Ch.71 Famous Everywhere (Part II)

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When Claire and her group made it to the top, the saw that everywhere outside the city walls had been flooded. Only a few tall flagpoles showed that this was once a busy port. On the city walls, a group of people stood there, totally wet. A serious, middle-aged man looked extremely worried, his hands clenching into tight fists as he looked at the scene below. Besides him stood two warriors with swords, protecting his safety. So he must be the castellan. And the rest of the people besides him must be the magicians. Their wide robes stuck to their bodies awkwardly as waves crashed on them. They were all chanting furiously, attacking the beasts, but their exhaustion were plain on their faces.

Claire moved her gaze to the front, and saw a huge, milky-white beast in the waves, roaring. The huge ocean beast was at least thirty meters high, ten tentacles swaying in the air furiously. Around him there seemed be a lot of other beasts roaring and splashing.

Why did this ocean beast look like an octopus?

Claire frowned at the sea, thinking. Ocean beasts were very territorial and would never attack the land for no reason. So why was such an unusual thing happening here?

“Who are you? It’s very dangerous up here. Go down at once!” Just then, an authoritative voice cut short Claire’s thoughts.

Claire turned around to see the middle-aged man’s serious yet caring eyes.

“Are you the castellan of this city?” Instead of backing down, Claire stepped forward.

“Who are you, don’t be rude to the castellan.” The warrior besides the middle-aged man looked at Claire cautiously, frowning.

“Hold your tongue.” The castellan frowned and rebuked the guard besides him, then turned to Claire, “Little girl, this place is not for you. Please leave. The consequences would be brutal if we can’t defend against their attacks. Please leave with your friends at once.” The castellan could see that Claire was the head of this group.

“We are the Sycee mercenary group. What would happen if you can’t block the ocean beasts’ attack?” Claire squinted at the splashing beasts and sky-high waves, asking slowly.

“Vow to live and die with the city!” The castellan also turned to look at the sea, his voice strong and determined.

“Sir!” His personal guards immediately shouted, trying to persuade him, “Sir, you have already organized for everyone to leave. How can you stay here along? If we really can’t defend, we must leave for the time being.”

“Don’t say anything else, I won’t change my mind!” The castellan stared determined at the huge waves in front of him.

“Roar~~~” Suddenly, a huge roar resounded through the sky and the people’s ears, attracting everyone’s attention.

“Bad news, sir, the ocean beasts are preparing for their final attack. Please find shelter.” A ragged, skinny magician hurried over to relay the news.

“My mind is set, I will leave and stay with you guys. Don’t say anything else.” The castellan wasn’t persuaded in the least. Instead, he went and stood right before the walls, looking straight at the beasts getting nearer and the crashing waves. “Roar~~~”

“Howl! Howl~~~”

“Hoo! Hoo~~~”

Uncountable beasts splashing, riding the waves forward. Wave after wave crashed onto the city walls, sending up foam and sprays.

The castellan’s brows were knitted tightly together. He turned around, ready to persuade Claire and her group to leave again but saw to his surprise that Claire had took down the bow on her back. There was no arrow, but the girl pulled the string back.

“Whoosh—-” The sound of an arrow flying sounded. A bright, blinding fire arrow shot out, flying straight towards the oncoming beasts, exploding upon contact. The beasts which were hit howled painfully and dived into the sea.

It was a magic arrow!

The magicians on the wall exclaimed loudly, and the castellan was also surprised. He didn’t think that this ordinary girl was able to shoot powerful magic arrows. The two guards were also stunned.

But this was not enough to stop the ocean beasts.

The castellan frowned, wanting to thank them and persuade them to leave once more, but was shocked again by what he saw. He just stood there frozen, staring at this group of people, unable to saw a word.

Pretty, gentle Chuxin Qiao was like another person. Her expression was indifferent as she took down her bow calmly, her eyes cold. She aimed at the beasts without a word, each arrow hitting their mark. The beasts hit would howl and dive into the water. Chuxin Qiao’s bow was also a magic bow, and her arrows had lightning nature in them! With water being a good conductor of electricity, it’s easy to imagine how painful the beasts must be when they were hit.

Summer stared dumbly at Chuxin Qiao, who had seemed to turn into another person entirely. Summer’s mouth hung open but she couldn’t utter a word.

Dragon Ben squinted, throwing out fancy yet deadly magic into the waves. Every time a spell hit, the sea exploded, and numerous beasts tried in vain to hide. But dragon Ben seemed to find it quite fun and started throwing spells faster and faster.

The exhausted magicians were dumbfounded when they saw the way and frequency dragon Ben was using magic. Instant large-scale magic, without blood rushing to his face without panting, how powerful must one be to do this?

Camille watched the happenings with a smile. He took out a small umbrella gracefully from nowhere to block the spray. Everyone was soaked somewhere or the other; only Camille was as clean and dry as always.

Walter didn’t dare use dark magic, so he could only throw out some common spells for pretense. But this already shocked the people on the wall. Such a small mercenary group had two magicians!! One of them much more powerful than any magician here on the wall! And two girls with magic bows! So what were the jobs of the rest of the people?

“Splash—-” A loud sound, and a huge wave crashed onto the city walls. The fierce wave was just about to drown the girl with the fire magic arrows when the young warrior-looking man besides her stepped up, pulled out his sword indifferently, and shouted quietly. A brilliant, violet DouQi exploded. The huge wave was split in two by that bright DouQi, then evaporating immediately. The girl wasn’t wet at all. The young man then stepped behind the ordinary girl, still indifferent.

Violet DouQi?! The personal guards of the castellan stared open-mouthed at Jean, struck. This small, ordinary mercenary group had a grand swordsman?! This joke wasn’t funny! The explosions of the magic arrows along with the roaring of the beasts were heard a long way off, striking fear into the hearts of those who heard it.

Don’t know how much time has passed. Camille started yawning under his little umbrella when a long howl sounded under the city walls.

The ocean beasts were retreating!

The castellan stared unbelieving at what happened. The beasts were just going to leave like that? He was ready to die with the city, but the ocean beasts just retreated, simply and magnificently?

The castellan’s two person guards were also stunned, and the way they viewed Claire and her group totally changed. From at first disdainful to now shock and respect.

All the magicians were over-tired and sat on the floor without care for their public image. They gave grateful looks to Claire and her group. If not for Claire arriving in time, they would have probably been drowned by now. Especially that scarily powerful man in black. Even though he cast so many powerful spells, he still looked at ease.

“I’m grateful for your help in beating back the crazy ocean beasts. I represent all citizens of Level City to thank you. I still don’t know your names.” The castellan asked respectfully, tired but happy.

“I’m the colonel of Sycee mercenary group, Moon White. This is our vice-colonel Camille…… ” Claire turned her head to introduce each member in turn, but when everyone saw Camille they were expressions were weird, because Camille was still holding his little umbrella!

Camille put away the little umbrella gracefully, then smiled prettily at the castellan, “Sir, it’s our job to help Level City. As part of the country, our duty is to offer assistance when the country is in danger.”

“Uh, the vice-colonel does understand the big principle…… ” The castellan’s smile was a little strained. During the whole time, this vice-colonel hadn’t even moved a toe! Standing here with his little umbrella to block the sea spray. So hearing such words from his mouth, it felt…… The two guards besides the castellan also looked at Camille with contempt. In their eyes, Camille had already become the lazy, no-good, only vice-colonel in name person. Claire continued introducing everyone in the mercenary group, including the employers, the Li siblings. The castellan was thanking them all the way through.

“The beasts’ retreat is only temporary.” Claire stood at the edge of the wall, looking down at the calm waters. “I only hope that help would come before the ocean beasts make a second attack,” the castellan answered worriedly.

But Claire stared at the sea silently, thinking.

Mingyu Li and Yuewen Li didn’t do or say anything the whole time either. They exchanged a glance, and saw a strange emotion in each other’s eyes.

“I have a request that I hope you might agree to.” The castellan looked a little embarrassed as he asked Claire.

“We will stay with you until help comes.” Claire knew what the castellan wanted to ask and said it first. After all, they needed to sail from here and wouldn’t leave anyways.

“Then that’s the best! Would you care to follow me to my castle for some rest?” The castellan was overjoyed.

Claire nodded and led her group down the city walls. Before they left though, Claire looked at the sea thoughtfully. Howls and roars sounded from far off. Claire frowned. Maybe it was her imagination, but she felt the roars were sad, angry, and worried.

Next, Claire’s group was welcomed heartily by the castellan. But this welcome has it’s limits, as the castellan had dismissed most people in the castle. Meals were made and served by the butler, who had refused to leave.

Night came. Winds blew in from the sea, and Level City was finally quiet. Some citizens who didn’t want to leave their homes in the first place returned when they heard the ocean beasts had retreated.

Claire stood quietly in the hallway, feeling the salty winds in her face, staring off into the distance.

“Claire, why aren’t you in bed? Don’t catch a cold.” Camille’s over-gentle tone floated into her ear. His voice made her uncomfortable as usual.

“You’re not in bed either.” Claire replied.

“You’ve realized it?” Camille smiled as he walked closer.

“Mm.” Claire nodded, astonished as Camille’s senses.

Did he realize it too?

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  1. when teacher camille become the possible male lead candidate? i hope he’s not, he looks like pedophile if he were to be the candidate. he more suited to be a father, or an elder brother. considering her father just like that

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