Ch.69 Blinding Light I (Part I)

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Lingyun Leng stood up slowly and looked at Claire: “I assure you, I won’t do anything that might hurt you. Get well soon. I’ll take my leave.” Lingyun Leng left.

Claire looked at Lingyun Leng’s disappearing figure, her gaze complex. This man’s attitude was strange. Very strange. Before he was cold and aloof, but now he started making promises. Did something affect him?

At the same time, Xueqing Liu had returned to the Temple of Light and saw the pope.

“A man with black hair and clothes? Very powerful, but you can’t tell what he is?” The pope sat on a chair, questioning Xueqing Liu. Patterns of little suns decorated the edge of his white robe, his face serious.

“Yes. I think he has something to do with that black dragon the other day, but I really can’t tell what that black clothed man is. I hope Your Holiness will go check him out yourself. He’s definitely not human.” Xueqing was positive about dragon Ben’s identity. Once the pope determined that the man in black was the dragon, it would be certain that Claire had something to do with the stolen Gift of the goddess! There was no doubt in that.

“Ok, I understand now. You may leave.” The pope waved for Xueqing Liu to leave. Xueqing Liu wanted to something say something more, but changed her mind when seeing the pope’s unapproving expression, and left.

The pope stood up, coldness across his face and iciness in his eyes. If what the Divine Princess said was true, then the stealing of the Gift of the goddess must have had something to do with the girl. No matter who it was, how dare they commit such a crime! Blasphemy against the goddess! They must receive punishment. Judging from from current signs and clues, the truth shouldn’t be far from the Divine Princess’s guess. Her outstanding strength and abilities is the most solid evidence!

When Lingyun Leng returned to the temple, he didn’t go to report to the pope. Instead, he went straight to room of the highest ranked clairvoyant, L’Oréal.

After lightly knocking on the door, L’Oréal’s empty voice sounded inside: “Come in, Lingyun.”

Lingyun Leng pushed the door open to see the green haired L’Oréal silently standing beside the stand in the middle of the room, with a huge, transparent crystal ball on top of the stand. Lingyun Leng looked at this woman before him with a complicated expression. He had always respected her, for she was neither arrogant nor rash, and always the most calm and just person.

“L’Oréal……” Lingyun Leng started softly. Before his next words came out, L’Oréal lifted her hand and stopped him.

An ethereal voice sounded from L’Oréal mouth: “I know what you are here to ask. You have already found the person the goddess is looking for, correct?”

Lingyun Leng, slightly startled, stood quiet.

“Could be used as a tool, or could become a weapon.” L’Oréal continued in a distant voice, her eyes still empty. But it was these empty eyes, that often accurately saw the future.

“So……” Lingyun Leng frowned slightly.

“So, you must make her become our temple’s tool, instead a weapon against us.” Her voice decrescendo, L’Oréal said in a meaningful tone.

“Lingyun understands.” Lingyun Leng nodded. With just these few sentences, Lingyun Leng already completely understood what L’Oréal meant. Claire was the extraordinary person that the goddess was looking for. If she worked for the temple, she would have the brightest future. If she didn’t, she would be a very big threat to the temple, which means the temple would do whatever it takes to get rid of her. At this time, Xuanxuan Leng’s pleading face resurged in Lingyun Leng’s head.

“Go, Lingyun.” A smile surfaced on L’Oréal’s face, inscrutable.

Lingyun Leng saluted and left quietly.

Softly knocking on the pope’s door, the pope’s kind yet authoritative  voice sounded from inside: “Lingyun, come in.”

Lingyun Leng entered the room to see the pope standing by the window with a downcast face, seeming to be pondering on something.

“Your Holiness.” Lingyun Leng began.

“We have made progress on the stealing of the Gift of the goddess.” The pope started coldly.

Lingyun Leng blanked for a second, then frowned: “You have found clues in such a short time? Who had such skill, that they could steal the Gift of the goddess?”

The pope didn’t answer Lingyun Leng’s question immediately, but instead turned and asked meaningfully: “When you went to see Claire today, was there a man beside her clad in black who had black hair, whose strength couldn’t be told, who wasn’t human?”

Lingyun Leng frowned slightly, not understanding what the pope meant by that. But remembering how Claire was thrown across the training grounds by that violent strike, he couldn’t help but nodding. “Indeed, that man is very strong. With violent power.”

“Did he have a human aura?” The pope asked lightly, an answer already formed in his heart.

Lingyun Leng stood silent. After a long pause, he shook his head: “I couldn’t detect any human aura from him.”

“Humph!” The pope snorted, his eyes filled with rage. How dare! A lowly castellan sneaking into the temple to steal the Gift of the goddess! And even able to order the haughty dragons to do such black business!

“Your Holiness?” Of course Lingyun Leng observed the change in the pope’s emotions, and couldn’t help calling out anxiously.

Coldness in his eyes, the pope suppressed the rage in his heart, and turned towards Lingyun Leng, a plan of how to punish Claire already forming in his heart.

“Oh right, what did you come here for?” The pope resumed his normal facial expression and asked.

“The person the goddess has been looking for has been found. I have already asked L’Oréal to confirm it. It is that person.” Lingyun Leng’s one sentence made the pope’s face brighten.

“What? Found already? And confirmed by L’Oréal?” Excited, the pope’s face turned slightly red. This was very good news! The goddess had commanded long ago for them to find this person, yet they have just found him.

“Yes. Already found.” Seeing the pope so excited, Lingyun Leng also let out a smile.

“It is the same person that led to the abnormality in the skies? Are you sure?” The pope asked eagerly.

“Yes. It is her that created the abnormality in the skies.” Lingyun Leng replied assuredly, “The person that created the abnormality in the skies that day isn’t anyone else, but Claire Hill.”

As Lingyun Leng finished his sentence, the pope’s expression was wonderful: mouth wide open, eyes staring straight ahead, looking at Lingyun Leng, stunned.

All this news made the pope feel that his heart couldn’t bear it. The person he had sentenced to death in his heart one second ago was now declared as the person the goddess has been looking for all along. This feeling was not something an ordinary person could bear. One moment ago in the dumps, and now lifted to the sky.

“Your Holiness?” Lingyun Leng frowned and looked at the pope’s conflicted expression, slightly confused. This was the first time the pope had such a colorful expression.

“Oh, oh, oh?” After a pause, the pope finally returned to his senses. Licking his lips, he asked, “What, what did you just say?”

“I said……” Just about to repeat his words, Lingyun Leng was stopped by the pope raising his hand.

“I know, I heard what you said. Claire Hill is the person the goddess is looking for.” The pope had accepted this fact.

Lingyun Leng silently watched the abnormal pope, not understanding what’s the matter with him.

The pope walked wobbly to a chair and sat down, starting to search for all pieces of information on Claire in his mind. Usually, the pope didn’t even remember ordinary nobles. But this Claire Hill was an exception. Her famous duel with the student from a Lagark school was nothing in his eyes; for even though she was a magician-warrior, she was not very skilled. Later he heard that although she used to be a handsome-male chasing idiot that knew nothing, she became Cliff’s disciple. What else could be there?

“Lingyun, go find every piece of detailed information on Claire Hill for me.” The pope rubbed his temples.

“Yes, your Holiness.” Lingyun Leng accepted the order and backed out, leaving the pope alone in the room with his emotions.

In the empty room, the pope stood up and walked to the window. Looking at the blue sky, he muttered to himself, “O god, are you joking with me? Or mighty god, you are testing me?”

Very soon, all information on Claire was sent to the pope.

The pope studied the information hard, as if afraid to miss any little detail. Lingyun Leng stood below him, confused. He had never seen the pope so cautious, wait no, he had never seen the pope so cautious towards a single person. What is going on? But one thing Lingyun Leng was sure: the pope now had no intention to hurt Claire. If he wanted to get rid of a person, there was no need to dig up their past so clearly.

As the pope read through the information, his expression changed constantly. Sure enough, this Claire Hill was no ordinary person! She had always been looked down upon as a handsome-male chasing idiot, yet soon became the rising star. She became famous with her duel with the student from Lagark, became Cliff’s disciple, was granted the title castellan of Niya, and quickly resolved the plague. A magician-warrior, skilled in both areas. In magic, she was already a wizard; in warrior, she had already became a grand warrior! Such fast progress couldn’t have came from an ordinary person. Was she hiding her abilities and keeping a low profile before, or has she suddenly transformed herself?

Closing the information, the pope stood up abruptly, a decision already made. Looking at the slightly confused Lingyun Leng, the pope smiled, “Lingyun, Claire’s birthday is coming up, right?”

Lingyun Leng nodded. It was all written clearly on the information, so why was the pope asking this?

“We will go and give her a grand gift.” An inscrutable smile settling on his face, the pope placed the information in his hands down. His eyes flashing, “And then, welcome our new priest.”

A grand gift.

A new priest?

Stunned, Lingyun Leng looked at the profoundly smiling pope, a bad feeling rising in his chest.

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  1. Gah!!!!!!! WTF!!! I’ve been shipping Claire with the Devine Prince from the get go but now he turns out to be such an *********. What was he thinking? Gahhhhh


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