Ch.76 The Birth of a Mystical Beast (Part I)

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Autumn came, embroidering a faint golden edge around the world.

Leaves danced softly in the wind. This was a quiet, rural little town, not far from Lost Mountain Range. Although it was remote, it was unusually busy. The Lost Mountain Range was also known as the Death Mountain Range. There were uncountable beasts and many precious minerals, but whoever wanted to go in and make a fortune were hanging their heads at their waists. So most people, before entering the mountain range, would come and rest and reorganize in this little town. Some people would spend all their money, because maybe they would never be able to come out, never have the life to enjoy the money anymore. So even though it was just a town, there was everything you could possibly need. Bars, motels, and all kinds of stores: those that sell minerals, beast cores, beast fur and pelts, and even bodies1 .

This was a messy place.

“I said to lick it clean, don’t you understand?” A rough, vulgar voice sounded in the bar.

Then came a burst of guwaffing.

The bar was full of people. A man with a scar on his face sat at a table near the middle.He was pointing at his thigh and shouting angrily at a waitress, who was almost crying. The thigh of the scar-face man was wetted by wine, all the way up to the end of his thigh. The waitress was nearly sobbing out loud. She knew she met a hooligan today. This scary man had knocked over the wine in her hand on purpose and splashed it on his pants, and now he said such vulgar things. Lick there?!

“You b*itch, do you not understand? You drenched my pants, and now the sticky wine is all over my place, extremely uncomfortable. Lick it dry now!” The scar-face man started raising his voice again, also reaching out to pull on the waitress’ hand.

Obscene laughter sounded throughout the bar, but no one lent a helping hand. Everyone was waiting for the good show. The manager of the bar grinded his teeth and looked over, wanting to preserve the waitress, but hesitated when he met the fearsome gaze of the scar-face man. These people were not ordinary people, not someone them little villagers could offend. And the other male waiter wasn’t here today. If he was, things wouldn’t be so tricky.

“I, I didn’t do it on purpose, sir.” The waitress said weakly, almost sobbing. She looked pleadingly towards the manager.

“Sh*t, you b*tch…… ” But before he could finish, a cold light flashed past, and then a fountain of blood sprayed up into the air.

“Ahhh!” The waitress’ scream nearly threw the roof off, because the hand that was holding onto her, was severed from its owner! A single hand was grabbing her arm in the air!

The scar-face man looked at the blood sprayed in the air dumbly, then was pulled back to realization by a sharp pain! His hand had been cut off by someone! The waitress’s scream was immediately overshadowed by his ear-piercing howl. His bulging eyes stared without moving at the youth that walked past him indifferently. His expression casual, the youth sat down at the bar quietly, “Manager, a glass of sweet wine.”

The manager didn’t even dare to breathe too loudly. He went hurriedly to pour the sweet wine. He saw what happened clearly! This youth cut off that scar-face man’s arm with one strike!

The bar was dead silent. Everyone froze, watching dumbly at this youth who suddenly appeared.

“You bastard! Argh! You dare cut off my hand!! Aaah I’m going to kill you!” The scar-face man’s hysterical shriek echoed in the room, pulling the shocked people back to their senses. The youth seated at the bar didn’t look back, didn’t even blink, but accepted the sweet wine the manager offered and took a sip gracefully…… The scar-face man suddenly stood up, wanting to rush over to the youth at bar. But just as he took a step, a dagger flew inside, piercing his foot perfectly, nailing him to the ground. The people’s ears were raped again. That shrilling cry almost made whoever heard it become sad and whoever saw it tear up.

“What a pity, dirtying my dagger.” At this time, the door to the bar was once again opened, and a beautiful girl with golden hair and blue irises appeared in front of everyone, her expression regretful.

Everyone turned their heads toward the entrance. Under the blinding light, they could only see a few people standing there. When they could finally see clearly, everyone sucked in their breaths. Behind the beautiful girl stood a man who looked similar to her, also golden-haired and blue-eyed. Both their expressions were icy, their eyes without any warmth, making people feel cold in their hearts. Behind them stood a cold faced young man, a sword at his waist. His steps were steady, breathing controlled, making it known to everyone that he was a high level warrior. But that man with black hair and in black clothes seemed very violent, giving off a dangerous aura. The delicate young man standing besides him in a flowing cape was no ordinary person either; he was a magician! Only the two young girls at the end seemed relatively harmless. But the people overturned this speculation at once when they saw the hands of the girl carrying a bow. It was full of thick calluses that no ordinary archer would have. Only the man standing at the very end, blonde-haired and smiling, looked so harmless.

He looked at the people and smiled gently. “Sorry to bother everyone, I apologize. Today our colonel is not in a good mood.” The golden-haired man apologized gently to everyone, leading the others in. When he walked past the man nailed to the ground he paused, bent down, and without warning, pulled out the dagger, then gently slid it across the throat of the still howling scar-face man. He then smiled and wiped the dagger off with a napkin from the table, at last returning it gracefully to the golden-haired girl standing behinds him.

The scar-face man fell down convulsing,  his blood splattering into a creepy and hideous pattern on the floor.

A frightening coldness suddenly spread throughout the whole bar. This gentle and graceful man was actually such a dangerous and fearsome person!

In an instant, cold sweat flowed down the backs of everyone in the bar. A lot of people stood up secretly, wanting to run from this extremely depressing place. But as soon as someone left their seat, the gentle blonde man turned and gave them a brilliant smile, “Don’t forget to pay~”

Some people couldn’t withstand such pressure, screamed, threw down some gold coins and ran away. They’ve seen killing before, but never such graceful killing!

“Colonel, why did you run ahead by yourself, leaving us all behind.” Camille smiled gently, sitting down besides Claire, who was dressed in male clothes.

“Humph!” Claire only humphed coldly but refused to speak, picking up her glass and continuing to drink.

“So stingy. Isn’t it just losing a bet and having to carry the wind leopard for a few miles?” Li Yuewen snorted and walked up, talking righteously, “I was just making you exercise your arm muscles. Carrying a heavy weight while traveling is an important lesson in practicing.”

“You cheated!” Claire was so angry she grinded her teeth. When she found out though, it was already too late.

“It’s not called cheating if you didn’t notice. There are still many things you need to learn,” Li Yuewen taught patiently.

Claire stopped talking, turned around, and continued drinking frustratedly. It had always been her riding Leo, but today, they switched positions.

“Um, thank you for saving me…… ” A soft voice sounded weakly.

Claire turned around, and saw the pale waitress trying her best to smile. She then noticed the dead man’s hand still grabbing onto her arm. No wonder her expression was so ugly.

“Take it off.” Claire ordered indifferently to Jean, who was behind her.

Jean obeyed, grabbed the dead man’s hand, and pulled it off.

“Thank, thank you.” The waitress thanked over and over again.

“You’re welcome. Just a helping hand.” Claire waved her hand impatiently, signaling the waitress to go away, then looked at the manager, “Manager, is there rose tea?”

“Ah, I’m very sorry, sir, we, we only have wine and water here.” The manager said, frightened. He had seen this youth’s terrifying measures and his friends’ bloody methods, so he was even more careful when he answered.

“Colonel, this small town just doesn’t have flowers.” Camille sighed.

Everyone else rolled their eyes at Camille. It was all this guy’s fault, making Claire so particular. Claire suddenly just had to have rose tea and went on a rampage throughout the whole town, but couldn’t find it anywhere.

“Uh, I have roses at my house. If you don’t dislike it, please come to my house. I have some dry flowers in store.” The waitress opened her mouth carefully.

“Oh, really? Let’s go then.” Claire stood up immediately to leave.

Li Yuewen rolled her eyes and was about to rebuke Claire, but then thought that Claire was in a dark mood right now, so she didn’t.

“Manager, when my younger brother comes by later, tell him I went home with my benefactors.” The waitress notified the manager.

“Yes, sure.” The manager nodded hurriedly, watching the frightening group of people leave.

The waitress untied her apron and led the group out the door.

“This fellow, only knowing to enjoy.” Li Yuewen mumbled, following unwillingly.

“You’ve been severe enough these days. Let her get her breath back today.” Li Mingyu said with a slight headache. From leaving the island until now, Li Yuewen’s training methods were extremely harsh. Even when Claire was sleeping, she had to keep an eye on her neck. Li Yuewen kept making surprise attacks at night, supposedly practicing Claire’s alertness. This made Claire often waking up abruptly late at night with black rings around her eyes in response to Li Yuewen’s surprise attacks. Her alertness did increase, but the black rings around her eyes also darkened.

The waitress girl walked in front, constantly glancing behind at the youth following her. Blonde hair, green irises. Although he looked tired, exhaustion couldn’t cover his stunning features. It was this youth that rescued her from the hands of those hooligans, or who knows what might happen. Her brother had also gone out today. If not for this youth, the results would be unimaginable,the girl thought, her heart beating faster.

But Claire’s expression was upset. The wind leopard followed at the end of the group. He was already frightened when Claire picked him up, and now he didn’t even dare come close to Claire.

“There’s only me and my younger brother. My brother went into Lost Mountain Range today. That crazy fellow, saying something about an exotic beast being born soon, that he was going to catch it and sell it for a lot of money.” The girl started talking to Claire, but didn’t know what to say, so she brought out her brother, who was always talking about such stuff.

“Exotic beast?” Camille was interested, and asked, “Did your brother say what type of exotic beast it was?”

“Yeah, that kid talked nonsense, something about a mystical beast.” The girl said a little helplessly, her head hurting, “How could a mystical beast appear here? Even if it did, how could he catch it?”

Mystical beast? Li Yuewen and Li Mingyu exchanged a glance, both seeing suspicion in the other’s eyes.

1. Sell bodies: prostitution.

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7 thoughts on “Ch.76 The Birth of a Mystical Beast (Part I)

  1. I agree with you, we need to stop trying to blame the politics on this an try finding a solution to all the problems. I hope you and your family are safe, and as I also live in Texas I’m trying to make all of my friends and family be more aware of staying safe in the US, today.

    SE helps distract me from what’s going on, so thanks for the chapter (:


  2. Claire is so cool
    Camille must be secretly pleased that he influenced Claire’s tastes so much -U-
    And Claire is becoming more savage by the day! Although it might have to do with the lack of sleep and stress. But I’m so excited for when Claire gets even stronger!

    Thank you for the chapter and hope you’re doing well!


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