Ch.67 Claire is Under the Suspicion of the Temple of Light! (Part I)

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“What’s your name?” Claire patted behind herself, signaling for the young girl to hop on.

“My name is Chuxin Qiao.” The young girl nimbly hopped onto the wind leopard, not even slightly scared.

“Oh. I’m Claire, and from now on I will be your boss and your leader. You must obey me in the future. Got it?” Claire had already started her shameless brainwashing, while thinking to herself, another ancient surname; just what kind of connection does this continent have with the Orient?

“Sure. But what should I call you?” Chuxin Qiao agreed without second thought. In her eyes, after her mom, this pretty girl was the best person in the world.

“Just call me Claire. But you must strictly follow my orders. And of course, I wouldn’t make you do anything too out of the line.” Claire added.

“Ok. No problem.” Chuxin Qiao answered joyfully.

Claire patted the wind leopard beneath her, setting it off speedily, heading straight towards Camille’s house. She was tired; one sleepless night, plus so much commotion. It’s time to go back and rest.

Once returning to Camille’s house, Claire dragged Chuxin Qiao into Camille’s study and made her sign a five-year contract. Satisfied, Claire yawned and thought about sleeping.

“Here’s some paper gold for you, pre-payment for a year’s wages. Ask me for more if it’s not enough. When I go home tomorrow I will arrange a comfortable place for you to live.” Claire promised between yawns, completely ignoring the group of confused people blocking the entrance.

“You, Summer, come here.” Claire signaled towards Summer, who had her head poking through the door frame.

“What?” Summer came over with a confused expression.

“This is Chuxin Qiao. From now on, she will be part of us. Take her to shop for some clothes first, then buy her some of the stuff that she likes but wouldn’t usually spend her money on. And introduce her to them. I’m going to bed cuz I’m so tired; so much happened today. I’ll explain later. And we’re going to the auction tomorrow.” Claire ordered quickly, all the while yawning.

Summer twitched the corner of her lips. What the heck? Just throwing it all to her? Claire was the one who brought Chuxin back, for goodness sake!

“Chuxin, go with Summer. I’m going to rest, I’m so tired.” Claire yawned, about to leave.

“Hey, you didn’t give me money yet! How am I supposed to buy her stuff!” Summer hurriedly yelled at Claire.

“You’ve got so much money I’m sure you won’t die just by buying some stuff for your new companion.” Claire scolded impatiently, then went right through the crowd and headed for her room.

“Hmph, you stingy person!” Summer cursed, but in her heart, she felt oddly warm. Companion, it’s true, she had always been alone yet now she had a companion! This was all part of the warmness Claire had brought her.

“Claire is not stingy, she said she would give me a hundred gold coins each year, and also provide me with food, shelter, and clothing.” Chuxin Qiao hurriedly explained for Claire.

“What?” Now everyone was interested, all squeezing in and asking for details.

When Chuxin Qiao told them everything, including how they met and their contract, the crowd just looked at each other, while all cursing Claire’s shamelessness in their hearts. She would never be so kind to help a person like that, and give out a salary that was nothing to her. Although it was very high for ordinary people, for Claire, it’s absolutely nothing! Just what is this treacherous person scheming.

Although they were all thinking this, none dared to say it out loud. They all knew what measures Claire was willing to go to. She would find their weakness and attack it mercilessly.

“Here, let me introduce you. From now on you will be part of us.” Summer smiled, beginning to introduce everyone. In her heart she added, from now on you will be just like us, one of Claire’s slaves.

When she reached the door, Claire sneezed. She touched her nose. In this weather, did she catch a cold?

The Temple of Light in the capital, inside the pope’s study.

The pope looked sternly at Xueqing Liu, listening to her report. She had set up a magical matrix in his study the instant she found him, giving him an uncertain feeling. After Xueqing Liu finish did he finally understand why she was so serious.

“Are you sure you saw clearly and correctly?” The pope questioned seriously. The other person was Cliff’s disciple, part of the Hill clan, and the rising star in the capital. But even so, she couldn’t possibly had the power to order a haughty three-headed mega-dragon.

“Your holiness, I promise I saw correctly. The furry ball I saw Claire carrying was the exact little creature that had been sitting on the back of the black dragon that day. I also think it incredible, for with Claire’s current strength, it’s impossible to summon a dragon, let alone ordering a dragon to do such a shameless thing. But, I swear, the little creature in her bosom today was the creature on the back of the black dragon the other day.” Her brows tightly knit, Xueqing Liu said solemnly.

The pope silenced, his face a complex expression. The reason Xueqing Liu became the Divine Princess was neither because of her beauty nor her elegant demeanor; but because she was very strong. “Seeing wrong” was not an excuse that could be used on her, for she had exceptional observation and powerful fighting.

If Xueqing Liu was right, does that mean the little girl from the Hill clan could really summon a dragon and order it? He saw that dragon with his own eyes; it was definitely a real one, not a hallucination. Plus that detestable dragon’s spit was proof that he couldn’t be wrong.

If it really had something to do with Claire, he should probably think from a long-term perspective. But that doesn’t mean he’ll let her go easily! How dare she steal the Gift of the goddess! Hmph! No matter who, they must receive their deserved punishment.

“I understand now. Don’t tell anyone, but investigate it. You know her, so that will make it more convenient. If you can prove that she stole the Gift of the goddess, we must let her receive her well-deserved punishment. Even the emperor his majesty couldn’t shield!” When the pope spit out these words, Xueqing Liu couldn’t help but start gloating.

Suppressing her urge to laugh out loud, Xueqing Liu solemnly told the pope: “Your holiness, I assure you that I will investigate with all my might and give you a detailed account of it.”

“Good. You may leave now.” The pope nodded his head.

A short while after Xueqing Liu left, a soft knocking sounded at the door.

“Come in.” Naturally, the pope knew whose footsteps were outside. It was the highest ranked clairvoyant in the Temple of Light, L’Oréal.

L’Oréal still had her strange irises and glaring green hair. Softly pushing the door open and without a single unnecessary word, she said lightly: “The person the goddess is looking for is in the capital. The abnormality in the skies today was caused by them.”

“What?!” The pope sprang to his feet. Lingyun Leng, the Divine Prince, had traveled to Usari but found nothing. And they’re in the capital?!

“The Divine Prince and Divine Princess were both present when the abnormality occurred. I believe you will get an answer quickly by inquiring them.” L’Oréal’s voice sounded very empty, with no trace of emotion.

“Ok. Thank you.” The pope was always very polite towards L’Oréal. For L’Oréal was like the goddess’s eyes and mouth, constantly communicating the orders of the goddess.

The pope let out his breath. There hasn’t been any progress in finding the person the goddess was looking for, even though such a long time had passed. He almost worried that the goddess would get impatient and blame them for their incompetence. Now that there’s finally somewhere to start, how could he not relax. Even if just for a second.

Very soon, Lingyun Leng arrived at the study.

“Your holiness, you were looking for me?” Lingyun Leng spoke in a emotionless tone.

The pope looked at the man standing before him and sighed in his heart. This remarkable young man wasn’t serving the Temple of Light wholeheartedly because of faith in the goddess. Rather because of his only little sister.

“Mm.” Collecting his thoughts, the pope approached Lingyun Leng slowly and said: “Lingyun, I have always treated you like my own child. I have watched you join the Temple of Light and I have watched you come to today’s achievement. I hope you won’t let me down.”

“Lingyun knows, and will not let your Holiness down.” Lingyun Leng’s tone was still emotionless.

The pope sighed in his heart. This child, he still couldn’t learn to let others know about his feelings.

“You were there when the abnormality in the skies occurred this morning. Could you tell me the details of what happened? And who were there?” The pope returned to topic.

“When I reached the city gates this morning, I saw storm clouds gathering, accompanied by lightning and thunder……” Lingyun Leng began a detailed account, reporting the whole story, including how Claire was almost murdered. But he hid the part where the dirt spikes suddenly changed directions.

“You said that Claire Hill was also there?” The pope frowned slightly, and started to suspect in his heart. That girl again? Is this really pure coincidence?

“Yes.” Lingyun Leng noticed the change in the pope’s attitude. He wanted to ask something, but in the end resisted the urge.

“There’s nothing more that I need of you. You may leave. And go investigate what caused that abnormality.” The pope ordered, his brows still scrunched together.
“Yes.” Lingyun Leng backed out of the room, leaving the pope alone contemplating in his study.

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