Ch.67 Claire is Under the Suspicion of the Temple of Light! (Part II)

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Camille’s house.

When Claire woke up, it was already evening. Summer had came to tell her that dinner was ready. Chuxin Qiao had a big smile on her face; it seems that she got along pretty well with the rest of the group. When she saw Claire and Summer she immediately stood up to welcome them.

“Claire, Summer bought me so many things today!” Chuxin Qiao exclaimed happily.

Sure enough, the Chuxin Qiao before Claire’s eyes looked like a whole new person. It’s true that one’s clothing can affect one’s appearance tremendously. In fitting pink clothes and a beautiful brand new case for her ordinary bow, Chuxin Qiao was dazzling.

“You even carry your bow and arrows when eating?” Claire sat down and asked casually.

“My mother had told me, if the the bow is there, then the man is there; if the bow is not there, then there’s no reason for the man to be there anymore.” Chuxin Qiao replied in a serious tone.

Claire nodded lightly. As a warrior, she knew the spirit.

After eating, Summer suggested that they go to the most flourishing night market in the capital.

Noticing Chuxin Qiao’s eagerness, Claire agreed. Chuxin Qiao and Summer whooped excitedly.

What they didn’t know was that this trip would bring them unexpected surprises.

As the night fell, the capital continued to bustle with activity.

The downtown was filled with lights, shining over each and every street.

Summer and Chuxin Qiao led the group excitedly, looking at this and touching that. Jean and dragon Ben followed Claire silently, while poor Walter stayed behind at Camille’s house alone. His dark essence was too noticeable for him to appear downtown.

“Claire, buy this for me.” Summer pointed at some small accessories at a street vendor.

“Take whatever you two like.” Claire replied. She had no interest in these girlish accessories.

Summer and Chuxin Qiao just picked whatever they wanted, while Claire paid for them.

The bustling streets amazed Chuxin Qiao, for she had never seen such a busy night.

In the crowd, someone’s eyes fell on Claire.

“Brother, it’s that girl again.” It was the mysterious woman with blue irises and blonde hair.

“It seems like we just keep running into her.” The man with blue irises and blonde hair chuckled. Then his expression froze. For he detected an obvious tremble from the bronze ware in his bag! And what does this mean? It means that the pearl that was part of the bronze ware was somewhere close, resulting in this resonance!

“Brother, what’s wrong?” The blonde woman with blue eyes frowned and asked in a low voice. She had noticed the oddness in the man.

“The Tidal Pearl is somewhere nearby!” The man lowered his voice and said in a sure voice.

“What?” the blonde woman exclaimed, still keeping voice down, “Somewhere nearby? Are you sure, brother?”

“I’m sure. The Tidal Goblet is trembling, so it must have detected that the Tidal Pearl in nearby.” The blonde man became anxious, searching around. Yet in such a crowd, how could he find the Tidal Pearl?

But just then, the blonde man’s expression froze again. For he clearly saw a young girl take out an inconspicuous pearl. And that peal was trembling slightly!

“Claire, look at this. It’s so weird! This pearl must be crazy, shaking like this.” Confused, Summer took the trembling pearl out of her bag and handed it to Claire.

Taking the pearl into her hands, Claire examined this ordinary pearl and started thinking. A pearl trembling for no reason? It seemed to be resonating with something.

Suddenly, Claire felt two pairs of eyes on her. She jerked her head around, and saw a man and woman who had similar appearances staring intently at her. Or more precisely, stare intently at the pearl in her hand! And that woman gave Claire a feeling that they had met before. Those eyes…… Yes, it was that assassin who could have killed her the other night but didn’t. It was also the woman that she met after stealing the Gift of the goddess.

Was there a connection between them and this pearl? Claire looked back at the pearl in her hand and thought about the two’s intent stare. She realized something.

Perhaps this pearl wasn’t as simple as they thought.

“Claire?” Summer’s uncertain voice returned Claire to her senses.

“Oh, nothing. Leave the pearl to me, I’ll examine it. Go buy whatever you want.” Claire slipped a few paper golds out of her money bag and into Summer’s hands.

Happily accepting them, Summer dragged Chuxin Qiao off to go shopping. Dragon Ben squeezed through the crowd and followed behind.

“Miss, is anything the matter?” Claire wasn’t the only keen person; Jean had also noticed that things were unusual.

“Hmm, it seems that this pearl isn’t that simple.” Claire played around with the pearl in her hand, and suddenly pretended that her hand slipped, almost letting the pearl drop to the ground. Sure enough, the corner of her eyes caught the flash of panic across the faces of the two blonde people with blue eyes.

“Not simple?” Jean looked at the pearl in Claire’s hand. Nothing stood out to him.

“You will know very soon.” Peering at the two young people with blonde hair and blue irises approaching speedily through the crowd, Claire smiled slyly.

“Good evening, beautiful miss.” The blonde man greeted Claire politely.

“Good evening.” Claire returned casually.

“Let me obtrusively ask if you are willing to sell this pearl to us, miss. We will pay whatever you want.” The blonde man seemed very eager.

“This pearl?” Still playing around with it leisurely, Claire replied lightly, “You two have good insight. This pearl is the only one of the sort in this world, a priceless treasure. As for selling it, hmm…… Hard to say. Plus this doesn’t seem to be a good place to talk about it.”

The blonde woman’s face darkened. She glared at Claire, but Claire just turned to look at her and smiled smugly.

“Ok, miss, then where do you want to go?” The blonde man’s eyes never left the pearl in Claire’s hand.

“By the way, I don’t seem to know your names and background yet.” Claire continued in her casual tone.

The blonde woman seemed on the verge of spitting words, but was stopped by a exchange of glances between her and the blonde man. These were all taken into Claire’s eyes.

“My name is Mingyu Li, and this is my sister Yuewen Li.” The blonde man introduced courteously.

“I’m Claire. Nice to meet you two.” Claire answered, entertained by the sharp expression on Yuewen Li’s face. This woman probably wanted to snatch that pearl right out of her hands.

Wait a second! Surname Li? Mingyu Li? Claire rapidly searched for information of this surname and name in her head. When she finally recalled, her expression changed. They’re from the Li clan! She had not expected for them to be here. One of four major clans of the kingdom of Lagark, along with the clans of Yixuan Feng and Wenmo Shui. This person before her was also from one of the four major clans. Except that the Li clan had fallen during the past years, but rumor goes that a new generation had rose up and was determined to revive the glory of the Li clan. And this Mingyu Li was their leader!

She would have never thought that such an inconspicuous pearl would attract this business. Claire had experienced the extraordinary skills of the blonde woman. Yet this blonde man, as her older brother, must be even stronger than that woman.

“Let’s go. We should find a place to really talk about this business.” Cunningness flashed past Claire’s eyes as she burst into a warm smile. Those who knew Claire would know that she had begun plotting to use people to her own advantage again.

After notifying Summer and the others, Claire brought the Li siblings straight back to Camille’s house.

Camille made tea for them with a spring-like smile while Claire completely ignored the murder in his eyes. She knew exactly what he meant: you stupid little brat, what do you think my house is, incessantly bringing people here.

“So, the new leaders of the Li clan, what do you want with this pearl?” Claire gracefully picked up the cup and smiled lightly.

Mingyu Li and Yuewen Li’s expression instantly changed. But Claire spoke again before they could, “Don’t worry, these are all people I trust. If I wanted to do you harm I wouldn’t have brought you back. In addition, miss, we have already met twice.”

“When did you realize?” Yuewen Li’s face darkened.

“Your expression is very unique, fierce yet beautiful.” Claire’s response was a surprise for Yuewen Li. This was the first time someone described her expression like that. But, it sounded pretty good.

Mingyu Li looked at the room full of people and convulsed slightly. These people seemed to take no interest in their conversation. Two young girls were chatting about the little accessories that filled a tea table in joyous tones. A man clad in black was yawning and lay on the sofa while peering at the two girls. A knight-looking young man stood aside with his head lowered. The only person that seemed normal was the blonde and beautiful man that was diligently arranging the desserts on the table. Only Claire was paying attention to them!

“The Li people want to revive the glories of the Li clan, and now you desperately want this pearl in my hand, so don’t tell me it has nothing to do with that. Unless this new generation leader Mingyu Li has nothing to do but traveling and touring other countries while purchasing some jewelry along the way?” Claire was still playing with the pearl and the Li siblings continued to stare intently at it. All the while the Tidal Goblet in Mingyu Li’s bag shook ever more violently.

“Okay, I’ll tell you.” After giving it some thought, Mingyu Li answered solemnly.

“Brother!” Yuewen Li anxiously tried to stop him.

“It’s fine. She is that person’s……” Mingyu Li didn’t finish his sentence. Yuewen Li looked at his expression, then sighed. She nodded her head and didn’t speak again.

“But still, I wish we could talk privately, just us three.” Mingyu Li demanded.

“No problem. Teacher, please let us borrow your study.” Claire stood up while asking Camille, then led the two towards the study.

Camille squished two desserts in his hands, completely destroying them. He lifted his head with a bright smile on his face: “Sure, no problem.”

Jean followed behind and stood guard outside the study.

Claire set up a magic hood in the study and sat down. The Li siblings also sat down, all the while their eyes never leaving the pearl in Claire’s hands.

“That pearl in your hand directly affects the future of the Li clan!” What Mingyu Li next said surprised Claire greatly.

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  1. Thanks for the translations. “she is that person’s…….future wife?” lol. Were they addressing Feng Yixuan? Ahahah


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