Ch.63 You Want to Dog-Eat-Dog? (Part II)

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Just when Claire returned to the alley she and Ben were hiding before, an almost unnoticeable disturbance occurred in the air. Claire’s heart tightened and leaped to side agilely. The next moment, a glaring dagger shot besides Claire’s head, cutting off a few strands of her hair. The broken hairs fell to the ground softly.

“So you are not afraid of anything. Daring to sneak into the Temple of Light at midnight and steal!” A cold and indifferent voice sounded behind Claire abruptly.

“Wrong. This is called borrowing, not stealing.” Claire corrected, shaking her head.

“Humph, I’ve never seen someone so shameless as you. Calling it borrowing when you’re obviously stealing.” The woman assassin spat sourly as she sheathed her dagger, all the while watching Claire coldly.

“Then why is your excellency still up about so late? It can’t be just to have a conversation with me.” A faint smile appeared on Claire’s lips. This woman’s abilities were much stronger than average. And last time, Walter had said that there was a faint dark aura on her. So who was she? Why did Claire feel that this person knew who she is?

“Little brat, you dare talk back to me?” The assassin frowned.

“No.” Claire felt confused about the woman assassin’s tone. Judging by her voice, she couldn’t be too old, but she kept talking like she was an elder. Very strange indeed.

“You can tell your stupid dragon to leave now.” After saying this, the woman assassin vanished.

Claire frowned. She felt baffled by all this. It was as the woman assassin was just passing by and stopped to chat. This feeling was like two old friends taking a walk after dinner and happened to see each other, so they stopped to talk. Um. Even Claire herself thought it was ridiculous. Why would she think about it like that?

But she did get what she wanted, and it’s time for dragon Ben to leave. Claire closed her eyes, feeling the contract bond between her and White Emperor, and sent over her message.

“Chirp!” White Emperor opened his eyes, then stretched out his two front paws and started to scratch dragon Ben’s back with all his might, signaling dragon Ben that they could leave now.

“I was just passing by. But since I landed here, then I’ll conveniently visit you. To you loyal believers in the goddess of Light, of course we, the dragons, show a very friendly attitude……” Dragon Ben was still making his speech, enjoying himself immensely. His spit flew everywhere, making the lives of the people below miserable as hell.

The crowd had only grabbed a jacket when they came out. Now their minds all stopped functioning, all looking at the gigantic dragon crouched there, listening to him speak.

“Okay, I’ve rested enough now. To the loyal believers of the goddess, goodbye! I’ll see you next time.” Feeling White Emperor scratching on his back, dragon Ben understood that Claire had finished her business. Hastily bidding farewell with the crowd, he flapped his wings and soared upwards, disappearing in the night sky.

Until dragon Ben completely left their sight, the crowd still didn’t come back to their senses. This night felt like a dream. It felt like they all had a miraculous dream simultaneously, but this was reality. It must be. The pope frowned and looked at the night sky, keep feeling that something was off, but he couldn’t tell what.

Liu Xueqing’s eyes never left the black dragon. When the black dragon flew away, she surprisingly saw a small speck on the black dragon’s back. It seemed to be furry, but she couldn’t be sure.

“Older sister Qing, the dragon flew away.” Holding onto Liu Xueqing’s neck, Leng Xuanxuan looked at the night sky and said softly. “Yes. Then let’s go back to rest.” Liu Xueqing held Leng Xuanxuan tightly in her arms and smiled.

“Okay.” Leng Xuanxuan withdrew her gaze. An unnoticeable smile flashed across her eyes.

The crowd dispersed slowly. Just when the pope let out his breath and prepared to go back to sleep, someone came to report to in a panic.

“Your Holiness, come quick! The Gift of the goddess is missing!” The flustered person reported, his face pale. “What?!” The pope’s expression changed instantly. The Gift of the goddess was missing?!

Liu Xueqing’s expression changed too. Now she remembered sensing that something was unusual when they passed through the main temple. She didn’t expect for something to really happen!

Someone stole the Gift of the goddess from right under their eyes!

Astonishment, anger, urgence. All these negative emotions almost led the pope to lose his senses.

“Go investigate immediately! We must get the Gift of the goddess back!” The pope’s face was green. There was actually a person so bold?! It was all because that huge dragon attracted their attention, so someone could make advantage of their slip. Right, the dragon! The pope suddenly realized. Why would a dragon appear for no reason here and then only talk rubbish?!

What if? Thinking to here, the pope’s heart became heavy. What if that dragon was called by the person who stole the Gift of the goddess? Able to make a dragon do such a thing, then that person’s strength……

The more he thought about it, the more worried the pope became. The Gift of the goddess. That treasure wasn’t just a decoration, it was expendable. Since the person who stole the treasure was so powerful, then they probably would never get it back. Even if they did find the thief eventually, it would be too late, for the treasure would definitely have been used up!

His thoughts spinning, the pope looked totally defeated. But he was very confused. Who was it? With the strength to order around a haughty dragon? When did the capital birth such a powerful person? Or when did such a powerful person come to the capital? He had never heard of anyone like that.

The pope’s face turned green and black, black and green. No one dared to talk to him. So the pope left and returned to his room alone, thinking the whole way who might have done this.

At this time, Claire and the now-human dragon Ben sneaked silently back to Camille’s house. Dragon Ben went back to sleep satisfied. Tonight was such fun. Every time he thought about those people watching him with colorful expressions, forced to endure his poison-language tea, Ben was very much delighted.

Claire also made it back to her room quietly. But just when she closed the door, the light turned on.

In the middle of the room, sat the dark faced Camille.

“Oh, teacher, how could you do this! Secretly hiding in a young virgin girl’s bedroom.” Claire scolded with all seriousness.

“Is going to the Temple of Light in the middle of the night to steal something a young virgin girl would do?” Camille’s face was dark, but his tone was very gentle.

Claire looked him, almost breaking down, “Uh, teacher, can you make your tone and expression a little more coordinated?”

“Sure.” A warm, spring-like smile appeared on Camille’s face, his voice as gentle as it could be. He got up and walked over slowly, “Show me what you stole.”

“You want to dog-eat-dog1 ?” Claire watched Camille cautiously.

The next moment, Claire got a sound whack on her head. Camille’s gentle voice was tinged with anger, “What sort of rubbish books have you been reading?”

“Hey, you hit me?” Claire covered her head, then looked plaintively at White Emperor, who had slid quickly to her shoulder for refuge. So ungrateful. Camille was too fast, so that Claire wasn’t able to duck in time, but this little jerk, dodging away so fast in times of trouble.

“So what if I hit you? Show me the stuff right now!” Camille said gently yet dangerously.

Claire curled her lips: “You sure you’re not dog-eating-dog?”

Camille raised his hand again, and Claire scurried to the side immediately, covering her head.

The two stared at each other for quite a while before Claire finally took out an item.

“The Gift of the goddess? What do you want this for?” Camille recognized it with one glance but didn’t seem surprised.

“I have my own uses.” Claire rolled her eyes at Camille. This bully does whatever he pleases just because he was faster than her, .

“Pft. And I thought it was something good. Go to sleep.” Camille snorted and walked straight out the door.

Claire stared at the door, confused. What the heck did that fellow mean with his reaction? So weird.

Anyways, Walter can have a body now. This was something to be happy for.

Claire closed the door tightly, then sat back onto her bed. She fished out the Spiritual Stone and started rubbing it wickedly again.

“Stop, stop rubbing!” This was Walter’s first sentence after waking up. In his heart, he was deeply resentful. This little devil, she pinched him so hard this time. Don’t know when he would have woken up if she didn’t rub him.

“How do you use this?” Claire stopped rubbing Walter and pointed at the shell besides her.

Walter dropped his jaw, dumbfounded.

“Speak!” Claire poked the Spiritual Stone bluntly with her fingernail, pulling Walter back to realization. “Claire! You really got it? You actually, really, got it?!” Walter’s excited eyes were filled with unbelief.

“I am asking you how to use it!” Claire asked intimidatingly.

“Ah oh you just open the shell and take out the thing inside and grind it into powder and sprinkle it on my spirit but you must make a magical barrier so the light wouldn’t be seen outside in case someone finds out I’m going to have body soon I’m so happy!” Walter answered obediently in one sentence without pausing in between, not even before that last sentence.

Claire didn’t ask anymore questions. She set up a barrier immediately, opened the shell, took out a smooth, small ball, stood on the bed, squished the ball into powder with her hands, and was about to sprinkle it all on Walter’s spirit.

“Wait!!!!” Walter shouted, his expression suddenly changing.

But it was already too late. The powder slowly fell on him.

1. Dog-eat-dog: stealing from thieves, robbing from robbers, etc.

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2 thoughts on “Ch.63 You Want to Dog-Eat-Dog? (Part II)

  1. Thank you for the amazing amount of chapters. But please don’t overwork yourself! Even though it makes me so happy

    I wonder if “wait” implies somethings wrong hahaha I’m recalling Master Emery’s words

    And man I think by rubbing he feels it all over his body. Since the author never specified which part of Walter’s body was hurt when she poked him with her finger.


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