Ch.65 Leng Lingyun and Claire

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“Now, enjoy.” The bloodthirsty man laughed coldly. A savage, violent smile also appeared in Alice’s eyes.

“Cousin, quick, finish this little b*tch. If someone comes by we’ll be in trouble.” Alice urged, a little worried.

The bloodthirsty man naturally understood what Alice meant. That abnormality in the sky would have attracted many people over. If a crowd gathered, it would be difficult.

“Then she would be let off easy.” The bloodthirsty man laughed coldly and ruthlessly. He waved his hand, controlling the earth elements, ready to make the spikes surrounding Claire impale her.

But, the scene the bloodthirsty man imagined of Claire being torn through and her blood flying everywhere didn’t happen.

Claire humphed coldly, teal DouQi bursting out of her body, shattering all the ground spikes that surrounded her. Dirt, dust, and broken bits of the spikes flew everywhere, the scene shocking.

“Grand warrior?! That’s impossible!” Alice shouted with shock, refusing to believe what she saw. That little b*itch could emit teal colored DouQi? How is that possible! Only grand warriors could emit teal DouQi! It wasn’t long since they last met, but she was able to advance to such a level! Impossible, impossible! Alice was frightened. If her DouQi was already so advanced, what about her magic? How good is that little b*itch’s magic?

“So a true magician-warrior. But today I will let you unable to continue advancing either!” The bloodthirsty man laughed coldly, his two hands suddenly closing together. A powerful strength exploded out of his hands, and huge, sharp ground spikes shot out from the ground in front of him, aiming for Claire. This sudden dirt spike wall was magnificent yet dangerous.

Claire leaped away from the extremely sharp spikes. But she had only found her feet when the ground under her suddenly sank, because the dirt underneath her feet turned into quicksand, and Claire’s feet were swallowed.

“Roar~~” The wind leopard got worried and rushed over, but a sharp spike blocked his way and shot towards him. The leopard avoided it nimbly, but the spike followed closely. The wind leopard leaped this way and that, and the spike also followed this way and that. The leopard avoided the spike easily, but got further and further from Claire, who was sinking into the quicksand. White Emperor never moved, still sitting on the big rock quietly.

“Let this place become your grave.” The bloodthirsty man smiled ruthlessly, his voice low.

A violent, ruthless smile also appeared on Alice’s face. Burying this b*tch alive wasn’t such a bad idea. Alice suppressed the urge to laugh out loud, and watched the sinking Claire savagely. The thing that infuriated Alice was that Claire was so calm in such a dangerous situation, without any hint of panic or fear.

“You little b*tch!” Alice screamed furiously, “Did you imagine there would be today when you took my weapon? Is my weapon something you can take away? You must pay with your life. Burying you alive is going easy on you.” Alice ran closer to the quicksand, and watched Claire sinking with a sinister expression.

“Is this your best?” Claire laughed coldly, waving her hand, ready to use magic, when Golden Lotus’ voice appeared in her head.

“Ma, focus and sense the earth elements around you! Order them, remember, order! Not request!” Golden Lotus said furiously.

Claire paused slightly, order? Not request? When wanting to use magic, a magician always requested the magic elements to come to his side and finish his spell, as to unleash the power. But Golden Lotus told her to sense the earth elements and order them? Wasn’t she better at fire magic?

Although Claire had unanswered questions, she still closed her eyes quickly and focused on sensing the magic elements around her. Only now did Claire find with a shock, that originally she could only sense the red dots being active, but now apart from the red dots there were also many yellow dots being active. Were these the earth elements?

Claire eyes were closed, but she saw earth elements concentrated around the spikes and under her feet. This was because of the magic the bloodthirsty man used.

Order the earth elements?

Order, not request!

“Cousin, kill her now! Kill that little b*tch!” Alice saw that Claire was about to retaliate but suddenly stopped. A strong feeling of uneasiness appeared in her heart, and she shouted at her cousin with all her might, “Cousin, quick, kill that little b*tch!”

The bloodthirsty man frowned, and looked at Alice icily. Alice stepped back a step, frightened by that scary gaze. Because that gaze was too terrifying, giving people a wordless pressure.

“Cousin, I, I’m not ordering you. Really, I have no intention of ordering you at all. How could I order you?” Alice explained nervously and hastily. She knew this cousin’s personality very well. Cruel, conceited, ruthless…… And the thing he hated the most was people talking to him with an ordering tone. Because of this, he had injured two elders in the clan before, but didn’t get a severe punishment. After all, he was very powerful and had lots of potential.The clan wouldn’t really do anything to him.

“Cousin, I, I’m just afraid this little b*tch might trick us.” Alice explained hastily, because she saw Claire with her eyes closed, unmoving, just letting herself sink lower and lower. This was much too unusual; this little b*tch must be preparing to do something.

“Humph! What trick could she play?” The bloodthirsty man humphed coldly, flicking his fingers lightly. Uncountable sharp ground spikes shot out from the ground, and then rushed towards Claire as if they had eyes. It was possible to imagine what would happen if these spikes hit Claire. Claire would have a thousand holes on her.

An indifferent expression appeared on the bloodthirsty man’s face. He turned around to leave. From his perspective, things had ended.

“Claire!” Suddenly, a cool voice tinged with shock and worry sounded angrily.

Shocked, Alice raised her head, and her face became as pale as a sheet.

Silver hair, violet irises.

The divine prince from the Temple of Light!

But what happened the next moment made Alice fall to the ground.

The spikes that were supposed to impale Claire all changed direction, shooting upwards fiercely. The whooshing sounds were frightening.

The direction the ground spikes were heading, was that bloodthirsty man.

The bloodthirsty man was rooted in spot. He was completely stunned by what was happening. These were his magic, but now they turned direction to come attack him!

Such a thing could happen? Even if two magicians were of the same nature, they could only use a spell of the same nature to counterattack. How could she affect his magic?! As if the spikes were the blonde girl’s magic!

Disbelief filled the eyes of the bloodthirsty man. Because he had shockingly discovered, that all the earth elements around him refused his request, refused his calling. Instead, they all rushed towards that golden-haired girl!

How could this happen? When two magicians fight, they all gather their own elements, call on the magic elements and request them to help them create a spell successfully. How many elements a magician can call was based on the magician’s level. They each call their own elements, but they can’t order the magic elements to only listen to this person or refuse that person.

Only sorcerers could do such a thing, to order the magic elements to listen to them and refuse others. But until now, there was only one sorcerer on the whole continent, and he had been missing for a long time. This blonde girl could not be a sorcerer!

But, this young girl in front of him could order the magic elements to refuse his calling and request! The spikes became larger and larger in the bloodthirsty man’s irises.

The bloodthirsty man finally came back to his senses and rolled on the ground, missing the spikes dangerously.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh”, then came the frightening sound of objects striking the ground.

The place where the bloodthirsty man was just standing was filled with sharp spikes. Cold sweat covered the back of the man.

Alice stared dumbly at this scene, unable to wake up.

An illusion?

No, not an illusion.

“Claire…… ?!” Leng Lingyun rushed over quickly, and saw that Claire was still in the quicksand. He reached his hand without thinking, ready to pull Claire up.

Claire looked at the pale, slender hand that suddenly appeared in front of her, and paused.

“Are you okay?” Leng Linyun didn’t pull back his hand, but asked in a low voice. The faint worry in his voice wasn’t noticed by Claire, nor by Leng Linyun himself.

“I, I’m fine.” After a little hesitation, Claire stretched out her hand.

Leng Linyun grabbed Claire’s hand and pulled her up.

Just at this time, Liu Xueqing and Leng Xuanxuan arrived, and saw this scene.

Liu Xueqing’s gaze was fixed on the two hands holding together, a darkness flashing beneath her eyes, but disappearing quickly.

Leng Linyun pulled Claire up, but didn’t let go of her hand.

“Divine Prince, thank you. I’m fine now.” Claire said softly, withdrawing her hand.

“Oh.” Leng Linyun looked at Claire and took back his hand as he realized. Leng Linyun held onto his hand tightly. He didn’t know why he would feel a little disappointed when Claire pulled her hand away.

“Why are you…… ” Leng Linyun just opened his mouth to speak when Liu Xueqing’s shout sounded.

“Where do you think you’re going?!” Liu Xueqing shouted furiously, attracting Claire and Leng Linyun’s gazes.

Alice’s face was deathly white, while the expression on the man besides her was complicated. Alice was about to sneak away with the man, but was stopped by Liu Xueqing’s shout.

“Alice Roman?” Leng Linyun never forgot anything, and he could call out the names of every noble he met. Right now, Leng Linyun’s voice was tinged with anger. He saw these two people almost killing Claire.

Alice’s face instantly became even paler.

She knew, this time, things wouldn’t end so easily.

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