any intention of starting a conflict?” The pope asked carefully and politely.

“Conflict?” Dragon Ben pretended to very shocked, then exclaimed as if he were deeply hurted, “What nonsense are you talking! The god of Dragons always had an agreement with the goddess of Light, that us dragons cannot attack you humans’ cities for no reason. Why would I do something that would shame our god of Dragons?” Dragon Ben said solemnly.

Dragon Ben followed the book, delaying time as Claire had taught him.

The crowd was very confused. So this powerful black dragon was just passing by? Were there such coincidences?

The pope was also doubtful, but it was fine as long as he was not here to make a conflict.

By this time, Claire had already sneaked into the Temple from the other side. As she expected, almost everyone in the Temple were attracted by Dragon Ben outside. Dragons, these proud and arrogant creatures, usually had no contact with humans whatsoever. They were a symbol of strength and fear in people’s hearts. But now one appeared suddenly in front of the Temple of Light. How could people not be amazed? Their first reaction was an enemy attack, and they must go fight. So of course, defense was much weaker over here.

Claire landed silently, concealed her aura, and sneaked along the white jade hall. The main temple was in the back, and the enshrined treasure was inside there.

On the way, the halls were almost empty. The Temple of Light had always been proud. In their eyes, no person or group had the strength to contend against them. Who could have thought that the huge dragon at the doors was arranged by someone to catch their attention? And who could have thought that someone was bold enough to sneak into the Temple and steal?

Claire made her way through the halls lightly, like a ghost, silent and undetectable.

She was close now. The main temple was right in front. Claire took out the invisibility cape Cliff gave her and put it on carefully. Her figure vanished instantly.

The main temple was fully lighted, unique and beautiful. It was always light in here. A huge magical chandelier was hanging from the ceiling, and walls were decorated by numerous small magic wall lamps. On the highest part of the main temple was a statue of the goddess. The statue was extremely realistic, and the goddess looked so pure, so holy and unattainable.

In front of the statue, under a glittering magic hood, was a pretty object shaped like a shell. So that must be the treasure that Walter said could let a spirit regrow his body.

Claire squinted her eyes and looked at it closely, then slowly walked forward to sense the magical barrier. As Walter had said, the barrier was very weak. Now all she needed to do was to break open the barrier and take away the treasure without alerting anyone.

Claire was focused on reading the wavelength of the barrier when footsteps suddenly sounded outside, along with a clear voice that Claire was familiar, “Older sister Qing1 , hurry.”

“Xuanxuan, slow down! You can’t run like this, you’ll hurt yourself. If your brother knew I allowed you to get up in the middle of the night to see a dragon, he’ll get mad at me.” Liu Xueqing’s voice sounded, blame and pamper mixed in it.

“Nope, I will tell Brother, Brother won’t get mad at you.” Leng Xuanxuan giggled, “I miss Brother, older sister Qing. Do you miss my brother too?”

“You child, what are you talking about?” Although these were Liu Xueqing’s words, her shy and happy tone betrayed her.

“Older sister Qing……” Leng Xuanxuan’s voice came closer and closer.

Claire stopped her actions and concealed her aura. She wanted to continue after they left.

When Liu Xueqing and Leng Xuanxuan were passing through the main temple, Liu Xueqing suddenly stopped, and frowned. She looked towards the treasure enshrined under the statue of the goddess. Something did not seem right.

Claire’s heart tightened. No way! Was this divine princess powerful enough to sense the invisible her? The invisibility cape had a time limit. If this divine princess doesn’t go away soon, then she’s in deep trouble. Claire didn’t dare move either. Since the divine princess already sensed that something was wrong, if she moved, the divine princess will definitely discover her. Sure enough, there was a reason why she became the divine princess. This divine princess was not a simple person to deal with. Claire started getting anxious. What should she do if the divine princess really won’t leave?

“Older sister Qing, come on, hurry! If we don’t go now, maybe we won’t see the dragon.” Leng Xuanxuan tugged on Liu Xueqing’s clothes, and begged, “Hurry, if we don’t see it this time, maybe Xuanxuan won’t ever get to see a dragon in her lifetime anymore.”

“Xuanxuan……” Hearing this, Liu Xueqing’s expression changed. Her brows unfolded themselves, replaced by a pitying expression. Leng Xuanxuan was weak and sickly; she had always relied on medicine from the Temple to survive. If anything happened, maybe she really wouldn’t live long.

“Older sister, let’s go.” Leng Xuanxuan urgently pulled on the corner of Liu Xueqing’s clothes.

“Okay, okay, good little Xuanxuan, I’ll take you now. But when your brother gets back don’t tell him I took you out at midnight~” Liu Xueqing bended down to pick Leng Xuanxuan up, then hurried out.

Claire watched the two leaving, letting out her breath silently. They finally left. The time of the the invisibility cape was limited. Now that she used it up, she must infuse strong magic into it to use it again.

Just when Claire relaxed, she saw Leng Xuanxuan, who was holding onto Liu Xueqing’s neck and looking over Liu Xueqing’s shoulder, give her a wide smile silently.

Claire’s pupils expanded.

This little girl saw her! Claire was a little scared. So Leng Xuanxuan leaving so hurriedly to see the dragon wasn’t because she really wanted to see it, but because to get Liu Xueqing away! To cover for her?! Why did this little girl cover for her? Why was she so nice to her?

Thinking all this through, Claire also smiled and nodded quietly at Leng Xuanxuan’s leaving figure.

Leng Xuanxuan blinked playfully, then curled up into Liu Xueqing arms as they walked away.

Claire immediately turned around, read the wavelength of the barrier, then reached through the barrier, took the treasure, tucked it away carefully, and swiftly returned the way she came in. The second Claire cleared the high wall surrounding the Temple, the time of the invisibility cape came to an end. Claire’s figure appeared instantly.

Claire packed away the cape and blended into the night.

1. Older sister Qing: 晴姐姐, or Qing older sister; when addressing someone with (the last character of their name followed by) older sister or older brother, shows intimacy between the two and shows the younger one acknowledging the older one’s authority.

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