Ch.68 Dragon Ben Gets In Trouble (Part II)

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In the next few days, Claire’s followers started a luxurious lifestyle, with food and clothes and everything they need. Summer and Walter were so comfortable they were dizzy with glee. Only Chuxin Qiao was uncomfortable: with a high salary of one hundred gold coins per year, but instead of working they lived in luxury. There must be something wrong.

On this sunny day, Claire and Jean faced each other at the training grounds in the behind the castle, leaving dragon Ben filled with envy. Summer and Chuxin Qiao lay in rocking chairs, bathing the sun while observing Claire and Jean’s training sessions. Walter was still trying to practice and regain his abilities.

“I wanna join you guys too.” Dragon Ben was eager.

“Fighting with you? I have no intention to lose either an arm or a leg.” Claire refused with a snort. Who doesn’t know that dragons are creatures with terrifying strength; they could flatten a person with a simple swipe. It would completely unfair.

“I can control my power, and I will be very careful. Fighting with me will help you improve quickly, since I’m obviously stronger than you. Come on, come on~~ I promise I’ll be very careful.” Dragon Ben desperately persuaded. He was really eager and couldn’t wait to start.

Claire thought about it and said: “Then you must only use one hand. Tie the other up.”

“Of course, of course, of course.” Dragon Ben nodded hastily while rubbing his fists, as if he wanted to begin this instant.

At the same time, the Divine Princess Xueqing Liu and the Divine Prince Lingyun Leng happened to come visit them together.

“Ah, welcome, Divine Prince and Divine Princess.” Since Duke Gordon wasn’t present, naturally, Marquess Leger was the one to greet them.

“Sorry to bother you.” Xueqing Liu smiled warmly, “We are here to see Miss Claire.”

“To see Claire?” Marquess Leger was stunned. These two, famous across the continent, are here just to see Claire? Marquess Leger started to have a bad feeling, and started immediately, “Is it that the business with the Roman clan wasn’t settled properly? Has Claire been hiding something? Or is it……”

“It’s not that, your lordship. That business has already been settled. Claire was the victim.” Lingyun Leng calmly interrupted Marquess Leger’s sentence. For some reason that Lingyun Leng himself didn’t know, he felt uncomfortable when this man before him showed prejudice towards Claire.

Xueqing Liu showed no change in emotion, an elegant and gentle smile still spread across her face. No one noticed the darkness that flashed across her eyes.

“Then let me fetch Claire.” Marquess Leger let out his breath, and said hurriedly.

“No need, how about getting someone to show us where she is?” Lingyun Leng declined.

“Oh, then please let me show you the way.” Marquess Leger got up, a little confused, but still led the way to the training grounds behind the castle.

The three of them came out into the training grounds. Just then, without any warning, they saw Claire’s body flying across the training grounds like a kite with a broken string, slamming into the magical barriers set up around the grounds. Claire spat out blood and slid to the ground unconscious.

That loud bang echoed in the ears of the crowd.




Multiple screams sounded at once.

A blur swept past Xueqing Liu’s eyes. It was Lingyun Leng.

The magical barrier was opened immediately, and a couple of people reached Claire at the same time. Jean was the closest, and fastest too.

When the rest of the crowd reached them, Jean already had Claire tightly in his arms.

Dragon Ben just stood far away, shocked. He extended his hand and looked at it. It was this hand that had thrown Claire across the training grounds without even thinking. Claire’s attacks were so ferocious, and he was just trying to block them when he lost control of his power.

Damn it. He’s in trouble now!

Dragon Ben twitched his lip, then also hurried over.

“Claire, how are you feeling?” Summer and Chuxin Qiao’s brows were tightly knit, for no matter how they call out, Claire gave no response.

Jean lifted Claire up and started heading indoors, but was stopped by Lingyun Leng: “Let me heal her.”

Only then did the crowd realize that the Divine Prince and Divine Princess were there. Leger stood behind them with a complicated expression on his face.

“Please do, Divine Prince. And please hurry.” Jean carefully placed the unconscious Claire back down. The Divine Prince was known across the capital as an extraordinary healer. Jean’s tight expression loosened; it was so nice to have the Divine Prince present.

Without extra words, Lingyun Leng started to cast healing spells on Claire desperately. White light instantly engulfed Claire’s body.

Nobody noticed Xueqing Liu biting her lip tighter and tighter, her eyes shooting daggers at Claire.

Slowly, the white light left Claire’s body. When the crowd saw Claire’s face, they all let out their breaths. Her pale face was starting to turn rosy again.

“Her organs are damaged. Even though I have treated her, she still needs time to recover.” Lingyun Leng ordered after finishing the healing process, “Do not let her make any sudden movements or over exercise. Just rest and relax.”

“Thank you so much, Divine Prince.” Jean stood up and saluted Lingyun Leng, his tight knit brows finally loosening as Claire’s face reverted to a healthy color.

“It’s nothing, really.” Lingyun Leng waved his hand.

“Divine Prince, please accept my thanks for extending a helping hand towards us.” Leger’s voice sounded from behind them.

“It’s no big deal.” Lingyun Leng replied lightly, “Please take Claire back to her room to rest.”

At this time, Claire slowly opened her eyes, only to see a bunch of worried faces.

“Claire, you’re awake! Yay!” Seeing that Claire is okay, Summer and Chuxin Qiao were both filled with joy.

“I……” Claire frowned slightly. Her body still felt a little unwell. All she remembered was how dragon Ben’s power-filled, violent strike threw her across the training grounds.

“Is everything feeling alright?” Lingyun Leng asked Claire, squatting besides her.

“You healed me, Divine Prince?” Claire stretched out her hand to feel her spine. Good, it’s not broken. That hit had not taken her easily.

“Yes. Now you should go back to your room and rest.” Lingyun Leng extended his hand to assist Claire to stand up.

But Jean was faster. Holding Claire tight in his arms, he looked an Lingyun Leng and said: “We appreciate your help very much, Divine Prince. Protecting Miss was my responsibility, but I neglected my duty.”

“Divine Prince, Divine Princess, were you here to see me?” Finally noticing Xueqing Liu standing behind Lingyun Leng, Claire asked weakly.

Xueqing Liu was about to open her mouth, but Lingyun Leng was faster.

“Yes. But after what had happened, let’s wait until you feel better.” Lingyun Leng nodded.

“Thank you, Divine Prince, for healing me.” Claire let out a charming smile and thanked him again.

“No need for such courtesy. And you should really get back to your room now.” Lingyun Leng lifted his head to look at the glaring sun, hinting that it wouldn’t be wise for the just-injured Claire to stay out here for long.

The crowd saw Jean and Claire back indoors while dragon Ben stood there, dumbfounded and too scared to follow suit. Leger still had the complicated expression on his face, also standing rooted in place.

Xueqing Liu watched Lingyun Leng’s back, engulfed in emotions. Just when she was about to go catch up with him, the corner of her eye caught sight of dragon Ben, obviously not at ease.

Black clothes. Black hair. Black irises. Seeming so outstanding and attractive. Xueqing Liu frowned, then looked at dragon Ben again. Then she suddenly realized that something was wrong. She couldn’t see through his strength at all! In addition, the black clothed man seemed to have no human essence?!

A woman’s natural sensitivity made Xueqing Liu start doubting. Claire’s little pet was the creature that appeared on the back of the black dragon, and now she couldn’t see through this man’s strength at all, and he didn’t possess a human’s essence. Could it be? Could it be that this man was that black dragon?!

Suppressing her excitement, instead of following the rest indoors, Xueqing Liu hurriedly bid goodbye to Marquess Leger and rushed back to the temple. She must tell the pope her suspicion immediately. Only when the pope see for himself this man in black could they tell his real identity. Only the pope had the power to do so!

Nobody thought it odd that Xueqing Liu hurriedly left the Hill castle alone.

Claire was surrounded by people in her room, all looking at the weak her with worried expressions.

His head lowered and too scared to enter, dragon Ben stood by the door. From time to time he received a few murderous glances from those beside the bed.

“It’s okay. I’m fine now. No need to keep blaming him.” Resting against the headboard, Claire naturally noticed the crowd turning around to glare at Ben from time to time.

“He is……” Summer was just about to angrily blurt out something, when she suddenly remembered that Lingyun Leng was also there. Keeping her angry tone but changing her words, she said, “I told you so! He’s so violent! See, I knew something was going to happen. I knew he wouldn’t be able to control his strength.”

“Humph! Look what he did to you.” Chuxin Qiao also turned around madly to glare at dragon Ben.

His head still down, dragon Ben kept silent, accepting everyone’s criticisms.

Only then did Lingyun Leng notice the downcast person by the door, but was shocked when he did. Dangerous aura flowed out from this man, violent and powerful. He seemed inhuman?! Is that why he caused such damage to Claire?

“I’m much better now, all thanks to the Divine Prince.” Claire smiled.

“But what if the Divine Prince didn’t appear in time?” Summer asked angrily.

“Then I would just have to sleep for some time longer.” Claire understood that she was too fierce on dragon Ben, so that he wasn’t able to control his strength in that moment.

“Humph.” Summer humphed coldly.

“Right, Divine Prince, why have you come?” Claire turned towards Lingyun Leng.

“Maybe another time, since you’re so weak. After you get better.” Lingyun Leng answered quietly.

“It’s fine, you should know your healing powers the best. There’s nothing wrong with me now.” Claire smiled.

“I, I want to ask about what happened that morning.” Lingyun Leng hesitated, but still told Claire his reason for visiting.

Claire understood at once and turned to the others: “Leave here for now, I want to talk with the Divine Prince privately.”

Everyone was worried and unwilling, but Claire’s determined gaze forced them away. When they came to the door, they found that Marquess Leger was about to come in.

“Your lordship, Miss wants to talk with the Divine Prince privately.” Jean stopped Marquess Leger from walking in firmly but with respect.

Marquess Leger looked at Claire leaning against the headboard of the bed and Lingyun Leng sitting beside, moved his lips as if to say something, but left without saying a word.

“Get going!” Summer looked at dragon Ben, who was still standing besides Claire’s door repenting. Usually, she was afraid of this guy, so now when she finally found a chance to criticize him, she was not letting go off this opportunity.

“Oh.” Dragon Ben followed behind, glancing carefully at Claire before he left.

“You want to know why those ground spikes changed direction and attacked that person?” Claire took the initiative.

“That’s my own curiosity. What I really want to know is, who made that abnormality in the sky?” Lingyun Leng asked.

“I don’t know, when I got there I only saw lightning and thunder.” Claire tried to play it over.

“Claire…… ” Lingyun Leng stared at Claire intently and said quietly, “This abnormality also occurred in Usary? Although it occurred outside the city and in a relatively rural area, there were still witnesses.”

A light flashed through Claire’s eyes, but she kept her face expressionless: “What does the Divine Prince want to say?”

“What did that abnormality have to do with you, or did you create that abnormality altogether?” Lingyun Leng spoke slowly, each word clear. Although it was a question, but his sure tone showed that Lingyun Leng was positive it had something to do with Claire.

Claire become silent, but actually complaining inside. Sure enough, this Divine Prince was not that easy to trick.

“A man-chaser from the legends, but suddenly became a genius. With such miracles happening, that abnormality in the sky is nothing.” Lingyun Leng watched Claire intently, as if he could find the answer in her eyes.

“Why is the Divine Prince so interested in this?” Claire switched topics.

“One, I’m personally interested, and second, the pope told me to investigate.” Lingyun Leng answered truthfully, then added sincerely, “But trust me, I won’t do anything that will hurt you.”

With the end of Lingyun Leng’s sentence, Claire paused.


Why did it sound a little ambiguous?

Claire watched the man in front of her closely, but couldn’t find any trace of fakeness in the man’s beautiful violet irises. Instead, they were full of sincerity.

Lingyun Leng also looked at Claire is such a way, but in his mind, Xuanxuan’s voice reappeared: “Brother, promise me, protect that big sister. Big sister is a good person, and only she can do what I have always wanted to but could never do. This is my only wish.” Lingyun Leng didn’t understand why Xuanxuan, always so obedient, would ask something so obtruse. It wasn’t pleading in those eyes, but begging. Although Lingyun Leng didn’t understand, he promised at once. To him, Xuanxuan was the most important part of his life. As long as Xuanxuan had a request, he would never decline.

Claire stared at the person in front of her without moving. Could she trust him?

Claire wasn’t sure. This man, he gave her a different impression than when they first met.

Something was different, but what? Why would she have such an impression?

“If the Divine Prince already has an answer, why ask me?” Claire smiled faintly. But this soft sentence answered Lingyun Leng’s doubts.

“So it was you?” Lingyun Leng frowned slightly. So the person the pope was looking for was Claire? But was this a good thing or a bad thing?

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