Ch.64 Dead People Cannot Tell Stories (Part I)

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“Wait!!!!” Walter shouted, his expression suddenly changing.

But it was already too late. The powder slowly fell on him.

Claire also wanted to stop, but the powder was already sprinkled. Every bit of it fell on Walter’s spirit. A dazzling brilliance emanated off Walter, making it unable for one to open their eyes. Claire squinted, but still couldn’t see what was happening in the light.

“Ah……” Walter’s low voice sounded from within the white light.

“Hey, Walter, are you okay? What did you mean by telling me to wait?” Claire asked. Walter sounded pretty normal; will anything go wrong?

“I’m fine.” Walter’s low voice only answered the first question, leaving the second one unanswered.

Claire sat down. She propped her chin on her hands and waited for the white light to disperse, to see what happened.

The white light slowly dissipated, and Walter’s figure was slowly revealed. First was his head: a delicate and pretty face, and shiny black hair; next was his thin shoulders. Eyes wide open, Claire stared intently. So miraculous! Walter was really growing a body! Slowly, the rest of Walter’s body also appeared. Claire just sat on the edge of the bed and watched Walter’s rebirth. Shoulders, chest, waist, and under that……

Claire turned stone. Under a man’s waist was……

Covering his private part with his hands, Walter muttered into Claire’s livid face: “I told you to wait…… I just wanted you to give me some clothes, and that you could have waited in the corner after sprinkling the powder.” Walter looked as if this was none of his business.

“Get out!” Claire grabbed a pillow and threw it at Walter. Walter caught the pillow and used it to cover his important part as he retreated.

“Dude, it’s not my fault! That thing can only give me a body, clothes don’t come with it! I didn’t want it to be like this either.” Feeling wronged, Walter tried his best to explain to the livid Claire.

“I ordered you to get out, do you not understand?” Claire was about to explode.

“But, but at least give me a quilt or something to let me wrap around myself.” Walter begged Claire.

“Get out.” Claire snatched a blanket and threw it to Walter. Walter hastily wrapped his body up then ran out embarrassedly.

Right after Walter stepped out of the room, the door slammed shut behind him with a bang.

Walter stood in the corridor. It was already early in the morning and the sky was dawning. Walter was naked except for the blanket around his waist. He stared blankly at Claire’s door. A cool wind blew past and Walter shivered, finally regaining his senses. He knocked on the door, “Claire, are you going to leave me out here like this?”

No sound inside.

“Could you bear to let me just stand out here like this? With no arrangements whatsoever? Shouldn’t you at least introduce me to them? I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t materialize out of thin air.” Walter knocked on the door heavily.

Still no sound inside.

“When the others get up later, and see an unclad, beautiful man knocking on your door early in the morning, what would they think? They would probably think that you……” The next moment, the door opened. Walter’s hand, which had been knocking, stopped mid-air. Before him was Claire’s face, dark enough to squeeze water out of.

Yet Walter still finished his sentence, ridiculing Claire as if he didn’t value his life: “People will think you did that to me and now don’t want to be responsible.”

“Aaaaaaaah–!” Immediately, Walter’s blood-curdling scream sliced through daybreak. The people welcomed a new day in this scream.

When the others rushed to Claire’s door, they saw a beat up, pretty man crouching on the floor in agony. He was holding his head and yelling. He only had a blanket around his waist. Claire was livid and had just stopped her murderous acts.

The crowd felt they were hallucinating. What was going on?

Sharp-eyed Summer noticed the blanket on Walter’s waist. She frowned and said quietly, “This, isn’t this the blanket from Claire’s bed?”

After the hallucinations came the lightning on a sunny day.

The crowd was struck inside and out.

Claire looked at Summer icily. Her meaning was super clear: will you die if you didn’t say that?

Catching Claire’s cold expression, Summer swallowed, then backed up, a little frightened.

Jean stared at the man crouched on the ground, then opened his mouth softly, “Walter?”

Walter looked up at Jean, then let out a smile that was even uglier than a cry, “Jean, please get me a set of clothes first…… ”

“Oh, so you know each other?” Summer understood, “Oh! So this fellow wanted to attack Claire at night, but then got beat by Claire and thrown out like this?” Summer let her wild imagination fly and chatted without giving a second thought.

“I’m going to rest! Nobody disturb me!” Claire’s face darkened even more. She turned and slammed the door shut, not paying any more attention to the people outside.

On the dinner table, Summer stroked her chin, watching Walter eating. Shiny black hair, delicate and pretty features, irises as clear as water; he looked favorable from every angle. Such a gentle and frail man. Summer wouldn’t believe it even if she was beaten to death that this delicate man in front of her planned a night attack on Claire. Unless he didn’t want to live anymore. What she said before was just random thoughts. Now that Summer thought about it, if this man was Claire’s friend, he would never put his life on the line to make a night attack on Claire, unless he wanted to die. Based Claire’s personality, she would definitely tear him limb from limb.

“Who are you, really? Why would you appear in Claire’s room?” Summer asked confusedly, while leaning on her elbows and watching Walter eating.

“My name is Walter. What about you?” Walter finished eating, took up a napkin and wiped his mouth.

“Summer. You haven’t answered my question yet.” Summer frowned and persisted.

“I came last night, but a strong wind blew my clothes away, so now I’m like this.” Walter started making up stuff in a serious tone.

Summer pouted. “Don’t say it if you don’t want to. Humph.”

Walter smiled instead of answering. The less people who knew about this, the better.

Camille carried a big plate of meat to the back garden, cursing in his heart.That damn little girl, keeping a huge beast in the yard was enough, but she had to go and get a real person here too! Did she think his house was a charity organization?! But didn’t expect that little girl went to steal the Gift of the goddess for this person.

At this time, Clare was sitting cross-legged on her bed, meditating silently.

Walter had a body now, so his mental connection with Claire was broken. The biggest problem right now was that Walter was a dark magician. How could he conceal his dark essence and stay with them? Without finding a solution yet, that fellow could only stay in the house without going out. He also seemed to be on the wanted list of the Temple of Light?

Just then, someone knocked softly on the door.

“Didn’t I say not to bother me?” Claire replied fiercely.

“Miss, it’s me. I’ve brought you food.” Jean’s voice sounded quietly outside the door.

Claire paused, then got up to open the door for Jean. Jean was carrying a plate, but his expression was a little lonely.

“Come in.” Claire was rather bad-tempered.

“Miss…… ” Jean closed the door behind him, set down the plate on the table, then looked solemnly at Claire.

“What else?” Claire frowned slightly.

“Miss, I want to ask you, have you truly accepted my loyalty?” When Jean asked this, he was exceptionally serious.

Claire was a little caught off guard. What did Jean mean by that?

“If I didn’t accept your loyalty, I would have left you during the battle with the Gold Dragon.” Claire answered coldly.

“But, Miss, why didn’t you tell me about your dangerous actions last night? I’m your guardian knight. I don’t ask to share your happiness, but I want to share your troubles. I wish to help you carry your burdens and worries, wish that I could stand in front of you in times of danger.” Jean’s expression was not only serious, but also tinged with loneliness.

All of a sudden, Claire couldn’t speak. She just looked at Jean’s glistening eyes blankly.

“Miss, if something like this happens again, even if I won’t be of any use, could you please at least tell me?” Jean looked intently at Claire and pleaded.

“Okay…… ” Claire looked at Jean’s gaze, and couldn’t do anything else but to agree.

“Then please eat, Miss, and then take a good rest.” After getting Claire’s positive answer, a faint smile appeared on Jean’s face. He stood up, opened the door, and left.

“Ma, that man has improper thoughts towards you, definitely! But I don’t like him, too introverted, doesn’t know how to express his feelings.” Golden Lotus’ voice suddenly appeared, then added happily, “That Walter or whoever is finally gone. Now you’re all mine, Ma!”

Claire: “…….”

“Golden Lotus, don’t sleep, I want to make a breakthrough, you help me absorb the lightning.” Claire looked at the food on the table and randomly ate some.

“Sure, right now?” Golden Lotus agreed at once.

“Not here, we need to go outside the city.” Claire knew that she must become powerful quickly. That divine princess Liu Xueqing could actually detect the invisible her.

“Okay.” Golden Lotus couldn’t wait.

Claire reached out her hand to White Emperor, who was lying besides her pillow. White Emperor chirped and lept onto Claire’s hand, then climbed all the way onto Claire’s shoulder and then her head.

Claire was just about to leave when she remembered her promise to Jean, so she turned back and knocked on Jean’s door.

The door was opened quickly. Jean looked confusedly at Claire standing in the doorway, “Miss, something’s up?”

“I need to go out, I have some business outside the city. It’s nothing big, you don’t need to come. I’ll be back before noon.” Claire explained shortly.

Jean watched Claire uncertainly, “Why does Miss need to go? Will it be dangerous?”

“It’s not dangerous at all, I’ll be back in not time. You don’t need to come. Watch over Summer and dragon Ben, don’t let them make trouble. I’ll just be outside the city. What could happen?” Claire replied lightly.

“But…… ” Jean hesitated.

“If there’s danger, I would bring you along.” Claire blocked back what Jean was going to say with one short sentence, “I’ll return quickly.”

Not waiting for Jean to answer, Claire took White Emperor and went to the yard, riding the wind leopard out the back gate. Jean watched Claire’s disappearing figure silently, his gaze complicated.

A golden-haired, beautiful girl with green irises was riding a seventh grade beast on the streets. Of course this was very catchy, but because it was so early in the morning, there weren’t much people on the streets, and so no commotion was made.

A carriage rumbled along the streets slowly. Claire rushed by on her wind leopard, spooking the horses greatly. The horses started neighing and prancing around, and the coachman had to spend a lot of time and effort in calming them down. The person inside the carriage poked her head out furiously, about to demand an explanation, but instead saw a familiar figure sprinting towards the city gates.

It was Claire Hill! The person inside the carriage opened her eyes wide. So you really can’t avoid your enemies. Correct, the person inside the carriage was not other than Alice Roman. The person who suggested a duel with Claire and lost completely. The person who also lost one of the Roman Clan’s family heirlooms.

Alice frowned at Claire’s disappearing figure. Where was that b*tch going so early in the morning?

“Alice, what’s wrong?” An indifferent voice sounded besides Alice’s ear.

“Cousin, I just saw my enemy going outside the city.” Alice said while humphing coldly.

“Oh, is it that person who caused you to lost the magic sword?” The indifferent voice was a little interested.

“Yes.” Alice was still upset.

“Let’s go. As your elder male cousin, I’ll help you vent your anger.” The indifferent voice said.

“Really?” Alice asked happily. If her cousin was willing to fight, it would be perfectly safe. After all, he was a wizard! He had come back from Lagark to visit family, seemingly also to discuss something with Grandfather. With such a strong cousin at hand, they must go and teach that b*tch a lesson.

“Of course. She dares to bully our Alice, so I will let her pay the price.” The indifferent voice was disdainful.

“But, she’s from the Hill clan. If we go teach her a lesson now, it would cause trouble for Grandfather?” Alice bit her lip, hesitating.

“Dead people can’t tell stories.” The indifferent voice was full of poison and confidence.

“Cousin, are you sure this is okay?” Alice’s expression was a bit shocked.

“Of course. Why wouldn’t it be? Go, tell the coachman to turn the carriage around and follow her.” The indifferent voice replied darkly.

“Okay.” Alice ordered the coachman to turn the carriage around, but an unnoticeable smirk appeared in the depths of her eyes. She had gotten her way. She knew that her cousin would make such a decision based on his attitude.

Alice looked at the city gates, laughing coldly in her heart. Little bitch, I won’t let you die too easily this time.

The carriage turned around and headed for the city gates.

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