Ch.64 Dead People Cannot Tell Stories (Part II)

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Claire had slowed down, searching for a suitable place to receive the lightning. She did not know yet that danger was coming close.

Clare left the city and headed for the quiet, rural areas. She didn’t want the stunning scene of the lightning descending to be seen by others.

The early morning forest was quiet, with dew still hanging from the leaves.

“Leo, wait for me over there.” Claire patted the wind leopard’s head, pointing at a large rock not far from her. Then Claire took White Emperor from off her head and set him on the wind leopard’s head, “White Emperor, go, too.”

The wind leopard walked over, carrying White Emperor. He settled down on the rock, waiting obediently.

Claire found a dry patch of ground and sat down. She crossed her legs and expanded her consciousness, sensing her surroundings. Everything was quiet and peaceful, nothing out of the ordinary. Claire set up a barrier and started operating the Lotus Power, ready to make a breakthrough of the third volume.

A faint golden light came off of Claire’s whole body, becoming brighter and brighter. She reached that mystic realm again. Everything around her was extremely defined.

Suddenly, a comfortable feeling flowed up from the pit of her stomach. Claire was surprised. It was as Golden Lotus had said, that with magic and DouQi supplementing, it was very easy to make a breakthrough. She remembered that Golden Lotus had also said that if she didn’t give birth to him, then she would only be able to practice to the tenth volume of the Treasured Lotus Directory, about the same level as a sorcerer. Based off of that, Golden Lotus had said that she could quickly reach the seventh volume, which would be her current magic level, a wizard. So this was how it was it was organized, Claire realized. But the second volume of the Treasure Lotus Directory enabled her to spread her consciousness outward and sense her surroundings, so what amazing abilities would the third volume bring?

By this time, the sky above her darkened, and storm clouds were gathering swiftly.

The lightning was coming.

But Claire wasn’t worried at all. Golden Lotus was there to shield her.

The wind leopard pawed at the ground nervously. Even though he had experienced such a scene before, the abnormality in the sky was still frightening.

More and more storm clouds gathered over, piling in the sky above Claire instantly. Lightning flashed and thunder roared, fearful to watch.

Alice and her elder brother cousin stared at the abnormality in the sky, shocked. Lightning and thunder? Why would there be a clump of storm clouds?

“Ma, you can even take a catnap right now. It’ll be over in a minute.” Golden Lotus said obnoxiously.

“Who can fall asleep with such loud noises?” Claire looked at the heavy storm clouds in the sky and humphed. A familiar burning sensation appeared on her back. She knew that another petal was unfurling.

“I was only exaggerating, I just meant to tell Ma to not worry, not worry.” Golden Lotus added obnoxiously.

“I made a breakthrough of the third volume, but why don’t I feel anything different?” Claire stretched her hand and looked at palm, feeling nothing abnormal.

“Ma, you’ll know later when you meditate.” Golden Lotus answered mysteriously.

“What?” Claire was confused.

“Just think about it, I’m so powerful, so could the magic art you’re practicing be useless?” Golden Lotus continued obnoxiously, then added disdainfully, “Wait, let me first eat this lightning.”

Claire waited boredly for the lightning to descend. Right now, she was enveloped by huge golden lotus flower. The rumbling thunder was heard for miles, and the indescribable pressure was frightening.

“Cousin, what, what is that?” Alice’s voice was shaking.

“I don’t know.” The indifferent voice was also a little doubtful, “But the person we’re looking for went that way. Let’s go.”

“Cousin, maybe, not today.” Alice watched the abnormality in the sky and said worriedly.

“I will not change things I have decided. Go!” The indifferent voice was impatient and walked forward.

Alice gazed at her cousin’s figure, a sense of uneasiness arising from the bottom of her heart. After much hesitation, she followed behind.

At the same time, Liu Xueqing, standing at the city gates, was also frowning at the abnormality in the sky outside the city.

“Older sister Qing, what is that? And why isn’t Brother here yet?” Leng Xuanxuan tugged gently on the edge of Liu Xueqing’s clothes.

The reason why the two of them got up so early to  wait in front of the city gates was too welcome Leng Linyun’s return. Leng Linyun hadn’t found anything over there, so he could only come back. Portals were too expensive, so the Temple of Light wouldn’t open it unless in cases of emergency. So without any information, Leng Linyun rode a carriage home.

“He should be here soon, Xuanxuan, don’t fret.” Liu Xueqing comforted, but still watched the abnormality in the sky closely. What was going on?

A carriage was nearing the capital. Naturally, the person inside was Leng Linyun. He also noticed the abnormality in the sky and was very puzzled.

At the same time, Alice and her elder cousin were about to come close to Claire, who was preparing to receive the lightning.

“Yo, Ma, two ants are coming.” Golden Lotus warned out loud.

After Claire heard him, she closed her eyes and sent her consciousness outward. After a moment, a creepy smile appeared on her lips. So enemies do meet. It was actually Alice, that girl who fought her and lost.

The thunder was even louder, and black storm clouds rolled in the sky.

A huge rumble, and a glaring lightning sliced through the atmosphere.

The ruthless lightning crashed onto the golden lotus flower, disappearing immediately, vanishing without a trace. Claire didn’t move, for there was a second lightning.

The next scary lightning was also easily absorbed by Golden Lotus.

“Done, Ma, now it’s your turn. Those two ants are annoying.” The golden lotus flower that surrounded Claire dissipated slowly.

Claire stood up and looked towards the sky. The storm clouds scattered quickly, just like last time.

Claire walked to where the wind leopard and White Emperor were, and reached out to pat the leopard’s head while smiling, “Good Leo.”

“You are Claire Hill?” A cold voice without any warmth sounded abruptly.

Claire lifted her head, and saw a young man in strange clothes looking at her icily. Alice stood cold-faced besides him. Claire raised her brows slightly. This young man gave her the impression of a ruthless and bloodthirsty person. Only people who were continuously fighting death-or-life battles could have an aura like this.

This person, was dangerous.

“She is Claire Hill.” Alice hurriedly said. She must let Cousin kill the little b*tch fast. Other people were bound to notice the abnormality in the sky and gather over. It would be difficult to kill her then.

“Good, then you must die.” The bloodthirsty man laughed coldly, then lightly waved his hand without chanting any spell. Numerous sharp ground spikes instantly appeared around Claire and the rock, locking her in completely. He was an earth nature magician! And could already use magic instantly!

“Now, enjoy.” The bloodthirsty man laughed coldly. A savage, violent smile also appeared in Alice’s eyes.

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