Ch.71 Famous Everywhere (Part I)

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“Moon White, why chose such a name?” Summer looked at Claire in confusion. Then turned her head towards a beautiful man with a warm smile, her lip twitching, “And why is teacher Camille also here?”

“Personal preference.” Claire’s light voice floated back.

“Me too. Personal preference. The capital is too boring, so I want to travel with you guys.” Camille’s smile was warm and kind. Then a light flashed through his eyes, “I am also your vice-colonel, and if you are disobedient, I will punish you~~~”

His last kind words resonated within everyone’s hearts. Even though they were so warm, they also sounded terrifying. ‘I will punish you, I will punish you’ echoed like magical notes that you can’t stop listening to.

“Sycee mercenary group?” Summer was holding a piece of paper, their registration document. She looked at the sky, “Why did we register for such a strange name? It is a strange name. Sycee, sycee, what is a sycee?”

Claire, disguised as a normal archer, replied quietly, “Still my personal preference.”

Summer had nothing else to say. She put away the registration papers and followed behind silently.

“Is it fine to leave everyone behind and come practicing with us?” Mingyu Li glanced at the city gates.

“If I stayed I wouldn’t be fine!” Claire retorted. She got set up by that old pope fox! And in front of so many people so she couldn’t refuse. Claire didn’t know why the pope wanted her for the Temple of Light, but she was sure of one thing: it wasn’t a hot-headed decision. Lingyun Leng had questioned her about that abnormality in the sky. Was it related to that? Whatever the case, leaving that place of controversy was always good. It was never good to get caught between the crown and the gods.

This was a one and only mercenary group. Claire as a fake archer, Summer as a thief, Chuxin Qiao as a real archer, Jean as a warrior, Walter as a dark magician, dragon Ben as a magician/warrior, and Camille as a narcist assassin. When you look at it like that, all jobs were filled. On the outside, Mingyun Li and Yuewen Li were the employers of this mercenary group.

“Leo, come here.”  Claire waved her hand lazily at the wind leopard following behind and jumped on.

“Hey, you’re cheating, didn’t you say this was for practice?” Summer started protesting at once. Everyone else was walking, but Claire was riding on her mount.

“Practice isn’t just physical, it’s also mental. You getting angry over such a little thing will make vice-colonel Camille angry~~.” Claire spoke distantly.

Immediately, Summer felt a cold wind blowing eerily against her back. She turned around and saw Camille’s gentle smile. Summer shivered. Her sixth sense told her that this  person was dangerous, very dangerous. In a smart move, Summer shut up and followed besides Claire closely.

So this little mercenary group left the capital peacefully and made their way to the next city. The Tidal Goblet pointed towards the boundary of Baluka.

Claire looked into the distance, a fresh wind blowing into her face, her eyes wide open.

Her new life has just began.

This group of people looked like the most normal mercenary group, so the Li siblings seemed out of place. Their beautiful looks and unique auras made people want to take a second look. Everyone couldn’t stop looking at them.

But today was an exception. They watched, puzzled, as people kept escaping from the city gates in a hurry. The city before them was the third largest port city in Amparkland, known for its wealth and peace, a center of economic activity. Usually the city gates would be filled with merchants coming and going, but today everyone was rushing as if a ghost was on their heels, blaming their parents for not giving them four legs when they were born.

“Wait, please stop~~~” Summer tried to stop someone to ask, but that person didn’t seem to hear her, disappearing with his bag in seconds.

Mingyu Li and Yuewen Li also wanted to question the people running by, but the people didn’t pay the slightest attention, running as if their lives depended on it. Carriages rumbled out of the city, too, leaving messy wheel marks all over the ground. It was chaos!

“Ben!” Claire shouted. Dragen Ben understood immediately and grabbed a person running by, dangling him in the air.

“What are you doing? Let go!” The person dragen Ben grabbed kicked his legs in the air, yelling angrily.

“Answer my question, and I’ll let you go.” Claire raised one brow.

“It’s impossible to leave by sea, so run for your lives. The port is flooded. One ocean beast has gone crazy, attacking the port continuously! And it called out other beasts too. A catastrophe! Catastrophe! Escape now.” Not waiting for Claire to ask, the person blurted out a bunch of stuff, “The castellan hasn’t given a response, and the city would be flooded before help from the Temple of Light can arrive! I’m begging you, please let me go.” That person looked as if the sky were falling, trying hard to escape from dragon Ben’s hands.

Claire nodded, and dragon Ben gave a light throw, throwing that person far away. The person bounced up as soon as he hit the ground, without even bothering to dust off his clothes before running forward again, seemingly pleased that dragon Ben threw him so far.

“Why would ocean beasts attack the port for no reason?” Yuewen Li frowned at the chaos, confused.

“We must sail.” Mingyu said determinedly, looking at the city gates.

“Then let’s go and see what happened.” Claire got off the wind leopard and started off for the city gates first, the little magic bow Cliff gave her on her back.

Everyone followed close behind.

As soon as they entered the gates, even more chaos met their eyes. All the shops were closing down in a hurry, and the streets were filled with people running towards the city gates with their luggage. There were soldiers trying to maintain order, but unable to stop the citizens’ frightened and confused footsteps.

“Where is your castellan?” Jean pulled away a soldier who was trying to persuade a citizen.

“Who are you?” The soldier frowned at the rude person in front of him.

“Answer what you’re asked!” A cold light glinted in Yuewen Li’s eyes, killing intent flooding out, suddenly making the soldier not sure of himself.

The soldier answered obediently: “He, he’s on the castle walls, leading the magicians against the ocean beasts.” “Let’s go and see then.” Claire lifted her head to the high walls some distance in front of them.

The group came to base of the city walls. The city walls were well guarded, all of the soldiers solemn. Outside the walls came sounds of crashing waves as huge waves slammed against the walls, frightening everyone.

“Stop, who goes there?” A person who looked like the captain stopped Claire’s group, “Our castellan along with our magicians are fighting hard against the crazy beasts. No one else is allowed entry.”

“We also have magicians, and would like to help the castellan.” Claire answered quietly, “The more help the better. Our magicians are very powerful.”

The captain looked at Claire, a little puzzled. This ordinary girl had no specialities, one who you couldn’t find in a crowd. Then he looked at the people behind Claire. They weren’t unique at all and he couldn’t tell how they were different than normal people. The captain hesitated.

“Roar~~~!” Suddenly, an raging roar sounded outside the city walls, along with a huge boom, as a large wave crashed against the wall. The whole wall seemed ready to break.

“Captain, the beasts are raging again!” A soldier nearby said, frightened. He was a young soldier, still a boy, fear evident in his eyes. The captain saw all that and his emotions were conflicted.

“Okay, may I ask what mercenary group you are? As you said, the more help the better. I hope that you will be of use to the castellan and the magicians.” The captain finally stepped aside to let Claire and her group pass.

“Sycee mercenary group.” Claire’s voice floated back as she led everyone up the wall.

Sycee mercenary group? The captain blinked, watching Claire and her group leaving, confused. What a strange name! He had never heard of such a mercenary group. Hope they weren’t walking to their death. The captain lifted his head towards the gray sky, praying in his heart for help to come. If this continued, the city would soon be flooded.

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