Ch.73 Infuriating a Mighty One (Part II)

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“Enemy attack!”


“High alert!”

An urgent alarm bell rang and bursts of footsteps sounded on the deck, but were orderly and organized.

These experienced crewmen were not just sailors, but also soldiers of the empire!

While Claire and her group hadn’t even moved, rows of fully armed men already lined up on the deck.

“Captain, what’s the situation?” Claire stood up and walked towards the captain, who was solemnly standing at the railings.

The captain set down the binoculars in his hands, and said with a serious expression, “Colonel White, this time it might be a little tricky. It’s the Red Skull Pirates.”

“Oh?” Claire looked up, and saw several large ships speedily approaching them. Each ship had a black flag hanging on its mast, hideous red skull embroidered on them.

“Red Skull Pirates, elusive and ruthless. If they meet merchant ships, they take all the cargo, kill all men, and sell the women into slavery. The empire had sent troops to destroy them many times, but never succeeded, because they were the most familiar with the weather on the sea and the locations of submerged rocks.” Camille also walked up, elegantly sorting the hair on his forehead and showing off his knowledge, “Last year, the empire sent twenty warships to destroy them. Eight sunk, seven were severely damaged, while the Red Skull Pirates only had some minor damages on one of their ships.”

The captain’s face darkened. This blonde man with blue irises had such a gentle voice, but his words were aggressive and straight to the point. It was true that the empire couldn’t do anything about these pirates, for the captain of these pirates was a very powerful magician. The empire’s troops suffered losses on every one of their attacks.

“Oh.” Claire was thoughtful. Looks like the enemy wasn’t just any small opponent. So, should they attack first?

“Take cover, and prepare to fire!” The captain commanded. All the crewmen found cover, lifted up their bows, and aimed towards the front.

“Colonel White, would you and your group also take cover. The opponent also has very skilled archers.” The captain advised seriously.

Claire nodded, and signaled for the rest to also hide. She wanted to see how good the pirates were and the responses and reactions of the empire’s soldiers.

A long “whoosh” sliced through the sky. A sharp arrow struck the deck.

The other side had already launched their attack.

Claire hid behind the stairs. She took out her own bow and started shooting.

Claire’s magical fire arrow instantly exploded on the enemy’s ship, but after some exclamation they soon calmed down again.

No other reason, but only because Claire’s aim really wasn’t anything to boast about. When the fire arrow burst, there was just a slight effect, with almost no lethality. Plus the opponents also had magicians to defend, so there was no real threat.

“Colonel, you’re a very not qualified archer.” Camille stood besides Claire, one hand carrying a teapot, and the other holding a cup. He elegantly filled the cup with tea then handed it to Claire, “Come, colonel. First taste some of the rose tea that I made especially for you.”

Claire twitched her lips. True, her aim was very depressing. After several arrows, it still seemed that she had no effect on the other side.

Claire accepted the cup from Camille’s hand with low-spirits, and drank it in one gulp. When she turned to hand it back to Camille, she saw Qiao Chuxin opening fire, her face cold. At this moment, there was no warmth at all in Qiao Chuxin’s eyes. Aim, fire!

Claire followed the direction the arrow was going, and saw a person’s head shot open by Qiao Chuxin! Blood splattered everywhere, creating a commotion on the other side. Summer, who had been standing besides Qiao Chuxin, shuddered. Iciness. Was this the sweet and gentle little girl she knew? Why is she acting like serial killer? And shooting people through the head without a second thought! Doesn’t she herself think it’s terrifying? Just what type of freak did Claire add to their group?

“Chu, Chuxin……” Summer called out bleakly.

“Huh?” Qiao Chuxin returned to normal, then looked innocently at Summer. She was again the sweet and gentle little girl.

“You, you killed a person…… and, and……” Summer couldn’t say the following words: and you shot him right through the head!

“When I draw my bowstring back, I only see targets. There’s no difference between humans or beasts.” Qiao Chuxin spit out these words. Expression cold, irises clear. Summer shuddered, unable to speak.

“Very good, Chuxin. You may continue.” Eyes in slits, Claire lay down and began to rest. Being encouraged, Chuxin turned and continued to shoot intently. With each shot, a person was either shot through the head, or through the chest! Those who hid behind wooden barrels had even more wretched fates. Penetrated by Qiao Chuxin with one shot.

“Colonel, you haven’t told me how my rose tea is yet?” Although his voice was gentle, Camille’s tone and expression were slightly plaintive.

“Oh, very good, one more please~~~” Claire turned and threw Camille a brilliant smile.

Camille grinned. He lifted up the teapot and was about to pour more tea.

Just at this time, there was an enormous boom. Then the ship began to sway violently. Huge waves crested beside the ship!

“Magic crystal cannon?!” Li Mingyu looked on with horror and exclaimed with astonishment as a round object extended from the biggest ship on the other side. The pirates had this type of stuff?!

“They’re very rich.” At such a time, no one thought Li Yuewen’s cold joke was funny.

It looked like the opponents were shocked by Qiao Chuxin’s magic arrows. They hadn’t thought that such a figure would be on the boat; therefore, they decided to finish the battle quickly, using the magic crystal cannon to win over this seemingly very wealthy ship.

“Ugh–” At this time, the sound of a very untimely vomiting came abruptly.

The people all looked over, and saw dragon Ben struggling to stand up from the corner.

“Oh, Ben, done with throwing up all you ate yesterday?” Claire raised her brows and mocked.

“What, what’s going on? Ugh– Why is the boat rocking more violently?” Dragon Ben patted his chest, trying his best to suppress the mixture in his stomach.

“We ran into pirates, and they used a magic crystal cannon to blast at us. So you would feel more swaying, and vomit even more.” Summer butted into the conversation, gloating. She had long wished to taunt this uncivilized black dragon, that he also had a day when he would vomit like this! But Summer never dared. Now she finally had the chance to scoff and jeer at him, of course she wouldn’t let it go!

The captain looked over worriedly. The situation was already so bad, yet these people were so casual and aloof! Magic crystal cannon! For goodness sake, the other side had weapons as deadly as a magic crystal cannon! Originally, he had placed hope on them, who had the power to expulse the ocean beasts, to strike the pirates. But he didn’t expect for the pirates to have a magic crystal cannon! The captain looked up towards the blue ocean water, despair surging in his chest. Were they all going to die here?

“Co-, colonel…… Ugh……” Dragon Ben struggled to balance his body. He looked straight at Claire, eyes full of hope.

Claire blinked, then looked at Camille and asked, “Hey, sir vice-colonel, are all the Red Skull Pirates unforgivable criminals?”

“Of course, colonel. Every single one of the heads of those pirates are worth a fortune. All high up on the wanted list.” Camille replied.

“Alright, Ben, I will allow you to eliminate harm for the people. But……!” Claire hadn’t yet finished her sentence when she was interrupted by dragon Ben’s roar.

The powerful and mighty roar went all the way up into the clouds. So terrifying and threatening.

“Roar–! Go die!” Dragon Ben shrieked, then directly flew up and waved his hands. A gigantic fireball rapidly headed towards the pirate ship on the other side!

The violent and burning fireball struck the pirate ship with a loud boom, creating a deafening explosion. Instantly, half of the colossal pirate ship disappeared! The mast went down with a bang; the yells of the pirates onboard filled the air. The fire spread madly, illuminating the sky red.

On this side, the captain and crew forgot what they were doing, all staring at the scene before then, dumbfounded and unable to speak. This moment, their minds were blank!

Summer’s eyes were wide open. Scared, she moved towards Qiao Chuxin, then saw that Qiao Chuxin was still coldly shooting and taking lives. Trembling, Summer carefully scooted towards Claire.

“Go die! Go die! You dare let me vomit even more! All go die!” Dragon Ben shrieked weirdly, throwing magic at the pirate ships like he cared about nothing else. The poor pirates became the vent for dragon Ben’s anger. If they knew that this was the result of them making the ship rock too violently, they would probably all die from depression.

“Ben, don’t kill all of them, and don’t destroy the ship–” Claire sighed helplessly. Now that the ships were burned into such bad shape, how would anyone be able to recognize that this was the infamous Red Skull Pirates? The fearsome Red Skull Pirates, would from now on become a tragic legend. Of course, things had not ended yet.

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  2. Ahahahaha
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  3. Hey Meow and Woof. First of all thanks for the chapter. Could you guys possibly change the background to something less flashy? Although i have to admit that the attic is the theme of the website, but then the colorful backdrop against the black print interferes with the full enjoyment of the beauty of the translation. Maybe you guys can have a white or pastel standard background against the black print? that would allow for easier navigation and devouring of the translations.
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