Ch.72 A Wickedly Beautiful Youth as Stupid as a Pig! (Part I)

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Camille looked into the night sky, still wearing his soft smile, his voice always kind, “Those ocean beasts seem to be searching for something.”

“Yes. I did not misheard, those beasts are worried.” Claire leaned against a pillar, “Ocean beasts are very territorial. They won’t easily attack unless they’re provoked, not to mention leaving their waters and attacking land.”

“But what are they searching for?” Camille gracefully sorted the hair on his forehead.

“Why don’t you ask the ocean beasts yourself?” Claire replied perfunctorily, thinking about the matter herself. There must be something in this city that the beasts were looking for, or they would not attack the city so fiercely and on such a large scale.

“That’s a good idea, but I’m not a summoner nor a Druid. I’m a man as clean as the wind.” Camille said regretfully, “So I can’t understand the beasts’ barbarous language.”

Summoner? Druids? A light bulb went off in Claire’s head. If someone who could talk with the ocean beasts were here, all problems would be solved. But right now, everyone in Level City was scared, either running away or hiding. And talented people would definitely not come to such a chaotic and dangerous place. What are the the beasts looking for?

“If you don’t think of a solution soon, the Temple of Light would be here. Oh my, your holiness, why are you here? Please follow us back to the temple.” Camille’s gentle voice was eerie. He actually imitated the way people from the Temple of Light spoke. With these words coming out from his mouth, they sounded all the more mocking.

Claire rolled her eyes. She didn’t want to be a priest; rather, that old pope fox forced it on her in front of everyone!

“I also want to solve the problem and be on our way!” Claire retorted, frustrated. She took out all of the magical puppets Emery gave her: a bird, a mole, and a fish. One that flies, one that buries underground, and one that swims. Claire had all of them.

“Use this to investigate?” Camille looked at the magical puppets Claire brought out in interest.

“Yep.” Claire nodded, infusing magic into all three puppets and setting them off. She then took out a small crystal ball. The crystal ball showed the three different perspectives of what the puppets saw.

“Interesting.” Camille stroked his chin while raising his brows.

But Claire didn’t put much hope in it. Whatever it was that the beasts were searching for would not be that easy to find. Maybe their treasure was stolen by humans, which would explain why they went crazy. And if it was a treasure, how could she find it so simply? Claire glanced at the scenes in the crystal ball, not finding anything unusual.

Camille squinted at the crystal ball, silent.

Suddenly, the scene at the bottom of the crystal ball changed. In a dark and damp place, a pair of hopeful eyes flashed past. Then the scene returned to what it was before.

“What was that?” Camille, sensitive, found the unusual.

“The magic has run out. The puppets are returning the way they went.” Claire’s expression changed a little. She understood those eyes. The owner of those eyes saw the puppet, and was trying to communicate something.

“Which magical puppet was it?” Camille’s gentle smile was always there.

“It was the mole. The person is underground.” Claire frowned in thought. Should they interfere? Should they care for the owner of that pair of eyes?

“The dungeon is usually under the castle.” Camille mentioned, but shook his head immediately when he saw Claire look at him, “Don’t even think of making me investigate. The dungeon is damp and dirty, and you time have no time for that now.”

“What if it’s related to the ocean beasts’ attack?” Claire asked quietly.

“Wouldn’t that be too much of a coincidence?” Camille turned his head away.

“Let’s go, come with me, king of all assassins. Only your agile skills are suited for such an important responsibility.” Claire threw down these words and walked forward. Camille followed instantly, his smile blooming, “Oh, colonel, please continue praising me. Let’s go and check the dungeons.”

“You have the best skills in the world, I greatly admire your sharp senses, your gracefulness makes me ashamed…… ” Claire said emotionlessly yet softly, all the while walking forward. Camille followed closely with a intoxicated smile.

The two of them disappeared silently into the night.

Claire sighed. Camille, always smiling brilliantly, was much better suited to the dark. Darkness was Camille’s world, a place where he ruled as king. His figure was like a ghost; even though it was his first time here, he could lead Claire silently into the castle’s dungeons as if he already knew the way. Secret doors, traps…… It was as if the designers told Camille where they were. Camille moved forward effortlessly.

The dark and damp dungeon smelled rotten, empty for some time already. Was the person in the crystal ball a prisoner that had not yet been relocated? The city walls could break anytime from the attacks by the ocean beasts, so all personnel were dismissed and all prisoners should have been relocated. Unless the person left here committed a very serious crime and his life didn’t matter anymore?

The doors in the dungeon were either wide or half open, the cells messy but empty. Camille stopped at the end of the dark hall, right before the door to the last cell.He nodded to Claire, signaling that there was someone there. Claire also felt the weak breathing coming from inside.

Camille took out his dagger and used it to push open the dirty cell door. The scene that confronted them was shocking.

A boy, almost completely naked, was tied with his hands and feet apart. There was only one piece of fabric on him that covered his most important part. His mouth was stuffed cloth. His glossy black hair reached all the way down to his feet, and although his smooth complexion was a little pale, it was pretty and glowing. What a wickedly beautiful boy! When the youth saw Claire and Camille, haste flashed through his eyes. He started making sounds and struggling, but nevertheless he was bound tightly.

Camille shook his head, but made no move to untie him.

Claire stepped up and pulled out the cloth in the wickedly beautiful boy’s mouth: “Who are you? Why are you locked up here?”

But the youth’s first sentence, or to be more accurate his first word, stunned Claire.

“Summoner, hungry, set up, the castellan’s sister, lover, refuse, locked up…… ” The youth said word after word weakly.

Claire looked at the beautiful youth in wonder. What a coincidence, he’s a summoner? So there’s hope for solving the problem of ocean beasts? Claire wanted to make sure, “You’re a summoner?” But what was with his stuttering?

“He’s a summoner, but because of his appearance, the castellan’s sister wanted him to be her lover. He was hungry at that time, so they set him up by drugging his food and brought him here. They threatened him to agree but he refused, so they locked him up here.” Camille put the youth’s words into sentences easily.

Claire blinked, looked at the smiling Camille, then looked at the youth whose gladness was evident in his eyes, and realized that Camille had correctly understood the boy’s meaning.

“Teacher, this is the first time I noticed how wise you are.” Claire said solemnly. Then she turned to the youth, “Can you communicate with the ocean beasts? The beasts in the sea outside the city are attacking the port, and you can communicate with them, right?”

“They, save me, destroy here.” The youth said weakly.

“Those ocean beasts are here to save you and destroy this city.” Camille sorted the hair on his forehead gracefully, putting the youth’s words into sentences without thinking. Only when Camille finished speaking that he realized what he said. Camille stared at the wickedly beautiful boy in disbelief. This fragile youth summoned all those ocean beasts?!!

“Wait, so you summoned all those ocean beasts? Without the help of any spell or device, but only your mental power?” Claire wasn’t that surprised anymore. Instead, she frowned at the youth before her eyes. If it really was like that, powerful couldn’t possibly describe the youth’s strength; his strength was frightening! But the boy with such frightening power was in a total mess right now. How were they supposed to believe him? Unless this wickedly beautiful boy was a stupid as a pig! Suddenly, Claire felt cold inside: maybe this wickedly beautiful youth was as stupid as a pig! How could a person who got drugged and caught because he was hungry be smart?

“The castellan doesn’t seem like a person who would allow his sister to do such things.” Claire observed, with no intention of loosening the youth. The youth squirmed around, mumbling one word: hungry.

“That’s simple. The castellan doesn’t know about this, and when this guy woke up he summoned the ocean beasts to help him escape, and everyone ran away. Those who caught him didn’t dare to take him with them nor had the time to release him, so they hoped he would die. As the castellan’s sister, being caught kidnapping young boys is not going to go well.” Camille spoke his guess quickly.

Claire saw joy in the eyes of the youth again. He probably already saw Camille as an understanding friend……

“What’s your name?” Claire looked at the wickedly beautiful youth, but still made no move to untie him.

“Fenghou Dong.” The wickedly beautiful youth blinked at Claire, then squeezed out one more word, “Hungry.”

Claire finally found out that this frightening powerful summoner was not a little lacking in the communication department! And his irises were as clear as crystals. Whose did they look like? Claire searched her brain. Right! They were like Chuxin Qiao’s! Both of them gave off a sense of pureness, a pureness that has never been tainted by the outside world. So this youth was probably from the deep mountains? Wanting to gain some recognition but was caught and tortured before he gained any fame?

“Hungry, hungry, hungry, hungry…… ” Fenghou Dong only repeated this one word while staring at Claire.

Claire watched Fenghou Dong darkly, her eyes cold. She didn’t speak.

Camille yawned. He knew that Sycee mercenary group would add another member soon, another poor fellow to be ordered around by Claire.

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  1. as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3
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    never expected that she's a real person..
    gg princess.. hehehe


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