Ch.77 The Divine Prince’s Strange Act (Part I)

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“Divine Prince, why are you here?” Claire asked with confusion, looking at Leng Lingyun standing in front of her, who was wearing a faint smile on his face.

“Don’t be so distant. Or do you want me to call you sir priest?” Leng Lingyun smiled lightly, “Please call my name.”

Claire paused slightly, then realized that from some time on Leng Lingyun had always been calling her name Claire. Now that he mentioned it, if she still kept on calling him Divine Prince, it would be rude.

“Leng, Leng Lingyun. Why are you here all of a sudden?” Claire called out Leng Lingyun’s name a little awkwardly.

“Requested by someone.” Leng Lingyun smiled and said, but refused to explain further.

Claire looked at Leng Lingyun confusedly, “Then what did the person who requested you to come here tell you to do? It can’t just be to rescue that youth?” An indescribable strange feeling suddenly appeared in Claire’s heart. Requested by someone? It can’t be the pope though, because if it was the pope, they wouldn’t be talking so casually right now. But if it wasn’t the pope, who was it? Leng Lingyun didn’t seem at all surprised to see her here. Did he already know she would be here?

“Let’s send this youth back home first.” Leng Lingyun avoided her question, taking the topic elsewhere. He looked at Liya, “Are you his family? Take him home first, he needs to be nourished. I only healed his wounds, but he lost too much blood, and he’s very weak now. He a needs long time of care and rest.”

The group of people helped Liya take her brother home. Liya stayed inside to take care of her brother while the rest sat outside. Claire, sitting on a stool in the yard, looked at the leisure Leng Lingyun, very puzzled. What was this cold-faced guy planning?

“Shut up right now, if not for the healer there today, you’re already dead, so stop talking about mystical beasts!” Liya’s angry shout came from the house.

“Sister, really, there really is a mystical beast being born, please believe me. Those beasts are waiting there to eat the baby mystical beast. You must hurry, or there won’t be any time.” A weak voice replied very quietly, but Claire heard every word clearly.

Claire stood up and walked straight into the bedroom. When she got there, she saw Liya rebuking the weak youth lying on the bed. The youth was still trying explain. When Liya saw Claire come in, she immediately curbed her anger and said rather shamefully, “Benefactor, why have you come in? It’s so messy here. Oh, and thank you for your friend saving my only brother.”

Claire waved her hand lightly, not answering Liya, instead directing her question towards the youth on the bed, “You said a mystical beast was going to be born?”

The youth looked at Claire and fell silent.

“Benefactor is asking you a question! If not for benefactor saving me today, would you little brat still be able to see me? The healer that just saved you is also benefactor’s friend!” Seeing her brother quiet, Liya became worried, and started scolding the youth angrily again.

“You want to find the mystical beast and sell it? You need money?” Claire stopped Liya’s rebuking and asked the youth.

“This place is not for people to live. I want to make some money and take my sister somewhere else.” The youth watched Claire and said this. When his sentence finished, Liya’s expression became complicated. This place really wasn’t suitable for them siblings. The young man in front of her rescued her by chance from today’s situation. What about next time? Who can appear in time and rescue her?

“Where’s the mystical beast? These are for you, go to Niya City and stay there, maybe open a store. I will give you a referral letter, give it straight to the castellan agent and he will help you get settled.” Claire took out two pieces of paper gold and handed it to the youth.

“We, we can’t accept it.” Liya hurried waved her hand, refusing.

“Take it as buying information on the mystical beast from your brother. Although Niya City isn’t very big, it’s very suitable for living. Move there as soon as your brother gets better. True, this place is not suitable for you.” Claire didn’t take her hand back. Instead, she looked straight at the youth and these sentences.

The youth didn’t hesitate, accepting the money in Claire’s hand, then looked at Claire and said, “You believe in mystical beasts? Believe in what I say? Even my sister doesn’t believe me.”

“I believe you. Tell me, where is it?” Claire nodded and asked.

“After you enter Lost Mountain Range, walk straight east, until you come to a swamp. At night, the center of the swamp will glow faintly, because that’s the unborn little mystical beast. There are a lot of magical beasts surrounding it, wanting to eat the mystical beast as soon as it is born and absorb its strength. If you are going to go, go now. It must be a mystical beast; only mystical beasts glow like that, only mystical beasts would attract so many other beasts over.” The youth finished all this hurriedly in one breath. He started panting a little.

“Okay. Give me pen and paper, and I’ll write a letter for you to take with you to Niya City.” Claire turned and said to Liya.

Liya was a little stunned, but she still got the paper and pen although she was puzzled. Claire quickly finished her letter and said to Liya, “We’ll be leaving. Be safe on your way to Niya City.”

After saying this, Claire turned and left the room. Liya stared at the letter in her hand then at Claire’s disappearing figure and hurriedly asked, with reluctance, “Would we, we be able to meet again?”

“Go to Niya City, and maybe we’ll see each other again.” Claire waved her hand lightly, her figure disappearing before the sister and brother.

In the yard, everyone watched Claire come out. Claire looked at them and smiled faintly, “Let’s go. Into the mountain range.”

Everyone nodded and stood up, following behind Claire.

Leaving the town, Walter’s face was like thunder and his gaze like lightning. Why was that toyboy following them? Claire also wanted to know what was going on. Why was Leng Lingyun walking besides her so peacefully?

“Uh, Leng, Leng Lingyun, what did you come here for? Since you weren’t here to take me back to the Temple of Light, then…… ” Claire didn’t finish the rest of her sentence.

Walter picked Claire’s sentence up in a weird tone, “Since you’re not here to find Claire, then go do what you need. Why follow us?”

“Aren’t there no healers in Sycee Mercenary group? I am now officially a member of the Sycee Mercenary group.” As if he wouldn’t be satisfied without shocking them, Leng Lingyun replied with a smile.

Walter opened his mouth, his eyes bulging, as if he was hung alive.

Claire’s expression was also very colorful. What was this? The honored, dignified Divine Prince was now part of their group? Was this a joke? Wait! Claire suddenly realized, how did Leng Lingyun know the name of their mercenary group? Claire turned and glared at Camille. Camille had on a charming smile and said harmlessly, “Colonel, it’s a problem when our mercenary group is without a healer. Think about it, if any one of us is injured and can’t get treatment in time, the results would be disastrous.”

When Claire saw Camille’s gentle harmless smile she realized that this fellow had absorbed Leng Lingyun into their group without asking her. But Claire got a headache whenever she thought about this. Leng Lingyun and them were from two completely different worlds, so what was he doing here among them? And, what exactly was his purpose? Why would he appear here? Nothing could be answered.

Leng Lingyun watched Claire’s struggling expression and felt amused. Was him being here so frustrating to her? Leng Lingyun remembered his promise to Xuanxuan, and his gaze became complicated. Although he was interested in Claire, it wasn’t to the point where he had to follow besides Claire and find out for himself. He couldn’t understand Xuanxuan’s request. The always obedient child raised such an unreasonable request. Her pleading and worried gaze made him unable to refuse her. There wasn’t much going on in the Temple right now anyways. But as he was leaving, the pope called him.

“You’re going to find Claire?” The pope’s profound smile was still in Leng Lingyun’s mind. Leng Lingyun nodded, not understanding how the pope knew.

“Go, you don’t need to worry about anything in the Temple. Your job now is to follow besides Claire and understand her.” The pope gave Leng Lingyun a strange order.

“Why? Why can he join the mercenary group without the colonel’s permission?” Walter howled, extremely upset.

“I’m the vice-colonel,” Camille smiled gently, speaking softly to Walter, but the flicker of danger in his eyes silenced Walter immediately.

Walter already knew this gentle and harmless looking guy was actually an assassin, and a really skilled one. Walter did not want to lose his head when he slept, so he shut up without being told to and stood to the side. The only person with disagreement had quieted, and the rest had even less to say, so even though Claire was frustrated she couldn’t say anything.

So the group traveled on like this. The person awkward on the outside was Walter, the person awkward inside was Claire.

“Uh, beasts!” After a long time, they found the unusual. The more they walked forward, the more beasts there were. In front of them were low grade beasts, crouching there in twos and threes, not daring to move forward. In front of the low grade beasts were slightly higher grade beasts. The further front, the denser the beasts were gathered, their levels also higher.

Claire’s gaze became dark. She now understood that all that the youth said was probably true.

“Roar!!” The wind leopard roared angrily, because it saw low grade beasts blocking in front of him and not moving out of the way. This was a huge insult to a seventh grade beast like him.

When the low grade beasts heard the wind leopard’s furious roar they all shuddered, but made no move to leave, continuing to crouch on the ground, shaking.

When everyone saw this, astonishment flashed through their eyes. What mystical beast was being born in the swamp in front of them? Having such attraction that these beasts would stay here no matter what!

“Well, it seems like we’re in for luck today.” Walter wiggled his brows as he said laughingly.

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  1. ┳┻|
    🎉 Thanks for the chapter🎉


  2. in luck?
    easy prey->feeding the newborn beast->affection?
    get materials from the beasts and sell them?
    everyone gets a mount?


  3. there’s always something suspicious with this divine prince. i hate him, too calculated. i prefer the feng guy from the neighbor country. although he’s a short tempered at least he’s personality match with the calculative claire. i believe every couple should have opposite personalities. it’s really boring when they have same personalities


  4. Rather than waiting to devour the infant beast, it seems more like something terrifying will be born. I’m so excited for what will happen next!
    And the divine prince probably is really needed in the group because Claire might face more dangers later as she makes enemies from the Hua clan.

    Thank you for the chapter!!!


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