Ch.74 Artifact?! (Part I)

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Fragments of the ship filled in the air, and the wailing and howling of the pirates hurt the ears of all the people. If not for Claire stopping him, dragon Ben would probably have continued blasting until not a speck was left. The precious magic crystal cannon was also nearly destroyed by dragon Ben’s violent magic.

When the captain of the Red Skull Pirates was brought before Claire, he refused to believe that he lost in the hands of such an ordinary young girl. That frighteningly powerful man in black destroyed his life’s work. When he saw that man’s terrifying strength, he had to admit they weren’t his equal. Losing in his hands wasn’t shameful, because that man in black was the most powerful person they’ve ever seen. But this ordinary young girl in front of him was that man’s leader?! That savage, powerful, dangerous man in black listens to her orders? The orders of a young girl who was obviously weaker than him?

The young girl in front of him was so ordinary, you wouldn’t be able to find her in a crowd. She even had faint freckles on her cheeks. Right now she was lying leisurely in a rocking chair, while a beautiful,  blonde-haired man was smiling and carefully pouring tea for her. And one of Red Skull Pirates’ nightmare, that man in black, was squatting behind the girl, vomiting. That frightening man was, was seasick? And the other one of their nightmares, the girl with the magic bow, was sitting happily besides the ordinary girl, counting the gold coins the ordinary girl gave her, very satisfied. The hand of the captain of the Red Skull Pirates was shaking. Please don’t tell him that after killing so many of them, those few gold coins were her reward?! Didn’t she know, that any one of the pirates she just killed were worth so much more than the total of the gold coins in her hands?!

Who was this ordinary young girl?!

“Oh, so you are the famous captain of the Red Skull Pirates?” Claire took a sip of tea and asked. She looked at the messy young man in front of her, tightly bound and restricted again with magic. Claire was a little surprised. She never thought that the fearsome, legendary captain of the pirates had such an appearance. A perfect baby face, cute from every angle, not fierce at all. With a face like that, yet he was still able to order around the pirates, and give the army of the country such a hard time; that could only mean that this person wasn’t as simple as he looks.

“Right. I am. Who are you? I lost in your hands, so at least you should let me die knowing.” The baby-faced cute pirate captain glared at Claire, humphing coldly.

“When asking who others are, shouldn’t you first tell us your name? You person with no manners!” Summer rebuked, but glancing towards the vomiting dragon Ben when she said this. Obviously, she was insinuating. But too bad, dragon Ben couldn’t tell, instead focusing all his attention on vomiting.

“Rooke!” The baby-faced captain spat fiercely, then glared at Claire, waiting for Claire’s answer.

“Captain, find the nearest island and pull in shore, and hand them to the local police. Then let’s hurry on our way.” Claire yawned, the lied back down.

Rooke’s baby face instantly turned red. He stared at Claire with hatred and yelled, “Who are you?”

“Did I ever say I will tell you if I you tell me? You’re a pirate. When were you naive enough to believe there was justice in the world?” Claire didn’t even bother raising her head or opening her eyes, while her lazy sentence nearly caused the pirate captain to die of anger, “I just won’t tell you. I just won’t let you rest easy when you die.”

Everybody present felt a coldness in their hearts. This little devil, she was a bad person, a very bad person!

But Rooke was surprised. Until he was taken away, he still turned his head to stare at Claire. His gaze was very complex.

The rest of the pirates were also caught and given to the police department on the nearest island; the magic crystal cannon was also left there to be turned in to the country. When the news of the Red Skull Pirates being wiped out spread, everyone was elated. All the villagers on the island scrambled to come see who did it. But Claire and her group never got off the ship, and set sail again as soon as the captain finished settling this matter. All they left was the name of Moon White and Sycee mercenary group.

“Colonel, you’re famous again.” Camille adjusted the position of the sun umbrella, and smiled at Claire, who was sitting under it.

“Sir vice-colonel, your golden hair is so brilliant under the sun, as attractive as a precious pearl.” Claire didn’t even open her eyes as she fabricated, “I want a rose-flavored cookie.”

“Sure, sir colonel. I’m happy to work for you.” Camille didn’t bother saying anything else, but went into the cabin happily. White Emperor chirped and lept onto Camille’s shoulder, Dong Fenghou following close behind.

“Okay, what do you want to say?” Now Claire sat up and opened her eyes, looking at the Li siblings who have been sitting in front of her for a long time without talking, and asked quietly. They were the only people on the front deck now. Everyone else was busy doing their own thing. Summer was pulled away by Qiao Chuxin to go roast fish, Walter was on the topmost deck sunbathing, Jean was resting in the cabin, and dragon Ben continued his job of throwing up.

“You’re not cute at all.” Li Yuewen looked at the peaceful Claire and snorted coldly.

Claire shrugged, neither answering nor denying.

“You…… ” Li Mingyu started quietly, “We know about that man in black, he’s not human, he’s a dragon, so that’s why he has such powerful strength. But why would he listen to you? And why would the ocean beasts just retreat like that? Don’t try to trick me with the reason you told the castellan.”

Claire raised her brows slightly, and replied indifferently, “Why should I tell you?”

Li Yuewen was about to fly into a rage when Claire tilted her head and continued in an indifferent tone, “But, if you want to know, I’ll tell you.”

Li Yuewen twitched her lip, unable to say anything. But a smile flashed through the depths of Li Mingyu’s eyes. How could he not know that Claire was purposefully teasing his impatient sister.

“Dragon Ben was rescued by my master unintentionally. He was framed by other dragons. One sentence, too stupid. So he wants to stay beside me and learn how to become more clever, and so it’s normal for him to listen to my orders. The ocean beast situation is even more simple.” Claire took a leisure sip of the rose tea, praising Camille’s great skills in her heart and continued, “Because the beasts were summoned by one of my people, and so that person told the beasts to retreat at a suitable time!”

Li Mingyu’s and Li Yuewen’s faces were blank. For a second, they didn’t know what to say.

“Summoner? Who among your group is a summoner?” Li Yuewen asked, shocked. Summoner, this magical and rare occupation, was not for everyone. They must have the ability to communicate with nature, listen to the hearts of creatures, and influence their thoughts. They must also possess strong mental powers and communication skills.

“The guy who eats all day.” Claire laid back down, then added casually, “Now you know the truth, you can finally get a good night’s sleep. Rest and get ready to fight for the treasure.”

“How do you know someone will come for the treasure also?” Li Yuewen asked without thinking. But as soon as she said it, she covered her mouth.

“Four major clans. The Feng clan and Shui clan always intermarry, so their status is strong and secure. The Hua clan and your Li clan have always been like fire and water, so now that you are looking for an artifact that can possibly revive the Li clan, how could the Hua clan, who see you as a nail in the eye, not come and make a show of stopping you?” Claire replied lazily with her eyes closed.

Li Mingyu and Li Yuewen looked at each other quietly. They both saw many emotions in each other’s eyes. There was praise, worry, relief. Claire actually did so much research on them. But they were also worried about what Claire said, the Hua clan coming to snatch the treasure. Until now, the people from the Hua clan hadn’t appeared. They must be waiting to strike at the right time!

But Claire closed her eyes and rested. Camille was a living dictionary; no matter what information you needed, as long as you brought praises with you, you can find whatever information you want!

Three days later, the ship anchored by a small, unnamed island.

“This doggone place has treasures?” Now that dragon Ben’s feet were on land, he was immediately better, and jumped around excitedly. Finally, he didn’t have to vomit anymore.

But Claire knew perfectly that without the guidance of the Tidal Goblet, they would have never found this island. This island did not exist on any map. Since the ancestors of the Li clan hid the treasure here, this place must be unique in some way.

The captain and sailors waited on the ship, while Claire and the others took everything they needed and went upon shore. When they first stepped onto the island, Claire noticed that a line of coconut trees by the sea were full of coconuts. And there was a type five-colored tortoises on the coconut trees, basking in the sun. When people walked near, there would be thumps as the five-colored tortoises jumped into the sea.

The island was green and alive, the flowers and trees giving people a refreshing feeling. The little animals weren’t afraid of humans at all, instead all watching the group curiously.

“It’s just in front.” Li Mingyu took out the Tidal Goblet and checked, then looked forward and said positively.

“Then let’s go.” Claire replied casually while riding the wind leopard, earning disgusting gazes from Summer.

Li Mingyu walked in front, leading the way. His sword cut open a path, while the others followed closely behind. Claire squinted at Li Mingyu’s actions, trying to guess his strength. But after a long time, she came to a resigned conclusion: she couldn’t tell the level of Li Mingyu’s strength at all.

After a very long time, they finally made a discovery.

“Is it in that cave?” Dragon Ben craned his neck, looking at the huge cave in front of them and asked, puzzled.

“The Tidal Goblet says it’s inside.” Li Mingyu gave a positive answer and walked in first.

“Brother, be careful of traps.” Li Yuewen followed quickly.

Li Mingyu nodded lightly, and walked carefully before them. A slight magic ripple suddenly appeared at the cave entrance.

“A barrier?” Li Mingyu stopped, then reached out his hand to read the wavelength of the barrier.

Just then, something strange happened!……

In everyone’s shocked gaze, Li Mingyu’s hand just penetrated the barrier, and then his whole person disappeared, as if a strong force pulled him in powerfully.

“Brother!” Li Yuewen shouted, then reached out her hand without hesitation.

The next moment, Li Yuewen also disappeared.

“Claire?!” Summer looked towards Claire, scared. This scene in front of their eyes was way too creepy. You could see the inside of the cave clearly behind the transparent barrier, full of rocks of different sizes. But those two people just vanished.

“Pulled in by something…… ” Claire frowned slightly. She could feel the strange magic ripple at the barrier. Claire stretched out her hand slowly, touching the barrier. Summer shrieked and tried to grab Claire.

The next instant, Claire suddenly felt a strong, irresistible force, which sucked her in directly. Summer, who was holding Claire’s hand, was also sucked in.

Four people disappeared in a split second.

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13 thoughts on “Ch.74 Artifact?! (Part I)

  1. That’s too cool!
    Everyone despises Claire for being crafty and cunning, but I think everyone has found their own happiness in travelling with Claire. I wonder what the Pirate captain will do in the future 😉

    Thank you for the chapter!
    And the matter between buzz and you guys is a bit confusing. Both parties feel wronged and both have their own reasons. I hope you guys can reconcile in the future. T.T

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  2. wasnt claire supposed to be a beauty? While here she is described as an ordinary girl with frekles. I am kinda confused now how to picture Claire.


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