Ch.72 A Wickedly Beautiful Youth as Stupid as a Pig! (Part II)

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In Claire’s room, Summer and Chuxin Qiao stared wordlessly at the wickedly beautiful youth who was gobbling food down in huge bites.

How many plates has he eaten already? Twenty?

This fellow was so beautiful on the outside, but his manners were so ugly. Most importantly, his stomach was like a bottomless pit. Walter and Jean had sneaked down to the cellar numerous times already for food. Obviously, no one else knew about this except them.

“Do you always eat like this?” Summer looked at Fenghou Dong, who was gobbling greedily, and asked carefully.

Fenghou nodded, not bothering to speak, then stuffed a piece of pork into his mouth and took a gulp of juice.

“And you always eat so much?” Chuxin Qiao also asked carefully.

Fenghou Dong nodded, still chewing the pork in his mouth.

“Damn, who can put with such an appetite.” Walter remarked sourly.

“I…… chased out, eat…… too much.” Fenghou Dong words were muffled.

“Because he ate too much, so his family chased him out to earn himself a living.” Camille translated, holding a delicate teacup gracefully.

The other people were speechless. Looking at the pile of empty plates on the table, the pile of bones on the floor, and the empty bucket besides, they couldn’t help but agree. How could an ordinary family fill such a stomach?

“You haven’t been so full in a long time, right?” Claire rested her chin on her hands, leaning against the table lazily.

Fenghou Don nodded vigorously at Claire, then let out a satisfied smile

“Follow me, listen to my orders and do what I tell you, and you’ll never be hungry again. You can eat as much as you want, and all very delicious foods.” Claire’s casual sentence made everyone in the room want to spit on her.

Walter’s lip twitched. Of course, the little devil’s evil personality can never be hidden for long.

Fenghou Dong stood up excitedly, waving the drumstick in hand around, his words incoherent, “No, not every time, so much, hungry too long, eat this…… ”

Camille was just about to translate when Claire nodded, “I understand your meaning. You said, you don’t always eat this much, but because you were hungry for too long this time, so you ate so much. You mean that your expectations aren’t high, and you will work for me gladly.”

Fenghou Dong nodded his head vigorously, his obvious joy so chilling to the others. This fellow was really naive. Even though he was employed at such a low wage, he looked like he was the one who benefited and found a steady backing!

Then it was the time for him sign the contract and sell himself. When Claire tucked Fenghou Dong’s slave contract safely away and turned around, she saw everyone looking at her in a weird way.

“What? Got a problem?” Claire lifted her head slightly and asked coldly.

The crowd lowered their heads in unison, and started talking as if nothing had happened.

“But colonel, what are you going to do next?” Camille set down his teacup gracefully, took out a clean handkerchief, and dabbed his mouth daintily.

Everyone turned their gazes to Claire. Right, now that they found the person that summoned the ocean beasts, what will they do next?

“So now~~~~” A creepy smile appeared on Claire’s face. She didn’t finish her sentence, but the creepy feeling made them all shiver inside.

What Claire was going to do next was not going to be good.

They could swear that on their lives!

“Okay, everyone. Go get a good night’s rest, because we’re putting on a good show tomorrow morning.” Claire clapped her hands, telling the others to return to their rooms. It was already very late and they won’t get much sleep anyways.

“Tomorrow is the day when Sycee mercenary group will take its first step.” Camille gave a charming smile and walked out of the room.

The others blinked at each other, an ominous feeling in their hearts.

In the early morning the next day, a siren ring shattered the peaceful air.

The ocean beasts were again attacking.

This time, they were fiercer than ever. Huge waves crashed onto the tall city walls, and the walls seemed to buzz and wobble. The castellan was extremely serious, pulling on his clothes hurriedly and gathering the tired magicians up to the city walls again.

The sun was just rising. White foam splashed, and the sea itself was roaring. Huge ocean beasts made their way closer and closer.

With a loud boom, the river inside the city overflowed, throwing up the boats that were anchored there for refuge and resulting in huge splashes. Ear-piercing noises made their way throughout Level city. Citizens that haven’t yet escaped prayed desperately, placing all their hope on the castellan and the mercenary group that helped defeat the beasts yesterday. They hoped that they could beat the beasts back today again and hold it up till help comes. But the darker and darker sky placed shadows in the people’s heart.

The castellan and the magicians looked at the scene before them, their faces pale, hopes dashed. It’s no use. So many more beasts appeared today than yesterday, and all of them fierce and aggressive. Their furious roars hurt the ears of everyone present.

The castellan knitted his brows and bit his lip tightly. He already made a decision.

Since all hope is gone now, he, as the castellan, would live and die with the city. But these magicians here were valuable to the country and should not waste their lives here. He must order them to leave. As the castellan was about to open his mouth, footsteps sounded behind him. He turned around and saw Claire calmly leading her group up.

“Colonel White…… ” The castellan was just about to speak when a big wave crashed onto the walls, spray and foam showering them.

Camille opened his little umbrella gracefully, successfully blocking the sea spray. White Emperor hid on Camille’s shoulder leisurely. After leaving the capital, White Emperor had stayed with Camille, for Camille was always clean and dry. Jean pulled out his sword, slashed through the spray and vaporized the water droplets, then sheathed his sword and stepped behind Claire. His actions were fast and graceful.

But the castellan wasn’t so lucky. No one held an umbrella for him or used DouQi to vaporize the sea spray, and he was drowned in sea water. Immediately, his clothes stuck to his body, his hair dripping water, looking very sorry. Of course, his two guards weren’t that much better off; both were dripping wet, too.

“Sir, there’s no need to say anything. We will help you defeat the beasts. Our only wish is to set sail after as fast as possible.” Claire said confidently.

The castellan was surprised. He never thought that in face of such danger, this girl in front of him could be so calm. Maybe? Maybe they didn’t use their whole strength yesterday? The castellan’s spirits rose. If it was really like that, Level City was saved, and this girl would have a reason to be so collected.

“Colonel White knows a way to defeat the ocean beasts?” The castellan asked hastily.

“Yes, and the beasts would never attack again. I promise.” Claire nodded seriously.

“Really?” The castellan was so excited his body was shaking. Although the young girl couldn’t be more than fifteen, people felt they could trust her. The castellan didn’t know why himself. Maybe it was the confidence in the bottom of her eyes, or maybe it was the strange light coming off from her.

“Yes, so I hope that after the ocean beasts leave, the castellan can prepare a ship for us as soon as possible. We have other important matters at hand.” Claire’s face was solemn. She looked to the sea, “We should hurry now, for the beasts could arrive any moment. Prepare for attack!”

“Good, good, good!” The castellan moved away hurriedly and added, “If the beasts do leave, I will set up the best and largest ship we have and get the most experienced captain and sailors for you to use.”

“I hope that you will follow through your promise.” Claire smiled, then stood up tall on the city walls, taking down the bow from her back slowly.

The castellan and his guards were surprised by Claire’s actions, not understanding what she wanted to do.

The other magicians also doubted Claire, while the soldiers at the base of the walls frowned. Doesn’t that girl care about her life? Standing at the highest point on the walls without any protection! Any wave could knock her over!

Claire stood there proudly, slowly raising the bow in her hands, aiming at the sky in front of her.

Slowly, steadily, she pulled back the string……

The expressions of all the magicians on the wall changed, for they all felt a strong magical ripple forming, the origin being that ordinary bow in the girl’s hands! As the string was pulled tauter and tauter, the heartbeats of the magicians beated faster and faster: that magic was getting stronger and stronger!

A golden fireball was forming on the bowstring, growing larger in front of everyone’s stunned eyes.

The pressure from the hot air became almost unbearable.

The sea spray evaporated before even coming close.

Claire’s face was icy.

Focus! Fire!!

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5 thoughts on “Ch.72 A Wickedly Beautiful Youth as Stupid as a Pig! (Part II)

  1. ‘I understand your meaning’ should be changed to ‘I understand what you meant’, as the former is considered broken english. You wouldn’t mind if i pointed out some grammatical mistakes, right?


  2. That was a great cliffhanger
    But I thought they would use that Feng Dong guy
    Maybe he’s not capable enough to control his powers yet

    Thank you for the chapters!!!!


    1. They are already using him. Why do you think sea beasts attacked again? Because Claire asked that Feng Dong to summon them again. So Claire’s mercenary group beat the beasts and gain huge fame..


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