Ch.73 Infuriating a Mighty One (Part I)

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Claire’s statue-like beauty made a deep imprint in the hearts and minds of all that were there.

Cold expression, determined gaze, flowing hair……

“Whoosh–” The sound of an arrow sliced across the dusky sky, creating a golden track that stretched towards the horizon.

Boom! The loud explosion stunned everyone.

The castellan couldn’t even think anymore. He just stood there looking at the sight in the sky, unable to speak.

The magicians’ minds also went blank. They all stopped whatever they were doing and looked at the sky, shocked.

The soldiers guarding the city walls and the citizens that were fearfully praying all looked up at the beautiful wonder in the sky.

Golden flames exploded magnificently in the sky, the whooshing sounds of the flames tearing through the air. The grey sky was lit up by the golden color; it seemed that if the beautiful gold color was expulsing the frightening haze.

Next, the piercing wailing of ocean beasts sounded from the harbor outside the city. The sound of waves striking on the city walls was deafening, and could be heard clearly even from a very far place.

Even an idiot could tell that the wailing of the beasts had something to do with this marvelous sight!

The magicians on the city walls dropped their jaws, staring at the unbelievable sight before them. This was absolutely not a force a lone magical arrow could emit! This young girl, this seemingly inconspicuous young girl, was a magician! A magician that was much more powerful than any of them!

The booming sounds of the explosions continued. The ocean crested turbulently, and the ocean beasts howled painfully, diving under the water then disappearing. Nobody noticed Fenghou Dong wearing a wide robe, concentrating and doing something. Letting the beasts put on a show was not that hard.

The howling of the beasts moved further and further away. The waves became smaller and smaller. The downcast sky gradually brightened up, and the dark clouds slowly dissipated. The sun poked its head out. Outside the city walls, the seawater that had flooded the harbor was gradually receding, revealing the original appearance of the harbor.

People stood looking at the miracle in the sky, not recovering from the shock.

The sun, brilliant and splendid, warmed every single corner in Level City, and shone on every single person.

The soldiers that held their position under the city walls all this time looked at the young girl that stood tall above them with awe. Under the sunlight, the young girl’s expression was peaceful. The wind blew lightly through her hair. In that split second, she seemed like a blinding light. But the next second, she was once again the most ordinary among the ordinary.

“The ocean, ocean beasts have retreated, and won’t come back again?” The castellan looked at the gradually revealing harbor and asked dumbly.

“Yes, they won’t come back again. Because last night, we discovered the reason why they attacked the harbor.” Claire answered solemnly.

“The ocean beasts were only trying to tell us, humans, this: catching fish endlessly and limitlessly will not work. Sir, you should consider enacting some policies, such as no fishing during spawning period……” Camille started righteously, covering up for Claire.

“Is, is it so?” The castellan’s expression changed. He looked at Claire, wanting to receive a sure answer.

“Yes, sir. I believe you are most fit in handling this type of business. The beasts have already retreated, and will not attack again. I believe that under your leadership, Level City will return to its past prosperity in the quickest time.” Claire fabricated on the spot. Of course they couldn’t tell the castellan that what they just saw was half true, half false. At the same time, letting these greedy people understand the principle of sustainable development was a good thing, too. If fishing went unrestricted, even the richest seas will wither away someday.

Claire’s reason for why the ocean beasts attacked the harbor marveled the people, but they believed it because they were unable to come up with a more plausible reason. Food in the seas was directly related to the survival of the ocean beasts, and Level City was the biggest seafood exporter in the country. Claire’s reason made some sense.

What Claire didn’t expect was, this random reason she made up today, will help Level City develop into one of the three busiest harbour cities on the continent of Ceylon! Into a crown jewel of Amparkland! Naturally, this was an afterthought.

The more important thing right now was to face the thanks from enthusiastic citizens of Level City and the reward from the castellan.

“My dear friends, please do stay for two days, just two days. I have already reported to the capital, and the emperor’s reward will arrive soon. You must accept the most sincere gratitude of Level City. Please attend the award ceremony on the day after tomorrow!” The castellan persuaded earnestly.

“Okay. Sir, would you do the trouble to help us prepare some sailing equipment? Also, please don’t forget the biggest and best ship, and most experienced captain and sailors that you have promised.” Claire agreed with a faint smile. Her companions all wore different expressions. Were they really going to stay for some boring award ceremony? And wait for people from the Temple of Light to catch up?

Yet Camille leaned on a window sill lazily and watched the seagulls soaring in the sky. He knew clearly that it was impossible for sneaky little Claire to wait for people from the Temple of Light to catch up.

After receiving Claire’s consent, the castellan smiled. Satisfied, he left the room to prepare.

“This is so annoying! I don’t even dare step out of this door, Claire, are you really going to attend that whatever award ceremony?” Summer kicked a chair leg frustratedly. The moment they leave the castle, grateful gifts from the people would shower them. Therefore they entrusted the castellan to prepare their sailing equipment.

The name of Moon White and Sycee mercenary group spread to every single household of Level City in one night. The ordinary young girl with a magic bow was really an extremely powerful magician. She led her few group members and fought intensely with the ocean beasts, driving them all off in one battle, returning prosperity and peace to Level City. This was something that neither the castellan nor any of the magicians in the city could do. But that young girl and her mercenary group did!

What kind of strength was this, what kind of glory. Many boasted to have seen with their own eyes the vigorous posture of that young lady.

Within a night, Moon White and her Sycee mercenary group became the heroes of Level City! Their doings spread quickly, that the emperor himself, in the capital, ordered personally to give them a reward.

Two days later, the sun was shining brightly. Level City looked peaceful and prosperous.

The city was full of empty roadways, for everybody gathered towards the same direction.

Towards the huge square not far from Level City’s castellan’s castle.

Today, was the day that the castellan will award their heros.

The square was crowded and bustling with noise. People all craned their necks and waited, waiting for their hero to appear.

The castellan was in brand new clothes. He walked up the stage with a bright smile on his face. The square started boiling, for they knew, they will soon see with their own eyes the heroes that saved their Level City.

“My fellow citizens, I am honored to stand here, safe and sound, and enjoy this sunshine with you. We all know, that this fine and peaceful scene before us, is all thanks to one person and her group. And she is the hero that drove away the crazy ocean beasts, Moon White!” The castellan announced passionately.

The crowd below started cheering, their enthusiasm unmeasurable.

“Next, let’s welcome our hero Moon White and the Sycee mercenary group that she leads~~~” His face covered by a huge smile, the castellan waved his hand and signaled for them to enter the stage.

Thunderous applause, deafening hurrays. The people on the square applauded with all their might.

But, nobody appeared. The legendary young girl that was ordinary yet valiant, with a magic bow strapped across her back, didn’t appear.

The castellan frowned slightly, then raised his voice and waved again: “Next, let’s welcome our hero Moon White and the Sycee mercenary group that she leads~~~~”

Thunderous applause again, deafening hurrays again. The people on the square applauded with all their might.

But, still nobody appeared. The legendary heroic young girl did not appear.

The castellan twitched his lip, his expression finally starting to change.

The crowd on the square waited, looking at their usually calm castellan with eagerness and confusion. The castellan seemed to be worried.

“Next~~” The castellan protracted his voice, trying to make a last struggling. But a man rushed up behind him and whispered something into his ear.

So the people on the square watched their castellan, who didn’t back off in front of the wild ocean beasts; who didn’t panic at the oncoming tragedy of the city being flooded; who always kept calm in all situations; they watched as his expression became remarkably colorful.

Ten thousand people waiting eagerly. A wind blew across the square, cool and breezy.

“Caw–” A seagull squawked, flying over the heads of the people. Then a lump of guano dropped down gorgeously, landing on the stone-faced castellan’s shoulder.

At this time, Claire was catnapping on a bench on the deck. Camille, smiling gently, was elegantly pouring juice for Claire. White Emperor squatted on a table, enjoying delicious pastries.

This seemed to be the first time either Summer or Qiao Chuxin sailed on the sea. The two leaned over the railings on the deck excitedly, gazing at the endless blue ocean. Jean silently sat somewhere behind Claire. Dong Fenghou was stuffing food into his mouth with both his right and his left hand. Walter lay in a chair comfortably, enjoying the sunshine. The wind leopard suited himself on the deck and basked in the sun.

Dragon Ben was crouched down in a corner, vomiting. This mighty and arrogant black dragon was seasick. Yup, he was magnificently seasick.

“Colonel, how do like the desserts?” Camille smiled.

“Vice-colonel, your self-made juice and matching pastries are always unique and the best in the world.” Her eyes in slits, Claire spoke insouciantly.

Camille smiled elegantly. He then gracefully carried the teacup into the cabin and continued to willingly make Claire fresh juice.

Li Mingyu and Li Yuewen stared at what was happening, wanting to say something but unable to speak.

The biggest and sturdiest ship of Level City, and the most experienced captain and crew, all belonged to Claire at this moment. The Li siblings always thought something was off about the ocean beasts being expulsed just like that, but they never found a chance to ask. Both made up their minds to find a chance and figure out what actually happened.

The sea was calm, and the group sailed comfortably. Even if there was a storm, no worries! They had the most experienced captain and sailors with them.

So, some fished, some basked in the sun, some ate, some made juice, and, some vomited……

But on this day, the sound of an urgent alarm bell broke the peace on the boat.

Not that there was an upcoming storm, but pirates!

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