Ch.76 The Birth of a Mystical Beast (Part II)

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“Anyways, relying on his small knowledge of DouQi, my younger brother keeps thinking he’s some master at it. Very good at dreaming.” The young girl continued helplessly, leading the group towards the outskirts of the town.

A small yard, with a wooden fence around it that was covered with ivy, and a small wooden table and several little stools under the vine racks, made the whole scene heart-warming.

“Benefactors, please sit. I’ll go make some tea.” The young girl said, slightly embarrassed, “Just sit outside, the house is way too messy.”

Claire nodded, then sat down. Walter silently found a stool and hurriedly sat down, because he noticed that the stools didn’t seem enough for all of them. He didn’t want to stand, so he grabbed a seat. Camille smiled and followed the young girl inside to make rose tea.

In the end, Jean didn’t have a seat. Li Mingyu and dragon Ben also stood. Walter squinted and leisurely looked up at the vine racks above them, pretending to not see the standing people.

Inside, the young girl watched as Camille adeptly made tea. After hesitating, she finally asked weakly, “Uh, benefactor, I still don’t know your names yet. Are you going into Lost Mountain Range for adventure?”

“Yes, we’re preparing to go into the mountain range. Names are just words. The person who rescued you is our colonel Moon White, and we are the Sycee mercenary group.” Camille smiled gently and answered the girl’s question good-temperedly.

Moon White? The girl paused slightly. Why did this name seem feminine? Sycee mercenary group? What a strange name.

“Lost Mountain Range is very dangerous.” The girl said hesitatingly, “But you’re all so strong, so there shouldn’t be a problem.”

“More like you don’t want our colonel to be in danger.” Camille finished making the tea, and left the room smiling while throwing this sentence down.

The girl’s face blushed red immediately, and she hurriedly covered her face with her hands. She looked at Camille’s back and was glad he didn’t see her like that.

“Colonel, tea!” Camille poured tea for Claire gracefully, then poured a cup for himself. He didn’t take notice of anyone else.

Walter humphed, then picked up the teapot and started drinking right out the pot. Summer and Qiao Chuxin rolled their eyes at him.

“Our vice-colonel’s skills are always the best in the world.” Claire took a sip of the rose tea, feeling her whole being come alive once more.

Camille was smiling so wide his eyes were only slits. The people all suspected that if this fellow had a tail, it would probably be sticking up to the sky1 already.

Walter set down the teapot and looked at Claire coldly. He didn’t understand why this little devil was so obsessed over flower tea. Her favorite drink was flower tea! Based on Walter’s reasoning, people with such evil personalities as the little devil were not suited to drinking such elegant and high end stuff like flower tea. She should be holding a knife and drinking blood instead!

“Walter, your gaze says you’re not satisfied with me?” Suddenly, Claire’s dangerous voice floated over darkly.

Walter got a shock, immediately putting on a big smile: “How would I dare, hehehahaheho…… ” His dry laugh reverberated in the yard, fake as could be.

The girl stood at the door to the yard a little uneasily, watching the people there. Under the sun, they looked so beautiful, like a perfect drawing, making others unwilling to disrupt their atmosphere. She felt as if she went over, she would be so out of place. Watching them, the girl’s mind wandered.

Just then, a series of rushed footsteps sounded outside the yard.

“Liya, hurry! Your brother was attacked by magic beasts. He’s at the entrance of Lost Mountain Range, almost dying. Go and see him for the last time.” A few young men ran over breathlessly, shouting at the girl, their voices full of worry.

“What?” Liya’s face turned white instantly. She stared unbelieving at the young men at the gate, her mind completely blank, “How? He was fine this morning!” Liya knew these young men; they were all good friends of her younger brother.

“Don’t say anything more, hurry! The doctors have given up.” The youth at the yard gate was extremely worried.

Only then did Liya come back to her senses. She rushed out in a panic, running forward with the youths.

“Let’s go and see.” Claire finished her flower tea and stood up slowly.

“Since when did you become so kind?” Walter muttered, then gave a yell that woke the earth and the sky. Claire had slapped the Tidal Sword in her hand heavily on Walter’s head, creating a huge bump there.

The group of people followed the people in front of them out of the town and towards Lost Mountain Range.

Far off, they could already see a crowd of people gathered there, and the sorrowful wailing of Liya could be heard.

Claire walked up, and saw Liya holding a youth who looked similar to her in her arms. The youth was covered in blood, his eyes shut tightly, his face extremely pale. A person looking like a doctor shook his head and sighed. The young men crowded around also looked on sadly.

Claire turned to look at Camille. Camille stared back at Claire, his meaning very clear: I’m an assassin, not a doctor or a healer.

Claire moved her gaze towards the others, and they all shook their heads. Only now did she realize with a shock that there was no doctor or healer in her mercenary group!

“All of them are fatal flesh wounds, uncontainable by medicine. If  a healer is here right now there might still be hope.” Li Yuewen said in a low voice.

Claire watched the girl called Liya crying sorrowfully, and sighed lightly in her heart. A thought flashed across her mind, if only Leng Lingyun was here.

The next moment, silver hair flashed past Claire. Claire tugged on the corner of her mouth in self-mockery, laughing at herself for thinking too much and hallucinating.

But the white light that appeared in front of her eyes right after told Claire that this was not an illusion. The Leng Linyun with silver hair and violet irises was right in front of her! Claire blinked fiercely again and again, wanting to make sure this was not an illusion. “Stop blinking, he just got here.” Camille seemed to know why Claire was blinking, and leaned over and said this.

Claire opened her mouth wide, the looked behind her on reflex, but didn’t see any other people from the Temple of Light. There was only Leng Lingyun who appeared suddenly! Exclamations and thanks pulled Claire back to reality. The youth in Liya’s arms had stopped bleeding. Although his face was still pale, his breathing was steady.

“Sir healer, thank you, thank you for saving his life.” Liya was so happy she started crying as she thanked him over and over again.

“You’re welcome. It’s nothing.” Leng Lingyun’s indifferent voice sounded besides everyone’s ears.

Claire stared wide eyed at Leng Lingyun, just like that, unable to say anything. Her mind was full of question marks. Why did Leng Lingyun suddenly appear here? Why was Leng Lingyun alone? Was it to find her, and force her to return with him to the Temple of Light?

Walter’s expression was extremely splendid. This person in front of him was his enemy, his archenemy!

Suddenly, Walter shrieked weirdly, rushed up, and slapped Leng Lingyun across the face with all his strength, striking Leng Lingyun to the ground. Before Leng Lingyun could realize what happened, Walter kicked him in the stomach, then stamped on Leng Lingyun’s back with even more force. “Pah, you disgusting toyboy, I’m going to trample you, curse you to death! Ha, pah!” Walter prepared a full mouthful of spit and spat it all on Leng Lingyun’s head. Then he stamped and kicked crazily, laughing madly, extremely proud and delighted. He was finally able to trample this hateful toyboy under his feet! “Die, you toyboy! I will make you taste death also! Aha, hahahaha…… ” Walter’s roaring laughter was heard all the way up in the heavens. “There is also a day when you are trampled under my feet. The honored divine prince also has such a day. Plead to me, beg me, and maybe I’ll let you go when I’m in a good mood!” Walter was roaring so hard he nearly fell to the ground.

“Walter, what are you doing? Laughing to yourself.” Suddenly, a low, puzzled voice floated into Walter’s ear.

Walter came back to real life and glared at Summer, who was looking at him confusedly. He retorted frustratedly, “None of your business!” Walter rolled his eyes at Leng Lingyun, who was talking with Claire, hating him in his heart. What, wasn’t he allowed to imagine? To imagine the scene of him trampling this hateful toyboy under his feet?

The scene above was obviously Walter’s imagination. The real situation was Leng Lingyun in neat clothes, looking very dignified as he conversed with Claire.

“Divine prince, why are you here?” Claire looked at Leng Lingyun standing in front of her, a faint smile on his face, and asked with confusion.

1. Tail sticking up to the sky: 尾巴翘上天, meaning very proud and smirky.

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8 thoughts on “Ch.76 The Birth of a Mystical Beast (Part II)

  1. I almost thought Walter’s day dream was real for a second!
    I really want to see what Claire looks like so badly because a girl fell in love with her! Lol
    And I bet the holy prince is following her because his sister told him to. And he’s got to watch over her anyway because she’s what the Godess of light wants.

    Next up is the birth of the beast. Maybe Claire will gain a new child?! XD

    Thank you so much for the chapter once again! It was so funny

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