Ch.74 Artifact?! (Part II)

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Dragon Ben humphed coldly, reached out his hand, and also vanished in front of everyone.

Jean didn’t say anything, walked up and vanished willingly. The rest of the people looked at each other blankly. Camille shrugged his shoulders and walked up, his expression relaxed. The others followed quickly, all disappearing at the entrance of the cave.

The instant the group was sucked into the barrier, they all felt an irresistible downward force. Summer and Qiao Chuxin’s screams sounded besides everyone’s ears.

Claire rolled her eyes, wordless to whoever designed this tunnel. It was like a roller coaster! A huge, semi-circle shaped slide stretched almost straight down. Glowing minerals dotted the walls on either side, illuminating the cave. Everyone was sliding down this huge slide speedily, and Summer and Qiao Chuxin were having a screaming contest. The weightless feeling was very uncomfortable. But the biggest problem wasn’t this, but that their butts hurt from sliding so much!

All of them finally reached the bottom messily, and after getting to their feet with some effort, they started looking at their surroundings.

Claire touched her hurt butt very ungracefully, cursing whoever designed this barrier and slide.

“That’s the treasure?” Summer exclaimed in a low voice, shocked.

Everyone followed Summer’s gaze and saw a high dais made of white jade. A few white jade steps led up to it. A sword was thrust in the white jade dais, a very ordinary sword! Making a glaring contrast with the beautiful, glowing white jade dais.

“So ordinary. I thought it would be a sword full of glittering stones and gems.” Summer said, a little disappointed.

“Those are only pretty, but not useful.” Li Yuewen replied coldly. Apparently, Summer’s attitude annoyed her.

“Isn’t it too easy to see the treasure like this?” Walter looked around confusedly.

“It doesn’t matter who sees it, because the artifact will choose its owner. So even if every person in the world sees it, yet no one can pull it out, it is still a decoration, without real use.” Li Mingyu explained.

Claire remembered what Li Mingyu had said, that this artifact was created by Li clan ancestors, and that only people with Li clan blood can pull it out. Now Claire understood. So that’s why Li Mingyu wasn’t in a hurry at all. This artifact probably won’t choose anyone other than the Li siblings as its owner.

“But, it’s really ordinary.” Dragon Ben walked onto the white jade dais and squatted there, examining the precious sword in front of him suspiciously.

“What do you know!” Claire also walked up to look at the sword, humphing coldly and started teaching dragon Ben, “The most ordinary things are often the most mysterious. Ordinary things can make people let down their guard, and then they choose a suitable time to make a fatal blow. The results would be beyond imagination.”

Dragon Ben frowned at Claire, solemnly listening to her teaching, then nodded, “So you must disguise yourself?”

“Fool your enemy, make them think you’re useless, then beat them up fiercely, and everything’s done with half the effort.” Claire continued teaching.

“Oh oh, oh oh.” Dragon Ben nodded continuously, and took note of everything seriously.

The teacher and student made everyone wordless.

Li Mingyu walked up slowly, taking a deep look at the ordinary sword. He knew this precious sword was not as simple as it looks on the outside. This artifact, one that used up much mental power of the Li ancestors to make, must have its specialities. As Li Mingyu neared the sword, something miraculous happened.

The sword started shaking, and slowly glowed a silver light.

Li Yuewen’s smile was relieved and happy. Now they would get the sword, and there is hope for reviving the Li clan!

Li Mingyu was also excited. The sword they had been searching for for so long is right in front of his eyes, and it has a reaction when he comes near!

Claire stared at the miraculous scene in front of her and exclaimed in her heart. So artifacts really have intelligence and can choose their owner! Everyone else also held their breath and stared at the scene in front of them.

As Li Mingyu got closer, the sword started shaking even harder, and the light on the sword got even brighter.

“Please return my call, follow my will, and lead the Li clan once again to prosperity.” Li Mingyu was solemn, and said this seriously, standing in front of the sword.

Everyone’s gaze was fixed on Li Mingyu’s actions, never leaving, for fear of missing the magical moment when the artifact chose its owner.

Li Mingyu closed his eyes solemnly, put his hand on the hilt of the sword slowly, then pulled with all his might. In that instant, light burst forth, extremely stunning!

The sword didn’t move an inch, still trembling slightly, glowing silver.

Huh? Li Mingyu paused, then pulled again.

The sword still didn’t move!

Everyone blinked confusedly. After so much preparation, why not pull out the sword?

Claire also frowned at Li Mingyu, not understanding what he was doing. If he was not going to pull out the sword, why stand there?

Li Yuewen knitted her brows slightly. Based on her understanding of her brother, Li Mingyu wouldn’t stand there hesitating and not pull the sword! An ominous feeling arose in Li Yuewen’s heart.

Li Mingyu again tugged on the sword with all his might, but the sword was still stuck in the white jade dais, unmoving.

The expression on Li Mingyu’s face finally changed. He let go slowly and said, “I can’t pull it out. Yuewen, you come try.”

“What?!” Everyone exclaimed and yelled. Li Mingyu couldn’t pull the sword out?! The sword didn’t choose Li Mingyu as owner? Then why did the sword keep shaking and glowing when Li Mingyu walked up? Did the sword thinking making fun of people was funny?

“Me?” Li Yuewen pointed at her nose and asked doubtfully.

“Yes. In the Li clan, apart from me, you are the only person who has the qualification to do so.” Li Mingyu’s tone was complicated. The Li clan had already fallen so much. Only the two of them were struggling to hold it up.

Claire and the others looked at the scene before them, unable to say anything. So they waited quietly.

Li Yuewen walked up onto the white jade dais, her expression complicated. She stretched out her hand slowly, her hand trembling. She wanted to be able to pull out the sword, yet she didn’t want to be able to pull out the sword either. What did it mean if she pulled out the sword? That her brother wasn’t as good as her? If she couldn’t pull it out, how would they revive the Li clan? Li Yuewen was struggling inside, but at last she set her hand on the hilt of the sword.

Concentrate, pull!

The sword didn’t move an inch.

Li Yuewen let out a tiny breath in her heart. The sword didn’t choose her as the owner!

In an instant, the cave was silent. Everyone stared at each other, not knowing what to say.

What was happening?!

The sword didn’t choose an owner! Neither one of the Li siblings became the sword’s owner.

Dead silence. Only the sword was still trembling slightly.

Li Mingyu and Li Yuewen just stared dumbly at the sword, not moving or talking. After putting in so much effort and finding the sword, they could only look at it. The rest of the people didn’t dare speak. They watched the expressions of the siblings and quieted. Saying comforting words right now didn’t seem suitable.

Don’t know how much time passed. Claire felt her feet getting numb for standing still for so long. She opened her mouth weakly, “Uh, couldn’t you think of way, to cut down this white jade dais, and take both the dais and the sword back. Maybe someone else in your clan can become the sword’s owner.”

Li Mingyu shook his head slightly, his eyes full of defeat, “If that could be done, someone would have done that ages ago. It only means that our strength isn’t powerful enough, and the sword would not acknowledge us.”

Li Yuewen’s expression was also listless.

In that instant, an unspeakable sorrow spread out. No one knew what to say.

Claire looked at the listless expression on Li Yuewen’s face, feeling uncomfortable. Although this woman had always been fierce, Claire couldn’t dislike her. She wanted to comfort her, but didn’t know what to say when the words came to her mouth.

Claire shifted her weight. Her feet were beginning to feel numb.

Without thinking, Claire reached out, wanting to lean on the sword for a second.

“Bang”! An abrupt sound erupted in the silent cave.

Everyone looked at the scene before them, and dropped their jaws, dumbfounded.

Claire had fallen down on the white jade dais, and besides her lay that ordinary sword!

Claire climbed up hurriedly, saw the sword fallen beside her, picked it up hastily and explained nervously, “I only wanted to lean on it, I didn’t do it on purpose. I, I’ll put it back right now…… ”

“I only wanted to lean on it, I didn’t do it on purpose. I, I’ll put it back right now…… ”

Echo, echo……

Continued echoing……

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15 thoughts on “Ch.74 Artifact?! (Part II)

  1. Ahaha Go Claire!
    What a way to break the ice!
    Too bad she doesn’t know she had the Li clan’s blood.

    Thank youuuu that was so funny

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Considering, that when Yuewen previously ‘tested’ Claire, and at some point referred to ‘Aunt Rui’ child’, i’m pretty sure she does.

      Her mother abandoned her family name, so we haven’t gotten much info about them, but considering that, I started getting suspicions right about then, and this confirms it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah Claire being able to draw the blade plus the previous foreshadowing regarding ‘Aunt Rui’ pretty strongly indicates that Claire is a descendant of the Li clan.


  2. “I only wanted to lean on it, I didn’t do it on purpose. I, I’ll put it back right now…… ”

    Echo, echo……

    Continued echoing……

    yes continue echoing until the sound reaches the next chapter


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